DST3: Shatner Still ‘Delighted’ At Idea Of Star Trek 2016 Part + Lots Of Pix From DST3 Photocall


The first day of Destination Star Trek is happening right now in London. This morning there was a press photocall with most of the celebrities, and William Shatner was there dodging questions about the new Star Trek movie. See below for details and tons of photos from the press event.

Shatner Sticking With His Story On Star Trek 2016

This morning Destination Star Trek 3 kicked off in London with a press photocall and the highlight was the first captain himself, William Shatner. In a strange crossover, Bill was set up on the bridge set of the USS Enterprise D, which is on display at the event.

William Shatner at Destination Star Trek 3

Bill took a few questions from the crowd including being asking about the upcoming Star Trek movie, slated for release in 2016 and currently in pre-production. At his last convention appearance (in Nashville last Saturday) Shatner made big news by confirming the rumor that there is a possible role for him in the movie. However, it seems that the subsequent call from JJ for him to ‘keep quiet‘ has taken as Bill repeated almost word for word what he said in the interview yesterday with the Metro, essentially that he would be "delighted" to be in the next Star Trek
movie and that he had been asked not to speak about it.


DJL_1256 DJL_1346  DJL_1305
More shots of Shatner at Destination Star Trek 2 Photo Call

Ryan, Sirtis, and Greenwood on the bridge

DST also brought out Voyager’s Jeri Ryan, Next Gen’s Marina Sirtis and the new Captain Pike Bruce Greenwood, all to have their photos taken on the Enterprise D bridge.

Jeri Ryan at Destination Star Trek 3

Jeri Ryan at Destination Star Trek 3

Jeri Ryan at Destination Star Trek 3

Jeri Ryan and Marina Sirtis at Destination Star Trek 3

Marina Sirtis at Destination Star Trek 3

Bruce Greenwood at Destination Star Trek 3

Bruce Greenwood at Destination Star Trek 3

More Press Call Photos From DST 3

There was also a separate press call for photos and some questions for many of the other celebrities appearing this weekend in London. Nothing new was really said, mostly the usual stuff about how Star Trek is inspiring and offers a hopeful future. There was also some fun banter between the various cast members debating over what was the best Star Trek show, with John deLancie staying mum since he appeared on so many of them.

Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Jeri Ryan, LeVar Burton and Marina Sirtis at Destination Star Trek 3

Ethan Phillips, Anthony Montgomery, James Darren, Robert Picard and John deLancie at Destination Star Trek 3

Larry Nemecek, Andre Bormanis, Nicholas Meyer, Ronald B Moore, Suzie Plakson, Vaughn Armstrong, Steve Rankin and Alice Krige at Destination Star Trek 3

And here are yet even more pix from the photo call.

Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby and Gates McFadden at Destination Star Trek 3

Bob Picardo

LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis and Jeri Ryan

Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, and Ethan Phillips

John deLancie James Darren and Bob Picardo at Destination Star Trek 3

Anthony Montgomery

More to come from DST 3 in London

That’s it for now, check back all weekend long for more coverage from Destination Star Trek 3 – London

Daniel Lewis is a long-time Trek fan and professional photographer based in London who is part of TrekMovie’s team coverage for Destination Star Trek. You can learn more about Daniel and see his work at www.daniellewisphoto.com.

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I sure wish I could be there.

Damn it I should be there


It was a bit odd to see Shatner sitting in the captains chair on the Enterprise D.

#4 Not just SHATNER but GREENWOOD too they belong to a different era lol. I’m up at the convention just been to the opening ceremony it was excellent.

Can’t believe I’m not there, it’s my country & I’m not there!

Jeri Ryan…..Oh My. Helloooo.

@4 would’ve been awesome in 1994

went last time in London and was disappointed with how it was put together,not enough space for the talks,very hard to get tickets, paid loads so i can see the captains talk,so that was worth it,if anyone goes this time,please let us know if its any better this time around

Has Shatner ever sat in the Enterprise D Captain’s chair before?

