TrekInk: Star Trek comics coming January 2015

IDW Publishing will ring in the new year with apes and Klingons, a new five-year mission, and a hardcover edition of Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay for The City on the Edge of Forever. Details and covers after the break.

January 2015

Star Trek #41
Mike Johnson (w) • Cat Staggs (a & c)
Behemoth, part 1 of 2: In the wake of their century-spanning encounter with Q, the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise leaves explored space behind to embark on a new five-year mission of discovery! Beyond the reach of Starfleet communications, they can only rely on each other when faced with their first encounter in uncharted territory–and it might be their last! Don’t miss this perfect jumping-on point for new readers, produced in association with STAR TREK writer-producer Roberto Orci!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Cover art by Cat Staggs

Star Trek #41 — Subscription Variant
Mike Johnson (w) • Cat Staggs (a) • Photo Cover (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Photo cover

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #2 (of 5)
Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Rachael Stott (a & c)
The colossal crossover nobody ever expected continues! Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew have landed on the Planet of the Apes–but how?! And how are the Klingons involved? Plus: Taylor meets up with Kirk and Spock, but will he greet them with open arms? Or flying bullets?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Cover art by Rachael Stott

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #2 (of 5) — Subscription Variant
Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Rachael Stott (a) • Joe Corroney (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Cover art by Joe Corroney

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #2 (of 5) — Retailer Incentive Variant
Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • Rachael Stott (a) • Photo Cover (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Gold Key photo cover

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever — Hardcover
Harlan Ellison, Scott Tipton & David Tipton (w) • J.K. Woodward (a) • Juan Ortiz (c)
For the first time ever, a visual presentation of the much-discussed, unrevised, unadulterated version of Harlan Ellison’s award-winning Star Trek teleplay script, The City on the Edge of Forever! See the story as Mr. Ellison originally intended!
HC • FC • $24.99 • 128 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-206-7

Cover art by Juan Ortiz

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Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.

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The Star Trek #41 cover seems to have the heads out of proportion to the bodies…. In contrast, the Planet of the Apes cover does seem to have a good likeness of Kor.

Cool, I have been holding off on buying the City on the Edge of Forever. I would prefer the hardcover.

Keep your stinking paws off my Trek, you damned dirty apes!

@3. CmdrR


“when faced with their first encounter in uncharted territory–and it might be their last!”

Yeah, right!!!

Wow, that cover shows how much BETTER Uhura looks in long pants and sleeves. She actually looks like a starship officer! And she could never pull off that dynamic pose in that stupid dress.

Ok, we got the TOS-uniform homage out of the way, now put Uhura in pants in the next movie!

Awesome, thanks for the update Mark!

We keep getting games, comics, concerts, toys…. everything except a new Star Trek series….. Come on!!!!

Charlton Heston vs The Shat?

lol, love it.

Since when did Rob Lowe become Captain of the Enterprise?

However, these comics do look like they’d be fun to read.

Anyone else notice loads of stories on recent comments by Shatner about meeting Orci and the new movie that are not picked up here, while this tripe is? Is this Trekmovie or TrekComic?

It’s time for Star Trek vs. Aliens.

Planet of the Apes? Weak.

“The crossover no one expected…”

Are you familiar with the toy company called “Mego???”

11. Hat Rick – October 22, 2014
Since when did Rob Lowe become Captain of the Enterprise?

However, these comics do look like they’d be fun to read.


*LOL* Good call! Well, the thing about comics is that the cover artist is rarely the same as the artist who works on the actual story, so hopefully it doesn’t look like “And I’m Sci-Fi Enthusiast Rob Lowe” throughout the book

Anybody else want to see a version of the famous Gorillas taking a photo of themselves after the hunt with human bodies…except that all the humans are now “red shirts”?

I’m not sure about this Trek / Apes crossover. Seems kind of weird, but it might be OK.

Okay Ive been forced into it.
Here is William Shatner on the set of Planet of the Apes.


19 Spocko, where the heck is your great animation to accompany said hilarious audio? ;^)


Maybe it’s just for the cover, but the phasers now appear to fire beams instead of pulses. I have a feeling that Orci-Trek is going to have a very different style to J.J.-Trek.

Is it me or is the Star Trek #41 cover another take on the Rob Lowe Direct TV commercials? Kirk looks more like Rob Lowe than Chris Pine…I’m just sayin’…

I thought the “planet” in Planet of the Apes was Earth. How is this crossover possible? The earth of TOS time is alive and well and not ruled by apes. An alternate reality yet again?

Thanks Mr. Kramer!
If I thought anyone would watch it I would probably do it.
Animation takes A LOT of time.


@21. Captain Slow – October 23, 2014

Sorry, but my recollection is that the TOS hand phasers did fire beams. I’ve just watched part of Devil in the Dark to confirm I wasn’t mis-remembering. When KIrk & Spock fire on the Horta, the phasers are firing beams, not pulses.

@21. Captain Slow – October 23, 2014

On second thought, I realise your are comparing the phasers on the cover to the phasers on the 2 latest Star Trek movies, rather than to TOS. My apologies. TOS phasers beam, Star Trek & STID phasers pulse… We will see what they do in the third movie.

