Watch: Stephen Colbert’s Star Trek Solution To Midterm Election Boredom (w/ Help from George Takei)


Stephen Colbert once again showed his love for Star Trek on last night’s The Colbert Report with an extended comparison between the episode "A Taste of Armageddon" and next week’s midterm elections in the US, and he also got a hand from George Takei. Watch it below.

Colbert’s Taste of Midterm Armageddon With George Takei

Last night Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report featured Stephen Colbert taking a lesson from the Star Trek TOS episode "A Taste of Armageddon" on how America could have computers simulate our elections instead of the bother of actually voting. George Takei was beamed in to set him straight. Watch it below.


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I am not Herbert

EGG-cellent… ;-)

Colbert RULES!! =D

I am not Herbert

…and cue the political gripes…

…now… ;-)

I am not Herbert

btw: I already voted: democrat =D


He’d better take his “Starries” jokes with him to CBS, that’s all I can say!

*smile* It’s always nice to see how much TOS permeates the culture.


I found a youtube video:

The one in the article is blocked for me.

The Rolling Death Star

@ #3 I am not Hebert

We all make mistakes.

GOP 2014!

OK guys no partisan politics please


Did George get arrested – that sure sounded like a community service spot?

Legate Damar

So, can we now stop arguing about whether we are Trekkies or Trekkers, and just call ourselves Starries?

Just Another Salt Vampire

@8. I find your Starries designation illogical. I am a Starrer.


Star light, star bright….


Good bit!

Fish and Chips for Supper

The rampaging Colbert!


@ 14. Anthony Pascale – October 31, 2014

“OK guys no partisan politics please”

But the article/video is about the midterm elections!!

Captain Dunsel

Politics: From the Latin “poly” meaning “many”, and “ticks” meaning “bloodsuckers”


Yea! No partisan politics! You’re not a walking news program, right? ;p

Marja, feeling feisty today

Haha, I thought Diebold already pulled that “similitude of voting” in 2004.

Marja, repentant

14 AP, Sorry, I posted that before I looked back thru the comments ….


10, LOL

Only problem is we might be confused with fans of That Other Big “Star” Franchise

15, LOL!

Daoud, The Sinfonian Party

I prefer tripartisanship. Try having a party on every ship!


@Anthony Pascale,

Seriously ?

I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess!


LOL: George Takei just delivered a William Shatner speech!

It was like the continuation of Kirk’s speech at the end of “The Omega Glory”…


Okay, where did Takei’s ‘oh my’ come from? Did he do it before Shatner did it in Generations?


@ 19. Jack – November 2, 2014


add the “h” at the begining.

I am not Herbert

…well, it’s official: americuh (as a whole) is stupid, selfish, and hateful… =(

thanks koch brothers! =(

Keachick (Rose)

#24 – I don’t think so. The first time I recall hearing that expression from a Trek star was from William Shatner playing prime James T Kirk whose last words were, “Oh my!” I think that George Takei has *misappropriated* prime Kirk’s dying words.