How long I have waited to see Shatner in the D’s center seat!!!

Doesn’t that remind you of the rewrite of generations that took Kirk off the E-D bridge? Ugh.

To heck with Shat, get Jeri in the new movie!!
She’ll raise more than ticket sales.

Its such a good event. My 1st convention. Having a blood wine now, listening to the Enterprise Blues Band

I have watched every bit of Trek that has been on as its come on tv/movies (I was born in ’66 but my first memories are of Trek and Get Smart/Petticoat Jct….etc….but I seem to get most excited about pics of the Enterprise cast. I don’t get it. I keep calling the NCIS guy Archer too……

Looks like Bill Shatner is going to be the biggest promoter of this upcoming film!

Gonna miss Bruce’s Captain Pike.

@12. TUP,
“Doesn’t that remind you of the rewrite of generations that took Kirk off the E-D bridge?”

Wait! Shatner can’t SAAAAAY anything, so maybe this is his way of giving out clues as to what they’ve asked him to do, and it involves sitting in the captain’s seat of the Enterprise D — which crashed and was “absorbed” by the Nexus. Hmmmm.

16 Adam E, Well, they should just bring Pike back from death! It’s been done before with others!

I wish I could meet Bruce Greenwood in person. He has the cutest smile. I would have to tell him how good he was in the two Trek movies. What a captain!

ADMIRAL Pike looks pretty good. Too bad he couldn’t be saved by Khan’s blood, though it would be cool if his death was a ruse so that he could go undercover and expose Section 31.


Bruce Greenwood is just a darned fine actor in general IMHO. I’m no expert, but what I’ve seen him in, he’s just plain good. He was great as Kennedy in “Thirteen Days,” great as a fictional US president in “National Treasure 2,” and he brought incredible depth and realism to PIke’s character in ST09. Really hated they killed him off in STID.

Hate that his Rebootiverse epitaph read “Pike died from STD”

#19 – I wonder – could Pike really be alive after all, even without Khan’s blood? Perhaps the Paramedics might have been able to do something and Pike’s actually been rehabilitating in a secret location, as per #19’s suggestion…

Bob – there are those of us who do think that Pike needs to be around. Is it possible? Throw Janice and the rest of us a lifeline here, please!

I think that it is really becoming clear that many Trek fans want to see two characters who are now considered dead back alive in this new movie. How to do it, without it seeming unnatural, even ridiculous, is the real conundrum.

I bet both William Shatner and Bruce Greenwood never believed that they would be so wanted in a movie, but there it is…:)

#21 Keachick
“Bob – there are those of us who do think that Pike needs to be around. Is it possible? Throw Janice and the rest of us a lifeline here, please!”

THANK YOU! I so agree. I would so LOVE to see Pike back in the next movie.
I don’t care how they do it–just do it please. Throw us that lifeline.

THANK YOU also to Trekmovie for the photos of Bruce Greenwood at DST3 in London. My favourite—such a wonderful actor and so under-rated. So happy that he’s at that ST Convention.

Any day in which William Shatner remains delighted is a good day for Trek fans! :)

#21. Keachick (Rose) – October 3, 2014

Faking Pike’s death isn’t something I’d put as beyond Marcus. But he would have had to plan to keep him on ice for quite sometime to keep him from interfering with his plans?

Well I suppose Khan’s cryo would have been available while he was ambling around…

Shatner giving out clues huh…I reckon hes playing Matt Decker and is captain of the USS Constellation…
Him and Nimoy are going to sacrifice themselves to save the new crew from the Doomsday Machine!
; ) watch this space.

wait … Shat and Nimoy will order Constellations Self Destruct and send her into the belly of the beast…9, 8, 7, 6, 5…(Chris Pines kirk to Matt Decker and Spock prime) ” Get off, get out of there”

Oh and can we have Jeri Ryan get her kit of this time in 2016, doesnt even have to make sense why shes getting naked, infact just get lindelof to write the script and it will happen.

