TNG Season 7 Blu-ray – Gag Reel teaser


Check out a selection of the TNG Season 7 Gag Reel from the upcoming Blu-ray release, thanks to Uproxx, after the break.

‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Season 7 will be available in the US next Tuesday, December 2

For more see our release announcement article with all the details.

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Gonna buy S7 on day one! Can’t wait to see it and be the 1st my ST series collection to actually be complete!

Met Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton at NYCC last month. Got pictures, too. Frakes was hysterical. Saw the gathering, moderated by Mr. William Shatner. Amazing! I so love Star Trek TNG. Can’t wait for Season 7!!!

Glad to see they are selling the next-gen by hyping the bloopers.

Hopefully these are fully loaded.

Maybe Patrick Stewart learned his quadruple-take chops by studying Frakes in this reel.

Those were hilarious!!

I’m still praying for DS9!!!

I can’t wait for these to be released in ULTRA 4K FORMAT!!!!!!! That way we can have them on VHS, DVD, Bluray, ULTRA 4K, and the ULTIMATE version:
Clones in costume re-enacting the show in your living-room on holographic sets.

Some serious brightness & contrast needs adjusted on the main article image.

Might get more views that way!

@6 THX-1138,

Well if you want it on 4K then you shouldn’t buy these. I give them 2 years before they release on 4K for ever growing living room screen sizes. I couldn’t believe when I saw a 70″ TV at Costco on sale for $800. All they have to do is prepare a new transfer since their master is now 8K I think?

As for clones, you’ll have a bit of a wait. What you might see in about 15 years is a complete re-rendering of the live action in CGI. On Cosmos, I heard the statistic that in less than 10 years computer processing power will be at a point where it can produce photorealistic video indistiguishable from the real thing. So it would not be unreasonable to expect them to use such technology to create 3D and eventually holographic versions of the most successful franchises. And then after that, new original episodes using acting and speech algorithms. I’d hate to be the poor engineer that has to write the Shatner programming.

Curious. Perhaps, by then, we could be the new Shat!

9. TrekMadeMeWonder

Shatner gets re-lifed in the style of Peter F Hamilton’s books and stars in a new Prime (excuse the pun!) timeline series set in the 26th century!!! ;)

Actually, given the Nu-Trek films have effectively banished death (through Khan’s blood) and made intergalactic travel feasible (through transwarp beaming,) there’s no reason not to have a centuries-old Nu-Kirk and Nu-Picard in a far future Trek film. ;)

8. Curious Cadet

The new TNG masters created by CBS Digital are just HD (1920 x 1080). And it’s important to point out that the film stock used on the show really wasn’t capable of 4K resolution. The vast majority of it is more like 2.5K according to information available from Kodak. :)

Well, I was just joking. As much as I love TNG I’m going to have to put down the “upgrade my viewing experience crack-pipe” and be content with having all of them on DVD and *gasp* VHS.

11. Justin Olson said: ‘The new TNG masters created by CBS Digital are just HD (1920 x 1080). And it’s important to point out that the film stock used on the show really wasn’t capable of 4K resolution. The vast majority of it is more like 2.5K according to information available from Kodak. :)’

Which is why I’m perfectly happy to buy most TV shows on iTunes HD rather than Blu-ray! have seasons 1-6 on sale right now for only $30 each! I’m gonna have to pick them up!!

13 is thar,

t why the wcreen cap above sucks so bad?

Figured there would be a Star Wars trailer news story here considering its a JJ project. Then we could all complain about how underwhelming it looks!

TUP, it doesn’t look underwhelming but it is frustrating. I was on the defense big time for JJ during his Trek run. Now, the teaser comes out and I’m so angry about his attention to detail with Star Wars. Yes I know, they weren’t rebooting it, or creating an alternate universe, but it’s beyond frustrating to feel that more care could’ve been given to Trek. I don’t even mind the alternate universe part of it, I really dont. But Trek is the other biggest scifi franchise ever, she deserved more respect. Especially in the 2nd film.

