Yelchin Talks Shatner and Schedule For Star Trek 2016


Star Trek’s new Chekov is talking a bit about the 2016 Star Trek movie, including his view on possibly working with William Shatner. See details below.

Yelchin Talks Trek 2016

In an interview promoting his new film Rudderless, Anton Yelchin answered a couple of questions about the 2016 Star Trek movie. Regarding the reports that William Shatner may have a role the actor said he had read the reports was very enthusiastic about the possibility of working with the legendary actor, telling Collider:

Totally! Absolutely, yeah! I don’t know anything about the project yet. They keep it under wraps until the last minute, for the world and for us. But if that is indeed true, William Shatner is one of the biggest icons in American pop culture. To be around him would be really incredible. He’s Captain Kirk. It would be like being with Leonard Nimoy, who’s also really incredible.

As for the shooting schedule, Yelchin had this to say:

All I really know is that they’re probably going to shoot it next year. They really do keep it under wraps for everyone involved, really, until it happens and they’re like, “Now, you show up for four or five months.” But, I have a fun time doing it. It’s a lot of fun. But, that’s Bad Robot’s process.

You can see Yelchin in the new drama Rudderless in limited theaters and VOD starting October 17th. More info at the official site. Watch the trailer below.

Yelchin signs up for new thriller and protests his next movie

Today it was reported that Yelchin is re-teaming with his Fright Night co-star Imegen Poots to star in Green Room, an indie thriller where Anton will play the leader of a punk band who witnesses a murder. The film is set to begin shooting in November.

As for the next film due in theaters, Anton will be appearing alongside Nicholas Cage in the espionage thriller Dying of the Light which will be released December 5th. The theatrical trailer was released yesterday. However, there is a wrinkle. Today, in a post on Facebook, the film’s director Paul Schrader made it clear that the film "was taken away" from him and "reedited, scored and mixed" without his input. Due to a non-disparagement clause, he could not say anything bad about the film However, but he did create a poster featuring himself, stars Yelchin and Cage, and producer Nic Winding Refn all wearing T-shirts with the non-disparagement clause.

Stars Anton Yelchin and Nick Cage join the producer and director in a special ‘non-disparagement’ poster for Dying of the Light – sending the message they don’t like the version that will be released in December



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Camt wait!

William Shatner was Captain Kirk. Chris Pine is now Captain Kirk.

Prime Captain Kirk may find his way into the alternate universe – or not. It depends on whether the writers consider prime Kirk died on Veridian 111 or is still alive in the prime universe Nexus. Then, somehow, he needs to find his way to this universe – or not.

Right now, there is only one Captain Kirk and he is played by Chris Pine, as there is one Chekov, who is played Anton Yelchin.

Perhaps I am being supersensitive, but it is just this above, that people wonder will undermine the new cast’s “mana” (for want of a better word) in the latest Star Trek films. Chris Pine plays the main character now, not William Shatner.

Keachick – I always thought that there was a serious oversight in Kirk’s death – Spock. There is -no way- Spock would let that stand! He’d repay the favor Kirk paid him in STIII. Time travel, Nexus, whatever, Spock would have gone after Kirk.

At this rate of discussion, if it turns out that Kirk were not to appear in the next movie, there will be plenty who will see this as the same bait-and-denial-and-nonswitch that turned off a number of fans with regard to Khan in the more recent movie.

There’s a building of the mystique with regard to a movie, and then, on the other hand, there’s the ripping of the expectations of some fans to shreds.

I certainly hope that these rumors are well-controlled and won’t turn out to be the third JJ Trek movie’s version of Khan-gate.

I Khan’t bear to think how it would otherwise.

#2 Yea I can see Pine fans being concerned. Shatner will act him off the screen. I’ll have to watch the movies several times before i’d tear my eyes away from Shatner to even see what Pine is doing.

2. Khan died.

Going forward, will Kirk actors be like the former Presidents? Referred to as Captain Kirk?
Shatner has been Kirk for almost 50 years ( and judging by the chatter will be again), don’t rewrite history out of idiocy.. Or blind lust.. Or ageism.

It will be stated on all his obiuarys, like Christopher Reeves being Superman.


Wait. There are 111 planets, or more, in the Veridian system? I kid.

Well, Keachick, at least you’re not calling Yelchin an idiot yet, a word you increasingly apply to anyone here whose view differs from yours. Stay classy.

De-aging William Shatner will be possible given currently technology. One of the X-Men movies used CGI to de-age Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen; the results were mixed, but that was some years ago.

