TrekMovie Is Giving Away A Star Trek Tee Signed By William Shatner


TrekMovie has another giveaway opportunity, this time a Star Trek Tee shirt signed by the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. See below on how you can win it.

Signed William Shatner Star Trek Tee Giveaway

TrekMovie has teamed up with to give away one of their Star Trek Command Uniform Tees. But this is not just any Star Trek Tee, this one has been signed by William Shatner.

You can win this Tee signed by William Shatner

The way you can enter to win is simply by liking TrekMovie’s new Facebook Page. You can also use the embed below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest is limited to USA only. Winner will be selected at random on Wednesday September 24th at midnight (Pacific).

The Command Tee is one of many different Star Trek items available at Click here to see their full range of Trek costumes and apparel. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

This can be you

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I thought Shatner did a great job as Kirk, but since I’ve always been much more into Spock, I’m not going to enter this. Someone who would appreciate it more than I would should get the shirt.

Best of luck to the Shatner fans!

Funny, I just compared the Shat’s autograph to one I got from him 42 years ago.

His signature way back then was fuller with the letters of his name.

I guess, for brevity, he’s shortened it over the years.

But I already had liked the Facebook page. How does one then enter?

Pardon me for saying it, but I think the depiction of the size of Shat’s head is quite appropriate, LOL.

Harry — Hey, everyone abreviates William as Wm.
And Shatner as Shatr.

This geekily cool and a great idea, TM.

Would love a go at the shirt.. dont mind paying for postage to New Zealand…

What size is it? Can I wash it enough to get the signature out? It ruins the authenticity of the costume :-)

USA only.

Sad Australian is sad :(

Once again, disenfranchising non-Facebook users. Good job, Trekmovie! Between that repeatedly & the utter lack of stories (of the thousands that could be written up regarding the shows, films, etc) creating many ‘dry’ spells on the site, you’re slowly assuring that people like myself will begin to seek information elsewhere.

As for the prize, interesting. It’d be more interesting & far more desirable to have the shirt without the signature & perhaps a prop replica with a certificate of authenticity & Shatner’s autograph on something else…like a piece of paper one could frame & hang on the wall. But that’s just me.

This is a fun contest — thanks, Anthony!

Also, I somehow don’t think that the photograph of Mr. Shatner wearing said shirt looks quite right. I suspect it might be Photoshopped! Anyone else think that? ;)

The signature at the end credits of STVI is much better. This looks bad.

Wait a second — is there an extra top stroke near the end of the signature, or is that a scruff mark or random pen stroke, or what? I’m just curious, because there’s only one horizontal stroke in “Shatner” — the one for the “t.”

Just curious. Could add to the collector value, in any case.

Also, is there a certificate of authenticity provided? Maybe a printout of this article (with photo) and a signature of attestation by the website owner? That would be a nice touch.

In the mid 90s I had a tee that featured the signatures of *all* the main TOS cast, including even Grace Lee Whitney. It was a gift and the friend who obtained it for me wasn’t a huge Trek fan, yet he spent the better part of a day at a convention to gather all of the signatures. A few short months later… somehow the shirt ended up in the washing machine. Hot cycle of course. Only Grace Lee Whitney’s sig is still somewhat visible. All of the others totally faded out. Frak. I’ve wondered if they might be visible under a black light, but haven’t tried that. Yet.