Watch Trailer For Star Trek: Horizon – Fan Film Set In Enterprise Era Romulan War


A Star Trek new fan film has released its first full trailer. "Star Trek Horizon" takes us to Star Trek: Enterprise’s the 22nd century and the Romulan War. Watch the trailer and learn more about the show below.

Watch Trailer For Star Trek Horizon

Most fan films have focused on the original series era in the 23rd century, with a few dabbling in the 24th century TNG era, but the upcoming "Star Trek: Horizon" film goes back to Star Trek: Enterprise’s 22nd century. Featuring a new crew of characters and set on board the NX-04 Discovery, the film explore the Romulan War (something Enterprise never got the chance to do).  Here is official synopsis:

The Coalition of Planets, a young alliance of worlds led by Earth, is at war with the Romulan Empire. Desperate for a chance to gain the upper hand in the war, the Coalition forms an alliance with T’mar, a Romulan deserter, in the hopes that she can provide valuable intelligence on her former master

Here is the brand new trailer.

For more, you can watch the first six minutes of Horizon.

Horizon is the brain-child of Tommy Kraft, who wrote, directed and is producing the film (but in a change from other fan films, didn’t cast himself as the star). It was shot primarily with green screen and virtual sets in a studio in Detroit with a cast of local actors. Filming began last year, but in April of this year the Horizon team turned to Kickstarter to help fund the final production and post-production (they successfully raised $22,000 from a goal of $10,000).

Behind the scenes on Star Trek Horizon

The trailer promises the movie (which will be around 2 hours in length) will be out by Winter. 

To find out more about Horizon, visit the official site or Facebook Page.

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Wow.. just… Wow!
I am looking forward to this

Whoa, these fan films have stepped up their game! Looking forward to the rest of it.

Best fan film ever…at least in graphics..

Winter? Winter of, what, 2014, 2015, 2016? Bit vague, wouldn’t you say?

Looks good! I’m seriously slacking on these fan-made productions. That’s the great thing about Trek – there are so many things to enjoy. Don’t like the new movies? You’ve got a host of old episodes, plus fan productions, plus books, etc.


Super impressed by the visuals. Acting and dialogue, however… not so much. Empathetic characters drive a story. Too many ST fan series forget that.

Ok. I am seriously impressed. I so can’t wait for this. Wtg

LOOKS really friggin good. SOUNDS as though they used a shoebox for a sound stage… sadly.

Nice use of green screen.
The make-up seems a little off. Are those scars or gils? Also, the pacing is slow. It’s hard to tell from just this scene, but it seemed long, like it could have been intercut with a space battle. (I know — budget, budget, budget.)

Overall, it looks entertaining. I’d like to see more. I wish you success!

It’ll be curious to see how they include a Romulan deserter and be consistent with canon that most of the Federation had not seen a Romulan until Captain Kirk in Balance of Terror.

The Romulan War novels were careful to stay consistent with that. Only a very few characters knew the Romulan’s true nature, including members of Section 31 (and decided it was better to withhold that info since the Vulcans were very important to the Coalition).

What Damian said ^^^

But, given the changes to the timeline by JJ’s stuff (Romulan survivors made it to earth during Roman times, as found in archaeological references in the lead up to the release of Star Trek), maybe the timeline was further polluted.

Great looking fan fic. Can’t wait.

When enterprise got cancelled after ‘demons’ and ‘terra prime’ being the season 4 finale, forget ‘these are the voyages’ they should have had a 3 part final episode, = 100 episodes. just skip forward 3 years later and have the Romulan war. plus the crew can play “remember when we did….so and so last year……” like a mini clip show of unseen voyages.

That’s how enterprise should have ended

The sets and visual effects look great, but the acting seems a little iffy, some of the lines in the trailer are pretty campy sounding.

