See William Shatner Renovate Home Star Trek Bought On DIY’s “Shatner Project” [UPDATED w/ VIDEO]


There is one place we can confirm you will be seeing William Shatner on screen and that is the DIY Network. Bill and his wife Elizabeth star in "The Shatner Project," a new series premiering on the DIY network later this month which will chronicle the renovation of the home Shatner purchased after his original run on the Star Trek TV series. [UPDATED with video preview]

‘The Shatner Project’ Coming To DIY

On October 23rd the DIY Channel premiers “The Shatner Project,” a new series that will follow William Shatner and his wife Elizabeth as the rennovate the home he has owned since the 70s. You can catch a preview of the show below

press release


New York [For Immediate Release—October 8, 2014] Space—television icon William Shatner knows all about it, but not how to renovate it. In DIY Network’s newest celebrity home renovation series, The Shatner Project, premiering on Thursday, October 23, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Shatner stars in a new leading role: project manager of his own home remodel. The six-episode series chronicles William and his wife Elizabeth as they boldly transform their time-warped house into a shining star.

“I bought this house when I finished Star Trek. I jogged by it every day and thought it was beautiful,” said Shatner. “One hundred years ago, the original home was a one-room hunting lodge. Over the decades, it was expanded into a family home and then I bought it in the 1970s.”

The premiere episode features the Shatners, with the help of a designer and a construction crew, as they gut the kitchen for a complete remodel. After the removal of the old, creaky appliances and a “hateful” ice machine, William and Elizabeth get in on the action by wielding sledgehammers to help demolish the old cabinets, countertops and tile backsplashes. The new kitchen—much to William’s disbelief—features multiple ovens and refrigerators.

“The reason I want more appliances is because we entertain a lot,” said Elizabeth. “We often have upward of 30 people here at a time, and because I do all of the cooking, Bill isn’t exactly understanding this request.”

During the series, produced by Scott Sternberg Productions, the couple renovates their 1970s-style California home, including the front patio area in order to create the perfect place for big family parties, as well as remodel Shatner’s favorite hangout spot, the media room.

William Shatner and his wife Elizabeth in publicity photo for DIY’s "The Shatner Project" 


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There’s no way that guy looks 83.5 years old.

I’m surprised, after pulling in the big bucks for ST III and IV, that he stayed in the same house.

Very cool. I’m in for this.

Im not sure thats his only home. I saw him on another show (was it Pickers?) and he had a large home on a large property. It looked very nice. Cant be the same home….??

Also doesnt he have a ranch?

Please come to New Zealand and do our house now,,


He’s the greatest! Good for you too, Mrs. Shatner!

It was partly Shatner’s amazing energy that made Kirk so compelling; it’s wonderful to see that he’s still phenomenally energetic at the age of 83!

They look happy. So nice to see.
Now, get that man a part in the next movie! And his pal, Lenny, too!

Must see TV!! I look forward to this DIY series :-)

The home showed on the Pickers episode is in Kentucky. From what I’ve read he has horses there and in Los Angeles.

Wow, that look on his face in the photo with his wife is the Ol’ Charmer Kirk look! I love it. You see it a lot in TOS season 1, when he’s charming Lenore Karidian and Areel Shaw, Et. Al.

I’m glad to know Mrs S. actually plans to use the kitchen they’re installing. Amazingly, many people with wonderful kitchens eat out more than they eat in! Hmmm … I wonder if she might just be too good a cook for Mr S. to resist second helpings …?

I think Mr Shatner’s ranch is in/near Santa Barbara, CA, but it wouldn’t surprise me to know he might have other homes too.


It is called plastic surgery – good plastic surgery – but plastic surgery non the less.

That and the side effect of warp speed.

Surprise Captain Kirk gets the beautiful girl again. Congrats Bill show looks interesting.

Shatner has a daily exercise routine and maybe there’s something to his genetics too. Long live the Shat. I too will try to watch this.

@13: Andy, I assumed your link above was: instead of ;^)

Interesting, I like both your “Assignment Earth” theme songs but prefer #1. Theme one seems more sixties to me and theme two more seventies. Very talented and very well done. LLAP

Something tells me Shat has some cocoons sitting in the bottom of his swimming pool…

I’ll have to be sure to catch this one. Looks like fun.

#3 – That was indeed a Pickers episode. I never miss that show!
Be sure to watch the episode later this season filmed here in the great State of Maine!

Big Fix Construction did a great job on this house, wow! :o) perfect.

People will watch William Shatner do anything.. :) What an amazing guy

Shatner seemingly has never stopped working but there was famously “that period” after Star Trek TOS and his first divorce, when money was so tight that he was living in a camper. Is this the “home Star Trek bought” or was it an early reward of financial recovery from all the work he did in those early post-Trek years? He has 7 IMDB credits in the year 1970 alone!

I want BigFix construction to do my house!!!

I watch this show and want to know the name of the fabric covering the wing back chair Mr. Shatner is sitting in. I have 2 wingbacks that I want to recover. Great show!!! Love HGTV!!!!!
PS—use to show three and five gaited saddlebreds.