These Are The Voyages Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Volume 3 *UPDATED*


Author Marc Cushman would like to release the third volume of These Are The Voyages this fall, and he’s turned to Kickstarter to make it happen. More after the jump.

These Are The Voyages Season 3 Goes To Kickstarter

Over the past year, author Marc Cushman has released the first two volumes of what some consider the definitive history of The Original Series, These Are The Voyages. The Saturn Award-winning books, each over 600 pages, chronicle the production of Star Trek’s first two seasons and make great use of Gene Roddenberry’s personal collection of production notes, memos, letters, budgets and scripts, many of which are stored at the UCLA Archives. The amount of research is exhaustive, from the various script drafts of episodes, to casting, critic and fan reaction from that time, and much more, including analysis of Star Trek‘s Nielsen ratings, which often tell a different story than the one we’ve been told for the past 48 years.

“These Are The Voyages” Volumes 1

The first two volumes were published by Jacob Brown Media Group, and are available through the company’s website, as well as Amazon and other outlets. The third volume, covering the series’ tumultuous third season, was originally scheduled for release in December. The publisher would like to postpone the release until some time next year, feeling the people need more time to find the first two books. Cushman, however, would like to get it out sooner, and has devised a Kickstarter campaign to get the book in people’s hands before the end of the year.

“These Are Thee Voyages” Kickstarter promo video

The campaign is being organized by the team behind Star Trek Axanar. A pledge of $40 gets you an autographed copy of the hardcover edition of Volume 3 (which is about the cost of the book plus shipping). There are lower pledge amounts which get you hardcover or e-book versions of the previous volumes and higher pledge amounts for a complete set of all 3 books, or collectible rewards, or even lunch or dinner with the author. More info on the campaign or to pledge at

More information about the books can be found here.

Front and back covers for “These Are The Voyages Volume 3”

TrekMovie spoke to Cushman last year when Volume One was released, and he discussed the genesis of the project (yes, I went there), the challenges he faced, and his feelings about Star Trek in general.

When Volume 3 is released, TrekMovie will publish a comprehensive review of all three books.


Since this story’s publication last Friday, it has come to our attention that Marc Cushman has a monetary interest in the Jacob Brown Media Group.  Subsequently, the project’s Kickstarter pitch was changed to reflect this new information.

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He says in that video he wants the book out now but the publisher wants to wait for more people to buy the other books. Aren’t they self published?

The first two volumes are fantastic. Looking forward to number THREE!

John Carter,

The books ARE NOT self-published. Jacobs Brown Press publishes them…but they are a new publisher and because of the sheer size of the books, they aren’t cheap to print. They will actually be handling the printing of the books themselves, but need to know there’s enough interest to move ahead with the publication now, instead of waiting for at least another year.
Believe me…after reading the first two…you’ll want the third book RIGHT NOW.

The Axanar team? Really? How did that happen–and why?


A huge amount of both love and work went into these books, and most TOS fans will want them. No, the books aren’t perfect, but nothing human ever is. Even nothing Vulcan ever is. :-)

I eagerly devoured volumes 1 and 2, and I look forward to volume 3.

I’m sorry to hear that they aren’t selling as well as the publisher would like; I hope that changes.

Not a chance in hell I would support this. I had enormous high hopes for these books, but the issues with misappropriation of restored images put me off this, and subsequently I have had access to research by other devotees who find that if you go through the archives yourself you find a lot of stuff that flatly contradicts what this guy puts out as ‘fact’ in his volumes. He seems to have taken it upon himself to rewrite trek history when he sees fit (either that or he can’t read a memo) instead of just being content with being a conduit between truth and the public.

One example of what my friends have found that puts his ‘scholarship’ in the toilet: His take on the evolution of THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE is especially wrongheaded, crediting Gene Coon with coming up with Decker’s self-sacrifice when it was actually in Spinrad’s original outline, months before he credits Coon with suggesting it. Normally I’m happy to see Coon credited with everything, as I think he is THE reason Trek worked to any degree at all and became a phenomena, but credit where credit is honestly due is what these kinds of books should be about.

