Watch VW Germany Star Trek TV Spot With Shatner & Nimoy + Web Promos & BTS Vids


Last week we reported on how Volkswagen Germany was teasing a Star Trek-themed promotional campaign featuring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Well today that campaign launched and you can watch the TV commercial, web promos and some behind the scenes videos as well. Check it all out below

Shatner and Nimoy Take VW Germany To The Future

On Friday VW German launched its ‘#vwfuture’ campaign promoting its electric cars. And the campaign features Star Trek actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The TV commercial and other campaign videos also feature Star Trek music and other Trek imagery. Watch the videos below.

TV spot

"Trek Check" web videos with Shatner and Nimoy

Web promos for the cars (with Shatner and Nimoy intros)

William Shatner tours kid’s room full of Star Trek memorabilia

Behind the scenes

VW Goes All Shatner and Nimoy

And if all that wasn’t enough, when you visit the main VW Deutschland website or Facebook page you are immediately presented with Shatner and Nimoy.

VW Germany’s new home page


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This is so cool… The boy reminds a bit of Jimmy Bennet’s young Kirk… I wish there were many boys at his age being into Star Trek that much. I’m afraid that is no longer the case. Even Trek 09 and STID couldn’t really make a difference. Trek is still an enigma to most kids of this generation, easily to be confused with Star Wars… But maybe there is hope…

Thats well done !!

Wonderfull to seem them together and its brilliant that big companies like VW want them to be the face of thier company. Also I had a geek attack last night when I saw the Thomson holiday advert with William Shatner singing on it. Will post a link

Nice ads.. man, I want that kids room!
I have to agree with boborci, Shatner looks pretty good these days!

Just saw it a moment ago in german tv. :-) Very entertaining and great details! Well done! I have the desire to buy such a VW although I don’t have a drivers license ;-)

Das Starship


Nice, have you noticed the “1701” on the garage? ;)

Like the jumpers: Gold for the Shat, Blue for Nimoy

Amazing that VW has confidence in two 83 year old actors as spokespeople. I can’t think of any others that have kind star power.

And seeing them in these ads makes you long to see them together in the next movie

That’s an amazing collection! Was that assembled for the spot, or is it really all his? If so, I wanna be his neighbor XD

Well executed campaign. Classy adds and the cars look great. I may have to snag one. It’s is after all “future tech” right?

Is it my imagination, or are Nimoy and Shatner looking really well???

Nice to see Germany giving the boys some love.

oh yeah, and FYI, I love the gold sweater for Shatner and the blue on blue sweater and shirt for Nimoy. Fantastic. :)

bob, i say find a way to get bill and leonard into those blue and gold shirts for the movie. they look great! just maybe don’t shoot shatner from the side. that buddah belly! wow lol.

Great to see the both of them looking so well.

That is absolutely classic, and hilarious.

Get these guys on the big screen together one last time. Make it so.

Bob Orci,
No pressure on you and your team … you must give these two global treasures the meaningful roles that they deserve!

WOW I’m breathless, it’s absolutely great!

Magic! If VW can do it so can you Mr Orci!
Do it, do it, do it !!!

@13. focuspuller,
“Is it my imagination, or are Nimoy and Shatner looking really well???”

Shatner looks pretty good in these. I’m left with one thought —

it would be a mistake to try and put him back into ANY uniform. He needs to be brought back in casual clothing. Anything else he will probably look like a parody of himself, since the uniforms were conceived for a fit-looking crew of younger actors. Many of the older admirals on TNG looked really odd in some of those asymmetric form fitting uniforms. There’s no uniform we’ve seen in Trek where Shatner won’t just look silly. He looks great in that sweater/jacket. That’s the kind of look they need to emulate. Or they need to design a custom uniform, much like Pikes in ST09, which will flatter Shatner, and not make him look like he’s been stuffed into an old uniform meant for someone else.

Why does Nimoy look younger than in ST11 and ST12 as Spock? Away with that stupid wig next time. Nimoy still has enough hair for an original Spock haircut!

I think Shatner would look great in a Klingon costume.

Leave it to the Germans to comes up with these fantasitc ads! It works very well as ads in Germany I would think. Sadly, there are some people here in the States that would be laughing these ads off as joke. I have to admit, these seem like great cars, but you always have to test drive one to be sure before you buy. Well done for Kirk & Spock, once again, back in action together.

I love it.

I’m hard of hearing — what does Mr. Nimoy say at the end of the TV spot?


LOVE that kids collection! Wonder if it’s actually his though,lol! And great seeing Nimoy and Shatner in something fun again.


Used the “wrong” voices :(
Shatner was done by the same guy who did Harry Kim.
His regular voice-actor(s) are still avaiable.

And they seriously ask them these questions:

How does being beamed feel?
Where would you like to beam yourself in your daily life?
What works best against lightyear jetlag?
Which advantages does a VW have compared to a starship?
Does the Vulcan neck pinch also help against muscle tensions?
Isn’t light speed a bit bone-deep (meaning tough, exhausting your bones)?

