Quinto: Next Star Trek Movie To Start Shooting Within 6 Months


Star Trek’s new Spock has given a quick little update on the next outing for the franchise, saying the next Trek should be before cameras by March of next year. Watch the clip below.

Quinto Gives Quick Update On Next Star Trek

This morning Zachary Quinto was on NBC’s The Today Show promoting his stars filmmaking documentary series The Chair. At the end of the interview was asked if he had any news about the next Star Trek. The actor said:

I think [the next Star Trek] is on the horizon…things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be in production sometime in the next six months.

Doing the math, that would imply that cameras would start rolling by mid March 2015. That is consistent with previous reports and comments (including from Bob Orci) that the film will start shooting "early next year." So while it isn’t new information it is noteworthy that since the first draft was confirmed to be finished last month the schedule remains the same. Fans will remember that both of the previous Trek films experienced changes in their production and release schedules. Earlier in the summer Paramount announced the next Star Trek will be part of their 2016 schedule, but they have yet to set a specific release date.

Watch Quinto below (via NBC).

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Thanks to John M for the tip.

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Let’s hope they knock it out of the park with this one!

Lets hope they even find where the park is this time Harry!

Yeah Harry. And really wanting, no needing, to hear more solid and confirmed news.

Oh well, it’s all good. crazydaystrom the next generation, my grandson, Noah Nathan, made his debut Sept. 13. 6 lbs., 13oz and incredibly goodlooking . Life is good! :-D



That’s the stuff that really counts!

People act like Into Darkness was a top – to – bottom bad movie.

In reality of course – it was a great movie with a few bad decisions.



Oh no! They’ve sent me the wrong Spock!…again!

David Oakes I thinks that’s probably the most “hit the nail on the head” short summary of Into Darkness I’ve read! Let’s hope a few bad decisions are left out of the next one!


Great movie? No.

A blur of action with no real plot? Yes.

Where can it go from here? Up.

Thanks Harry and Vultan. You’re so very right Harry.


Hear, hear Harry. The story was dumb. The action felt tacked on. And it was all a bit soulless.

They were trying so hard to squeeze in fan service that they kind of forgot to make an actual movie.

I’m all for a Trek movie being a political thriller with important observations of human and societal foibles — but STID wasn’t this either.

Sorry, not trying to harp on troubles. I just worry that the filmmakers think the trouble is us and not the scripts.

I’m fine with Trek being a blockbuster. I just want it to be as watchable, and rewatchable, as other good recent blockbusters (guardians of the galaxy, winter soldier, iron man 3, avengers, TASM [not 2, which was awful] the list goes on).

Heck, I’d rather watch Snowpiercer any day over STID.

But I worry that the makers fall back on “you fans just don’t get Hollywood/ don’t you appreciate our Trek reverence and all these goddamned Easter Eggs?!”

Quinto does kwow nothing. It’ s pure blah, blah, blah…
Nu trek 3 have not even release data….

2. Buzz Cagney – September 15, 2014


Yes, you can make a good blockbuster, full of sense of wonder, or you can make a mindless mess.
The guardians of galaxy is a good blockbuster and STID is a mindless mess. ST needs sense of wonder. Nu Trek is full of deja vu , mindless characters, huge plot holes and fireworks…
Bad Trek, bad movie. Disney should buy Star Trek…

Happy to hear things are moving along.

@12 rewatchable as Guardians of the Galaxy?? The GOG with the nonsensical villain who wants to destroy a planet (maybe even the Galaxy? Really?) because he is just EVIL, bawahahaha? Where you can leap into space with your body exposed and a mask on your face can keep you alive? GOG is entertaining but has more plot holes and garbage than STID and the Clone Wars combined. Will you wait 20 years to open your mother’s dying gift and would you expect a 20 year old cassette tape to even play back? ha ha. I am old enough to have owned more than a couple walkmans and those tapes do not last very long in storage or during playback. Maybe they sell AA batteries in space. Imagine “The Collector” is just given all sorts of powerful stones even by Thor and he has zero security. I am sure it is tougher to break into your house than the pitiful Collector Lair. Even his assistant can grab the family jewels and destroy his place. Kaboom!! Talk about Michael Bay insanely unnecessary explosions. Loved GOG BTW and saw it twice in IMAX but classy it is not.

