Rumor: How To Get Nimoy and Shatner Into Star Trek 2016 Revealed?


There is another report on the web with possible details (and therefore possible spoilers) about how William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy could fit into the 2016 Star Trek movie. See below for more details.

Shatner and Nimoy playing future alt Kirk and Spock?

There is another report discussing the possibility of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy appearing in the 2016 Star Trek movie. William Shatner himself has often noted that one of the challenges of getting him into the JJ-verse movies is that his Kirk died in Star Trek: Generations (which itself takes place in a different timeline than the JJ movies). Today Badass Digest (source of the original report on Shatner and Nimoy’s possible role’s) has a follow-up report, citing ‘sources’ with more detail on how Nimoy and Shatner would be in the film, stating:

[Shatner’s] scene will have him meeting Chris Pine. Also in that scene: Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy…it’ll be future alt-timeline Kirk and Spock. Basically the scene will have Kirk and Spock interacting with their future selves.

If true this would be a departure for Nimoy who has played the original Spock from the "prime" universe in both of JJ Abrams previous Star Trek films. So if true, Nimoy would be playing a different role, but it would solve the problem of how to get Shatner into the movie without resurrecting Kirk Prime.

TrekMovie cannot confirm or debunk the story. But so far both Nimoy and Shatner are talking about how they are open to appearing in the movie, so as Spock likes to say "there are always…possibilities."

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Nimoy in a Goatee perhaps?

We might get to see the alternate reality version of the original movie uniform! And for Soran to not do what he’ll do, actually the Borg invasion of El-Auria has to be prevented… what a story! Imagine that… XD

Yeah, we’ve heard this joke before. Old nuKirk and Old nuSpock walk into a bar…

Well. As Kirk said in Generations. Sounds like fun!!!

Honestly this is beginning to irritate me. I wish this new casts would stand on their own instead of the old guys stealing their spotlight and thunder.

OMG that photo is 25 years old!

My predicition.

Next Trek.

Kirk fights a God.

It’s gott’a happen.

Mirror Mirror

This is not what fans want. If it’s true then please just drop it. We want a prime Kirk/Spock scene that fits within an original New Trek story. Tall order, but that’s where it’s at.


Did I miss the memo where you were deemed the spokesperson for all fans? If so then sorry, otherwise you speak for yourself and that’s it.

NOTE: I am not weighing in on the rumor, just a pet peeve of mine when anyone says they speak for the fans. Same is true for people who say they can speak for Gene Roddenberry and what he would love/hate.

Well of course they weren’t going to waste half the movie on some convoluted explanation only trekkies could follow. Just get them in there and I’ll be happy.

This makes a lot of sense. Good idea.

Yeah, back to it.

Kirk fights a God next time.

OMG, that photo is still 25 years old! Message?

Hard to believe that “V” was Trek’s mid-point.

@6 TrekmadeMeWonder – actually, the next Trek is them having to save a nuWhale. The one after that is when Kirk fights a god.

In all seriousness though, having them play future versions of Pine and Quinto’s Kirk and Spock would seem really strange. Having them be versions of the prime characters? Awesome. Versions from yet another alternate universe? Sounds good. Brought back from the Nexus? Alright, fine. But having them play the future selves of Pine and Quinto just seems to diminish the roles of all 4 actors.

Of course, it’s just a rumor, and this whole comment might be all for nothing!

14. gatetrek

I agree on ALL accounts.

Will Pine have a line like “I can see I’m going to have to watch what I eat”

Just kidding. I don’t mind them being in it at all. Old Spock is cool.

I was more excited when they anounced the Director of Photography the other day.

I am really hoping this aint an easy-to-explain story, and way heavy on the technical aspects of the science fiction and a long movie,

Why not and go for a far out with the storyline and really have this movie Trek?
It may be the last for this crew and really going for an exceptionally smart and in depth sci-fi storyline would be fantastic.

I am still very excited for this next Trek. Especially with Bob Orci calling all the shots he can.

Great news! I hope it’s true and worthy of them. With regards to that picture, is that from V or VI?

While Shatner could easily pull off playing an 80 year old Jim Kirk, Nimoy is too old to play an 80 somthing Mr. Spock.



