Star Trek Jewelry Debuts + New Worf Figure + More Trek Merch From NYCC


The merchandise floor at New York Comic Con featured lots of things to see for Trek fans, including the debut of the RockLove line of Trek jewelry and the first look at Diamond Select’s Worf figure and more. Check out the pictures and details below.

Diamond Select

DST was showing off a brand new 7" Worf action figure. Due in Winter 2015, the figure comes with a number of accessories, even interchangeable hair. The figure will retail for $24.95 (not available for pre-order yet).


nycc-dst-05  nycc-dst-03 nycc-dst-02

DST is also showing off their USS Enterprise-A vehicle toy which is being re-issued this fall. It features new detailing and a new sound chip. [You can pre-order this item at Entertainment Earth for $59.99]


nycc-dst-16   nycc-dst-13 nycc-dst-12 

nycc-dst-10  nycc-dst-08  nycc-dst-06

Another item from DST due in stores this fall is their Star Trek III phaser (with lights and sounds). [You can pre-order for $34.99]


Rock Love Jewelry

Rock Love Jewelry debuted their line of men’s and women’s jewelry at NYCC. RockLove beginning their offering with a number of sterling silver rings and necklaces ranging in price from $55 – $150.


A standout item was their USS Enterprise ‘dock ring’ which splits into two rings. [you can pre-order at official store for $144.95]


nycc-rock-08 nycc-rock-07

They also have a silver "Mission" band [pre-order $89.95]


And a set of ‘stacker’ rings sold individually and as a set for $149.95.


For necklaces, they were showing off a sterling silver phaser necklace in various sizes and a Klingon medalion available in regular finish and ‘antiqued’. You can pre-order some of these now at the official Star Trek store


nycc-rock-06 nycc-rock-02

Quantum Mechanix

Once again QMx was showing off their 3-foot long Artisan Replica USS Reliant. The beautiful model is now available for purchase and can be yours for a mere $9,995.00.


   nycc-qmx-05 nycc-qmx-10 nycc-qmx-09

 nycc-qmx-03 nycc-qmx-02 nycc-qmx-01


NECA Games were showing off some of their upcoming offerings from their Attack Wing line, including the big Deep Space Nine and Borg Cube (coming out in November and December respectively).





IDW had a special "aschan" preview (first 5 pages) edition of their upcoming Star Trek/Planet of the Apes (due in December).


Star Trek Store

And for the Trekkies who needed a Star Trek throwpillow, Commander rank and color briefs or other fun bits of Star Trek branded merch, the official Star Trek Store had their own booth at the con.


 nycc-ststorestylin-02 nycc-ststorestylin-01

Running Press

One item I actually bought was from book publishers Running Press who were showing off their small-scale light-up Starship Enterprise, a fun little item perfect for adorning your desk. The plastic model also comes with a 31-page booklet about the history of the Star Trek USS Enterprise. You can pick it up at Amazon for $11.66.


 nycc-runningpress-01 nycc-runningpress-06   nycc-runningpress-03  

That’s it for our NYCC coverage. If you missed it, check out video from the Star Trek TNG reunion.


Adam Cohen is a member of, a toy collecting podcast, who also writes obsessively about Star Trek and his cat on his Twitter feed @TheJackSack

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Beautiful items. I have a Trek objet d’art on my desk as I write. It’s something of which to be proud.

I want these ships!!!!
I want them in stores so I can lust after them and finally save up (or beg AdmrR for one for Christmas.)

Please don’t call me a traiter, but I would like a clear pic of The Robot standing behind Worf.

LoL. I’m right there with ya, CmdrR. Worf, Scmorf, my eyes went straight to the robot from Lost in Space!

Always loved that robot, along with Robby from Forbidden Planet.

I’ve never heard of those NECA ships before

Worf with interchangeable hair is kinda funny

been waiting for the diamond select Ent-A to be reissued for a long time

Agreed on the LIS robot. I want to know more about that!

I’m waiting patiently for the Trek III phaser, but I’ve heard they pushed the ship date back to January.

The face sculpt of Worf is terrible.

It’s like they recast the role. The previous Picard was bad, too.

What happened DST?

2. CmdrR – October 12, 2014 and 3. Jonboc – October 12, 2014

Nice pics of that B9 Model here:

7- Omegaman — THANKS!

I have seen a bunch of kits, but they usually get something wrong. This looks incredibly faithful to Season One (the chest plate is gray rather than black.)
So, I’ll just admit it… before I wanted a working phaser, I wanted a working Robot to pal around with.

8. CmdrR – October 12, 2014

Have the model (still in the box for assembly). It is well crafted… and big.

I wish modelers would lay off the section plating on the Big-E’s primary hull. I don’t care whether GR drew the lines on the 11 foot model himself (one story I’ve read) or what. You NEVER saw those lines during the run of the original series. I always pictured the vehicles of 60’s genre as being somewhat magical. The Jupiter 2, Spindrift, and Seaview each had a unibody hull. The Batmobile could do all sorts of stuff (except, apparently, come to a hard stop without jolting its passengers into the windshield bubbles — seriously, the suspension on a ’55 Lincoln Futura was crap), etc. As for the Big-E, her hull was pure and solid, pearlescent and lovely. I half-figured the engineers built the ship, then cast the hull overall at the finish. The high-budget movies were fine with the sectioning and aztecing, but, not TOS. THAT ship is a dream; functionality be damned. I want that dream.