#12: If you don’t like comics, feel free not to read related topics. Coming to this thread and being a condescending prick about it just makes YOU look bad, not the site. No one is forcing you to read the articles. The rest of us appreciate them. Right now, the comics are the best aspect of the franchise.

#14: Planet of the Apes is one of the greatest franchises ever made. There have been many great stories, especially in the comics.

The original “Planet of the Apes” fims — barring the first one — aren’t very good.

Even the first movie I find to be overrated. Entertaining, sure, but doesn’t come close to “2001: A Space Odyssey”, which, if I remember correctly, came out not too soon or after.

I much prefer the two movies. “Rise” and “Dawn”. Especially the second one. Epic.

@23 (Trek, Star Trek): Parallel Planetary Development, perhaps?

Basically, there are multiple Earth or Earth-like worlds that humans with similar histories to that of Earth, but veered off in a unique way. No one knows the reason, though the Preservers could be the source for all this. However, IR, having similar Earths or Earth-like worlds was a cheap way of using old sets on the Desilu/Paramount studio lot in order to keep TOS within budget.

As for this, unless time-travel or trans-dimensional travel is involved, the Planet of the Apes trope, featured in this ‘Trek comic, is an example of Hodgkin’s Law in action.

I love my Trek comics,not too sure about this crossover though.

Btw,is Cumbie returning for for the next Trek movie? I saw a clip of him on that Norton show and the way he was fidgiting after saying no comment kinda made me curious. He also said no comment to being in SW,lol!


Pulses make more sense visually onscreen, imho. I still remember terrible TNG fx in Conspiracy and others where folks are slowly ducking from beams or beams are firing at impossible angles.

Fan films are there for everyone who wants things exactly like they were before…

In comics, beams make sense.

I vote for Uhura in pants as well. And please, give her visible rank! Marcus too… since they’re the only women there that do anything aside from gasp or react.

I also vote for beam phasers over pulsed. Beams could be way intense, bassy things. Pulse seems kinda lame.


The original Planet of the Apes movies are pretty much feature length Twilight Zone episodes, and keep the dark yet outlandish tone of that series, which makes sense as Rod Serling helped write the first one. 2001 is a very different movie, experimental and avant garde, that happens to have ape men in it. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two.

Agreed on the new Apes movies though. They’re fantastic.

I’m waiting for my Star Trek / Falcon Crest crossover!

The new Planet of the Apes movies are good, but not even close to the original two POTA movies. Especially the second one was an absolute early 70s dark future classic with a bitter ending so typical for its era. Those mutants freaked the hell out of me when I was a child! POTA 3-5 were kind of weak though, but at least a lot better than Burton’s 2001 version.

Linking TOS Trek to original POTA via comic books is superb, especially since I do believe that basically all sci fi franchises exist in parallel universes / multiverses and could easily cross over with one another via interdimensional travelling.

As for 2015, I have high hopes that this month might see the rebirth of the Star Trek franchise as a whole, especially on TV. Rumor has it, that as of February 2015, CBS might consider ways to bring back Star Trek to TV somehow, be it a revival of old shows or something completely different. So keep your fingers crossed…

It’s definitely time now, ten years after the untimely demise of ENT and after two blockbuster movies that showed how much interest there still is in all new Trek.

Well, I guess is going back to business as usual. One week today and no new postings.

19, Spockboy

That was ROFLOL!

36 Norman, I’m not much for crossovers either, LOL

I love the portrait of Colicos as Kor though. He has always been my favorite TOS Klingon.

I really enjoy the Star Trek Ongoing comics though sometimes they’re pretty good and sometimes, well … [sigh].

I’m still mad because Uhura never got to coo over a tribble ;-)

And yes, I, too, like Uhura better in trousers. With rank insignia on her sleeves. They could still do a long-sleeve minidress over leggings if the shape of Ms Saldana’s legs is crucial to Trek’s success on screen ….


Meanwhile at – some news!

40 dswynne, I think you’ve just disallowed for about half the debates on the boards :-D

# 40. dswynne – October 30, 2014


I hope you can forgive me for pointing this out but I think Don Rickles would reply “So go already!”

Okay, so I stopped reading the new movie comics a month or two after Into Darkness. I kind of lost interest. I’ll thumb through one occasionally at the comics store but haven’t picked one up (and deleted the app). Are the ones since/now worth reading?

Jack, Sometimes. Depends on your standards of what’s “worth reading.” All I can advise is that you spend further time leafing thru them at the comics shop.

I could tell you my standout stories, like the Hendorff Redshirt Diary, and the Mirror two-issue story [which had some lamentable Spock art, while everyone else looked fine, even fantastic]; and being a fan of Spock and Uhura, I liked Issue 18, which featured Uhura’s backstory and a bit of her history with Spock.

I could go on, but again, are your priorities characterizations, art, action, Away Teams fighting together against an enemy, starship battles, or what …? There were a couple of other miniseries I could recommend.