Fantastic! Production values spot on!

inb4 : guna be beta than in2 darknzz lolzzzz

The first episode of Star Trek Continues was pretty good – I still haven’t watched Episodes 2 & 3 yet. And Chris Doohan follows me on Twitter :D

Looks good ,however as someone else said the acting as always in these fan films are just not up to what were accustom too, However that said ,at least they are trying to avoid where hollywood always goes ,Kirk and Spock.

This fan film however shows you Star Trek can be more then its been. They are not playing it safe,as Hollywood does time after time. We need something new and fresh with Star Trek and this is it, I support it

Look visually spectacular. However, the problem with Trek in recent memory is that the military lingo has faded from it, I feel a military advisor should be consulted to help make the naval dialogue believable.

I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this though.

Love the warp speed effect….definately different.

green screen work looks great, working that depth of field nicely! Not sure the technique won’t wear out its welcome after the first hour, but I’ll be onboard to check it out. looking forward to this.

I’ve never thought too much of most fan films, but this one looks… WOW. It looks amazing.

I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on the guy playing the captain, but all-in-all, it looks really good.

Just amazing. CBS needs to pick up these fan productions and put them on it’s new website as new content.

Not being critical, but did anyone else think “Babylon 5” watching that?

24. Yes I did.

#24: I never saw Babble On 5, but I am experiencing deja vu: another ultimate weapon heading towards Earth? Another implausible, causality loop-causing “temporal war”? Graphically and even in terms of acting, this ain’t bad looking, but PLEASE give us a new plot!

WOW! Really great… It’s nice to finally see an ENT follow-up of some sort, not just TOS-related fanstuff… This reminds me of how much I miss ENT…

Sound really interesting!
There have been (pre- and post-ENT) a number of fan-attempts to tell the story of the Romulan War, but the idea to tie in the Iconians is new, at least to my knowledge. I am looking forward to this!!

Wow, more war in Star Trek…

Where did the score for this come from? Who did the effects? Never heard about this to seeing this now. Fantastic job ! Who needs JJ’s $150million dollar overblown re-puke ! This trailer rocked !

I like how they are involving the Iconian Empire (noted in TNG’s Season One) as the backstory here; it looks as though the writer(s) have done the homework to get it right. One can hope; this does indeed look VERY promising. ‘Too bad Manny Coto and Company can’t do another Season of ENTERPRISE to fill in the gaps. This will do nicely, I think.

If the Romulan defector passes herself off as a Vulcan (with notable, potential plot threads involving certain doctors and other Section 31 operatives, for instance), she may be accepted as a Vulcan. As for the ‘Trek time line, there are repeated lines of dialogue in “These Are The Voyages” (TATV) in which the characters continually state they have been in space (on the NX-01) or TEN years! ST:ENT went for 4 years, beginning in 2151 – so 2155 would have been their Season 4. If the Earth-Romulan war goes on for 2 years, it stands to reason that Season 5 would have been some sort of “build up” season (with added stand-alone episodes) and Seasons 6 and 7 would have depicted the war years. That leaves ANOTHER 2+ years for the NX-01 and crew to explore “the final frontier” before TATV. There’s a LOT to do in between 2154 and 2160, and with the Federation officially starting in 2161, even more time to for exploration and adventures galore for writers to dream up. For ST: HORIZON, there is AT LEAST that amount of time to film a variety of shows, continuing the 300-year saga that is STAR TREK.

BTW, about “WAR IN STAR TREK”… if it’s done RIGHT, and if there are efforts on everyone’s part (in ALL the ‘Trek incarnations of fan films) to bring GENE RODDENBERRY’S VISION of a positive future into the story narrative, we can all LEARN something about ourselves in the process of seeing how these new stories unfold. THE BOTTOM LINE in all of Star Trek can be summed up (including “war stories”) by reading the text shown at the end of the first movie….

“The human adventure is just beginning.”

If he writers of ALL these new adventures (including the so-called JJ-Verse versions with Chris Pine & Co.) take that as their end-result, it will fit quite well into what Mr. Roddenberry hoped to bring to the world with TOS.