I wish the “OFFICIAL Star Trek Store” would come to the big VEGAS Con …… 2015

Some of that merchandise looks very cool!

thanks Omegan! the model looks great, I just ordered it! Lol

I found the new toy being advertised here:

… it looks good, and will have sounds and lights…but it looks like it won’t hit store shelves anytime soon with a slated winter 2015 release. Still, it’s good to know it’s coming!

I agree with you #10 CmdR, Before the TOS movies I always thought of the Enterprise as having a seamless hull created with futuristic technology.

Very beautiful models, I hope to someday be able to purchase at least one of them.

Hee! At least the plating doesn’t have rivets …

As for the jewelry, I’d sure like to see what the stacking rings say. Looks like it might be part of the Mission Statement, “to boldly go … to …”

Budget will probably not allow for any ring purchases anyway, but it’s fun to dream.

I”ll definitely have to get one of those B-9 robots whenever they finally come out. If they’re shooting for “winter 2015”, we’ll maybe see it towards summer of 2016! ;-) Still, super cool.

I can’t imagine wearing a PHASER around my neck — who thought THAT up?

Maybe a tricorder … maybe.

The Enterprise ring is going to catch on EVERYTHING,,,,

Off topic but wait:

Just saw Enders Game for very first time and notice Roberto Orci’s name…
So ST 13 (3) can be awesome after all…

This kind of leads into the other news article here about how Star Trek could be treated like Marvel by Paramount and CBS but why is it that Star Trek merchandise is so piecemeal? Granted you’re going to have a huge number of licenses producing merchandise and that’s great but, where toys are concerned; Why is it that Diamond Select Toys only has a licence to do toys based upon the prime universe and not EVERYTHING? Why is it that merchandise for the current run of movies is practically non existent? Why not either give Diamond Select a licence that covers ALL of the Star Trek franchise? Even better, why is it that DST has a licence in the first place? A figure and a ship and a phaser is a pitiful display of product for a franchise spanning 50 years. This article just goes hand in hand with the article about how CBS and Paramount are miss handling this franchise. As for DST, it’s time for them to give it up. This selection isn’t good enough and I think they’ve shown time and time again that they are just not set up with the resources to do justice to Star Trek (just as CBS and Paramount aren’t set up to do justice to the franchise itself). MY PLAN: – Sell the franchise to JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Production Company for around the $3bn mark. – JJ Abrams would then hopefully create a Star Trek department and put together a team to run the Star Trek franchise and appoint a Kevin Feige type overseer. Someone who’s a huge huge Star Trek fan and intimately knowledgeable about Star Trek yet not someone who would prefer to be on the front lines making movies and TV shows. – In a deal not to dissimilar to the one Marvel had with Paramount before they were bought by Disney. Do a deal with Paramount Pictures to distribute future Star Trek feature films. – Immediate development and pre-production would begin on an animated TV series focusing on Captain Kirk et al onboard the current USS Enterprise. Voiced by the current actors in those roles, This would ultimately be an animated version of the Ongoing comic book series which would continue also. Aired on the Paramount/Viacom owned Nickelodeon. – Development would begin on a new, flagship live-action TV show. A Game of Thrones style epic creating NEW heroes for fans to admire and new Villains for fans to love to hate. – Development would also begin on 3 more TV shows. A show based around the Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire and Starfleet Academy. Each of these shows would be stand alone however link to each other as well as movies and the flagship show. More Star Trek shows would be put into production revolving around Red Squadron and other specific aspects of the Star Trek universe. Spin-off movies would also be considered. – Established characters such as Kirk, Khan, Spock, Picard, Data, The Borg, Worf et al would continue to play a role in the Star Trek universe but new characters would be established and created. – The current movies would also continue simultaneously with or without the current cast that make up the crew on the current USS Enterprise. – ALL productions would be developed and produced with the highest of production values and state of the art special effects and CGI as Bad Robot has shown with their first 2 Star Trek movies. – Merchandising for Star Trek would be streamlined. Playmates would become the one and only master toy maker for an EXTENSIVE line of Star Trek toys. A line that begins where their original 90’s line ended with ships, playsets, role-play and action figures all in the same scale as the 90’s line albeit using modern manufacturing and materials. A collectors range very similar to Hasbro’s Black Series focusing on the entire Star Trek universe of characters would also be released. – New deals would be broached with popular and trendy clothing brands such as Nike or Adidas. – Diamond Select Toys line would draw to a close and be no longer associated with Star Trek. – QMx would continue to produce high-end replicas based upon the entire Star Trek franchise. – LEGO would be introduced into the world of Star Trek with a lengthy and expansive selection of sets based upon future, current and classic Star Trek productions. – As for TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. These shows will be removed from re-runs. DS9, VOY and the 10 movies would be given the Blu-ray treatment TOS and TNG were given with the movies being completely remastered with new sound mixes and special effects where needed. Directors Cuts would also feature as would entirely NEW featurette’s – Console and RPG games… Read more »

I LOVE the Running Press with their small-scale light-up Starship Enterprise

I have some of the Doctor Who items by them already.

