Orci Drops Out Of Power Rangers Movie To Focus On Star Trek


Roberto Orci is clearing the decks to get ready to focus on his upcoming directorial debut with the next Star Trek movie. More details below.

Orci drops out of Power Rangers to focus on Star Trek

This week TrekMovie exclusively reported that Roberto Orci is currently in pre-producting and prepping to make his directorial debut with the next Star Trek film, which he is also co-writing and producing. Our sources indicate that Orci is planning to start shooting in February.

In order to deliver a Trek film by the Summer of 2016, Orci is going to be very busy for the next 21 months or so. And apparently this has caused Bob to cut some stuff from his to-do list. In July we reported that he had signed on as an executive producer for a Power Rangers reboot. But now Deadline is reporting that Orci has dropped out of the project "because his Star Trek 3 directing obligation has created a scheduling conflict." 

The Power Rangers movie will have to live without Bob Orci as he focuses on Star Trek

Orci’s move is a welcome sign. The main reason that the last Star Trek film ended up being delayed until May 2013 (from the original plan to be released in July 2012) was due to the various commitments of producer/director JJ Abrams, especially post-production on Super 8 cutting into the development and pre-production schedule of Into Darkness. It appears that Orci is clearing his slate to focus on Star Trek

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all news related to the next Star Trek film.

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No more delays. You only get one 50th anniversary.

Thanks, Mr. Orci, for taking this as seriously as we do.

Do you magic Bob :)

Wahoo! Someone drops out of something else to focus on Star Trek! Usually it’s the other way round!

He’s dropped Power Rangers to explore new untold dangers. Nice.

Yeah when I heard that Bob was gonna be working on MMPR I started to worry that he was spreading himself too thin, especially as he is directing Trek. Glad to see that he’s got his priorities right.

Leaves more time for another in depth interview ;-) hint

@Bob Orci, thank you for focussing on Trek3! I think we will thank you in 2016 too! Rock on and prosper :-)

#1, vultan


Seriously though,
I like that Bob is truly devoted to this. Bob you should know we take this very seriously and we are honoured.

Greetings to all.

Good move. I love what Orci can do, and I know he will
excel at this.

Well he is all in. He has a lot riding on this. Let’s hope a Trek fan can make a movie for Trek fans and is a commercial success. May the wind be at his back.

thanks to bob o. he continues to do whats right for us trek fans…

ya know a trekker has NEVER had control of a trek movie before except maybe the original trekkie, gene r himself….course that was sttmp…arguably the most sci fi ish trek movie…for good bad n whatever….some pretty risky n tall shoes to fill mr orci sir….thank you again sir…

Bob, I applaud your decision! I can’t wait to see the new movie. I hope it hits it right out of the park and we get to have another three-picture movie series afterward!

All Hail the Orci. A Man of Wisdom and Intelegence.

This is a huge loss for Power Rangers.

Never has there been a more perfectly suited writer and producer for that franchise, who could finally take it to the top and garner it the respect it deserves — just like Transformers and Spiderman.

@boborci – Start the salary negotiations now for the TOS cast cameos that this 50th anniversary demands. This also calls for reprising the Goldsmith march to the proceedings! Make it so, make it right!

Smart. I’m getting really optimistic about this one. Could this be a movie worthy of the 50th anniversary ? It’s looking very likely

Son of Sarek, I think Bob will do what he has to make the 50th Great, but I think the Current Music Director has done a good Job in making music for this set of movies, though everyone loves the Goldsmith themes, this movie set has it own Feel and own Music, yes maybe one bit of Goldsmith might work but let the new Composer have his Music in it too, he has done a good Job..

As excited as I was that Bob was producing the Power Rangers reboot, I am much happier that he is focusing all his efforts on Star Trek. Writing, producing, and directing are a hefty plateful.

Ad astra per aspera


It really would’ve been more appropriate to his talents and intelligence to have dropped Star Trek and gone over to Power Rangers.

It breaks my heart that I won’t see this new movie because of Bob and his crazy political opinions.

“…Star Trek 3 directing obligation has created a scheduling conflict.”

uh, ya’ think?? STILL not enough time (to do it properly)(but yes, not a concern, I know…) =P

I guess this makes it official? (boborci is not fanfare-worthy, I estimate)

yes, bob would be better suited to Power Rangers, but watcha gonna do? =(

now Power Rangers has a chance to be something special! =D

GO, GO, POWerRANgers!! =D

#25: Yes, you will. Anyone who says they won’t be seeing this film is lying. Despite the melodramatic grandstanding, every person on this board will see it.

#25: Yes, you will. Anyone who says they won’t be seeing this film is lying. Despite the melodramatic grandstanding, every person on this board will see it.