I have a feeling Future Kirk will say Was I ever that young? but it would be funny if he said Was I ever that thin?

Well, this is not an original or even an interesting idea at all.

@18. Jason – October 6, 2014

That would be, “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”. I believe it’s when Spock sees his brother on the screen.

On topic, now this, I can get behind. They will have to do post-production on Shatner’s eyes to make them blue, or, give him contact lenses (to keep continuity with both actors), but, other than that, this, I approve. I don’t want them to mess with the Prime timeline anymore in the alternate reality movies. I want them to stand on their own and I like this idea, very much. I hope that it sticks.

“1 Kirk, 2 Spocks.”


Seriously? If they are going to use Prime Kirk & Spock in the story…then it needs to be in a mind-meld retro-memory thing or a recording log of some sorts…..not meeting in person to have a conversation and a cup of tea.

Bringing in an alternate- alternate timeline intervention is getting desperate to ensure fans (old & new) are satisfied with seeing the original crew in some fashion. If this is the case…then are we dealing with a Mirror-Mirror-like story line??? Not really original as promised IMO.

i’d rather it be the prime-versions

If JJ-Kirk and JJ-Spock make it to old age, then they can walk right up to everything from a Klingon to a Space Amoebae and laugh in its face. No fear of death in their youth.

Add that to the list:
–magic Khan blood
–magic transporter in a briefcase
–bulletproof in their youth

JJtrek3 “The Search for Old Kirk.”

More bulls**t from Badass, I see.

Believe what you want, I suppose.

Everyone loves Shatner and Nimoy. how could we not? That doesn’t change the fact that this is probably a horrible idea that may make me forget how strongly I disliked into darkness…

If this is true, it’s an awesome idea!

And for those of you saying that Shatner must play Kirk Prime, I think that’s really silly. We don’t need to see the Nexus in another movie.

And for those of you wishing for some way for Kirk Prime to be brought back to life and given another chance….well, that wouldn’t be PRIME Kirk either. For all of you who want Kirk to have another crack at life… And another chance to avoid the stupid death he had…. Well… He has that chance.

Pine’s Kirk is the same being as Shatner’s Kirk, but he has lived through different experiences and now we have every reason to believe Kirk won’t ever even get sucked into the Nexus. He has been brought back to life! enjoy it!

There is no need to resurrect Shatner’s Kirk yet again. JJ’s first movie covers that. Shatner is the older Kirk. Alive.

I’d prefer to see Kirk + Spock Prime, but this could work too…Any chance of seeing Shatner + Nimoy back in action is a good thing + I think a die hard fan like Bob Orci might be the right guy to pull it off.

#8 presumed too much and wrote “This is not what fans want.”

Actually, a lot of fans would welcome this. You don’t speak for the fans.

“Of seeing Pine playing the role he originated, Shatner said:

“It was like seeing your mortality. Here comes a young, handsome and talented guy playing what I was playing years ago. It makes you realize time is passing – if I needed reminding, which I don’t.””


And after this scene in Star Trek 3, I can hear Chris Pine saying:

“Oh man that was a nightmare!”


So it seems that it is OK for Nimoy to play someone other than prime Spock but not for William Shatner to play someone other than prime Kirk. Okaaay?

More convoluted stuff. This is the alternate universe’s characters’ time, ie the characters played by Pine and Quinto. It does feel as if these older actors (and the fans who press for their appearance) want to keep basking in the glory of their characters beyond their time, while the younger actors, whose time has come, have to step aside. Something is not right here.

I wonder how Nimoy and Shatner would have felt if the situation was reversed.

Nimoy can play prime Spock in these BR films because Vulcans can live twice as long as a healthy human being who could then live longer than they do now – ref Dr McCoy appearing in TNG as a 130 year old man.

Herein lies the other difficulty. Even if prime Kirk did not die on Veridian 111, he no doubt would have died of normal old age before prime Spock tried to stop the supernova from destroying Romulus and all that followed. Nobody doubts that Chekov, Sulu, Uhura (who were younger than prime Kirk) would be dead by this time, even if they had lived to a very ripe old age. Scotty was the exception as he was held in a transporter *lock*? (is that the right word?) and found by Picard’s Enterprise. Frankly, I doubt he would have lived that much longer.

