Watch First Season Of Cracked’s Star Trek Satire ‘Starship Icarus’


The folks at the Cracked Studios have a brand new comedy webseries which is inspired by Star Trek, taking you to life below decks on "Starship Icarus." The show launched last week and all four episodes of the first season are now online. Watch them below.

Watch Season 1 of Starship Icarus

Mash together The Office, Red Dwarf and Star Trek and you get Starship Icarus, the new webseries from Cracked Studios. Each episode starts off with the Trek-ish logline:

In the distant future, the Starship Icarus is dispatched to seek out strange new life … and ADVENTURE! This is the story of the low-level support crew who maintain it.

The show deals with "the ragtag IT department of a Federation-class starship” as they “struggle with their daily duties and the unfathomable unknowability of deep space." Show creator (and star) Michael Swaim tells TrekMovie that Icarus is "more satire than parody" of Star Trek and other sci-fi. However, he also notes "the entire feel borrows most heavily from TNG than any other source, and there IS a race of evil hive-minded cyborgs who make an appearance."

The first episode went online last week and the fourth (and final episode for the first season) just went online. Watch all four below.

Episode 1. The Ridiculous Reality of Life in Space

Episode 2. The Fatal Flaw in the Star Trek Universe

Episode 3. Why Star Trek Technology Would Destroy Us

Episode 4. Why Work Will Still Suck in Space

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Good stuff!

This is probably the best of these series that Cracked has done so far, although the Harry Potter one was also funny. Still, am I the only one who, as a Star Trek fan, was irrationally annoyed when they used the replicator to create living life forms?

Hey. That was not bad!

That IT Guy, Coney, is an instant star!

Hey, if it has a central theme, it MUST be good.

Okay, I just watched all the segments. It’s pretty funny. Let’s not be picky.

Doing this kind of stuff is hard.

Meh. I don’t think I laughed once; at least they’re putting in a bit more effort than that one where the Jewish girl in the redshirt talks to her webcam.

@2 Isn’t replicator essentially a transporter? Any limits on creating living life forms would probably be more legal than technical.

@2. Hey, several people have thrown that out as a means to resurrect Kirk in the next movie…so between Genesis devices, the Nexus, and the transporter no one ever has to die in Trek again.

I stopped three minutes into episode one.

@8. Phil: “so between Genesis devices, the Nexus, and the transporter no one ever has to die in Trek again.”

You left out Khan’s magic blood.

4 Phil, LOL !!!

Kinda like Red Dwarf, without the Scouse humour, the Kat or Kyrton.

One of the better webisodes of anything I’ve seen on the net.

7- Phlox definitely explained that it was impossible to replicate a living lifeform, in that episode where that creepy space station replicated a dead copy of Travis. I’m sure its been brought up in some of the other spinoffs to, at least to explain why they can’t replicate live gagh. Anyway, this isn’t the Star Trek Universe, so Cracked can come up with their own rules.

“It was a little joke.”

“Very little, Ensign.”

Wow, harsh crowd. I loved it, and look forward to future installments.