16. Ha. It was pretty uninformative. But there was nothing overtly horrible. And none of Lucas’ post-1990 signature fill-the-frame-with-as-much-various-pointless-animated-crap-as-possible.

I hope the next Trek’s keep at least some of JJ’s energy and visual style. And I hope Bob knows that we get that these big-budget action movies have to be easy to comprehend for a general audience and thus have to rely, to a point, on movie tropes and screenwriting conventions. We just want us a story that makes sense.

I still think Trek 09 is a great movie, for an origin story. STID, apart from being an excuse to shoehorn in a modern Khan tat was really just a reference of teh first,, a demo-reel of various other Star Trek references, and a really obvious, toothless reference of anti-war on terror tweets… was kind of pointless. They tried to make it be about all sorts of stuff, sure, but really it wasn’t. In other words, tell a great story, please.

I like Star Wars but , my God, is Star Trek dead?

Contrast the two franchises right now and a Star Trek fan would cry until he fell to sleep… It is sad really. Star Trek Into Darkness is totally void from the consciousness for me unfortunately.

I wouldn’t say dead. There just isn’t any news. Look at what happened when the Shatner news leaked – that’s a good example that Trek is very much alive as a major franchise.

As for the Wars trailer, I thought it was very underwhelming. Not showing even a glimpse of anything related to the originals was a mistake in my opinion. But as little faith as I have in JJ I do have in Kasdan so the writing should at least be good.

@19 TUP “Not showing even a glimpse of anything related to the originals”

TUP, I think the message is “you’re going to have to buy a ticket to see any of that!”

folks, it’s called a TEASER for a reason. Stop acting like it’s the last trailer they’ll ever put out for the thing!

@19 TUP “Not showing even a glimpse of anything related to the originals”

X-Wings, Rebel Pilot, Millenium Falcon, TIE Fighters, Storm Troopers, vast deserts (potentially tataouine), a lightsaber

@21 I think glimpses of stormtroopers, droids, X-Wings, Tie Fighters and the Millennium Falcon show several glimpses of things related to the originals.

I’m kind of sad JJ Abrams left Star Trek to do these movies but I think he’s right for them.

20. Matt B – November 29, 2014
I like Star Wars but , my God, is Star Trek dead?

Pretty much, yeah. And will be for the forseeable future.

21. TUP

It did have the great Williams score, troopers, droids, and of course, the Falcon.

11. Dom

I recall a Next Gen episode warning about too much Warp speed destroying the galaxy. A good subplot may be that early overuse of Transwarp beaming and advanced and unstable warp drives could be a theme in the nu treks. Perhaps the Federation in its attempt to stave off a future Klingon / Romulan war would try and “use it while they still can” in an effort to “win one for the Piker” to “achieve peace in our times.”

Kirk realizes, perhaps too late, that it will take “every man” to save the Federation. This means the he has to face the decision to open Khan up again when the Federations battles do not go as easily as planned.

@21 Considering the source, I’m not surprised you’re bitching about the SW trailer. Knowing that you and the other members of the terrific trio had your ‘good movie’ checklist out, I’m not sure just how much you were expecting to see in 60 seconds anyway……

@28, Considering the source of your post Im not surprised you’re being a internet prick. probably wiping the drool from your mouth as you do so.

I found the trailer underwhelming. is that not allowed? What is your checklist for a good trailer? JJ produced so it must be great? Star Wars so it must be great. Sorry chump, if cool music and fast cuts impressed me as easily as it seems to impress you (and my dog who’s ears will perk up for the same things, but she also licks her junk and eats cat crap) then I likely wouldnt even post here, I’d just sit in my basement and stare at the lights while spinning in my chair.

Satire aside, the people that cant intelligently debate an issue usually resort to being critical of the poster (whereas people like me can do both). Its hilarious when I post something negative about STID and the reply is that I just hate ‘NuTrek” or I hate JJ or I hate Bad Robot or I hate Trek. When none of that is remotely true. Its like the idiots who think you can only like TOS or TNG but not both.

Grow up.