I think it is well within the realm of possibility that a movie-era (e.g., around the time of Star Trek VI) Kirk might be depicted by Mr. Shatner in this sequel; otherwise, it would be a purer CGI version of a younger or perhaps slightly older Kirk based on the use of motion-capture and voice-acting by said actor.

Mr. Shatner, as he is now, is sufficiently blessed by the distinguishing marks of senior status that it would be difficult to incorporate his acting without augmentation, given the requirements of cinema.

Purely a matter of opinion, of course.

8. Sorry, I’d promised myself I’d ignore it and just not respond to your posts anymore. But I was a little peeved to read the idiot (and related) comments applied to: a few of us, Bruce Greenwood, Nicholas Meyer etc.

Not trying to derail this thread. But I think honouring different viewpoints and debating respectfully (not attacking the individual) are relevant to this and any topic.

Whether or not Kirk’s in this thing, I leave up to the writers/producers etc. It shouldn’t be a popularity contest or a marketing stunt — as much as I loved ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books as a kid — but a story issue. This will sound naïve, but if the story’s/movie’s better with Shatner (and you can afford him), put him in. If not, well…

I’m a mere viewer, my opinion’s one of millions.

He keeps it real about not knowing anything yet, while Karl and Simon tease as if they already know the plot.

11. Jemini: Then again, he probably doesn’t know.

2. Are you really so sure Pine will continue to be Kirk after the next film? There is only a 3 film contract. I have high hopes for the third film, but after that, can this cast be kept together? How many of them would be willing to do a tv series or another film(s). I like Chris Pine as Kirk. But, will we be thinking of Chris Pine as Kirk 50 years from now? I don’t think you can replace an icon. And that is not a criticism of Chris Pine; who could step in and do what Chris has done and be accepted at it?

The only reason this new crew was cast is because the original crew had the gall to get old. Shatner is Kirk, was Kirk, and will always be Kirk. Pine is just the guy who got the role second.

It’s kind of like The King And I. There’s Yul Brynner, and others who played the part that Yul Brynner made famous.

Pine IS a good choice to play a younger Kirk. I like him. I don’t think he’s been written well as Kirk yet, but I think that can change with any given script and I am hoping that with Orci running the show, the Trek fan of Bad Robot, it’ll be better.

As for Shatner, I feel that Orci’s cameo scene in 2009 shows he CAN write for Kirk Prime. I still would like Kirk’s desires in the cameo scene to be an ending for Kirk Prime and Spock Prime in this movie. It would be awesome. Back in the prime universe, on the bridge of a 24th century starship, after a great adventure with the Pine crew.

2. Keachick (Rose) – October 16, 2014
William Shatner was Captain Kirk. Chris Pine is now Captain Kirk.
Sorry, that’s simply your opinion, Rose. Next time, try a nice “in my opinion,” after statements like that, and you’ll avoid posts like this.

Ten….hell FIVE years from now, Chris Pine is not going to be known as Captain Kirk. Shatner has, and will, for a long time. IN MY OPINION.

12. dswynne – October 17, 2014

11. Jemini: Then again, he probably doesn’t know.


that’s what I meant. I doubt that any of them knows that much at the moment.

#2 Keachick

Safe to say you are being more than a little sensitive. Pine does a fine job of playing Kirk, but let’s face it William Shatner will always be Captain Kirk. End of story!

By your way if reasoning you wouldn’t have welcomed back Sean Connery to play 007 out of respect for George Lazenby or Timothy Dalton’s “mana” give me a break.

Leonard Nimoy has been in both of the alt universe ST’s films and has been a great addition + in no way took away from Zack Quinto’s great performance. It will be the same when Shatner is on screen with Pine.

Bottom line, the hell with their “mana” if you can get William Shatner + Leonard Nimoy in a Star Trek film that celebrates the franchises 50th Anniversary you do it!

Good thing we all have Keachick around to tell us who’s who. Anton better remember to check with her first before making such ridiculous blanket statements such as “William Shatner is Captain Kirk”

I mean really, get a life (as Bill would say).

I like how Yelchin honors Bill Shatner by stating that Shatner is indeed Captain Kirk. I don’t think he meant to disparage Chris Pine, but he recognizes the importance of Shatner’s contribution to the role over several decades.

And not to be dicey, but TOS-Shatner-Kirk is much different than 1980s-movies-Shatner-Kirk.