It’s just like THE ART OF STAR TREK omitting mention of Richard Datin building the original Enterprise model, the very things that should be at the heart of behind-the-scenes volumes are the things that seem to get left out.

Now if Preston Jones’ RETURN TO TOMORROW would just arrive, I would be at last very happy with a b-t-s- trek book again …

I want Marc’s Season Three book NOW!! I’ll be ordering through Kickstarter next week!! This is the volume I am most looking forward to!!

Great series of books! Amazing detail. I love Bob Justman’s memos.

It would be really disappointing if the third volume was canceled because of a lack of interest.

# 4 Larry Talbot

Why not? The Axanar team is more successful at Kickstarter than all other Star Trek Kickstarters combined. So why wouldn’t Mark Cushman retain Alec Peters’ services? What is your ax you are trying to grind?

# 6 kmart

Just about everyone who is still alive who actually WORKED on TOS supports these books in a major way.

That would be a travesty!!!! This is the one I wanted most of all!!

#3 Robert Meyer Burnett

I’m afraid all evidence points to this being self-published. You don’t have to take my word for it, but I did a little research into the matter. On the “Jacobs Brown Media Group LLC” website it says, “Jacobs Brown Media Group LLC was formed in 2007, in San Diego, California, by Robert H. Jacobs and Matthew W. Brown, who, over the course of two decades, and under numerous production banners, have produced hundreds of projects ranging from TV commercials, infomercials, music videos, educational and training programs, and the televising of live entertainment shows.” It then states, “Co-ventures include the award-winning comedy-documentary Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney…”.

I did an IMDB search for “Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney”. You can do that, too. In fact I urge everyone to do just that, because you’ll see that it was directed by Marc Cushman and written by Cushman and Susan Osborn. The same people who wrote these books. They’re actually, “Robert H. Jacobs” and “Matthew W. Brown”, although you’d have to ask them who is who. The only reference at all to either a “Jacobs” or “Brown” on that movie is under distributors where it lists, “Jacobs / Brown Media Group”. Isn’t it odd that Jacobs and Brown have no IMDB credits?

These books are self published. Don’t take my word for it. But a little research into this will go a long way and perhaps people should do that before donating to this “cause”.

Oh please, Cushman IS the “Brown” in Jacobs Brown Press. Self-published.

What I’ve never understood is the need for all of the bizarre subterfuge with the release of these books. Posthumous endorsements from Roddenberry and Justman, shell companies, unnecessary use of uncredited images from websites, planted reviews and social media posts — if you want to fund the third volume on Kickstarter just say so without the bogus backstory. I’ve read the first two books; they’re flawed but interesting, and worthy efforts tarnished by the weirdness behind the scenes.

#9 ST1701
Larry Talbot asked a perfectly fair question. No reason to jump down his throat.

Larry, I don’t know why Axanar is involved but perhaps it is because they have the ability to get a decent quality Kickstarter video made and made quickly. The Axanar Kickstarter videos were great. They also managed the most recent Phase II Kickstarter, which was just OK. This one has poor audio, so I am a bit surprised they didn’t get that right.

The debate about “self-publishing” is interesting and I will keep following to learn more.

Self-published or not, I like it.

I should have added that Kickstarter campaigns can cause significant tax-related headaches to the project originator, so having an entity such as Axanar Productions behind the Kickstarter will certainly make Marc Cushman’s job easier. Another reason why partnering with Axanar makes sense.

Not many people are talking about it, but some members of the Axanar team have provided a lot of behind the scenes support to Phase II’s production of “Mind-Sifter” which is shaping up to be their best episode by far, if you can believe what people are saying.

Anyway, hat’s off to the Axanar team for helping others.

13. John Gill

I also don’t really care and I like these books a lot. But it is interesting if indeed they are self-published and if steps are being taken to hide that. I’m not saying this is the case, but I am hoping for more news.

