TheCollective: Enterprise Messenger Bag + Kirk Bank + Vengeance Die-Cast + More Ships


There are some new cool Star Trek products that were revealed this week, including a USS Enterprise Messenger Bag and a Die-Cast USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Check it out below.

New Star Trek products coming soon…

Crowded Coop USS Enterprise Messenger Bag

The creative folks at Crowded Coop have just revealed a Enterprise NCC-1701 Messenger Bag, described as "awesomely detailed" and including details like custom buckle hardware shaped like the ship’s nacelles. The bag features under flap pockets, zipper storage, and an inner padded laptop pocket that can fit a laptop measuring up to 15-inches long. The the bag will be available in November, and can be pre-ordered at EE for $79.99.


Vengeance special issue + more ships coming from Eaglemoss

The monthly Eaglemoss magazine and die-cast model series continues. This week they revealed the USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness which will be in an upcoming "special issue" can be pre-ordered for $37.99.


Also revealed were three more upcoming monthly issues (all for the regular price of $19.99): 35: Early Klingon Bird of Prey, 36: Oberth Class, 37: Andorian Cruiser

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DST Kirk Bust Bank

Also revealed this week was the Diamond Select Captain Kirk Bust Bank (which joins the previously released Spock Bank). The 8-inch vinyl bust bank has a coin slot on the back and an access door in the base. Due in March 2015, you can pre-order the Kirk bank for $22.99.


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The bag is on pre Order

The Vengeance is one of the few ships in the Star Trek universe, prime or alternate, that I don’t like. Although, I gotta say that it’s better than the direction the ships are taking in the prime universe through Star Trek Online. While I love Enterprise E ( far better than D). The other ships in line after, along with voyager, are getting too far way from the federation style that I like.

I thought Enterprise did a great job of rethinking the ships. During TNG, we went from cheesy — borrowing every model used in the movies or making the new ships look like plumbing-out boxy SW crap — to great: The Romulan D’deridex warbirds.

I like the ships above, other than the Vengeance, which just looks like a beer bottle opener. (Goes with the Enterprise pizza cutter.)

Boxker, I’ve felt the same way. I like parts of the Vengeance but not as a whole ship. Also I didn’t like the ships from Voyager but loved the Valdore from Nemesis. I LOVED the Fed ships from all of the newer films except for the Vengeance. The ones from Star Trek Online just look uninspired and not so Federation-like.

So the Kirk bank has a “coin slot” in the back? It doesn’t look like it goes quite low enough for it to achieve that particular anatomy.

I’m guessing a few people around here wouldn’t be interested until they can put their valuables in the Chris Pine Kirk’s coin slot, and I expect that model will go “all the way down”.

…alas, no money for these kinds of things anymore =P

i’ve been looking for a good ST messenger bag, but want something more like the crew would use… ;-)

this one is a magnet for bullies =(

I have a subscription to Diamond Select, but really don’t care for most of the alien ships. They stay in the box. The Oberth should have been done WAY before some of the obscure stuff they push on subscribers. Not to mention the original NCC 1701 has never been issued, but we have the Bajoran Solar Sail ship? HUH???

Huh… I still think the Vengeance looks like a cross between Firefly’s Serenity and a stealth aircraft (namely B-2 Spirit and F-117)

The Venegance was designed to be exactly that – an ugly stealth version of a Starfleet ship, brutally unusual. That’s why I like her! ;)

#7 I think the alien ships are awesome. I actually like how they’re being so diverse and doing ships that have never been done in any form. And the TOS Enteprise is being saved for issue 50. I just got the Tholian ship and love it.

Beautiful products!

Love the bag!!

Right…. CBS Consumer Products… If anyone is out there who’s gonna read this.

PLEASE make a studio scale toy of the USS ENTERPRISE NCC 1701 from STAR TREK: THE ORIGINAL SERIES.

For those of us who are not going to spend hours, days or even months on building the polar lights model nor have the thousands of pounds or dollars to spend on the Qmx artisan replicas.

Please make the fans something that is a MUST HAVE. Just as the Big Milennium Falcon was/is.

It could feature the following and be released by Playmates Toys in time for the 50th Anniversary.

– Light effects taken from the original series.
– Sound effects and voice clips taken from the original series.
– Innerspace-sized action figure crew: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov and Khan.
– micro-machine sized shuttle craft Galileo.
– opening shuttle bay
– opening areas to reveal mini play sets for the mini action figures
– translucent red and blue firing projectiles from the three portholes at the bow of the saucer (not acurate however mechanism hidden well enough for fans to not notice whilst providing a fun toy feature) and above the sensor dome.
– Light up bridge dome, sensor dome, bussard ramp scoops and select windows on saucer, neck and secondary hull.
– robust display stand with interchangeable battery cover for play or display.

That would be awesome!

I’m still sad that the Titan busts line got canceled after just one release and one “maybe still releasing.” That Kirk bust I have is, bar none, the best likeness of Shatner I’ve seen in any form. Spock looks incredible (if we ever get him). And the others are lost to us due to lack of interest. Great line, wish it could have been.

A subscription to Diamond Select? Is that even possble? But if you mean that starship collection from Eaglemoss,then I’m with ya. I don’t bother subscribing,just getting the ones I want,which is very few of the alien stuff. TOS Enterprise is number 50,so it IS coming.

I’m gonna pop by thier booth at NYCC in October,I have a few questions and wanna have a quick chat with them.

I’m alos popping by Diamond Select’s booth,lol!


Glad to see the Oberth class ship get some love, I’ve always thought it was quite an original design from the first time I saw it in STIII back in the day. It’s unique and does seem to fit what I’d imagine a Starfleet science vessel to look like for some reason.

I am very leery of timelines of products released from Crowded Coop at this point.. (see messenger bag)..the Tricorder Messenger Bag was suppose to have been released in June..then July..then Oct..and now Nov… (after Halloween)…disappointing.