Exclusive: Roberto Orci To Start Shooting Next Star Trek Movie Feb 2015 – Targeting Summer 2016 Release


Things are heating up with the next Star Trek movie (also referred to by the entertainment media as "Star Trek 3" for being the third movie produced by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot and to be set in the rebooted Trek universe). TrekMovie has an exclusive update on the status of the next Trek feature along with some (very minor) spoilers about the plot. Get the details below .

Orci Set To Star Shooting Next Star Trek Mid February 2015

Last month we reported exclusively that the first draft of the script for the next Star Trek feature film was completed. While they are not yet making any official announcements about the project, it appears that the script has met with a warm welcome at Paramount. TrekMovie has been told that the studio is moving forward with the project and have set production to start in mid February, 2015 (currently penciled in for February 15). Also, while there was some question about it earlier this summer, all indications are that Roberto Orci has been tapped to direct the film.

Roberto Orci on the set of "Into Darkness" – now getting ready to direct his first feature film

Targeting Summer 2016 Release – Date Announcement Coming Soon

Earlier in the summer Paramount announced that the next Star Trek film will be released in 2016 (which happens to be the 50th anniversary year for the franchise), but they have yet to set a specific date. Sources are now telling TrekMovie that Paramount and Orci are now discussing various Summer 2016 dates, and that an official announcement will be coming soon.

The schedule for the Orci’s Star Trek movie is closely tracking the one for Into Darkness three years ago. JJ Abrams confirmation as director and pre-production being underway was reported in mid September, 2011. That film began shooting on January 12th, 2012. While February is a month later, it would still be possible for the next Trek to get into theaters by May 2016 (both previous Star Trek films had May releases).

Pre-production already underway

While the movie is still not ‘technically’ greenlit until a detailed budget is finalized, TrekMovie is told that Orci and the production team have already started pre-production, including "pre-vis," early effects tests, set and wardrobe design and even some casting discussions for new characters.

Setting Is Out On The Five Year Mission

As per usual, plot details are not forthcoming at this early stage. But it has already been established (at the end of Star Trek Into Darkness) that the crew were headed off into their five year mission. One tidbit that TrekMovie has picked up is that the film is set "well into" the five year mission (so it doesn’t pick up right after Star Trek Into Darkness). A source also tells TrekMovie that Earth will not play a significant role in the movie, unlike the previous two films. This is consistent with previous on-the-record comments from Orci, specifically how the film will delve into "uncharted territories" of "deep space" and deal with "new discoveries," also hinting it will include new alien species.

The (refit) USS Enterprise set to warp away on its five year mission at the end of "Star Trek Into Darkness"

As always, TrekMovie will be tracking this project very closely and reporting on any updates.

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WOO-HOO! Let the leaks begin! LOL

Do us proud. Be original.

Good news!
Now THAT is a Valentine’s to the fans.

typo patrol:
“Targeting Summer 2015 Release – Date Announcement Coming Soon”
(That would be a really quick turnaround.)

Good news!

Also, I like the reference to the “refit” Enterprise. I’d forgotten that this is practically an entirely new ship, to paraphrase Commander Decker from TMP.

Now I’m interested in how the refit Enterprise in this universe differs from the original one.

As usual, TrekMovie serves us well:


I wonder if Spock Prime feels the need to inform the NuTrek Starfleet of the impending arrivals of V’ger and the whale probe thingy. Ya know, because they’re both headed for Earth :) Plus there’s the Doomsday Machine out there…

@ #5

But don’t forget, George and Gracie died already in the JJ Verse! Better start saving your power now for the whale probe.

I know I know they could go back again and save them, just saying :)

I’m looking forward to it.


Wow!!! Things are ramping up. Go Bob GO!!

“discussing various dates…” May 20, 2016 seems to be the most logical choice as TrekMovie previously predicted. April 29 and May 13 have an outside chance, everything else is taken during the summer.

And so it begins!

Summer 2016 release schedule:


• Captain America 3 (BV) – 5/6
• Universal R-Rated Comedy (Uni.) – 5/13
• Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass (BV) – 5/27
• X-Men: Apocalypse (Fox) – 5/27


• Sausage Party (Sony) – 6/3
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Par.) – 6/3
• Now You See Me 2 (LG/S) – 6/10
• Uncharted (Sony) – 6/10
• Finding Dory (BV) – 6/17
• The Nice Guys (WB) – 6/17
• The Mummy (2016) (Uni.) – 6/24


• Angry Birds (Sony) – 7/1
• The BFG (BV) – 7/1
• Independence Day 2 (Fox) – 7/1
• Tarzan (2016) (WB) – 7/1
• Doctor Strange (BV) – 7/8
• Ice Age 5 (Fox) – 7/15
• Untitled Next Bourne Chapter (Uni.) – 7/15
• King Arthur (2016) (WB) – 7/22
• Power Rangers (2016) (LGF) – 7/22
• Untitled Planet of the Apes (Fox) – 7/29


• Untitled DC Film (2016) (WB) – 8/5
• Untitled Smurfs Movie (Sony) – 8/5
• Spectral (Uni.) – 8/12


Either May 20, June 3 or June 10 I think.

14. Ahmed

I’ll bet they pick 5/20/16.

What about Zoe Saldana and her pregnancy? She will be quite far along by then or will have just given birth.

huh! maybe boborci is quietly taking care of business? done deal indeed!

Anthony: The correct term is “greenlighted,” not “greenlit.”

Have fun, Bob!

Here is a 2015 Valentine from Bob Orci and Paramount!


I’m so excited! That I just can’t hide it!

And please keep S/U together as the grown-up couple on the scene.

16 scout, my prediction is that Ms Saldana will give birth in Oct/Nov/Dec. Small women don’t often carry “big,” from her latest photos she looks to me to be 8 months along. My sister-in-law didn’t even show that much when she was 9 months in. Another lean woman.