I think they are making a mistake only shipping the books to the USA. They are excluding all the rest of the fans in the world and reducing the amount of money that will be pledged.
I supported Phase II was thinking of supporting this but I am not doing it without getting the book.

I’d like to donate, but since he’s only shipping to the US I can’t. No worries though – I’m happy to wait if necessary.

9) I’m surprised about Gerrold’s participation myself, but maybe he isn’t aware of the inaccuracies/outright falsehoods either. Certainly the idea behind the books is totally commendable, it’s just the execution that seems so awful, both in terms of how the images issue was unethically handled and the actual misreporting on the actual memos, which is the meat of the thing.


wouldn’t surprise me if you’re 100% right (in fact, it would confirm a lot), but it shouldn’t surprise you if ultimately people just don’t want to know and/or don’t care. From following the dubious practices from these folks on this project on trekbbs,

I’ve noticed that star trek fans have gotten into a tendency to talk the talk not not walk the walk — by and large, they’ll swear by a character taking a stand that hurts, but won’t do without for themselves. Twice I had to stop my wife from ordering these books as presents, as she thought ‘these are right up his alley, sound perfect.’ The default interest in all things b-t-s trek serves to override most other aspects for some, I think.

Looking around on Kickstarter I just now saw that ‘These Are The Voyages’ also had a Kickstarter campaign for the Season 1 book. It reached it’s goal and raised about $11,000.

I was previously unaware of this Kickstarter campaign.

@16: Indeed, US only… Whatever happened to the world wide web :.-(

yeah i would of pledge however i am in the UK and i want the paper book not a ebook, i would of been fine with paying for the p n p on top of it
i have loved the first two books and am waiting for the third season i think he has done a great job,please let me buy this book

SO WHAT?!!! Who CARES if it’s self published or not???

Marc has done a DAMN FINE job on these books. As others have pointed out, many of the folks who worked on TOS support it AND it won an award!!

Aside from all that, I just love the books! They are much much much better than The Making of Star Trek!

Bring on Volume 3!! In my opinion, the most important volume! :-)

First, it’s ridiculous that they’re not marketing the books in the UK and Germany and other places where Trek is popular [and where English is practically a second language, obviating the need for translation]. I cannot believe they will not ship to the UK/Canada! That’s just crazy.

Second, naysayers, please fund some books that debunk Cushman’s books so we benighted folk may get the true full story. You can’t allow lies and misrepresentation to stand after all!

Third, I don’t really give a care if Cushman Et. Al. self-publish and can’t understand their subterfuge. Perhaps they thought fans would only buy it if it seemed he “sold it” to a publisher?

I don’t care who is getting these books to me as long as they are getting to me. Great reads so far… if season 3 is released, I’m onboard!

I would love to participate and donate 75 Dollars, but since this is U.S. shipping only it is not possible for me. Is there really no way to send international by adding a few dollars? I’ve seen this on other campaigns and it seems to work there.

If you don’t care who you give your money to or why they misrepresent themselves (and always have, if you were ever so inclined as to look into the photo controversy, which you I am sure you will not), you’re just proving my point from above.

And if you think bad scholarship makes for better b-t-s books, well, I’d guess you probably wouldn’t have questioned who really set the Reichstag fire either. A lot of people get EXACTLY what they deserve, unfortunately it lowers the standard and makes it that much more difficult to produce or obtain quality.

27 Attention K-mart shopper: write your own books. ;^)

A great Trek book series–certanly better than most of the non-fiction Trek books that Pocket has published the last several decades. Can’t wait for Season Three!

The self publishing issue makes this entire Kickstarter questionable. Cushman says in this video that season 3 is written, but the publisher wants to delay the publication of it until next year, so that books 1 and 2 can sell more. But since they’re self published, that doesn’t make any sense.

What exactly is this $20,000 getting? The season 3 book released this year instead of next year? What sort of reputable publisher uses a tactic like that?

