Ohio State Marching Band Does Impressive Star Trek-themed Halftime Show


Fans in the Ohio State University stadium were treated to an out of this world halftime show last weekend, which heavily featured music and imagery from the new Star Trek films. See the full show on video below.

Marching Band Tribute to Trek
The Ohio State Buckeyes dedicated last weekend’s halftime show to all things outer space. The show opened with the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which quickly morphed into the theme from the new Star Trek movies. Along with the impressive score, the marching band formed some familiar shapes on the field: from the Trek delta (although, nitpick, they formed a TNG com-badge), to the Enterprise herself, to a large hand whose fingers spread apart to make the Vulcan salute. Pretty much the best halftime show ever!



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Very cool!

Cool anyone send this to Bob Orci?

I love this! Just shows you how much Trek is still in the national consciousness. As Picard might have said to his flute, “Make it blow!”


“from the Trek delta (although, nitpick, they formed a TNG com-badge)”

What seems to be the problem, Kayla ?

Love this! It’s great to see how Trek is still in the national consciousness. As Picard might have said to his flute, “Make it blow!” (I know…bad pun…!)

I’m a former band member from the early 80’s. So glad you included this. They did something similar in 2012 but this performance was much more effective!

Music to my ears!


I was impressed.

But did the Marching Band Refuse to Yield?

That was awesome…

What dedication and precision!

I wonder: does Ohio State pick… COOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! as the supplier of all its musical instruments?

(Yes. I did steal that joke from Rifftrax. Someone’s bound to, sooner or later.)

Its the JJ-Prise

Holy Smokes! That is some amazing coordination!

Most impressive! Most illogical, but most impressive!

That was pretty cool

Nice job! Some one there is fan.

ok, even as a michigan fan and alum, i have to admit that was cool.


Hear the roar of the crowd when they form the outline of the Starship Enterprise! Trekkers are everywhere! And the cheers are even louder for the “Vulcan Salute”!

First!!! They Boldly Marched Where No Band Has Gone Before!

Let me be the first to say…the nacelle caps are completely wrong! :) That’s cool though! Not that they would ever do it at a sporting event around here lol.

Ohio State has always had the best marching band!

Awesome!! Loved it

Michael Giacchino is the king!!!

Not too bad for a marching band. I like that the Michael Giacchino theme is so widely appreciated. It has grown on me so much that I identify that as a Star Trek theme equally as much as the Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith main themes.

Awesome! Loved it :)

Sorry came back an hour later and my comment wasn’t there!

Terrific performance from the OSU Marching Band!

As a long-time marching band geek (Marching Illini!) and Star Trek fan, I got chills when hearing the new Star Trek theme, and the imagery was just brilliant. OSU “brings it” every week, this this performance was a real standout.

I was impressed.


Sorry for the double post. I guess I was “doubly impressed” …

Is it silly that this kind of thing STILL gives me chills after nearly 50 years!

Okay. The Vulcan salute was pretty cool.


Star Trek rox my sox!

I’m glad it’s getting more love.

Loved it! Also loved how the crowd cheered on seeing the ship and salute animated!

Don’t be too nitpicky, as it’s not a com-badge at all, but the delta from Star Trek The Motion Picture. :) http://www.roddenberry.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/c/o/cos005_1_1.png

As a Uof Michigan graduate, this is really cool

That’s some fine flying formations there.

Cool! My opinion of marching bands was negative before this, they upped it to zero. (sorry, just hate marching bands. And yes, Thanksgiving morning is painful for me as the wife HAS to watch the parade while preparing)

That was very cool.

The crowd really cheered when they did the Vulcan salute.

Put ’em in the movie. Shat can be drum majorette.

Wow, that was pretty awesome! The cheers that went up when the band formed the Enterprise made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Forget about Star Trek…. that band is outrageously talented.

That is some incredible organizational and staging skills for a state football game.

They put North Korean soliders to shame.

We did this years ago, including forming the Enterprise on the field, in the USC Trojan Marching Band, and we had Nimoy, Kelly, Koenig, and Doohan there too.

Looks like Ohio State ripped us off.

That’s epic work!

It was not the TNG badge, but the TMP one also used on the dress uniform in STID ;)

Very cool. Thanks for sharing Kayla.