GreatLinks: Starship Infographic, Takei Gets Clickholed, Star Trek Fans Mapped, Kirk v Internet + more


TrekMovie is bringing back "Great Links," our regular look at Star Trek in the zietgesit. See below for some of the places where Star Trek has been showing up.

Here are some of the links going around the world lately.

Incredible Starship Size Comparison Chart

German artist Dirk Lochel has been working on an incredible infographic that compares the various sizes of fictional spaceships from TV, movies and video games. Of course the graphic includes many many Star Trek ships. You should download the full super-high resolution version at his Deviant art page (via Nerdist).


The Trek ships are on the right size around the middle, these are just a few…


Onion’s Clickhole Gets Takei’s Attention

George Takei’s millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter are now a prized resource and today the Onion’s new Buzzfeed parody site Clickhole decided to try to tap into that with a list titled "10 Things We Hope George Takei Likes Enough To Share This List" and it worked as he shared the link on Twitter, apparently he particularly liked #4 on their list.


Samsung Panders to Trekkies

Speaking of pandering, in honor or the birthday of Star Trek, the folks at Samsung came up with an excellent bit of pander-marketing to Trekkies, via Twitter.

Trek Fans Mapped

The Movoto real estate blog has an interesting entry where they map the locations of Star Trek and Star Wars fans. They did this by comparing the ‘likes’ the official Star Trek and Star Wars Facebook pages, then sorted by state, and came up with this map. Turns out biggest states for Trekkies are in the West and Northwest and the worst are in the Deep South.


Cartoon: The Internet Is Illogical

Daily Kos’ "This Modern World" cartoon went all Star Trek with the entry "Captain Kirk Vs. The Internet" where the crew visit early 21st century earth and have to deal with trolling, pic hacks and other Internet troubles. If you like the image you can buy a signed print at


Craft of the Week: USS Enterprise made out of paper

Star Trek fan Alex Manfredini made his very own USS Enterprise out of paper. He posted a number of pictures of the Papercraft Enterprise in a gallery on Google Plus (via Slice of Scifi)


Quick Trek Links

But wait, there’s more

That’s it for this week. If you see fun and interesting things about Star Trek on the web, please send them to


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Cool! Thanks for bringing this back!


I don’t have time tonight to go through all of these entries, but I am going to make time tomorrow.


Thanks, Kayla!

Star Trek = the idea where everybody is accepted and humanity doesn’t bicker. Reality = used as a platform to say people who have religion are misguided.

Getting real sick of the world telling me I’m wrong because I have a religion.

Proud to be an Oregonian!

Star Trek = the idea where everybody is accepted and humanity doesn’t bicker.
Reality = used as a platform to say people who are atheists are doomed to “hell”.

Getting real sick of the world telling me I’m wrong because I don’t believe in their deities.

That photoshop would have been even better if they had replaced the second Sulu in the back with Kirk.

That size comparison chart is great. Still trying to find the Jupiter 2. But – Wasn’t the Enterprise “E” a Sovereign-class ship, and not an Odyssey-class vessel?

Whoops. My bad. Found the Sovereign class ship. Ignore my previous post. (Delete it if possible.)

Re: #4

Or me because I have faith in a Supreme Being. (Common misconception…that somehow belief in God means you’re “religious”. Two different things, my friends).

Anyone recall when Star Trek didn’t do that? The Original Series even acknowledged the existence of Jesus, pointed out he’s the Son of God & Kirk & co. were excited at the concept of Christianity spreading across that planet so they too could all get along one day just as earth finally had by the 23rd century.

“Fans” tend to forget that. And that wasn’t the only episode either.

20 years later, we get TNG with it’s cold, humanistic, atheist society that in almost no way resembles the one from TOS and which tried to shove liberal-progressive, socialist & even Communist concepts down our throats. No wonder I prefer DS9 over TNG. At least they tried to tell stories without getting preachy, just as TOS did.

By the way, #6, we’re only relaying the message. And you’ll find out the hard way one of these days, won’t you?

