Great Links: Star Trek meets Storage Wars + Chief O’Brien Comicstrip + Picard Facepalm Cookies + more


The Great Links column is back again with tons of Star Trek in the zeitgeist fun, including showing up in this week’s episode of Star Wars. Watch a clip of that plus learn how to make Picard Facepalm cookies, experience the comicstrip ennui of Chief O’Brien’s boring job, listen to Philly morning drive DJ’s talk Trek, see Klingon Ballerinas (really) and much more.

Here are some of the links going around the world lately.

Star Trek meets Storage Wars

Gabriel Koerner (from the Trekkies documentary) and some members of his Los Angeles Star Trek club were featured in this week’s episode of A&E’s Storage Wars. They were brought into assess the value of a couple of Master Replicas Star Trek items, and it was shot at the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys, which was used as a location in many episodes during the TNG era. You can watch the full "Bid Strong and Prosper" episode online at the

Nerdout of the Week: How Realistic Are Space Battles?

The PBS webshow  It’s OK To Be Smart science show took a look at "The Physics of Space Battles," including references to Star Trek, Star Wars and other sci-fi.

1983 Star Trek Math Problem

io9 stumbled upon a 1983 issue of the journal Mathematics Teacher which contained a math problem challenge to "Find the Enterprise," can you solve it?


Chief O’Brien at Work Comic Strip

Before he had a chance to shine on Deep Space Nine, Chief O’Brien had a job working in the transporter room in the USS Enterprise D. And did you know there is a web comic strip dedicated to the "ennui" of this somewhat drab job, called "Chief O’Brien at Work" by John Adams. There are now 45 strips, here is this weeks.


Philly Morning DJ’s Talk Trek

If you were driving to work last Monday and tuned in to WMMR’s Preston and Steve show to get your usual drive time hijinks you would instead have been treated to a lengthy discussion of state of the the Star Trek franchise.

Tweet of the Week: Berman remembers Roddenberry

Star Trek TV and film producer Rick Berman periodically tweets out photos from his archive of Trek history and last week offered up Gene Roddenberry’s business card with a nice message about missing the Great Bird.

Runner-up Tweet of the Week: Odo Unmasked

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Rene Auberjonois has also been sharing some photos of his Star Trek history and last week revealed this one of himself and co-star Terry Farrell.

Cosplay of the Week: Klingon Ballerina Stormtroopers

Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe tweeted out this photo with a very unusual pair of Star Trek/Star Wars mashup cosplayers.


Craft of the Week: Picard Facepalm Cookies

The Picard Facepalm is an Internet meme, and food blogger Just Jenn decided it would also make for some yummy cookies. She even provides a recipe.


Infograhic of the Week: Another Star trek v Star Wars chart has offered up another one of those Star Trek v Star Wars infographic clickbait things, I guess we fell for it.



Star Trek on the Lists

The Internet loves lists, and here are 3 new Trek lists out there to enjoy.

But wait there’s more

And here are yet more quick links for you.


That’s all the great linking for this week. If you spot some fun Star Trek stuff on the interwebs, please send in the link to


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Those Chief O’Brien comic strips have me in tears laughing!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

4000$ for a communicator and a phaser? Even with Shatners autograph, that is ridiculous.

They really picked on Star Trek fans in that clip from the TV show…

Awww….another nail driven into the coffin of Trek science.

you sing a different tune when it’s nu-trek (fake) “science”… =(

“Awww…” nu-trek sucks… ;-)

And my God, Gabriel Koërner has gained a helluva lot of weight! And with his answer to the “girls” question, wasn’t he married? I guess not anymore. That’s sad. He and his wife seemed happy in Trekkies 2.

In earth currency? Really? On the other had they at least were good sports about it.

Brandi and Jarrod are my and my wife’s favorites from “Storage Wars” (we even watch their “Married to the Job” spin-off). I expected Jarrod to be a total goofball, but it warms my heart to see that Brandi’s a closet Trekkie. :-) And yeah, I can see a couple of Master Replicas pieces going for about $4K, particularly if they’re in mint condition.

“Star Trek” vs. “Star Wars” — nonsense, sir, I say NONSENSE! It’s like comparing Arthur C. Clarke to Sir Thomas Malory, or Herbert’s “Dune” to Tolkien’s “LOTR”

Adams’ “Chief O’Brien at Work” comic series made me laugh. But it was a sad-for-O’Brien laughter. Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who was glad he got to DS9 :-)
My LOL was the tiara’d Klingon/stormtrooper dancers … hahahahaha

Thanks for these crazy funny articles, Anthony!

FYI, the cookie link currently doesn’t link to cookies.

#6 Yeah, I did let myself go pretty bad. I got friggin fat. My wife left me 6 years ago. Incidentally, 6 years of depression and heavy drinking is known to add weight…

Hey, Gabe! 6 years is a long time. Don’t get lost in depression, okay? Watch some funny Trek-episodes. And remember, there are a lot of people who love you, just a way you are. Ask anybody here. :-))