Star Trek Online Update: Delta Rising Release Date Set For October 14th + more


A release date has been announced for Star Trek Online’s second expansion, Delta Rising, as well as information involving more Voyager alum, ship details, and game mechanic updates. Get up to speed on what’s next for STO below.

STO Delta Rising Update

Cryptic has set the release date for the Delta Rising expansion for Star Trek Online; the update will launch on October 14th. As the name implies, the new expansion takes players into the Delta Quadrant, and along for the ride are most of the actors from Star Trek: Voyager: Robert Picardo, Jeri Ryan, Ethan Phillips, Tim Russ and Garrett Wang. The actors have been recording their voice work over the last week. Ryan and Picardo tweeted about their experience, and Christine Thompson from Cyrptic also shared an image of Wang’s recording session (see below).

Delta Rising’s new ship class, Intelligence ships, were also detailed in a Cryptic dev blog describing the design efforts entailed in creating this new ship class.


“We had three goals in designing this ships: Visual language, where we defined a unique aesthetic language to communicate the idea of Intelligence; cohesion, where we applied this visual language to all Intelligence ships regardless of role, size, or faction; and fusion, where we had to achieve a blending of originality and familiarity,” states Cryptic’s dev blog. Detailed information on Intelligence ships can be found here.


Delta Rising will also allow players to upgrade their equipment, a first for the game. Players can take a lower-level gear item and upgrade it to the new Mark 13 and 14 gear level. The upgrade system will utilize new Basic, Improved, and Superior Tech Upgrade items; Basic Tech Upgrade items can be purchased from vendors on Earth Spacedock and Qo’nos, but players will have to craft Improved and Superior Tech Upgrades themselves, or buy them from the Exchange. More information on the Tech Upgrade system can be found here.

Also, new reputation system has been added, called New Delta Alliance Reputation. Captains who participate in Delta Rising’s new PvE queues, including the recently revealed Borg: Disconnected mission, will receive rewards exclusive to this reputation. This system compliments the similar existing reputation systems available to players. More information on the New Delta Alliance Reputation will be announced in the coming days.

Lastly, Cryptic just revealed the USS Dauntless Operations Pack. The USS Dauntless (which fans will recognized from the Voyager episode "Hope and Fear") will be one of the tier 6 starships available in the new Delta Rising expansion.


For more information on Delta Rising content, visit Cryptic’s list of dev blogs here.


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With two kids, I’ve yet to delve into all of the content this game has to offer. I haven’t progressed past the Romulan missions on any of my characters; haven’t even seen the Cardassian stuff yet. But I look forward to the new advances.

The ships look pretty slick. I’m just wondering how all of this is going to affect Bridge Officers.

I have been playing some of this on the test server (named Tribble) and it is a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait for the 14th of October so I can play it all with the Voyager cast voices (voice overs are not on Tribble).

@2 They have not even finished recording all the dialogue, they’ll probably be on tribble shortly before release, but then you might as well just wait for release haha.

Hate to say so, but the USS Voyager was Starfleet’s equivalent of the “short bus”. I am, however, always glad to see core Trek cast members active and working.

Hold on…where’s Chakotay in all of this? I hope he isn’t dead in the STO timeline!