Look at it this way…

If I’m wrong & I die, I’ve lost nothing…I’m just some lunatic buried six feet under. But if you’re wrong & you die, you’ve lost EVERYTHING. Instead of getting angry about it & being hateful, why don’t you try swallowing your pride & ask God if He’s real? If you sincerely do so, I’m confident He’ll show you something or do something where you will have no doubt. Then it’ll be up to you whether you continue to reject Him or not.

Now, I’ll get off my soap box & this unusual place to discuss such things. Got stuff to do in the real world. Have a wonderful day & know that there are people out there who love you & care enough about you to be concerned about your place in eternity.

By the way, Trekmovie, why didn’t you remove Sulu from the back row in that photo after putting him in the captain’s chair? Not a great Photoshop job if you didn’t finish it. Now it just looks like Sulu either has a twin or he’s been cloned.


If you’re a Christian, you should forgive us…in your heart.

So don’t get angry now, because your God knows what’s in your heart. :-)

I have a Samsung big-screen and a lazy-boy on my “bridge”! =D

Uh, yeah… we knew the deep south is hateful… let them secede!

what’s the deal with Captain Grumpy Cat?? =P

Is there some reason that the religious have gotten on their soapboxes here? Let’s not forget who killed countless people over differing beliefs of lack thereof (hint, it was the religious).

“Bread & Circuses” didn’t so much make the claim that religion was the correct way as simply state the historical significance of it. When Uhura said “The son of god” she seemed to be remarking the belief that those on the planet had. I didn’t get the impression that she actually believed it.

#10, why don’t you stop trying to force others to bend to your will. Have you tried not proselytizing? When I die, I’ll have lost nothing, just like before I was born, I had nothing. I’ve seen your arguments before. They’re ridiculous.

Great links are part of a good breakfast. Sausage!

Well, being #3 aint bad. Go Northwest States-1, 2, and 3!

I have seen various iterations of these “size comparison charts” for make believe spaceships. And I realize that this is primarily a Trek site. But always noticeably absent is the Deathstars 1 and 2. If we’re comparing size (heh heh), then “That’s no moon! It’s a battestation!” easily dwarfs them all. Easily.

BTW, on one of the Mission Log Podcasts supplementals with Richard Arnold (who basically knows way more about Trek than ANY of us and worked with Gene Roddenberry directly) it was disclosed that the whole bit about The Son of God not actually being part of the original script and was something that was rewritten by the director and actors without Gene’s (either one of them) approval. Apparently neither one of them was on-hand for the filming of that segment. From Mr. Arnold’s account it really ticked Roddenberry off but there was nothing to be done as the episode was behind schedule and had to be aired. He was pretty adamant that this was a fact: While acknowledging that faith and religion were still in existence in the future, Roddenberry wanted ZERO overt references or visual influences of known religious icons such as crosses, menorahs, Stars of David etc. and that would include alluding to Christ. In Balance of Terror there is the wedding scene in the ship’s “chapel” but aside from what looks to be a pulpit, there was nothing that led one to believe that this was a Christian church or a Synagogue or a Mosque.

It should be pointed out that, while TOS indeed did mention God once in a while, it also had its fair share of “false deity” episodes, like The Apple” or “Who Mourns for Adonais?” (wherein an anti-religious message is at the very least an obvious interpretation.)

Didn’t know about the chest hair thingy with Shat.
Really? Sounds kinda… dunno.

Never noticed a puffy eye on James R. Kirk in WNMHGB either.

yeah, it’s not anti-religion… it’s pro-free will, pro-free-thinking, pro-truth… ;-)

#4 – I think that you are projecting onto Star Trek and its iterations notions that were not inherent in any of these episodes. This projection is partly to do with how other fans have seen and understood, or rather mis-understood, Star Trek.

