Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 3: Where No Man Has Gone Before + Tribble Giveaway


The adventures of security officer Ensign Williams on board the USS Enterprise continue with the third episode of the parody webseries The Red Shirt Diaries. This week’s "diary" goes back to the events of the original Star Trek episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before," and gives us some backstory on Williams. Watch it below, plus find out how you can win a tribble.

Red Shirt Diaries Episode 3: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Each episode gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series. This week’s webisode is set during the TOS episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before."


Tribble Giveaway

The Red Shirt Diaries team is holding a special giveaway this week – the prize is a tribble. To enter all you have to do is share a link to to Episode 3 “Where No Man Has Gone Before” on social media and use #TheRedShirtDiaries hashtag. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, September 22nd.

You can win this tribble

To catch up on the show visit And for more adventures of Ensign Williams, check out the webcomic which is also updated weekly at


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Keep ’em coming.

A welcome Trekkie-break, anytime!

No real plot or ending there.
These can be fun, but if it’s not on the page, it won’t be on the screen.
Hoping for better stuff ahead.

Are you implying that Uhura is hot for more than Vulcans?

Please keep these coming. I liked the way she had Gary Mitchell look at here with those Erie Eyes. Can’t wait for more of these.

Re: complaints about the script quality. So are you like 80? They’re fun little youtube diary entries for Pete’s sake, of course there’s no plot or ending.

These really are fun. I love that they’re doing every episode. (She’s a bit too young to have possibly been Captain Pike’s yeoman. Just sayin’.)

Question now is whether or not a “Lower Decks” series could work…

Jack –
I’ve also said nice things about Redshirt Diaries. I do think the eps are cute. I was just hoping to urge them to do their best. Even a haiku has an ending.

OK, this is offered lovingly.

I’ll give them a quatloo if they do something like this for “The Enemy Within”:

Ensign Williams is leaning over with a baggie, picking up the “gift” from her new unicorn-lion-dog. She explains that it’s a great pet, except maybe it’s not cabin-broken yet. She got it by hitting the “repeat” button on the transporter. The unicorn-lion-dog bounds through the frame. It’s a cheesy marionette — maybe a Beenie Baby or a Snoopy with a fur doggie vest, a horn, and My Favorite Martian antenna sewn on. Williams overhears Sulu on comm asking for a long rope and some hot coffee. Williams says they were going to send down a shuttle, but… it was her turn to tune the engine. (She holds up the original TV guide Trek art that shows flames coming out of the shuttle bay.) She says Hikaru will just have to make it a three unicorn-lion-dog night. Williams talks smack about Yeoman Rand, saying Williams loves to order her around cause Rand is about the only person on the ship she outranks. She says Rand wears so much base to cover the circles under her eyes that she has to get it by the tub. The animal shoots out of frame to the left and returns with what looks like a carpet remnant. As the animal bounces around manically, the camera pans left just enough to show an unconscious figure in a familiar green wrap-around tunic, clutching a Saurian brandy bottle. Williams looks over to the captain’s head (which is out of frame) then at the hairy thing in the unicorn-lion-dog’s mouth and says, “Awkward.”

en fin

I know this is not perfect… and you can argue that it’s not funny because I wrote it. But, it does have a plot and an ending.

8 CmdrR, “carpet remnant”


Continuously underwhelming. Meh.

…well, i don’t do social media, but here are the correct links:

does that count? =)

btw: I am loving these! Great work Ashley & Jason! =)

i hope someone gives you money to develop RSD into a tv show!

good luck! =D

Near the end, when she stands up to stick the framed picture on the wall, you can see what look like crib notes on the back of the photo.

How Marlon Brando of her!

I thought those were adhesives to attach the photo to the wall. They were not there the first time. Surely she was able to memorize those lines.

Yeah, this is great fun. As for #6’s comment on a potential for a series based on the premise put forward in TNG’s episode “The Lower Decks,” that might be an interesting side-story that one of the newer online series’ (FARRAGUT, EXETER, the continuing voyages of TOS and so forth) might be able to accomplish. No, I don’t mean yet another show filmed by the casts/crews of those online shows, but rather a new series filmed by a different cast/crew ON THE SAME SETS — showing what happened “below decks” when TOS episodes took place. There are 430 people on the Constitution-class ships and we only got to see handfulls in TOS episodes. How did ALL THOSE PEOPLE feel/react/perform their duties during the stories told in the 5-year mission? Who were they? How many of them were in the scene in The Motion Picture when the entire crew was seen assembled on the Red Deck when the V’GER probe ship was on its way to Earth? There are 430 stories yet to be told! How many of them might be fun to film?

“Part Two” of my thoughts on a “BELOW DECKS” series: remember the phaser control room scenes in “BALANCE OF TERROR” — and the crew member scenes below decks in “THE MAN TRAP” when Yoeman Rand, and Uhura, were walking through the corridors? THAT’S what I mean: we got to see little snippets of those people populating the Enterprise who were not part of the main story-line, but to see that there was FAR MORE going on behind the scenes than the main threads of each story took place were a hint that the 430 people on board the Enterprise had lives of their own and they WANTED TO BE THERE. Why? What for? What goals and rewards did they seek in their lives? THAT might be worthy to explore — in the Gene Roddenberry way of looking at life through the mirror of life on board the futuristic Starship Enterprise. Here, in these RED SHIRT DIARIES, we see a comical take on that. What about a real, down-to-earth (or, rather, an exploration of the universe voyage) series showing what went on below decks? A book series? Short-stories? Online video-shorts like the one here (–as RED SHIRT DIARIES may inspire us to consider–), only in the future, filmed as straight dramas? Now we’re talking!

HEY — could this be a new way of “teasing” movie-goers? Let’s have BOB ORCI & CO. film Star Trek-based film-shorts of such 5-minute dramas of the crewmen “below decks” to play out BEFORE the new movies begin… like they did cartoons before movies in the old days? Is that a pitch session presented in text, right here on Maybe.


LOVING these and look very forward to them. Such a fresh idea on the TOS! Please keep doing them!

It’ll be fun to see whether Ensign Williams gets stuck in the “lower decks” with nearly 400 other crewmen during “Day of the Dove…” or whether she gets turned into a cottage cheese dodecahedron in “By Any Other Name…” or abandons ship in “This Side of Paradise.” Actually, “the crew” has very little to do in several eps, including “Metamorphosis” and “Court Martial.”

She was singing Roddenberry’s lyrics to Courage’s theme. Does that mean the4y have to pay a for a release from the Roddenberry s estate?

That episode was funny – I enjoyed it. Plus, she’s cute!