New Mission Log: Star Trek TNG’s ‘The Battle’


This episode marks the return of the Ferengi, both to Star Trek: The Next Generation and to the life of Jean Luc Picard. It turns out his first time meeting the Ferengi was long before The Last Outpost. And now, he is forced to remember it and relive it, with potentially deadly results. How will they escape? Find out when we put “The Battle” in the Mission Log.

Mission Log 104 – “The Battle” (Star Trek: TNG Season 1, Episode 9)

Those sneaky Ferengi request a meeting with the Enterprise in order to present Captain Picard with the battered remains of his old ship, The Stargazer. A mysterious device known as the “thought maker” causes Picard to get lost in the past.



Someone get me my Excedrin!



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Face it. The Stargazer looks like that thing you built yourself from several other kits and hung over your bed until your girlfriend made fun of it, and you chucked it in the landfill.

Maybe, but even so, it was the best thing about that particular episode.

A headache of an episode.

Pulling off a convoluted Ferengi plot takes a pair of great big glowing balls.

I’m not a hater of this ep. There are much more hate-worthy eps just around the corner. “Hide and Q” is next. It never really lives up to its possibilities, plus we’re right back to a Styrofoam rock planet and some truly clunky dialogue. Plus you have the pure agony of watching Wesley die… and then come back. Dammit!

This was probably the first Ferengi episode that wasn’t completely unwatchable. It was kind of dumb, but it wasn’t terrible.


But “Hide and Q” shines with that one scene. You know the one. Maybe the Trekkiest Star Trek scene TNG ever made.

Gotta love Shakes Trek.