For once, I agree with I am not Herbert – “yeah, it’s not anti-religion… it’s pro-free will, pro-free-thinking, pro-truth… ;-)”

One can be religious (as in believe, have a practice, a faith) and still exercise free thinking, free will, engage a free spirit. Such are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A lot of organized religions tend to forget or even deliberately disregard and denounce these attributes within the human experience.

It seems to me that the “Which State” people are measuring social media usage, not Star Trek fandom. So a smaller percentage of the people in the poorer states have access to social media? We knew that. Measuring actual Star Trek fandom would be a lot more difficult.

yeah, no… if you are “religious”, you ACCEPT the dogma without question…

this is NOT free-will, NOT free-thinking… NOT truth… it is SLAVERY =(

religion keeps you under control… keeps you UNCONSCIOUS… =(

whereas SPIRITUALITY sets you FREE! and brings AWARENESS! =D

yeah, no… the correlation with deep southern states is across the board:

they are poorer, dumber, and more hateful, thanks to corrupt “governing”…

these states are still adept at keeping there citizenry repressed / oppressed

who are the offenders? rich white male protestants =(

let them secede! we will be better off without their hateful agendas… =(

The irony here is that many Trekkies seem to regard Star Trek like it’s a religion without even realizing it.

You have folks here going on about how the BR movies aren’t “true” Star Trek, how Gene Roddenberry was prophet-like (“Great Bird of the Galaxy” nonsense), or act like how the Prime Universe should be considered holy scripture with any deviation drawing criticism like an act of sacrilage was committed.

Trekkies also tend to misinterpret episodes and movies, ignoring the fact that Star Trek is first and foremost a revenue-generating entertainment property that will always have to adapt and change to stay relevant.

So basically the people arguing against religion are the very ones exalting Trek into something more philosophical and profound than it actually is.

Being “religious” means that living in and of the *spirit* is foremost in your priorities, being it in reciting prayers, mantras, doing meditation, being involved in contemplative thought, giving of oneself to work that helps and benefits oneself and others and more importantly, not causing harm. It is about constantly reminding oneself of the principles/precepts that we believe should be the guiding force of our thoughts and actions.

These guiding principles may be similar to what are found in the Old Testament Ten Commandments or Buddhist Precepts or other. They may be many or few, but when they are understood and practiced, body, speech and mind can become in union with the Spirit or Higher Consciousness or God or… The original meaning of Yoga is Union with God, through the practices of various mental, breathing and other physical exercises. The result of these various practices and worship can be a wonderful stillness, peace, a silence that is of pure “gold”, or pure refreshing water streaming out – the being/soul is nourished, cleansed, rejuvenated, clarity and sympathetic awareness of self, other is, just is…

Various religious scriptures try to guide and direct a person and the institutions, whether they be in the form of a Christian church service or mass or temple where meditation is practiced in a formal setting, they can only guide, be pointers, if those in charge are performing their tasks of teaching sincerely, religiously. These religions are not ends in themselves – they should be more like a platform from which people can lift off and *fly* free…

Star Trek is not a religion. If anything, it is neither atheist or agnostic. I think it is basically non-theistic with humanist overtones.

Unfortunately, I am not Herbert, you lack a certain insight.

Oh dear…so I did post the above. It is not that it is necessarily wrong, just too wordy.

Yup, Phil – yet another *curiosity*. It all gets too convoluted and silly.

23. Red Dead Ryan

I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Lord knows how any people regard Trek canon as though it was literal Gospel. Even the term “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” is reverential almost to the point of sainthood.

Everyone makes a god out of something, even if it’s Nothing.

I was actually commenting on #23 which is written by Red Dead Ryan. Apologies for calling you Phil and apologies to Phil. Just as well I agreed with the comment.

God, I LOVE TOM TOMORROW! And Spock’s exchanges with “OpenCarry” hahaha

Ships Diagrams: Where tf is the NuEnterprise? He got that f’ing huge Narada on there. Dayum. Must have been that confusion about ship length/size.

Those ships of the Honorverse remind me of something … hmmmmm. What could it be.