Anyhow, at least this is another confirmation that the next movie IS indeed happening and coming together. I liked Yelchin’s Chekov. Looking forward to more from the “Russian whiz kid.”

Tup #18

Well said…I’m tired of people saying that having the original actors in the film will take away from the film or distract them. Distract them from what? Will seeing Shatner + Nimoy on screen be too much for them to process? Are their mental abilities that limited?

Equally annoying is the Star Trek version of political correctness. “Shatner was Kirk, but Pine is Kirk” Anton Yelchin himself said “Shatner is Kirk” (in no way did he mean to diminish Pine) are some people truly are offended by this? If so they should take your advice and “get a life”

I think the problem is that you all are being unfair to both Shatner AND Pine. James T. Kirk is a science-fiction character created by Gene Roddenberry for a television show. Reason why actors are so hesitant in taking on certain roles is because they want to be known for their acting ability, not who they played in a part (remember Leonard Nemoy’s “I am NOT Spock” book?). In Shatner’s case, he started out in theater; Pine followed in his father’s footsteps in the acting business. I know that we tend to get attached to characters, and the actors that the characters are attached to, but, come on, now. Let’s not get hung up on which actor best embody a character that the writers, producers and directors have had a hand fleshing out WITH the actors input.

@3. BigGayKirk,
“He’d repay the favor Kirk paid him in STIII. Time travel, Nexus, whatever, Spock would have gone after Kirk.”

I agree. generations gives us enough loopholes to pull Kirk out of the Nexus after his death on Veridian III. It’s vague enough surrounding his death that there’s no reason he could not be revived after Picard was rescued. And if push comes to shove, time travel transporting Kirk away just before the bridge crushes him, thus preserving the timeline.

Personally I would prefer no more time travel, and go with the explanation that Prime Spock did a mind meld with Guinan (after learning of Kirk’s death from Picard) enabling him to contact her “echo” in the Nexus, who communicates with Kirk’s “echo” and allowing him to finally leave and re-join Prime Spock (Guinan already explained her “echo” could not leave because she already existed outside the Nexus at the time Picard wanted to exit).

Alternately, I’d go for Dr. Crusher receiving Kirk’s body after Picard’s rescue and detecting faint life signs — declaring she can save him. Then she downloads Khan’s DNA sequenced by Dr. Leonard McCoy, which she had only been recently experimenting with on dead Tribbles to discover its properties; and revives him. :-) No not really, I’m happy believing Kirk had gone into a deep coma like those people hospitals today inadvertently declare dead and send to the morgue, only to have them wake up and sure the hospitals. Picard would not have known.

Then Kirk would go live with Spock like a 24th Century Odd Couple.

Kirk upon hearing of Spock’s disappearance trying to save Romulus, then works with Data to figure out where Spock would have gone, and recreates the red matter black hole to send him on a dangerous one-man trip to rescue Spock (as Kirk has nothing for him in the 24th Century — we’ll assume McCoy finally died and Scotty has become a drunk and a bore). With a supply of the only Red Matter in the NuVerse, Prime Kirk is able to return he an Prime Spock to the Prime universe, or at least a new branch of it.

And maybe, just maybe, during Prime Kirk’s brief appearance in the NuVerse, they can hang out on the NuPrise just long enough for Prime Kirk to save the day one more time — let’s say the Romulans detect the lightning storm in space heralding the arrival of Prime Kirk, and come to investigate. as the two Kirk’s meet on the bridge an attack occurs that sends NuKirk and NuSpock off the bridge to do some stupid transport onto the Romulan ship to disable them, leaving Prime Kirk in command, who sits in the captains chair one last time and does what he does best — bluff about the Corbomite device, buying time for NuKirk and NuSpock to complete their mission.

You know … I might actually enjoy that. It would make a heck of an opening sequence.

I bet if you asked Chris Pine, he would make similar comments about Shatner. It’s about respect, and it’s nice that the new cast at least is publicly showing that kind of respect.

It wouldn’t be the first time. I know John Cho has confided in George Takei, and of course Quinto and Nimoy have become friends as well.

I feel Paramount has terribly disrespected Shatner since Generations, and if Bob Orci can fix that, good for him.

The idea of Shatner and Nimoy playing future versions of Quinto and Pine is so ridiculously disappointing because as other have pointed out, there are so many loopholes in Generations that bringing in Kirk Prime should be NO PROBLEM.

@22 MORE ^^^^
Guinan already explained her “echo” could not leave because she already existed outside the Nexus at the time Picard wanted to exit — Prime Kirk no longer exists outside the Nexus, having been killed on Veridian III (using this particular loophole), so his “echo” is free to leave.

