Bye Bye, Robot Releases Five New Star Trek Fine Art Prints


Independent art publisher Bye Bye Robot, purveyors of “fine art from the future”, have unveiled five new Star Trek posters, available now from some of their favorite returning artists and a few new ones. Check them all out after the jump.

New Star Trek Fine Art Prints
Bye Bye, Robot has made its name in the world of Star Trek art by offering up some truly artistic works. Their prints are something you would be proud to frame and hang in your home (not a pinup in your dorm room) and provide a refreshing alternative to typical “fan art” offerings. Today BBR is announcing the launch of five new Star Trek prints. Included in this release is new artwork representing each of the (live action) Star Trek series ‐‐ Star Trek (The Original Series), Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.

Returning artist, Jeff Foster, offers up two new paintings to all Star Trek collectors. The first, “Uncharted Territory,” is a 16”x24” bold and colorful depiction of the Enterprise NX‐01 in Jeff’s signature Modern Impressionist style.

UnchartedTerritory (1)
Uncharted Territory
24″ x 16″

His second print, “Defiant,” is a 16”x24” turquoise and violet portrayal of Deep Space Nine’s very own U.S.S. Defiant. This print shows the well‐known ship in flight with the turbulence of the region represented in the paint strokes behind it.

16″ x 24″

Our second returning artist, Mark Brayer, unveils his new 16”x24” “Galileo Seven” print for collectors everywhere. This design, the fourth in his line of vintage ships, features the Galileo Seven shuttlecraft from The Original Series episode of the same name. Utilizing his retro book‐cover style, Mark gives the viewer a detailed rendering of the terrain found by
the away mission’s crew after their emergency landing, as well as an up‐close view of the planet’s confrontational inhabitants.

Galileo Seven
16″ x 24″

Bye Bye, Robot is also featuring new artists like Thomas Ziffer, who’s detailed painting “Engage” of TNG’s Captain Picard is a stunning example of his skill with Realism and the airbrush.

24″ x 16″

The second new artist joining the team is Kevin Hopkins, presenting his intricate 18”x24” ship portrait of the USSVoyager. This print entitled “The Long Way Home” features a vibrant ethereal illustration of space behind the ship, as it is in motion, during its singularly important mission.

The Long Way Home
18″ x 24″

All of these new works are printed on heavyweight 10pt cardstock (not flimsy, thin poster paper). Which one is your favorite?



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I want to hang the Picard portrait on my ceiling over my bed,

Huh! “Bye Bye, Robot”… Is that prophetic?!? ;-)

nice art BTW! =)

I like #1, NX-01. Very well-rendered and artistic.

The Defiant — as a starship — is the most unfortunate design ever. Here it looks like a UFO, albeit on a beautifully-painted canvas.

“Galileo Seven” — is that a comic book cover?

Picard — I’ve seen equally fantastic fan art, so let’s not knock fan art, mmmkay?

Voyager — a beautiful rendering too, though it suffers only from my taste in Trek shows. VOY was not my favorite.

And I know it’s their opinion and their choice of name, but I think the company is doing a bit too much of a “diss” with their name. I think something celebrating the Trek shows would’ve been MUCH more appropriate. Just sayin’.

Well, I own an art gallery and I know a thing or two about art, let me tell you…..

I think the Voyager is my fave. I also own a custom frame shop and I know a thing or two about framing these, let me tell you.
No, seriously, I can frame these.

Anthropologists on Wednesday said they had found the earliest engraving in human history on a fossilized mollusk shell some 500,000 years old, unearthed in colonial-era Indonesia.

pretty cool! =D

OK, not Herbert, I am freaking out a bit. Look at the second picture in your link and tell me that shell doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to the Primary hull of Voyager.

Marvel just officially announced Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange.

“…the Galileo Seven shuttlecraft from The Original Series episode of the same name.”

Wait. No! The Shuttlecraft was simply named “Galileo”. The episode title (THE Galileo Seven) refers to the seven crewmembers ABOARD the shuttlecraft.

Unfortunately the artist got that wrong as well…

THX-1138: indeed… ;-)

Who cares: “Benedict Cumberbatch is Doctor Strange” SWEET!!! =D

Come on CBS! make Star Trek your Marvel!!

AXANAR for the 50th! =D

I believe the Galileo was shuttlecraft #7 on the ship. Notice the registry number on it is always “NCC-1701 / 7”

The Picard one should really be on black velvet.

JAGT – Epic fail on your part. Better brush-up on Star Trek history… or watch that episode.

hmm – ok, not for me I guess. Must be art…

The Galileo 7 one rocks. I totally want that on my wall!

I also like the Defiant one, but enough to buy it.


According to Collider, Bob is no longer directing the film but it will still be using the script penned by him and others.

At this point no reason was given as to why.

@13 Mike Barnett: Well… no. The shuttlecraft in the episode is named Galileo, the fact that its registry is 1701 / 7 changes nothing about that. And the episode is about the seven people who were aboard the Galileo, thus: The Galileo Seven.

As someone who owns a few fairly expensive science fiction art prints, I find these offerings really wretched. They just fundamentally don’t get what I want.

Go look at Acme’s Star Wars archives, or Mondo, and see what they’ve done. Stop doing weird crap.

2. Bye, bye Robot? Prophetic? The next day Orci gets the ax. I sense time travel conspiracy. This should be right up Orci’s alley.