No wonder they are laughing that artificially! XD

@ 27. Corylea

Nimoy says: “faszinierend” pronunciation: fastsiˈniːrənd (fascinating)

Shatners says: “Bitte vorsichtig” (Please be careful) and in the car: “Genau wie in einem Raumschiff” (Exactly as in a spaceship)

@30. ncc-73515

No. They don’t ask them seriously. Obviously the questions are jokes.

@ 29. danielcw

No, they are not still alive. G.G. Hoffmann, Shatners german dubbing voice in “Star Trek”, died in 1997. Klaus Sonnenschein, ist 2nd voice, is still available. But obviously Shatner should sound like the young Kirk in the 1960s. That’s part of the joke.

Such a relief to see Mr. Nimoy looking and sounding so well! I got a little worried when it seemed like he wasn’t doing well a few months back.

Shatner looks good once you light him just right and slap some make-up on him!

Now, for the next movie……get him to lose 10 pounds, pull the excess skin back behind his neck, cgi the hell out of him, and you might just be able to get away with it!

22 Curious, the uniforms were conceived for a fit-looking crew of younger actors. Many of the older admirals on TNG looked really odd in some of those asymmetric form fitting uniforms. There’s no uniform we’ve seen in Trek where Shatner won’t just look silly.

I wince for many of the Trek actors [especially the guests, for whom costumes could not often be tailored]. They look paunchy and out of shape because of the materials used, often stretchy fabrics. And the older actors, my god, just, embarrassing, even in the uniforms — especially Seasons 1 and 2 of TNG! Ugh.

In Mr Shatner’s case, I agree, he definitely needs a custom look suitable for an “Admiral emeritus” [i.e., retired]; for some reason I envision a deep olive or pine green [even a burgundy or hazel brown color could look good], long tailored coat over dark trousers and mock turtleneck. Decorations or rank insignia could be worn on shoulder epaulets or at the upper ” breast.” As a retired Admiral, he need not be in uniform to direct a mission [supervising a captain] if so appointed by Starfleet.

He is looking more vital than usual lately, and he’s always been a pretty vital fellow. Perhaps in physical therapy after his recent equestrian accident he’s gotten some “youth-en-ing” benefits.
35 Mr Ballz, you gotta be kidding, keeping in mind “the camera adds 15 pounds” Mr Shatner’s going to have to lose a lot more than that.

Although … they managed to “shrink” the very big buff Chris Evans for his bit as the skinny kid from Brooklyn in Captain America 1 [before little Steve becomes “Captain America,” so maybe they can do the same for Shatner. Who knows?
Any of our German kinfolk who could translate the commercials’ questions in order? Maybe those could be posted under each commercial? [Though I got the gist of them, thanks to ncc-73515!] Germans have quite a sly sense of humor ;-)

@31 Hermann — Thank you very much!

Vielen danke!

@23 Hermann, because Nimoy was playing a 156 year old Spock in both movies.

23 Hermann, I have a feeling that was actually Nimoy’s hair in the movies. Why not? He got rather a kick out of playing Spock again after 18 years.

Trek Check 1

1. Wie fühlt sich beamen an? (How does beaming feel?)

2. Wann würden Sie sich im Alltag am liebsten beamen? (When [on which occasion] would you like to beam yourself in your daily life?)

3. Das beste Mittel gegen Lichtjahre-Jetlag? (What works best against lightyear jetlag?)

Trek Check 2

1. Welche Vorteile hat ein Volkswagen gegenüber einem Raumschiff? (Which advantages does a VW have compared to a starship?)

2. Hilft der vulkanische Griff auch bei Verspannungen? (Does the Vulcan neck pinch also help against muscle tensions?)

3. Ging die Lichtgeschwindigkeit nicht auch ein wenig auf die Knochen? (Isn’t light speed a bit bone-deep (meaning tough, exhausting your bones)?

@ 38 Mike Stein + 39. Marja

Between the original timeline in Star Trek 11 and Star Trek 6 / TNG Unification only 18 years have passed. (Half-) Vulcans don’t age that fast. Spock Prime shouldn’t look as old as in Star Trek 11+12, because Nimoy doesn’t. And it’s true: he wore a wig. Why? He looked like the drummer of the Beatles or a romulan. And you couldn’t see his typical eyebrows. It was a very bad make up and Spock really didn’t look familiar.

thx for copy-pasting from my comment, bro :p

I sat watching these videos grinning from ear to ear with tears in my eyes. I completely missed the significance of the sweater colors until I started reading the comments. Guess that officially makes me an old fool!

Thanks for posting!

Is that really the boy’s own room or at least his own collection? It sounds like it in the behind the scenes video, but I still have my doubts. It would be great though, if they really used a kid for this commercial, who is such a big Star Trek fan.

Exactly what I was asking a few posts ago,is it really Owen’s room. lol


44. Lucky kid :-)

Hermann, thanks for the translations :-)

You’re welcome, Marja :p


you noticed the number of Shatners house in the spot, did you?

Greets from germany