If you liked the trailer, great. Quite honestly, I choose the word underwhelming because I expected to be overwhelmed. And its not a matter of “they didnt show enough” so that the doofus’s can scream “its a teaser, what did you expect”. They showed footage. They shouldnt have if they werent prepared to make a more interesting trailer.

The teaser for Trek 09 was magnificent in its reletive simplicity, showing us absolutely nothing about the new movie (other then the construction of the Enterprise which had little to do with the film), showed us no characters, showed us no scenes. Just the construction which hinted at a more Earth-based and realistically grounded vision and Nimoy’s voice over which obviously was the “chills factor” for the fans.

There was nothing “bad” about the Wars teaser, just nothing overly good. Spinning ships dont impress me at this stage. In fact, it hints at over-done effects. In the original, they would have had the Falcon simply swoop by and it would look cool. Now it has to do 50 barrel roles and flip upside down, inside out and whatever else just because.

The voice over could hint at something great or it could hint at the exact same issue STID had and thats casting a great actor to deliver a phoned in performance. The voice had words and inflection that was meant to give you the chills but it didnt at all.

Let me hear Vader’s breathing subtly. Show me a close up of Luke’s face with his eyes opening as the VO says there has been an awakening…show R2D2…something that tells us this film is about the Star Wars saga and not some prequel-like kiddie film.

So in closing, yes the trailer was fine. Yes it was underwhelming. Yes it did nothing to restore my faith in JJ. And yes, I have faith because I trust Kasdan’s writing and Kennedy’s control.

A great science fiction short film.

29. Mel


I hope Trek is able to stand on its own two feet by the time the teaser for the movie comes out. I mean it’s going to be the 50th Anniversary film and it makes me wonder how much press JJ will do being the producer or if he’ll leave it to Bob. Star Wars looks great, it brought back all of the nostalgia that I had for that franchise and although I feel like the date that JJ ditched before the prom, I’m glad he’s been able to work on the film that he really does love. It can only mean big things for scifi (which I’m guessing will take over the superhero movie trend after its release).

It might be a good thing to have Shatner in the next film with Nimoy as a bit Trek’s own nostalgia after 50yrs.

As far as the questions concerning the life of the franchise, I don’t think Trek will be able to fully thrive until the issues revolving around licensing are fixed. Paramount and CBS have to work something out because that’s the only way that the franchise is going to successfully move forward in the 21st century. I look at what Disney is doing with Star Wars and now with Marvel and they have a real plan for success. If Trek is going to continue its franchise with merchandise, video games, etc then they’re going to have to do better. Could easily do a NextGen console game/computer sequel to Bridge Commander set in TOS era. Or a Mass Effect style game. You go in a bookstore and it’s like Trek is short on books as well compared to the massive Star Wars section. There’s just so many opportunities that arent being used. But that’s just my opinion there.

31. PEB – December 1, 2014

Very much agree with you. Disney is doing it right. Trek is pretty much dwarfed by all things SW even now, and as the Wars Rebels TV show grows in popularity, the new film and the proposed stand-alone movies come to pass along with all their merchandising, spinoffs, etc., I don’t see Trek having much of a chance to become really-buzz-worthy or have any further longevity of any note.

Our favorite franchise just isn’t being handled with the proper care or respect, in my opinion. So very underutilized, and underfunded. I’m afraid this anniversary is going to amount to not much more than a whisper.

Was my post deleted or in limbo? I thought it was pretty epic ;-)


Can’t we be positive for a change? Gosh, the same moaning was happening here for two and a half years before Into Darkness, and it made nearly half a billion dollars worldwide.

Trek isn’t and has never been Star Wars, or The Avengers or Transformers and it’s likely never going to be…and that’s okay…

@TUP. While I have often disagreed with you I have never felt you to be a person who just hates to hate. That said, I have to disagree with you once more, while there are things in the SW trailer that give me pause, like the second most dangerous to the user lightsaber design since Darth Maul’s saber-staff, overall it left me more hopeful for the film than I was before.

Hey, I’m the most cynical bastard on the planet, but in the new Star Wars trailer, when it cuts to the Millennium Falcon streaking through the sky, with the classic SW music to go with it, I felt a real thrill cut through me.

