Watch: 5 Star Trek Sketches From 4 Decades Of Saturday Night Live


Tonight NBC’s Saturday Night Live kicks off their 40th season. Over the years the show has had some fun with another show that began decades ago on NBC – Star Trek. We have compiled 5 Star Trek sketches from over the years starting with a sketch from the first season in 1976 all the way through to 2009. Watch them below.

Flashback: 4 Decades Of SNL and Star Trek

The Last Voyage of the Enterprise
Season 1, Ep. 22 (1976)

The first, and probably the best, Star Trek sketch from SNL featured NBC executives boarding the Enterprise to cancel the show, with John Belushi playing Kirk, Chevy Chase as Spock, Dan Akroyd as McCoy (and Scotty’s voice), and guest star Elliot Gould as the NBC executive.

Star Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise
Season 12, Ep. 8 (1986)

With William Shatner hosting it was inevitable the show would do a Trek parody, this time the premise is the Enterprise had been bought by the Marriot Corporation which had turned it into a restaurant, and Khan (played by Dana Carvey) was a health inspector.

Star Trek Convention (Get A Life!)
Season 12, Ep. 8 (1986)

From the same episode with Shatner hosting, this time Bill plays himself at a Star Trek convention. Titled “Star Trek Convention,” the infamous sketch is better known for Shatner’s famous exclamation to the gathered Trekkies to “get a life!.” This phrase even inspired Shatner’s later “Get a Life!” book and “Get a Life!”documentary about Trek fans.

Love Boat: The Next Generation
Season 19, Ep. 12 (1994)

When Patrick Stewart hosted another Trek parody was inevitable, this time the premise combined Star Trek: TNG with The Love Boat with the Enterprise as a "Galaxy Class Cruiseship Pacific Princess."

boat of love the next generation from Alejandro Valle on Vimeo.

Weekend Update w/ Pine, Quinto and Nimoy
Season 34, Ep. 21 (2009)

As part of the promotion of the 2009 Star Trek movie, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto appeared on the "Weekend Update" portion of the show, with Leonard Nimoy also popping in.

NOTE: There was one sketch not available online. “Star Trek Democrats” from SNL’s season 17 featured the 1992 Democratic presidential candidates campaigning at a Star Trek convention.

Let’s hope that SNL and Star Trek continue to live long and prosper together for decades to come, and hopefully meet again as well.


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Being out of the US I am only able to view the Love Boat parody. What a pity. I’ve seen most of them before but never the 2009 segment.

Overseas readers can find these on youtube. I’m not sure why they won’t play here.

Belushi — best Shat impression ever!

Nealon — most Data-like Spock

Me … first?

Google Hola for access to websites as if outside your country.

In 1992 or 1996 SNL did a sketch showing the Democratic presidential candidates speaking at a Star Trek convention, attempting to pander to the “Star Trek vote”. It was very funny. Anyone know where that can be found?

Belushi really did do a great Shatner.

And the McCoy joke in the second one is one my favorites. “Bones! This man needs medical attention!” “Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a…. Oh! Oh, sure!”

Oh, and as a casting gag, they got the same guy to play Sulu every time.

1994 – yikes!
What a time to be watching jokes about beheadings and Joan Rivers!!!!

o. ~~~~SPOILER ALERT!!~~~~

I’ve been referencing the “We all get older, Khan” line for years. Nice to see it again.

I wish Chris Pine and/or William Shatner would host SNL this season, would be cool to see! :D

Michael O’Donohue did a masterful job on the original 1970’s parody and really did his research. When the skit fades out, as Belushi records the final Captain’s log and gives his serial number, it is in fact the same one from “Court Martial.”

I had to wander over to Youtube to get to see these, but they were funny – some more so than others. I liked the Last Voyage the best of the SNL skits, and I loved the Weekend Update.

That Patrick Stewart hosted episode is LEGENDARY.

I saw “The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise” on its first airing in 1976. John Belushi really nailed Kirk. Not surprising, as Belushi was known to be a “Trek” fan. Live Long and Prosper. Promise.

“Right on, Buck Rogers. Is that an order??” — LMFAO!