#26: Um… what? Your post looks like Twitter exploded.

Power Rangers is poorly made kiddie-fare crap. I can’t imagine why anyone above the age of eight would have any interest in it.

I agree. Whenever I hear people say they’re going to skip the next movie, I cue the sad violin music.
They’ll all be there opening weekend.

Good shout Bob. This is your big chance to really stamp your mark on Trek so clear the decks of all this other stuff.

Lol @ my mate Vultan. You well beat me to that one. I was thinking Gone Gone Power Rangers but No No is far better!

I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.

Thomas Jefferson


not sure why anyone should be upset about any American questioning his own government. One of the most patriotic things you can do.

To each, his own, I guess, Will.


I agree, some people just do not like their views of the universe challenged they want to just go about their lives, pay taxes keep people in power and not know the truth.

If the public knew the truth everyone would panic and cause national security issues stop working and stop the gravy train to thr govt and corps of the world and the black op projects like solar warden, star nations and the tr3b could not be manufactured in secrecy and have NASA be lying to the public under the veil of national security.

It pisses me off how the greatest discovery mankind has made is only shared amongst top govt officials and not the public who elected these so called leaders.

Ok for those of you who are complaining about Bob and him Directing Please Undersatnd, He has been a part of the new trek movies sence the word go…he more then Qualified to keep the Torch alive and carry it, he knows what the Matrial and has 2 movies under his Belt, He has had his hand in this Scrip sence the word go…he will have a chance to now make this Scrip come Alive as the Director and show us what he can do and I know he will rock at it.

@Bob, that is a good Jefferson Quote, One of the few I hadn’t heard before, this one I think you like too :)

“Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, or morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. Education and free discussion are the antidotes of both.” – Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson Papers, Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, 1816

@34. somethoughts

“and the black op projects like solar warden, star nations and the tr3b could not be manufactured in secrecy and have NASA be lying to the public under the veil of national security.”

If I may ask, what are you talking about ?

contact with aliens, photoshop removal of space pics showing anything that proof of intelligient aliens be it spacecrafts, monuments, space stations exist on moon, mars rings of saturn, other nearby planets.

Censored to keep religious tax paying people calm.

nasa is biggest joke they are suppose to help move mankind fwd. They are under military control and anything they find goes thru military and censored to preserve the idea we are alone in the universe lol

While any grade 9 student knows the math it is impossible to be alone in the universe where there are unlimited amount of galaxies and stars.

If its censored, then how do you know about it, somethoughts?

Another one of those “greatest conspiracies in history that the government keeps absolutely secret… except when they don’t” arguments.

Very good. I’m getting a good feeling about this next Star Trek movie.


nasa and us networks were hacked by a british civilian few yrs earlier, more than meets the eye, the more you know gi joe

Nothing to see here back to work.

Knowing that Mr. Orci reads these posts, I would like to say I’m encouraged by this decision . I’m hoping for an eventful 50th Anniversary . I’ve said this before , but would like to briefly reiterate the in inclusion of the following:
1. Shatner , Nimoy, Koenig, Nichols….
2. Recognizable Musical Flourishes from Season One.
3. A real Exploration / Adventure …
4. I understand the need for dramatic tension, but please… Please no ‘Villian’.
I wish you both Inspiration and Godspeed Mr. Orci! What a Dream Project for you, as a longtime fan I would love to be involved. All The Best !!

@ 37. somethoughts – September 21, 2014

“nasa is biggest joke they are suppose to help move mankind fwd. They are under military control and anything they find goes thru military and censored to preserve the idea we are alone in the universe lol”

Actually NASA is saying that we will discover alien lifeforms sometime in the next 20 years.

NASA says discovering alien life in next 20 years is ‘within reach’

“Sometime in the near future, people will be able to point to a star and say, ‘That star has a planet like Earth’,” said Sara Seager, professor of planetary science and physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Astronomers think it is very likely that every single star in our Milky Way galaxy has at least one planet.”

Based on those predictions, NASA believes that there could be literally 100 million planets within our own galaxy alone that could host life.



Yes this is the msg nasa is allowed to release to the public.

I am hoping before we pass within the next 50 to 75yrs, we can look back and say ok that guy got it right.

I’m sorry, but the pic proves Orci does NOT know Star Trek. If you can’t do a proper Vulcan salute than I can’t take you seriously as a true fan.

@44 ahmed numbering is off

Great news! Everything is moving quickly now. I have a feeling the 50th is going to be big!

somethoughts has seen through the lies! =D

…I just hope the truth comes out A LOT sooner than THAT! ;-)

btw: so-called “first contact” was in 1947… ;-) all the rest is lies… ;-)