Ha ha ha there is the old double standard. All the crap movies that you mentioned are worse than STID and are unbelievably stupid. Really how many times do you have to crash the SHIELD Helithingy in order for them to finally make it safe. I am sure that I could say “hey Samuel Jackson I am from maintenance” and then go press the self destruct button on that Helicrap and save Cap America the trouble. Ditto for all the silly Marvel films especially IM3 which is painful to watch. STID ain’t perfect but it was super great and entertaining for this lifelong fan. LLAP.

please on time no delays,please a good script,and please let this be the last film and then the real star trek can begin in the real timeline on tv

Any timeline is the *real timeline for those living in such.

Jack – Are you alright? Seriously?

Updates from actors are notoriously inaccurate. Remember Zoe stating that the script for Trek 2 was “half finished” long before Bob & Co. had even started working on the script? Actors are the LAST to know anything!

that anthony quinto is a talented guy.

3. crazydaystrom

A blessed good deal!

Try not to upstage the REAL new here!

Yea, Quinto! GO SPOCK!!!

# 15. rogerachong – September 16, 2014

Just to be clear when not stored properly, and it is extremely unlikely in the case of a gift that remained unopened for 20 years that it would have been, the results you experience is often the most likely. However, 90% of the 20th century’s tv and movie soundtracks are stored on magnetic tape and survive 20 years just fine, i.e. it is not impossible. I mean surely you recall the stories of the misplaced Apollo missions data/telemetry/video tapes. They were not stored in ideal conditions either but the ones they were able to locate still “played”.

Also, the biggest mistake people make when attempting to play “old” cassettes is trying to use 20yo Walkmans to do it.

2. Buzz Cagney – September 15, 2014
Lets hope they even find where the park is this time Harry!

Spot on, spot on.

No hope for this one. The “few” bad mistake they made in the last films are so bad, they ruin the films. Given they have done 2 the same way, and this is one of JJ’s associates, no reason to expect anything more this time. Only good part is contracts and such are probably up with this movie so this will probably be the last one.

@3. Contrats on the new arrival. Our first grandchild debuts April of next year, everyone is telling it it’ll be….grand.

I can’t wait for Trek XIII. The last two were okay, but I hope the next one features Borg, Carsassians. Klingons, Romulans, Vidiiaans, Xindi, Tribbles, Augments, Jem’hadar, Gorn, and Ferengi.

Actually, it is probably for the best that I am not writing this movie.

So following the same production schedule as STID, they will be 2-3 months behind at the outset (STID having started in January).

STID was making changes right up until the first premiere in April. So in order to have another May release date, Orci’s film will have barely a year where STID had 14-15 months.

Anybody think maybe this means an August or September release date?

This also gives the studio very little time to take over and complete the film if they don’t care for Orci’s free-handed, “from the heart” vision. In which case, Paramount might wisely be considering giving this untried director’s first outing a December release…

@27 (Curious Cadet): How is an August released date a problem? You have a heavy film schedule in May, and, technically, wasn’t August the proper month for an anniversary film?

blah blah blah…same old baloney from the same handful of chronic complainers. Tiresome. But since they seem obligated to knock the movie at every mention of it, I will return in kind. Personally, I really enjoyed Trek Into Darkness. It was great TOS style action-adventure with that little dab of social commentary tossed in for good measure. TNG it was NOT, and I thank the Gods for that!

Can’t wait for the next one, hope Quinto is right and they start filming by the first of the year.

I bet they can shave a month off production if the go back to using styrofoam rocks.

yeah, it’s a foregone conclusion that this POS will get made… =(

loosing JJ is definitely a good thing, but boborci in charge will be an even bigger cluster-trek… =(

we don’t even have a green light yet!

will it be protestant-republican-trek rather than judeo-catholic-republican??