I interpret “echos” as one in the same as the actual person, perhaps equivalent to the conscious and unconscious mind. Guinan is bonded to her “echo” in the Nexus (which exists across time and space) and vice versa. Once the primary consciousness expires outside the Nexus, the “echo” continues on in a kind of immortality, but now has the ability to leave as it’s not duplicating anything that already exists outside the Nexus (arguably it can exit to any time before or after the corporeal life existed, but presumably doesn’t think, or want to). Since The Nexus is an energy ribbon, and Kirk existed non-corporeally there, when Kirk appeared on Veridian III, his body was created out of atoms. There’s no reason the same thing can’t happen with the “echo” if there’s not already a duplicate consciousness in existence outside the Nexus — At least there’s nothing in canon preventing this interpretation of the Nexus.

3. BigGayKirk – October 16, 2014
Keachick – I always thought that there was a serious oversight in Kirk’s death – Spock. There is -no way- Spock would let that stand! He’d repay the favor Kirk paid him in STIII. Time travel, Nexus, whatever, Spock would have gone after Kirk

Except that I don’t think anyone knew Kirk was alive inside of the Nexus. If Spock had’ve known that, I agree, he probably would have went after him. But if he just thought he was killed while saving a ship, well….he wouldn’t have exactly went back in time to save him. At least, I don’t think he would. Not worth it to prevent someone from meeting their end through unnatural, but totally natural (in that Kirk is a hero who willingly sacrifices his safety) causes.

I’m not worried about de-aging Future Kirk, but I hope they can take some weight off with CG. Has that ever been done before? Does it look realistic?

It doesn’t take long for the William Shatner organ grinder and the dancing monkey rumor machine to resurface, does it?

Have fun speculating and ignoring the real movie news, people.

You know what I would love to see in Star Trek 3?

A huge time-space catastrophy developing due to red matter breaking the cracks of space-time. A fissure opens up back into the prime universe. Starfleet and the foremost authority on Red Matter- Prime Spock are investigating on one side of the fissure. On the other side, Admiral Janeway has been given command of the situation. Prior to being alerted by normal Starfleet sources, a whacked out, newly returned Benjamin Sisko arrives at her office, looking like a crazy person, telling her that he’s seen the fissure and it means the end of all things (dun, dun, duhhnnnn!)
He walks in on her while she’s having coffee and tea with Ambassador Picard. Picard gets recruited to as an advisor.

Insert some craziness, with different ships and things being pulled into the same reality. Maybe some Klingons or Mirror Ships too, so there can be a nice little battle. All the captains are working on the problem. Then towards the end, an alternate reality Enterprise gets pulled in with an Admiral Kirk, who never made the Enteprise B tour because he got the flu. *LOL* Inventive problem solving, daring, some other stuff, and you’ve got yourself a 50th Anniversary movie!

27 Phil

What movie news? You mean the rumor of a Star Trek movie in 2016? Where is the official announcement? Come on Paramount. give us specifics! release date , title etc

@ 27. Phil – October 17, 2014

“Have fun speculating and ignoring the real movie news, people.”

Please share with us the exclusive “real movie news” that you have!

Even better, send an email to tips[AT] trekmovie [DOT] com!

@30. It’s all over this site, just read it. Or in your case, continue to ignore it.

@31. Phil

“It’s all over this site, just read it.”

Do you mean these news stories ?

Yelchin Talks Shatner and Schedule For Star Trek 2016
Full Details On Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 & ‘All Good Things’ Blu-rays
Watch Trailer For Star Trek: Horizon – Fan Film Set In Enterprise Era Romulan War
CBS Launches Subscription Streaming Service Including Every Episode Of Star Trek
Podcast: Misssion Log 107 – Star Trek: TNG’s ‘Datalore’
Watch First Season Of Cracked’s Star Trek Satire ‘Starship Icarus’
Star Trek Online Delta Rising Goes Live – Watch Launch Trailer
Khan’s STII Costume + Frakes Personal Collection + More Star Trek Items Up For Auction This Week
Berman Refutes Sirtis Assertion That Roddenberry ‘Hated’ Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Red Shirt Diaries Ep. 7 – Ens. Williams Ponders “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”
Star Trek Jewelry Debuts + New Worf Figure + More Trek Merch From NYCC
NYCC VIDEO: Watch Star Trek: TNG Stars Talk 2016 Movie Cameos + Trek After Roddenberry’s Death + More

Or did you mean the one where John Cho says that Bob will ‘Blow People Away’ with Star Trek 3 & in the very next line he says that he doesn’t know anything about ST 3!

