TrekMovie Is Giving Away A Star Trek Costume Tunic


Today is the first day of October and that means starting to think about your Halloween costume. Well TrekMovie and are teaming up to make that decision easy for one Trekkie by giving away a Star Trek costume tunic. Details below.

Star Trek Costume Giveaway

TrekMovie has teamed up with  to give away on of their Star Trek Costume tunics (from the movie era series by Rubies). The winner will be able chose size and choice of Kirk, Spock or Scotty style.

One of these Star Trek costume tunics could be yours

The way you can enter to win is simply by liking TrekMovie’s new Facebook Page (if you already like the page just click the entry button). You can also use the embed below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest is limited to USA only. Winner will be selected at random on Tuesday October 7th at midnight (Pacific).

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First! and hope to be the first to win!! :D Nah really good luck all…

And o yes I will wear in on Halloween. Now if I can just get the missus to don the short short TOS skirt and go-go boots!

that’s one sorry Vulcan hand sign

the blue tunic is my fave (live long & prosper)

3 ados, I know, right? Why do so many people do it with the thumb in?

For all we know that’s Vulcan for “so long, you good-for-nothing bipedal lifeform! May the desert fleas of the Forge infest your armpits!”

I got a gold shirt the halloween after Trek XI came out. Still, I wouldn’t mind getting a blue shirt. I’m not foolish enough to get a red shirt though.

Facebook – boo!

@ 5 Marja — Love your interpretation of the altered Vulcan salute!

Someone should tell Robert (“I’m a true fan!”) Orci.

I hope I win so I can Cosplay at conventions!

Since my gf and I are cosplayers it would be a really nice win! Good luck to everyone! :)

Contest is limited to USA only,,,

Once again I say,,I really really dont mind paying postage to New Zealand !!!

I’d love one, but I do not belong to the evil Facebook empire. (-_-)

Can I have the model? …well I can’t be the only gay in the village. LOL!

@. Marja – October 1, 2014


…On another note: why only male costumes?

I bought 1 today and its not very flattering. Need some emergancie liposuction before #dstl tommorow

Those guys look like triplets! Yeap: I, too, cringe when the thumb is IN when someone makes the Vulcan peace gesture. But, oh well. They even did that in the movie “The Time Machine” (that was the image of the future New York City computerized library assitant). The thought is, perhaps, what counts. (I often wonder if Kirk and McCoy had that same problem, LOL! I know a LOT of people in real life who can’t even part their two middle fingers properly to get it right — appearing more like the Presidential Oath Of Office gesture we saw in the new version of Battlestar Galactica, which I presume may have been created to “honor” their sci-fi cousins’ on ‘Trek.)

I’ve got me one already. Good luck to those that enter!

And i can pay it for EU.

Next giveaway also for Europe (international) please.

I’m in!

I have blue but I wouldn’t mind red.

#22 – So you want to become a “temporary” NuFan?…:)

This is the term I and mine give to bad drivers and some of the idiotic jaywalking pedestrians – “temporary New Zealanders”.

The model is saying Nanu-nanu, like Mork from Ork.
That is most definitely not Vulcan.