Shatner Asked To ‘Keep Quiet’ About Star Trek 2016+ Orci Says Role Must Be ‘Worthy’


Over the weekend William Shatner confirmed he had been contacted by JJ Abrams about how there "might" be a role for him in the 2016 Star Trek movie. Today Shatner has revealed that he has been contacted again and told to stop talking about Star Trek. Details on that below, plus how the media is covering Bill’s weekend revelation, and there are some new comments from Orci here at TrekMovie and Bill and Orci are also tweeting to each other.

Shatner asked (again) to keep quiet about Star Trek movie role

Today William Shatner was interview by the UK’s Daily Mail to promote this weekend’s appearance at Destination Star Trek in London and of course the issue of his possibly having a role in the upcoming Star Trek movie came up. However after confirming the rumors this weekend, it appears Shatner is now being told (for a second time) to keep quiet. Here is what he said:

"Here’s my dilemma, I was cautioned not to speak about this and the next day it was out all over Twitter. ‘So I talked about it and then I get another phone call telling me to keep quiet again! All I can say is that I’m very excited about the film."

By the way, the "I’m very excited" line is the standard thing that actors are told they are allowed to say with Bad Robot productions, including Star Wars and Star Trek.

Shatner got another call about Star Trek asking him to "keep quiet"

Shatner’s Weekend Comments Makes News Around The World

After he inadvertently confirmed the rumor of a possible role in the 2016 Star Trek movie, the ‘Shatner in Star Trek’ story has spread beyond the usual geekosphere blogs into the mainstream media. Many outlets that usually wouldn’t have run a story about a rumor are now reporting it due to Shatner’s confirmation (about speaking to JJ Abrams). And some that had run the rumor are now reporting that it has been confirmed by Shatner. Bill’s comments over the weekend have been reported at Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, Yahoo, E Online, Empire, The Wrap, Salon, USA Today and other newspapers (like the Philadelphia Inquirer)  and even overseas in Ireland, the UK, and elsewhere.

Bill’s weekend revelation made news around the world

Orci: Role must ‘be worthy’

The director of the upcoming Star Trek movie Roberto Orci has again engaged fans here at and has dropped a couple of interesting comments about Bill over the last day. First was this exchange…

Ralph Pinheiro – September 28, 2014
If it is true, I hope it was a very good idea and as Shatner said: “If it is meaningful”.
I don´t want Bill or Nimoy coming back just with a good idea for sweep.

While the intention is good, It could potentially wreck everything.

boborci – September 28, 2014
[@Ralph Pinheiro]. exactly.

I would never waste my hero’s time. Must be worthy of them if you’re gonna go for it.

And later, Bob added this (notably after some fans questioned if Bill was too old to play Kirk)

boborci – September 28, 2014
Shatner looks amazing, He is so full of life. I hope he can give us some of his secrets!

Shatner and Bob bonding on Twitter

Over the last week William Shatner and Roberto Orci have been exchanging tweets with each other in a bit of a love fest. For example, Bill offered Bob some friendly advice in dealing with trolls.

And after talking about his dog named “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” Bob used that as a chance to send Bill some appreciated love.

All quiet on the Nimoy front

Of course the original rumor and Shatner’s comments over the weekend were not just about his role, but also about Leonard Nimoy returning to again play Spock Prime. While there has been a lot of activity from Shatner, so far there hasn’t been a peep from Mr. Nimoy about the whole thing.

Nimoy remains mum about next Star Trek movie

As always, stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the latest on the upcoming Star Trek movie.

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