Leonard Nimoy: Would Be ‘Happy’ To Join Star Trek 2016 + Looking Forward To ‘Conversation’ With Bob Orci


One of the highlights of Destination Star Trek 3 held in London over the weekend, was the rare opportunity to speak with Leonard Nimoy. On Sunday the original Spock appearing via Skype to a select crowd, and it made for a very intimate talk. The Star Trek legend sang, joked and even talked about the 2016 Star Trek movie and its director Roberto Orci. More details below.

Nimoy: Would Be Happy To Join Star Trek 2016 + Offers Praise For Orci

Leonard Nimoy opened his ‘via Skype’ panel at Destination Star Trek 3 with the song ‘Maiden Wine’ from the TOS episode "Plato’s Stepchildren" (as he did last month when he appeared at SLCC – see video). Once again Nimoy was accompanied by his grandson, who is a very talented guitarist and artist. Leonard spoke of Jonah with such pride and admiration it made for a very touching opening and a personal glimpse into his home life. He then moved on to Q&A with the select audience of VIP ticket-holders.

Of course, the discussion eventually turned to the JJ Abrams series of Star Trek movies (the last two of which featured Nimoy). In reply to a question about the 2016 Trek film, currently in pre-production, Nimoy stated:

"I haven’t seen a script and nothing has been confirmed but I would happy to be involved again."

Leonard Nimoy beams in to talk to select group at Destination Star Trek London (Photo: Daniel Lewis)

While Nimoy was playing things close the vest and not adding much to William Shatner’s recent comments about how Bill and he may be appearing as Kirk and Spoke again, he did go on to talk about how impressed he was by JJ Abrams and how the director of the last two films understood the message that Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek represented. Leonard also extended the same support to Robert Orci, who will be co-writing and directing the 2016 Star Trek film. Nimoy added that he is looking forward to having a conversation Orci.

When he was asked (by @SpockVegas, who could have been Leonard Nimoy’s twin) about Zachary Quinto taking on the role of Spock. Nimoy replied as if talking of an old friend "He did a great job, I recognized a deep thought process in Quinto" saying that he didn’t give Quinto instructions on being Spock, but they discussed in detail the Human/Vulcan conflict within the character, which they both believe is central to Spock’s character."

Leonard Nimoy at Destination Star Trek London (Photo: Carole Malson)

Another highlight of Nimoy’s time at DST3 was when he was asked what was on his bucket list, and he said:

"A bucket list suggests there are a number of things in your life yet to be done, I’ve had and have a wonderful life. Star Trek has been very kind to us [referring to his family] so my bucket list is just getting up every day and just enjoying life and these wonderful days".

The veteran actor, director and artist also spoke of how he enjoyed modern technology, joking how it had previously only existed on the show, and how it allowed him to still connect with fans in ways he had never dreamed possible.

With that Nimoy said goodbye, as only he can, with “Live Long and Prosper.”

Leonard Nimoy at Destination Star Trek London (Photo: Carole Malson)


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Carole Malson is based in London and one of the two members of the Trekkie Girls podcast and blog. Follow her on twitter at @trekkiegirls.  

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He is such a class act! Live long and prosper!

This is just like the show always predicted: You talk via giant viewscreens! :D

Words can express how much I would love to see these gentlemen oncce more in Star Trek.

I just love to see a great big toothy smile on Leonard Nimoy’s face!


Thanks LN, for being one classy Vulcan.

I would very much have loved to meet Mr. Nimoy in my lifetime. :)

Hoping it all comes together…just the thought of it possiby happening has me crazy excited!! But sad to see such a tiny audience for Leonard…you would think, especially at a Trek con, it would be standing room only, and deservedly so.

@7 Jonboc: Apparently, only VIP ticket owners were allowed to attend his panel. I’m sure many others would have wanted to see him.

Classy man.

So awesome. I really hope he is involved somehow with the next one.

I really hope his role in the next Trek is important to the story like in Star Trek ’09 and NOT like STiD.

It was only for VIP. There even the press wasn’t allowed and guests ….
So don’t worry, you just do not see how it was on the Salt Lake Comic Son;)

There’s a reason why Star Trek fans don’t just love this man; we revere him.

The thing that sucks…is…I’ve never had a chance to meet any star trek actors in person. I would love to meet Nimoy and Shatner, Nichelle, oh…the list goes on.

Still a classy guy .
Don’t ever change Leonard .

Just Hope Mr Nimoy can stay healthy, as I understand it he is not too well.