Meh. All these latest fan films are about fancy effects and production values. But the acting is still questionable and I have to wonder what is Roddenberry-esque about an all white American crew and yet another war storyline.

I don’t care about the SFX. When a fan film tells stories about boldly going, with great stories and quality acting, then I’ll be interested.

I wonder if this movie will reference in characters from Enterprise?

#33, I agree completely.

As good as special effects may be, I hate green screen sets. It looks so fake.

I am a donor for Prelude to Axanar as well as the Axanar movie, its on a higher level than fan made, its professional grade production. But I am considering more and more to donate to Star Trek Horizon and Star Trek Renegades.

@33. el chup. Then you need to check out Prelude to Axanar…everyone who hasn’t should!

@36 I have seen Prelude to Axanar and I agree that it looks a little more interesting than the usual fan movies. However, I am still slightly put off by it’s war storyline. But, I’d rather have that than JJTrek, so I’ll watch it with interest when the full version comes out.

In contrast, Renegades looks absolutely awful.

Not terribly impressed. As others have noted, the effects are good. But I wouldn’t even say that the acting is “questionable”. It’s BAD. Specifically, I mean the acting in the intro scene.

The introduction to any property sets the tone and expectation for what comes after, and the acting in the opener screams “High School Play”. Even if those two characters are never seen again, they needed to be much more carefully chosen than they were.

Also, I had a real problem with the makeup. I realize that a fan production isn’t going to do Hollywood grade makeup effects. But what they did looked sloppy and confusing. I spent more time trying to figure out if those were wounds or “features” running across the “Iconians” faces than I did following the clunky dialogue.

There is a lot of interesting Star Trek in the works from the fan world at the moment. This is the latest, which is wonderful.

Enterprise is the series I care least about although yesterday I’ve enjoyed some of the arcs that prequelize some storylines from the later set Trek. The quality of the trailer is impressive considering that Tommy Kraft did most of the work himself – I particualrly love the Romulan and Vulcan costumes and the chroma-key, it is top notch.

There is talk of a Netflix Season 5 campaign but I think that ship has long sailed by. I hate story arcs not being wrapped up – the ideas included Alice Krige in a Borg Queen origin story; the reveal of Future Guy and T’Pol being revealed to have Romulan heritage. What else from that show needed closing up? I know the books have addressed Tucker’s ‘death’.

I notice the Enterprise was mentioned in the trailer and we saw Future Guy so it looks like a bit of series stuff will be liiked at in this film.

Looks pretty good, with bonus points for originality, I don’t think there are many fan films set in the Enterprise era.

I think this looks fine, considering the limited $$$. As for sound issues, I don’t have a problem with 2 people in what appears to be an obviously large space sounding like they’re speaking in an obviously large space. And Star Trek has had its share of up & down acting, these folks will grow into their roles, if given time. Just watch the 1st season of TNG for acting that needed time to “season” (Picard & Riker, I’m speaking to you!)

I really like the production values, what I can see of the acting, and the script… even though it is another war story

… but did anyone else hear the possible rip off from Star Trek: Into Darkness “…That is the only reason you are still alive..” or was it just me

I really like the look of this, and I never got into Enterprise.

War, war, war…. Seems to be the only idea for “new” Star Trek.

I cannot get the youtube videos of either to download.

Sure, I’ll watch this.

Not sure how I missed this article and preview. But this looks great!

I was wondering how the pacing was going to play, especially after watching the frenzied trailer. Opening looks impresive!

I like the “big idea” they showcased. Made me wonder.

Looks great, but would have preferred it if the Horizon had been named the ‘USS Joe Stains’

This looks great, but I feel the visuals are way too advanced for happening long before Kirk’s era. This was one of the problems I had with the series “Enterprise”. However, I am glad to see fans are doing this though. It keeps the shows alive for the *ahem* next generation of fans.

I will pass on this big time! ENT’s failure should of been a major hint to let the past go!