Yeah, I can see how this is “real movie news”!

#5: Pine is an actor. Shatner is an over-actor. Pine has nothing to be worried about. There’s a reason Shatner is one of the most-mocked actors among comedians–because he takes “ham” to a new level.

#14 Really you didn’t Expect them to get old? there is no anti–aging actor, they should be able to use Shatner how they need to if they put him in the movie…

Shatner is far more decorated and honoured as an actor than Pine is.

I think it would be cool if Shatner and Nimoy were on screen at the end together for 5 minutes as older versions of Pine and Quinto.

#36: And mocked.

@25. LogicalLeopard,
“Except that I don’t think anyone knew Kirk was alive inside of the Nexus… if he just thought he was killed while saving a ship, well….he wouldn’t have exactly went back in time to save him”

Oh ye of little imagination.

First there’s Spock who sensed the deaths of 400 Vulcans on the Intrepid. Then there’s the Spock who sensed V’Ger across the galaxy. And finally the Spock who died and was resurrected. Add to that he’s never just settled for the obvious explanation.

So firstly — Spock would have learned everything he could have about the Nexus, presumably interviewing those Nexus survivors the ENT. B rescued, and learned that they were alive in the Nexus, perhaps even sensing it himself. Perhaps it took Spock 78 years to formulate a way to go looking for Kirk in the Nexus.

Secondly — Spock most definitely would have questioned Picard about Kirk’s re-emergence from the Nexus, and how it was Picard managed to get himself and Kirk out of the Nexus. Once he learned that Guinan was the means, I contend he would have very easily been able to mind meld with Guinan and use her to communicate with her “echo” to see if Kirk’s “echo” could be retrieved — which I contend could be.

Lastly, if you don’t like the “echo” explanation (for which there is NO canon to refute it), there’s always the Nexus is ‘timeless’. We’re also shown that Picard meets Kirk the day they both arrived, despite Picard entering the Nexus 78 years later. In theory Picard could have taken that Kirk, but the Kirk who lived for 78 years in the Nexus could also leave. So whichever Kirk Guinan’s “echo” meets will exit to meet Spock — and then live for another 16 years from 2371 to 2387, accounting for Shatner’s aged appearance.

I just don’t see the problem with these explanations, considering we have to deal with the canon of the ridiculous, poorly defined Nexus in the first place.

There’s a bigger problem with time travel as Prime Spock would have have rescued Kirk before he saved the ENT B, so he couldn’t touch him before the Nexus, and he couldn’t save Kirk before he saved the Veridian System, or else the entire crew of the ENT D would have perished, so there’s a very small window where he could have retrieved him. And time travel is a problem with Generations anyway, since they could have just gone back to the point where the ENT D first rescued Soran, and stopped him there.

I love that Shatner and Nimoy will be in the next Trek…Love it…I always dreamed that this next movie would have all the captains in it….picard, sisko, janeway, and even archer in some weird way…but that’s just pure fantasy….

Everyone’s swept up in the Shatner chatter. Yawn.

But I’m intrigued by Dying of the Light and the buzz this may build around the film… which could actually benefit from it if people go see it to see for themselves. Hmmm… espionage thriller… classic redirection, or just a really bad film? Only one way to find out… (don’t) GO SEE THIS FILM!

Hopefully Yelchin will have a meaningful role in the next movie.

He had a fun but small part in the first reboot. If you blinked you could have missed him in “Into Darkness”.

They are lucky to have an actor of his caliber as Chekov.

I call much of what TUP writes idiotic because that it is how his posts read to me. TUP also makes irrelevant comments to me of a more personal nature and some have been offensive, like telling me to go look at this pop-up picture of Pine’s bare ass (something he has concocted) and this happens when he cannot/will not answer my posts intelligently.

I presented a scene from my story outline which had the Kirk character in a specific scene relating to a very particular time and place. TUP took that scene and twisted it in a totally inappropriate way to throw out at me as a way of derailing legitimate discussion. Who does that? Well, someone like TUP does, I guess…

#36 – William Shatner is 83 and Chris Pine is 34. Shatner is 49 and 1/2 years older than Pine, (almost) old enough to be his grandfather. It is to be hoped that a professional actor that Shatner has been since his early 20’s will have gained quite a number of honours in that time.
Hardly a fair comparison.