I note that Florida is an exception to the “Deep South dislike Star Trek” … I think that’s because we have a huge number of Northerners who’ve transplanted down here :-) I was not counted on the survey, though, because I abhor Facebook. Oh well.

Corylea, you have an excellent point. The Deep South has a great number of poor folks and folks out of range of cell towers, stuff like that. I’d say the lower usage of social media is lack of access, first, to computers, second, to internet [poor folk have to make special treks to their library — if their town even has one and funds internet].

24 Keachick, Being “religious” means that living in and of the *spirit* is foremost in your priorities. Actually some of us say, “religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell. Spirituality is for those of us who’ve been there.”

In the US anyway, “religion” [i.e., Organized Religion] implies belief in a doctrine, a dogma, a system to which you must adhere: organized religions such as Fundamentalist Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam. Hinduism can be more fluid but certain sects can be very strict. Buddhism, same thing.

However, engaging spiritually every day, be it with Buddha, the Higher Self/Source/Spirit or Christ, tends to mean one doesn’t get judgemental of others. The problem some of us see with “religion” is that it touts itself as the Only Right Way to God. Which, to some of us, is BS. There are many ways to God, or Spirit, IMHO.

22/23 Herbert, at least on spirituality/religion, we agree.

Ye proseletyzers, Ye atheists, Make love, not war ;-)

Yikes, it seems like just seeing the word “atheist” was enough to fly a couple people completely off the handle. Personally, I thought the actual content of that NPR blog post was more offensive to atheists than anyone else since the writer seems to have a somewhat warped view of atheists (and Star Trek, come to think of it). Too bad; I was initially excited when I saw the title of the article since it combines two of my passions.

Thank you Marja, for your thoughtful POV =)

Marja, I am not Herbert – These religions have an institutionalized form with adherents who openly worship within these structures. As to how free such adherents may or may not feel, I cannot know but I can safely assume(?) that you are both free to pursue, practice or not…

Granted and fortunate that we live in a secular society trying to uphold humanitarian values (never easy) which allows for genuine choice on the part of individuals – and such is the paradox!

Texts, scriptures, prayers, liturgies, meditation and contemplative practices get passed down through a (reasonably) reliable means which we have come to call religion. Without these, our understanding and opportunity to develop insight, awareness, wisdom, compassion would be limited. There is no need to keep inventing the wheel. All these bodies of various knowledge, directives, guidelines, teaching, instruction are here now so that a person can read, discover, contemplate, pray about, experience and even reject if his soul will not permit such…They are here for the asking, for the receiving.

It is not about what some narrow minded, Ignorant, mean-spirited Baptist minister may spout or some Islamic cleric may say to encourage a suicide bomber to go through with evil or the fact that popes have been incredibly sexist in the worst of ways and so it goes on. I know some of these people are idiots and dangerous at that and the biggest favour they could do is to have themselves committed. However, we need to get past all this sham, chimera, falsehood and go deeper…

I like the Christian Catholic mass and that is why I try to go to a mass on a regular basis. There is something about it that has depth and meaning for me. It is not what it may or may not mean for others. It is my personal choice, the exercise of my free will and spirit. I do not care what others think. They are not me nor I them.

I also love the Heart Sutra (Buddhist) and “Tārā is regarded as a Bodhisattva of compassion and action. She is the female aspect of Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig)” The story of Tara (via Tibetan Buddhist scripture) is probably the most compelling and beautiful, in a bitter/sweet way of anything I have ever heard. Like Tara, my tears flowed, except that Tara’s tears flowed out to encompass universes, and each tear contained (a little) healing and nourishment for all suffering beings throughout all of time and space…it was about unconditional love, a love so strong, so pure, so holy – (Tara is the mother of all Buddhas)

Without the artifice, I would never have heard that story and would not be able to relate to you here…

I guess I am rambling on a bit…oh well…so be it.

Rose, rituals can be very meditative; their constancy is reassuring. I attended church for a while recently, but began to feel hypocritical because I cannot take the doctrine to heart.

