Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 4: The Naked Time


Things are going a bit crazy on board the USS Enterprise. Get a peek at what life was like for Ensign Williams during the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time."

Red Shirt Diaries Episode 4: "The Naked Time"

Each episode of The Red Shirt Diaries gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series. This week’s webisode is set during the TOS episode "The Naked Time."

To catch up on the show visit And for more adventures of Ensign Williams, check out the webcomic which is also updated every Tuesday at

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Nice to see Beauregard shakin’ his potty.

Cute ep. Nice nudity. Need more of that on the internet.

well done! =D

i liked the multi-plexed disco-edit!

Ensign Williams makes me smile! =)

Very funny web series. Surprisingly un-funny webcomic.

Sulu’s sword is wrong, what he had in The Naked Time wasn’t a katana but a rapier.

#4: ……..



THAT’s your reaction to the video?


Hilarious! Especially the bit where the guy in the background seems to be doing it with the handpuppet animal!

Nice going Ashley!

The original plan for Naked Time was for Sulu to have a katana, but Takei suggested a rapier. So the webvideo is actually just honoring the original intent of the writer

Or maybe it is just a parody webvideo

7 – Interesting. That was probably before the Katana became genre’s “it” sword. I suppose the suits felt the rapier went with Spock’s “D’Artagnan” line and that a rapier was more accessible to an audience familiar with Errol Flynn than The Seven Samurai.

Nice to know Superman will be an enduring popular character for the next few hundred years.


Yes… as the video was very meh and certainly the least funny of them all.

Made me laugh.

Love Mankind


I forgot why that’s funny.

Great episode! Loved it! Very funny!!

Forget the sword — Sulu should really be much, much oilier.

I so loved it. She is great!!!!!

4, 5, 7, 14 – *LOLOLOL*

What’s nudity doing on the internet?

BTW, I just found this site, which apparently has been around for years — — they finally ask the important question: “How much did those hot extras get paid to get naked, be sprayed with fake snow and stay perfectly still in The Naked Now? (answer: probably not enough).

Hehehehe, BEWBZ!

Meh. Even more underwhelming. This is getting weaker with each video.

I’ve been watching these and registering them as cute but I’m really starting to dig this chick with this one.


Me too!

She is cute as a button.

Three things.

I want to clip her hair on her right side! Just one clip!

So that’s what happened to Monk’s Natile! Glad to see she has moved on to better projects!

No one. NO one. Has ever done a great Shatner impression.

Keep on Trekin’!

OK that video was hillarious. I really like the premise (and yeah, i looked for nude pics to no avail…). looking forward to more…