The Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 6 – Will Ensign Williams Become One Of “Mudd’s Women?”


Harry Mudd is causing all sorts of chaos on board the USS Enterprise which is making life hard for Ensign Williams recording her latest diary. Catch the latest The Red Shirt Diaries episode, set during the events of the Star Trek episode "Mudd’s Women."

Red Shirt Diaries Episode 6: "Mudd’s Women"

Each episode of The Red Shirt Diaries gives a behind the scenes look through the personal video log of security officer "Ensign Williams" on the USS Enterprise during the original Star Trek series. This week’s webisode is set during the TOS episode "Mudd’s Women."

Harry Mudd was voiced by The Red Shirt Diareis director/producer/writer Jason Inman .

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Ensign Williams says “lithium”. Shouldn’t it be dilithium?

oooops, according to Memory Alpha, they did say “lithium” back in the days of “Mudd’s Women”.

My bad.

Guess that was the joke.

No wonder the Enterprise wouldn’t work running on lithium.

You’d think that with such a roomy spaceship that they would be able to store a couple cases of spare dilithium crystals. Or Uhura could simply order some from Amazon.Space – with free amazonPrime 2-day drone delivery!

That was the best one yet. Oh and Harry. You almost lost your trek geek card. Lol.


Emperor Mike, what would I do if I lost my trek geek card??!!

There must be a support group out there for people in that category.

Ex-Trek Anonymous?

Funny as always, though that was a pretty bad Harry Mudd impression. I don’t know what accent he was doing, but it certainly wasn’t Mudd’s.

And those complaining about the mention of “lithium crystals”: You have some boning-up on Trek history to do!

# 6. Harry Ballz – October 6, 2014

” @5

Emperor Mike, what would I do if I lost my trek geek card??!!” — Harry Ballz

I’ve been waiting for you to redeem your lost card by asking “Mudd? Wasn’t Mudd originally trying to pass himself off as Leo Walsh?”

Well, if your lithium crystals fail, you can use your lithium batteries. If they fail, you’re screwed… and might need to take some lithium.

BTW — The Harry Mudd voice keeps verging into Bela Lugosi.

That’s Leo *T.* Walsh to you, buddy!