21. TUP – November 29, 2014

As for the Wars trailer, I thought it was very underwhelming….But as little faith as I have in JJ I do have in Kasdan so the writing should at least be good.

I agree.

True that it’s just a “teaser,” but why not include a drop indicating what the movie is “about.” Watching that teaser, the first thought that came to mind was Nick Meyer’s comment about ST09 and STID—I couldn’t tell what the point of the new Star Wars movie is, other than just to make another Star Wars movie because that’s why Disney bought the franchise.

I also agree that Kasdan is the best hope for the new SW movie having any depth to it, though my expectations are still pretty low.

38. Harry Ballz – December 1, 2014

Hey, I’m the most cynical bastard on the planet, but in the new Star Wars trailer, when it cuts to the Millennium Falcon streaking through the sky, with the classic SW music to go with it, I felt a real thrill cut through me.

Me too, and that’s why they put that scene in the teaser.

But what it also suggests to me—the teaser being all sizzle and no steak—is that this is a JJ Abrams movie, after all. Maybe Kasdan wrote a good story with a good theme and maybe it’ll get through JJ’s superficial mentality and make it onto the screen.

Or, maybe the new SW movie will be lots of cool shots of the Millennium Falcon, X-Wings, Tie-Fighters, light sabers, blasters and so on, punctuated by *emotional* scenes that don’t really mean much in any greater context, within or without the story. In other words, it’ll be Disney’s Star Wars, a JJ Abrams movie.

BTW, I’ll just mention Interstellar here for the sake of comparison because, as far from perfect as that film is, at least it tried to be meaningful. And it was at least as visually thrilling and compelling in terms of action as ST09 and STID, if not more so (and I do think more so). I’d say that Nolan’s reach exceeded his grasp with Interstellar—his concept/vision was too ambitious for his writing ability (rather like Shatner with STV). And I’d love to see what someone like Nick Meyer could do to supplement and organize Nolan’s script into a thematically cohesive story. But, dammit, at least Nolan tried to show us something deep and meaningful about humanity in his movie, and in certain, limited respects, I feel that he did.

Yeah, yeah, the new SW movie will have plenty of lasers and explosions and cool spaceships zooming about. And just as with the BR Trek movies, the rich history of the SW franchise will do the bulk of the heavy lifting for Abrams. All it takes is the John Williams score and the Millennium Falcon zooming about, and look at how excited we get.

But, some steak with the sizzle—is that really too much to ask? Maybe Kasdan will give it to us; maybe it won’t get through JJ’s lack of vision (and I don’t want to pay for JJ’s lack of vision, I don’t care what the Emperor says). I’m managing my expectations. Call me cynical call me a hata. Wha’ eva, I do what I want. And I’m tired of feeling ripped off by the lame action movies being served up by the JJ’s, the Michael Bays and other well-connected Hollywood pander bears.

“Is there no place for the man with the 105 IQ?”

I wanted to like or love the new Star Wars trailer, but I didn’t.

I don’t want to say anything bad about the SW trailer, but I did expect more.

Perhaps I’m at a stage in life where no movie, however, great, is going to make me anticipate it as much as I did, say, 20 years ago.

But you can take it from me: I didn’t think JJ did a great job with the trailer, if he indeed anything to do with it.

I can’t help feeling what I feel. I think that JJ probably went to the SW franchise thinking it would be a terrific advancement for him.

So, whatever. It is what it is. The SW movie will probably be better, but the trailer, to me, was a letdown. A tempest in a teapot.


I meant to write, “however great”

“if he indeed had anything”

As corrected.

IMdB related one thing that it was really weird about ST3, a guy named Marcos Arias.

Literature for Star Trek 3 (2016) More at IMDbPro »
Marcos Arias. “Star Trek Multronic Incident”

If there was a 100%, insiders tip, bet the farm, sure thing, it would be that TUP, Cygnus, and Ahmed would declare their disappointment in the SW teaser, by virtue of the fact that JJ’s name is on it. And right on cue, you guys never fail to disappoint – based on 60 seconds of images. My only question is…what took you guys so long?