@ #11

You might find the listing for the “Jacobs/Brown Media Group LLC” at WYSK (culled from public records) to be of interest. Click the tab marked “Officers and Directors.”

Considering that one of the rules of Kickstarter is that “Projects can’t mislead people or misrepresent facts,” I’m surprised this Kickstarter project has been allowed to go forward.

Personally, I’ve never contributed to a project on Kickstarter, but if were going to, the first thing I would ask would be: where’s my money going? The project page says that the book is finished and ready to print and also claims that the “publisher” is ready to release the book sometime in 2015. In light of that, I have to ask: where’s the money really going on this one?

Pledging the $40 gets you a copy of the book, which is what it would cost after publication anyway. Essentially, participating in the Kickstarter just means paying for the book in advance, rather than on the day it ships. Assuming Jacobs Brown is just Cushman Osborn (and it most probably is), they don’t seem to be cheating anyone out of any money; it just reduces their initial outlay for publishing and advertising by having interested readers prepay.

Well that settles it. What exactly does the Kickstarter page mean then when it says, “Jacobs Brown Press has decided to delay publication until sometime in 2015 to allow more fans to discover Season One and Season Two. Author Marc Cushman wants it out sooner, and so do many who have already read Season One and Season Two.”

I’d be wary before giving this guy anymore money.

#27: Really? Godwin’s law already?

Who cares if it is self-published or not? WTF does that matter at all? Man, you guys really do need a life.

Also, the reason overseas shipping is not available is because of the crappy way Kikcstarter limits shipping to a single flat fee, something they are going to be changing, but don’t yet.

And Kmart, you seem to be the ONLY person claiming the books are inaccurate, while every single living TOS luminary backs them.

Where is the money going? Well, if you give $40 you get an autographed, hardcover copy of the book. I don’t know what they will cost post-Kickstarter, but probably about that.

For you guys outside the US I am sure the book will be made available at some point. It’s pity you have to wait, but unless you have a friend with a US address I don’t see any options.

What happens if we pledge and they don’t reach their goal?

I care about the self publication aspect because it’s a flat out lie that there’s a publisher here calling the shots. There isn’t. Cushman probably can’t afford to print up the books, so he’s doing this, with the “Jacobs/Brown” front, which as established, is Marc Cushman. He couldn’t do print to order? He really needs $20,000? Where is that money going?

Oh and the errors in these books are well documented online.

35. paustin

When any Kickstarter campaign fails to reach it’s goal all pledges are cancelled. No one is charged for anything.


The Phase II campaign catered for shipping items outside the USA. They just stated how much would be added for postage.

The first two are the best available books on the making of TOS. Period! Ask David Gerrold. Anyone who hasn’t read the first two yet are missing out- big time! I’m doing my part to get the Season 3 book ASAP by joining the Kickstarter.

You need to learn to demonstrate some critical faculties about this. Just because Gene Roddenberry just suddenly reanimated and told you to jump in the lake, would you?

The errors and oversights are significant in ANY making-of book, but in one purporting to be straight from the horses’ mouths, it becomes a failing of greater magnitude, one that deserves to be exposed and discredited.

The evidence just on this page that Cushman is apparently Tyler Durden (and hiding the fact) should be one red flag. The information that folks who are serious about journalistic accuracy are bringing up his errors and how he has ‘spun’ facts is another red flag. And it isn’t like this is with a reason why attached, either — it is hard to understand his motivation for putting forth stories that DON’T match the actual memos and scripts, it seems like extra work, especially when he could just reprint the memos instead of mis-summarizing them.

The black flag is how you keep looking around all these issues to get your trek fix.

# 36 John Carter

Where does the money go? Are you a freaking moron? It goes to getting the book printed. These books retail for $ 30. Add $ 10 for shipping and you get the $ 40 that the Kickstarter is asking.

# 40 kmart

The only thing well documented is that everyone who actually was there when TOS was made says these books are the best and most accurate version of what happened. They are all based on interviews and actual memos which Cushman had access to.