#25 – Why would Marcus be the one behind the “faking of” Pike’s death? Marcus was in charge of S31.

Perhaps Kirk and Spock just thought that Pike had died. We were not shown what happened next. Resuscitation equipment is pretty good, even today. Time, as always, is the biggest key to either success or failure.

The following scene showed a rather quiet and sad/grim looking Kirk receiving a call from Scotty about what he had found…Pike did not appear again in the film.

I know this is Star Trek and therefore absolutely anything’s possible, but isn’t Pike undead a little Days of Our Lives?

He could be wrapped in bandages in a convent on some backwater as ‘mysterious patient discovered somewhere’ and then, reveal!

Actually, maybe Vulcan could also be mysteriously wrapped in bandages too as ‘mysterious planet discovered somewhere’ and then — reveal!

Sometimes entirely implausible and ridiculous is awesome (ex. Gone Girl doesn’t hold up to logic).

Lots of goofy ideas for fans who want to fit what the movie portrayed into the fan-fiction vision of what they saw.

Pike is dead. His death was shown. He’s dead. His death was the catalyst for everything else that came after in the movie. undoing his death would be cheap. Not as cheap as the fake Kirk death/WoK/magic blood nonsense, but cheap nonetheless.

And yet here are people wanting to bring back a dead captain who died in the future of another universe and have this captain be very much alive in an alternate universe. And undoing prime Kirk’s death would not be any less cheap than using a genetically engineered man’s “superblood” to bring back a “barely dead” Kirk in this timeline?

If you want “cheapness”, it is all the propositions regarding the “resurrection” of one very dead prime James T Kirk. Now that really could be deemed as cheap and crappy.

# 28. Jack – October 4, 2014

” I know this is Star Trek and therefore absolutely anything’s possible, but isn’t Pike undead a little Days of Our Lives?” — Jack

Perhaps, but who says Dr. McCoy was the only one that could have figured out Khan’s serum’s magical healing powers?

I mean they had over 70 subjects to extract tissues samples and run tests over in Section 31 and NO ONE even suspected the healing possibilities?

Just saying if Pike was test subject zero, Marcus would have kept him on ice.

I like how everyone here says how the nu-timeline allows for more suspense, and that any of the characters can die at any time, in theory.

Except when a character actually dies (like Pike) then those same people are clamoring for a resurrection.

Pike is dead. However, Bruce Greenwood can still appear in the next movie in a flashback or dream sequence of some kind.

#32 – That would probably work well, for both Shatner and Greenwood, which means that somebodies in the next film will be doing a lot of dreaming, flashbacking, hologram watching etc…LOL

The real problem is that the producers of Star Trek manage to kill off the two most popular and likeable of characters – Captain James T Kirk of the prime universe and Captain Christopher Pike of the alternate universe.

When will Star Trek writers and producers get it through their (thick) heads that you do not kill off your main protagonists? – You send them on sabbaticals; or injure them and put them in comas until?; you have them resign from Starfleet, only to be recalled later, even if they are old and/or wear rugs…

Are you getting this, Bob Orci? I hope so…
Good man!

# 32. Red Dead Ryan – October 5, 2014

” I like how everyone here says how the nu-timeline allows for more suspense, and that any of the characters can die at any time, in theory.” — Red Dead Ryan

I think a death of a planet and a few billion Vulcans kind of takes that out of the realm of theory.

And given that the writers already resurrected one captain, what’s one or two more resurrected deaths given that order of magnitude which no blood can cure?

Besides, your aim is off the mark. The concept that dead characters could be resurrected didn’t originate with the fans. It’s a well the writers have returned to time and again. Some find just as much suspense in anticipating who might not stay that way. Besides, it’s a part of the show’s narrative DNA as well as its movies.

It’s a little late to be crying over that spilled milk.

OMG I still have the hots for Marina Sirtis!

That outfit w/the hosiery!

But what a stellar cast indeed.

Any reason we can’t have a little “Mirror, Mirror” element that brings Pike and Kirk back?