And I am sure she will be able to bring her bb on-set and have Grandmama or nanny in her trailer. There’s an enormous amount of time during set-up and other preparations for filming. You could say filming is long stretches of boredom interrupted by short, intense bouts of acting.

Bob Orci:
The Human Adventure is Just Beginning….

18 – BatlethInTheGroin

Anthony used the correct term. When a studio decides to make a movie, the picture is often described as being “greenlit”.

Wonder if boborci will have to delegate and let a new rep speak to the fans this time around? Running the ship will be pretty all-consuming I’d imagine.

Thanks to Anthony & team for so often giving us the first peek at new info.

Gentlemen, may the wind be at our backs!


Nope. Can’t stay away!

Bob Orci,


#25. boborci – September 18, 2014

Your note wasn’t there when I composed that. I meant it in the most rooting you on sense.

# 16. scoutandboo – September 18, 2014

” What about Zoe Saldana and her pregnancy? ” — scoutandboo

They are going to be well into the mission. So Spock’s a Dad or soon to be.

28. Disinvited

Spoiler Alert! ;-)

With so little effort put forth on ANY originality you can be certain that the forthcoming movie will be just like the others….mindless – hopeless retreads.

Ok. Let the fun begin. I hope Orci makes us a Great and New Story for Star Trek. Something Orignal and not a rehash.
Come on Orci. You guys can do it.

So the film will be set “well into” the 5 year mission… could this mean that for the first time, a reboot film will take place AFTER the original series towards the end of the mission?? This could be a stretch but I can dig it!

Well no matter what it’s going to be a great film, I have faith. My bigger question is what happens next? Will be get a Star Trek 4, 5, & 6, or is this film the conclusion of the reboot saga? Please keep more films coming Bob!!

Hopefully, the freshman effort will be outstanding….hopefully.

Good luck.

@32. Yeah, a little speculation on 4-6 would be in order….

Simply call Trek 3

To Boldly Go…

I have high hopes for this one. Orci and others connected with Into Darkness pointed out they listened to the fans regarding Kirk’s rapid advance and knocked him down a peg (no, not a Pegg! Stay focused).

We can hope this time they listened to criticism of the Khan plot and will do something more original and something involving exploration.

omg it’s like waking up on Christmas day

go Bob, i’m 100% with you, i know you’ll do great, make us proud, let this historic “birthday” remain unforgettable to everyone who loves Star Trek

all the luck and best wishes


It all sounds great to me, can’t wait for it!

Good luck boborci

“Good luck, you’re gonna need it” – Han Solo

I no longer believe us fans matter to these guys very much. What matters to them is that the film makes money. Making money means appealing to the lowest common denominator in order to sell the most tickets. That’s why it can’t be primarily about exploration and it being a thoughtful metaphor with a message. That’s why the first two movies were (yawn) about cartoonish villians who want to kill everyone. Things like understanding the Horta as the story are beyond JJ and crew’s comprehension, and there is no money in thoughtful metaphors and messages. I wonder who the two dimensional revenge obsessed villian will be this time.
Actually, I don’t care anymore.

#40. GarySeven – September 19, 2014

If by “these guys” you mean Paramount, CBS and possibly the head of Bad Robot, I might sort of see the point you are trying to make. But to sideways include Bob Orci in that contingent by posting that here makes little or no sense. By what stretch of the imagination do you believe Orci is raking in the bucks participating with the likes of us?

And if he’s not raking in the bucks doing this, then logic dictates he can’t be all about it. Can he?

It’s so great to see Trekmovie back as THE source for breaking Star Trek info with Anthony Pascale back at the helm.
It’s also such a privilege to have direct posts from Bob Orci I keep thinking, oh man, the director of the film himself!. This is too cool to continue! I dread some studio guy putting an internet ban on him. I hope the “suits” can understand in today’s evolving media how internet buzz can add to a movie’s ticket sales.

24 RDR, that would be the solar winds, I presume :-)


34 Phil, perhaps we’ll hear more once they decide whether it’s a success in theatres. If not maybe it’s on to Showtime and [I hope, eventually, the show makes its way to…] Netflix

40. Gary Seven, if you don’t care any more, this begs the question: WHY ARE YOU HERE?

boborci, you have my complete trust. I absolutely loved the first two movies and I’m sure you’re gonna knock it outta the park with this new film. Seeing the crew finally on their 5-year mission is something we have been looking forward to from day 1.

Good luck!!


14. Ahmed – September 18, 2014

I wonder if a single one of those movies is an original screenplay that’s not a remake, sequel or otherwise derivative of a previous work.

Sausage Party, maybe?

Well, it is almost countdown time again and time to start filling up the coin jar…Yippee

Nothing more to add right now. Bob knows what I would like to see, so here’s hoping…

Good luck to everyone involved in making this third film. Have a care, take care, be good, do good work and have fun.

Great news to start the day!! Deep space and the 5 year mission! Good luck Bob Orci, may the long trip ahead be as fun and fulfilling as the destination itself!

I guess we’ll see where he’s going. Sounds to me like this is going to be an ordinary movie, with nothing to acknowledge the 50th.

I hope it’s good, but given the significance of the 50th anniversary, I’d sure like to see them go the Doctor Who route and honor the franchise in a big way.

But BadRobot doesn’t seem to do things that cool, and they don’t have the same level of talent and love working for them as Doctor Who does.

So my expectations are low.

I’m sure we’ll see plenty of attractive people and explosions though.

Bob! Can we get some pics this time? I asked during the last movie and you said you had to ask JJ. But now that you are in the chair, how about some pics of the production? It could be totally ambiguous, like some dudes chillin by the helm or something. Or,of course, a tease!