William Shatner can easily play a Kirk, just not prime James T Kirk. Get over it. Move on and make the best of this silver lining and there is one here…

Simply have a Nexus crossover! The Nexus can cross time and space. Have new Kirk and old Kirk meet in a unique situation where old Kirk must save the life of New Kirk, with the help of the Spocks of course.

Wait, am I reading this right? There’s going to be 3 Spocks and 2 Kirks in the next flick rumor?


This could be good, though I hoped for Prime Kirk. Don’t understand why Generations should be a barrier. Soran’s messing with time always struck me as another Edith Keeler scenario — he messed with the timeline. Kirk should never have died. There have been so many changes in the reboot — Khan’s appearance, the Kelvin’s appearance — that are non canon. And we don’t even know how the Nexus works anyway. Also, I think the remaining TOS crew would have tracked down (and corrected?) what happened to Kirk. But, if this is what they do, I have to wait and see.

I trust Bob Orci to make it happen and make it awesome. Nuff said.

If that’s the case…does that mean we’ll have nuSpock, old nuSpock, and prime Spock sharing a scene together?

I totally trust Bob and think this will be awesome. Remember it is going to be a integral part of the plot. For those who want to undo Generations it could still happen. Perhaps Bob will have something in Prime Spock dialogue that will establish that Prime Kirk survived. Maybe after the main scene with all of them , then rework the hologram scene and have Shatner thank Spock for the rescue on Veridian 3 and close with all the great dialogue from that scene. just grat if they are back and have all these possibilities

I’m only speaking for myself, but if that’s the plan, skip the whole thing.

If it ain’t Kirk Prime, it ain’t worth the trouble!

Here’s a better sound bite………

If it ain’t Kirk Prime, don’t waste your time!

Prime Kirk & Prime Spock should be in the film.

I believe the Nexus is not a barrier anymore!

No way…I guessed it a couple of days ago? If that’s true I’d better play the lottery cause I never guess these things right. Only time will tell. But for me, it sounds like the best solution and could be a whole lot of fun.

I still agree with that, Harry.

Make this one d e e p.

I want more wonder!

i think this would be a good way to handle it. Kirk wasn’t killed in the new timeline. Simple enough.

On one hand, I felt that Star Trek Into Darkness demonstrated that Star Trek being too much about homages to itself is not a good thing — the John Harrison half of the movie worked better than the Khan half for me.

On the other hand, if there’s an opportunity to have Shatner and Nimoy play Kirk and Spock together for the first time in nearly a quarter century, well, there won’t be unlimited opportunities. If it means the current movie cast is denied another chance to completely own their own Star Trek free of past Stars and past Treks, it’s okay because they won’t be too old to do another one after this.

I haven’t tracked down Spock Prime’s age… Could nuKirk Shatner be at Spock Prime’s deathbed with QuintoSpock killed years before? nuKirk could lament not being able to save either nuSpock or Spock Prime… Prime could say that in the other timeline, Kirk Prime saved him… And after 80-year-old nuKirk pleads with Spock Prime, he throws temporal caution to the wind and explains to 80-year-old nuKirk how, thru some plot device or Data’s severed head-type scenario, young nuKirk could save young nuSpock.

Put it in the context of a new story, planet, aliens, Klingons, etc. and it might come close to an homage that feels original.

It also avoids multiple ages of QuintoSpock and ensuing confusion.

And Nimoy could have an AWESOME death scene, closing the Prime Era.

My two cents…

If this is true, it’s weak.

Honestly, if it’s not Kirk Prime, I don’t care that much. I welcome the chance for Shatner to be there, but ultimately, it went from exciting to indifferent if true.

I hope that’s not it. Just took the wind out of my sails.

If it’s not an important plot point in the movie and a cameo sort of thing, then it’s really just a bit of stunt casting and fan service, isn’t it? Hopefully they can be a little more creative than this, which to me sounds like a Futurama episode or Simpsons Halloween special.