The unfortunate effect of some religions on women also stands out to me: the prohibition on birth control in the Catholic doctrine, and other prohibitions in Arabic Muslim culture, many largely based in the Arab cultures in which Islam is practiced The worst example is the burqa, but there is also the idea that all sexual restrain must fall on women, and they are punished for being raped! Again, I think that’s more Arab cultural practice going back to ancient days. My understanding from modern and moderate Muslims is that the Quran treats women with equanimity.

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in the modernized world, where we can explore different religions without being branded “heretics” and punished with tortorus death. Hooray for modern culture!

Florida is #11 on the alleged Star Trek fan map? Hmm. I honestly don’t meet that many Trek fans here. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

#7: I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing! Given his comments lately, I’m sure Takei would like Shatner to be pushed as far back in the picture as possible–if not out entirely!

#15: I’m no Freudian, but this preoccupation with ships’ sizes is, well, a little Freudian, i.e., my franchise is cooler because my imaginary ships are larger argument into which so many fanboys engage. Makes me wonder what shortcomings they’re really trying to ameliorate. Anyway, all of us true Trek fans know that one Genesis torpedo would take out the lot of them–including the Death Star. Take that, Darth Vader, whose head strangely resembles . . . .

Again, I’m no Freudian :]

I agree with what you say here. I so understand where you are coming from, Marja.

Women have fared badly under religion. it is not so much the burqua but the ongoing sanctioning of the shocking and cruel sexual violation that is female circumcision (FGM). This continues to happen to millions of women and girls in countries where, notably, the predominant religion is Islam. The bath water has become very bloody and most unclean, yet so many people are forced to remain in such. It makes me sick to my stomach. It is evil – the antithesis of goodness and freedom – true spirituality.

It is possible that Anthony may delete this post because of the fear of Islamic reprisal on this site because of what I have said. That is how far the sickness has spread…It has happened before, because of the death threats the makers of South Park received because they made a silly jokey (controversial) reference to Islam, which some fundamentalists took exception to.

I don’t agree with the Catholic Church’s stand on birth control. Some of it does not make sense and has caused a lot of harm. I can understand the stand on *abortion and the use of pills like RU486, but to call out the use of condoms or taking pills to prevent unwanted pregnancy, as being sinful is just plain wrong.

*There are cases where abortion ought to be allowed and even in Catholic countries like Brazil, there are provisions made in the law. One instance is where pregnancy results because of (incestual) rape of a minor.

There is a lot that is wrong, but still the practice of sincere prayer, meditation, reading of scriptures that are uplifting cannot be faulted. This does not have to happen in a place of worship but sometimes a church or temple can help a person to be more focused.

36 Rose, I never refer to it as female circumcision. That leads people to believe it’s as simple as male circumcision, when it is more equivalent to … well, I won’t go into it here, lest I cause shudders and nightmares among TM’s male populace.

It is genital mutilation, pure and simple, and that is the term I use for it. It’s obscene and should be outlawed and ….

The grief always seems to fall on women. Stonings. Mutilation. Rape as a weapon of war, incest, rape of minors, and so many other things it churns the stomach to think of.

Let us hope that by “Star Trek” days this will all be part of Earth’s benighted past.

Yes, I agree. FGM (female genital mutilation) is the term generally used – one of the vilest of all practices perpetrated by one human on another, if not the vilest. Unspeakable, unconscionable.

I found out about it when I was about 20 – I did have nightmares. I was not a virgin then, but I felt that I had lost my innocence. Funny, in an unholy, excruciating sort of way, is how virginity (ie not having ever had sex) is held in high esteem but to sexually mutilate is considered OK, sanctioned by some religious/Islamic sects. Such is the sickness, the wickedness…

My aunt, I realize now, was alluding to it when she told me when I was a teenager, that in many countries, females are treated very cruelly, that they had no rights etc.

Yes, I do hope that by the time of Star Trek such abominations will be a thing of the past.

hmm Alex Manfredini did a paper version of the Madkoifish enterprise