One last time, because there is a limit even for me when it comes to educating folks who just Don’t Want To Know.

The memos are available for inspection, how do you think the real scholars (the ones who are finding all this stuff he screwed up on) came by their info, which they have circulated by sending copies of the actual memos? The actual people may or may not remember what they wrote, but the files paint their own picture.

Have you ever interviewed somebody about an ancient event, then shown them what they said about the same event back at the time of it? It can be amazing how most people freak out when faced with evidence of their own faulty memory (and equally amazing how some people can remember with precise matching detail, and can give even more info when prompted.)

Over the last 20 years or so, I’ve inteviewed a LOT of people who worked on TMP on the vfx end (on the order of 30-35, I’d say), and only about a dozen have really been consistent in their recollections, and that is going back in time a lot less than this TOS stuff.

Now if you’re going to argue that the memos themselves are cover your ass maneuvers, you calll everything into question as to veracity.

But if you support the paper trail, then when somebody blatantly disregards it and is acclaimed as a historian as a result of his misrepresentation, then you have to call foul. And again, that isn’t EVEN getting into the ethical issues of the image pilfering done by the book production person (not sure whether to call him an author or a producer or a publisher, or which alter-ego is at fault), which by itself was enough to get me to pass on this series of highly-anticipated books way back when, even though I was desperate to see the info he had access to.

Do you think I ENJOY badmouthing stuff like this? It makes me sick to think that Pioneer Press’ unauthorized books seem like the most honest books on TREK, once you look at MOST of what came from Pocket and then these things. Hopefully the creaturefeatures TMP book will add to the short list of real keepers, but it has apparently been delayed another month or more (gnashing of teeth), on a boat that is I guess well away from the mainland as of the end of Oct — which is after the book was supposed to have shipped.)

This kickstarter thing reeks to me of producers preselling a movie and being in the black before it is even finished (sometimes even made.) If the author is representing himself as wanting the book out this year and representing that the publisher (who is the same person if you look up the stuff folks posted above) has a different view, then that calls a LOT of stuff into question, and not just about the offering, but the folks eagerly embracing it.


Kudos on your sly username, which provides even more backstory on Mr Cushman (I kept wondering where I had heard it previously, must have been MemoryAlpha!)

kmart, can you provide an example(s) where Cushman has made factual error(s)? I’ve read the first two books and I’ve seen a lot of typos, but no actual errors as far as I can tell.

kmart, can you provide documentation for you assertion that Cushman made factual errors when reporting about “The Doomsday Machine?” I am not saying you are wrong, I just like to read all sides of an argument before making any decisions.

#41 Geral..I mean ST1701

I’m not a “freaking moron” thank you very much. I’m a person who reads TrekMovie daily and values the news it brings me. However, this Kickstarter is rubbing me the wrong way. It’s bilking fans, plain and simple, and I hate to see a site I love fall for this sort of thing and even endorse it.

As I’ve stated, if Cushman was upfront with a print on demand model, you’d be correct. $40 would seem to be about the right price I guess for a 700+ page hardback book. I don’t have any expertise in the field of publishing, but let’s go with that, based on the price of the previous books.

It comes back to this question: why the need to raise $20,000? Marc Cushman has definitively been proven to be the publisher. What does he mean when he says he wants them out this year but the publisher wants them out in 2015 (which at this point is only two months away)? I have a theory, but no real answers. I’m guessing he’s sitting on a pile of unsold season 1 and 2 books and is looking to recoup that cost and do a print on demand for season 3 instead. He’s just not being honest about that. And is it the fans problem if that is the reason he needs the money?

And here’s the sad part. I love the original series. I’m the target audience for these books. But I refuse to be suckered in by the Cushman Kool-Aid. He’s been dishonest since day one with these books.

John Carter, I am 100% neutral on this topic, but I can’t see how I am being “bilked” by pledging $40 to get a book I want. It will give me serious reading pleasure for about two nights and will most likely never ben read again.

I feel there is no shame in self-publishing but I agree that if it is being done we should know that.