Yeah, you’re that predicable. Next up will be volumes 1-48, deconstructing the trailer, with neat tie ins as to why JJ is solely responsible for the destruction of modern entertainment in the 21st century.

@Phil, 44, I just wanted to say that I like JJ and I don’t have a severe problem with his joining the SW franchise, although yes, I am am disappointed that he didn’t seem to stick with his “no, I’m not going to go over to SW” statement that he made before doing so. A man has to do what he has to do to advance his career, not to mention feed his family. And JJ’s still associated with ST although not as a director.

It’s just that I did expect more than what I saw in the trailer, that’s all.

The Millennium Falcon was fine. I liked that. But the landspeeder was too bulky and took away from my vision of what SW was supposed to be like. The R2D-ball was cute but sort of gimmicky.

I’m anticipating that the actual movie will be great, however.

And — note well — the font for the subtitle “The Force Awakens” has its own story. A version of that font was used for the Star Trek movies, not to mention the early ads for SW.

Live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.

44 – Phil – Im not sure if you’re joking as some form of amusing troll character of if you’re actually as bitter, angry and out of touch as you seem.

If I took a pile of dog crap and carved JJ’s name in the side of it, you’d happily eat it with a big crap-eating grin on your face. Thats good news for a producer like JJ – he loves guys like you, the “bright lights, loud music” crowd that is easy to please.

What I cant understand is how you can read me write that I actually like some of JJ’s work and yet you disregard it because it doesnt fit your narrative that everyone you disagrees with you is anti-JJ.

Im not anti-JJ. Im anti-crap. Which also makes me Anti-Phil.


Cygnus, agree with much of what you said. The usual trolls read anything but glowing reviews and they get their JJ-emblazened panties in a knot. I didnt dislike the trailer, I just thought it was underwhelming.

I sat in front of my computer for an hour hitting refresh. I wanted to see it so much. I was so excited. When I saw the Trek 09 teaser, I was wow’ed. It told us what the movie was about, it showed us the production values and vision and it gave us the music and the voice of the original cast member. And it was a one-scene teaser.

I just felt the Star Wars teaser was all wrong. The reason it makes me nervous is that if the producers put that together and felt it hit all the notes they wanted to entice viewers, then they are already missing the beat.

If I was the only one who felt that way, so be it. But there is a lot of underwhelmed fans out there. I actually think they showed too much since there was no context for what they were showing.

A “slower” teaser with the voice over, the music, a hint of the original trilogy would have been better. A glimpse of Luke when they say “There has been an awakening” or even placing a glimpse of his face over the line “The Dark Side” or “And the light” (depending on what they want to say about Like) would have spoken volumes about the film.

@ 44. Phil – December 2, 2014

“If there was a 100%, insiders tip, bet the farm, sure thing, it would be that TUP, Cygnus, and Ahmed would declare their disappointment in the SW teaser, by virtue of the fact that JJ’s name is on it.”

I think you’re late for your annual eye exam!

Last time I made a comment on trekmovie was three weeks ago. So unless you managed to see an invisible comment made by me on this thread, I don’t see how you came up with that statement.

As for JJ, he made 4 movies so far, I enjoyed two of them MI3 & ST09 & didn’t like the other two Super 8 & STID. And I’m looking forward to SW 7.

You know, it is possible to enjoy one movie & dislike another movie made by the same director! Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors, yet he made some crappy movies.

btw, this whole “terrific trio” of yours sounds like you are holding grudge against people for disagreeing with your opinion.

You need to chill out & have fun, go to the beach or something :)

PS: Bob, sorry to hear that Matador was axed, I was looking forward to season 2. Must say it was very weird that the network renewed it for a 2nd season & then they changed their mind!!

@37. Who cares

“while there are things in the SW trailer that give me pause, like the second most dangerous to the user lightsaber design since Darth Maul’s saber-staff”

The crossguard lightsaber was a bit silly & impractical but it sure looked cool in that shot.

The new Star Wars title is what is most underwhelming. “The Force Awakens” sounds fanboy-ish.