Watch: Microsoft Teaches Cortana To Speak Klingon & Other Star Trek Phrases


Microsoft are one of the sponsors of Destination Star Trek happening this weekend in London and to show it wasn’t just putting their name on an event, they taught Cortana (Microsoft’s answer to Siri) to speak Klingon along with responding to some Star Trek phrases. Watch a video demo below.

Microsoft Adds Klingon and Star Trek Phrases To Cortana

Microsoft chose Destination Star Trek 3 as an opportunity to promote the brand new Nokia Lumina Windows phone. And the way they did it is by adding some functionality to Cortana – its voice-activated assistant for Windows phones.

Notably Cortana now has special Star Trek responses to a number of phrases including "beam me up," "set phasers to stun," "engage," “Star Trek or Star Wars,” and even "speak Klingon."

The My Nokia Blog tried it out, check out the video below.

More coverage from Destination Star Trek 3 in London coming soon.

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Klingons? What a waste of screen time. Yawn.

Klingons have been done to DEATH. Move on. Puh-lease.

@1-2: Yes, Klingons, the most popular of Star Trek aliens who typically represent the franchise. For good reason.

You can’t say “Star Trek” without an image of a Klingon somewhere popping up in someone’s head, more likely in nearly everyone’s head. They always come back due to popular demand and a desire to see more of them. They’ve been the biggest rivals and deadliest of enemies to Star Trek’s heroes in the Federation, and also the bestest of friends and staunchest of allies. They’re often represented by some of the most colorful and surprisingly sometimes the most deepest of characters.

Face it, there’ll always be Klingons in Star Trek, and seeing as this is just another expression of Trek fans love for the rowdy warrior species, which is a harmless show of support that benefits Star Trek on the whole, this can only be a good thing.

Not to mention, Microsoft reaching out to Trek fans this way speaks to the subtle influence Trek and its fanbase has on the greater world. Otherwise, they might feel similarly dismissive of Klingons and Star Trek. But they don’t.

So, being dismissive of this “geeking out” by others doing something cool and Star Trek-related for fun after taking at least the latter considerations into account is unwarranted. It might be more fitting if this were a complaint that a currently-running Star Trek TV/film series is over-using Klingons, but seeing as this is basically fans just having fun with an aspect of Star Trek they personally love, I’d recommend relaxing and sharing in the enjoyment of Star Trek and the variety of ways it touches everyone.

Don’t care about it speaking Klingon, but she’s got a sexy Brit accent.


Hey, want to use Klingons to sell phones in an ad? Knock yourself out.

Just don’t feature them in any future Trek films or TV shows. All they do is come across as ugly and foolish, but certainly not threatening as a villain.

If she was still alive, it would have been amazing if one of these companies used Majel Barrett as the voice of their talking AI.

How can anybody not want Klingons to return. Next to the Cardassians and the Borg, the Klingons are the coolest Trek aliens ever. Only a p’tach would think otherwise. And yes, that is pretty much the only Klingon word I know.

If they are your idea of a good villain, I don’t blame you for wanting to cling on to them!