Can’t we all just get along?

#13. Cygnus-X1 – September 16, 2014

Which reminds me, remember in STIV when the Admiral says “Everybody, remember where we’ve parked.”

THATS why they don’t land on planets in ToS!


It would seem the answer is no.

…also, projecting schedules backwards NEVER works ;-)

(see the last two film schedules) (has casting started?) (No.)

it’ll be another last minute hack job… thanks paramount/JJ/boborci! =(

good thing the ticket-buying public doesn’t care about “Star Trek”, they just want to drool over violent pyrotechnics (& boobies) =(

How about instead of saving Earth we make this one a “Save Vulcan” movie. It’s time for The Menagerie/City on the Edge of Forever mash-up. Spock hijacks Enterprise to save Vulcan and Pike (who’s death haunts him) after learning of a secret Starfleet research project at The Guardian of Forever. But when the Enterprise arrives…the research outpost has already been destroyed…but by whom…and where or when are they now?

Maybe even fix the whole timeline while you’re at it – with a little help from Jean Luc?

35. I am not Herbert

What color is the sky in your world?

Bob Orci has stated on this site that the casting process has started.

And this:
“will it be protestant-republican-trek rather than judeo-catholic-republican??”

Again, I’d like to know what color the sky is in your weird world.


Now just add a dash of Shatner and heat to serve!

…just call ’em like i see ’em =P

Cool. Glad they might start production soon. Here’s hoping ILM doesn’t put an R2D2 Easter Egg in it.

21. TrekMadeMeWonder-
“3. crazydaystrom

A blessed good deal!

Try not to upstage the REAL new here!”

A blessed good deal indeed! I’ll try not to upstage but I’m a giddy granddad!

25. Phil –
“@3. Contrats on the new arrival. Our first grandchild debuts April of next year, everyone is telling it it’ll be….grand.”

Thanks Phil. Your April will be grand! In fact it will start there then you’ll soar even higher! A very special time indeed.

40. Harry Ballz –
“Now just add a dash of Shatner and heat to serve!”

Warmed over Shat is just an amazingly unappetizing thought. And though he looks great for his age he’s no longer dashing. Sorry. I’m truly a Shatner fan but I really don’t want him shoehorned into the next Trek. And even though we’re marking the 50th I’d rather not have ANY of the originals in the film. I want the new cast to stand tall and on their own in an awesome new adventure. Solid proof of a great Star Trek future.

3, Daystrom, Congrats on Crazy Daystrom III.

33, Herbert, Why do you care whether it’s green-lighted or not? You’re gonna hate the movie anyway so why bother worrying about it?

44 Daystrom, Hear, hear.

ST ID a great movie? Actually yes. I think it is,but I know not many here do and I don’t care about that. I enjoyed it and that’s what matters to ME,lol! I do understand all of you who say it wasn’t a great movie as well,but that’s your opinion,so that’s totally fine. Some of you hate it with a passion,some of us like it. Plain and simple.

Looking forward to the next one.


“things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be in production sometime in the next six months. ”

You have a “feeling” ? Right!!

We should wait for an official press release & disregard actors gut feeling.

I dont get all the negative comments for STID? it was a a great action ride, alright the Khan aspect could have been done better but come on who really wants Star Trek The Motion Picture the films now have to appeal to people that are not hard core fans the films cost a lot of money and need to make more back I think the main concern should be the Bob Orci directing rumours I find that very worrying the guy has never directed anything! The film is going to be the big 50th anniversary event and it needs experience at the helm.

A “feeling?” Shouldn’t the studio get these actors locked in to avoid scheduling conflicts? Some of these guys are getting very busy. Pine, Pegg, Saldana, and even Quinto are getting a lot of work lately. Stop futzing around, Paramount, and just greenlight the dang thing and lock in these actors. The longer you wait, the more likely one or more will have conflicts.

There’s nothing to see here, folks. Move along…..