William Shatner chose to have his character killed off and he took the money. Therefore, he was Captain Kirk and Chris Pine is now an alternate Captain Kirk. Shatner and the studio chose for Captain Kirk to no longer be, for all intents and purposes, ie William Shatner was Captain Kirk, but no more, because that character is dead. Even Shatner admits that he has difficulty seeing how the character he played can be legitimately brought back, but he seems to be hoping…

This is a reality that people need to face. I had nothing to do with Shatner’s decision nor the writing of Star Trek: Generations. Do not blast me for decisions I had nothing to do with.

However, as BringBackKirkPrime pointed out on another thread, the writing of the Nexus scenes, where Picard becomes involved, does present a paradox, so there may be a way of getting prime Kirk back. You just have to “see it” and it does appear that BBKP managed to do so first. Some still do not “see it” as BBKP has and I do now. From now on it is really up to the current writers and how it might fit in with the story they are telling…

BobOrci I have one request for Star Trek 13

Make Simon Pegg grow a moustache.

4. Hat Rick – October 16, 2014

At this rate of discussion, if it turns out that Kirk were not to appear in the next movie, there will be plenty who will see this as the same bait-and-denial-and-nonswitch that turned off a number of fans with regard to Khan in the more recent movie.

Well, but notice that Yelchin is not giving any news at all about anything related to ST13: “I don’t know anything about the project yet.” And Bob Orci already told us that he’s going to start shooting next year. So, this is really a non-news story. They could do an article like this with every member of the cast, all saying “I know nothing.”

If anyone is going to break news about ST13, it’s going to be either Bob or Shatner accidentally spilling some beans.

*Bob on purpose, Shatner accidentally, I mean.

hey Rose, I think calling me idiotic violates you’re final warning ;-)

So before you’re gone for good, I will simply say this, you have several times referred to me not “answering” you and yet you never ask me anything. Ask me a question and I will always answer.

Id like to think you’re smart enough not to take the literal meaning of “William Shatner is Captain Kirk”. He’s an actor. Also, if forced to choose between you’re perspective and that of one of the main cast, Im going with Yelchin.

On a semi-related note, the inclusion of Chekov was one of the goofier and pointless creative decisions made by Bad Robot.

@43. Hey, Rose, as you know, there is a small circle of friends here who have a rather….shall I say…singular opinion of what Trek is, and it’s a rather exclusionary club. As you are a part of that rather reviled foreign audience, there really isn’t anything you are going to say or do that is going to change their minds. As you and I used to get pretty snippy at one time, it’s safe to assume that we’ve both come to understand that opinions are what they are, understanding that live and let live, or even better, infinite diversity in infinite combinations allows for a wide latitude on how Trek can be enjoyed. To that end, may I suggest keeping engagements with those rather exclusionary individuals to a minimum. I can’t speak for their peace of mind, but it should make you feel better….

@ Buzz Cagney and others – I did not make personal comments against anyone here, nor any against William Shatner. However, some have chosen to rail against me and write this,
#2 – “Yea I can see Pine fans being concerned. Shatner will act him off the screen.”

I did not stoop to make comparisons between the acting styles and abilities of these two actors, Shatner and Pine, but you have. Then, there is this –

#6 – “don’t rewrite history out of idiocy.. Or blind lust.. Or ageism.”
I am not trying to rewrite history. Others are, as in trying retcon Star Trek canon history.

Blind lust? An example of making something personal. BTW – my eye sight is almost 20/20 which means that I can see most adequately, who I may lust for.

Ageism? Not at all. However, this comment, in this particular context, could definitely be construed as being ageist (Age discrimination works both ways) – #17 – “Bottom line, the hell with their “mana””

In other words, how the younger cast are considered, as in respected, allowed to be their characters, just as Shatner, Nimoy and co were allowed to in their time etc, is of no real consequence. The only concern here seems to be about the older original TOS actors, ie William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy and only for these two actors it seems. Nobody mentions the other three original Star Trek actors who are still alive, ie Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koenig.

#8 – I cannot recall ever saying the Bruce Greenwood was an idiot or anything he has been quoted as saying seemed a bit idiotic. Bruce Greenwood seems to have it together and appears to have always had it going on, in an intelligent, neat way. Perhaps I did refer to some of Nicholas Meyer’s comments as being idiotic, however I have not agreed with all that he has said and have stated so and why.

Nice – not…:(


Don’t listen to Phil, keep on posting. At least your comments are a lot more fun than his :-)