TheCollective: Enterprise Messenger Bag + Kirk Bank + Vengeance Die-Cast + More Ships


There are some new cool Star Trek products that were revealed this week, including a USS Enterprise Messenger Bag and a Die-Cast USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Check it out below.

New Star Trek products coming soon…

Crowded Coop USS Enterprise Messenger Bag

The creative folks at Crowded Coop have just revealed a Enterprise NCC-1701 Messenger Bag, described as "awesomely detailed" and including details like custom buckle hardware shaped like the ship’s nacelles. The bag features under flap pockets, zipper storage, and an inner padded laptop pocket that can fit a laptop measuring up to 15-inches long. The the bag will be available in November, and can be pre-ordered at EE for $79.99.


Vengeance special issue + more ships coming from Eaglemoss

The monthly Eaglemoss magazine and die-cast model series continues. This week they revealed the USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness which will be in an upcoming "special issue" can be pre-ordered for $37.99.


Also revealed were three more upcoming monthly issues (all for the regular price of $19.99): 35: Early Klingon Bird of Prey, 36: Oberth Class, 37: Andorian Cruiser

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DST Kirk Bust Bank

Also revealed this week was the Diamond Select Captain Kirk Bust Bank (which joins the previously released Spock Bank). The 8-inch vinyl bust bank has a coin slot on the back and an access door in the base. Due in March 2015, you can pre-order the Kirk bank for $22.99.


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