I can just imagine the problems that Enterprise ring is going to cause…not to mention the scratches.

# 20. Kirk, James T. – October 13, 2014

” Why not either give Diamond Select a licence that covers ALL of the Star Trek franchise?

– Sell the franchise to JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Production Company for around the $3bn mark.” — Kirk, James T.

JJ’s Bad Robot and Paramount can’t even get a STAR TREK movie made without introducing a 3rd financial partner and yet, in quite a mystery to me, people expect Bad Robot to come up with $3bn to BUY STAR TREK outright?

As for the lack of Bad Robot’s Trek merchandise licensing, I’m afraid you are going to have to thank JJ for that as he in a pique during STID said to Paramount “If you can’t do merchandising as I dictate then I’m going to take my bat and ball and leave.”

Hmmmm… might have to get the ST3 Phaser =)

the little light-up Enterprise looks good too! =)

Reliant looks great except for the decals. For $10,000 the could have used decals that are not clear stickers. You can see the outline and color difference under the decals.

Running Press do excellent little items,I have a bunch of their stuff.

B9 looks exactly the same as the one Trendmasters did a few years back. I have that one and it’s really good,with sound and light. They made a bigger one as well,remote controlled. Fun stuff!


We’ve come a long way since 1973!

That Worf action figure is ratchet. It’s barely articulated, and it doesn’t really look like Michael Dorn. (I mean, Michael Dorn in Worf make-up, I know it wouldn’t really look like Michael Dorn since the real Michael Dorn doesn’t have a turtle shell-forehead.) Michael Dorn.

Anyway, I do like that Klingon symbol necklace.

“JJ’s Bad Robot and Paramount can’t even get a STAR TREK movie made without introducing a 3rd financial partner and yet, in quite a mystery to me, people expect Bad Robot to come up with $3bn to BUY STAR TREK outright?”

It’s an idea and just because Bad Robot works with Par Pic and Skydance to produce Star Trek doesn’t necessarily mean they couldn’t do it on their own.

I’d imagine that Bad Robot could continue to develop Star Trek with production partners anyway but by having outright control over the franchise then they’d be able to make back that $3bn within 5 years.

It’s a risk sure, however Star Trek is still a viable franchise that if managed well could make whoever owns it, billions of dollars.

“As for the lack of Bad Robot’s Trek merchandise licensing, I’m afraid you are going to have to thank JJ for that as he in a pique during STID said to Paramount “If you can’t do merchandising as I dictate then I’m going to take my bat and ball and leave.”

No I’m not going to have to thank JJ Abrams for screwing up the merchandise. I’ll thank CBS for doing that, they own the rights to Star Trek and in a move that confounded Abrams, CBS decided not to endorse his idea of creating a multi-platformed franchise… An idea now being employed to Star Wars… No, I’m afraid the reason Star Trek has been developed piecemeal is down to CBS’s reluctancy to develop it beyond what has already been made. They are holding this franchise back because of a lack of confidence in the brand.

It’s CBS who’s awful management of Star Trek that we should be blaming and Paramount’s for not having the balls to slap CBS up a bit.

Wow, are those DS9 and Borg cube models really as large as they look like?? I guess the intention is to entice people to buy them along with the smaller ship models in order to create their own “Busy Day at DS9” or “Battle at Wolf 359” dioramas?

Am I the only one who thinks the Worf statue looks like it’s dancing? I mean, can’t you just imagine him slowly swaying from side to side?

@20: Kirk, James T: Let me as you a personal question if I may…. When you were saying that DST is going to close or ” Stop all involvement with Star Trek “… Did you think of that while sitting on the TOLIET??… Really?!?!?!

…well, you made me do it! =D

i ordered the Star Trek: Light-Up Starship Enterprise (on ebay) ;-) stuff, indeed! =)


Diamond Select Toys are an awful company with even worse quality control. They are so hit and miss with their product and in all honesty they aren’t big enough to cope with a franchise as big as Star Trek. There needs to be a complete reworking of who has a Star Trek licence and as far as toys go it should be with playmates, who in the 90’s gave us an amazing array of toys.

If CBS really want to go for a specialist toy company then go for NECA who do some stunning work as exampled here with their DS9 and Borg Cube.


I own quite a few DST pieces, and IMHO they are the best available with good VALUE, and good conceptual / artistic choices…

i think my first was the white-handled phaser, then the 40th anniversary 1701…

would love to be able to afford some of the latest figure sets, like Spock / Horta, Romulan Kirk, etc… great “toys”! =D

Ah, always new Star Trek stuff to buy.

I love the Eagle Moss models BTW…