Is Jonathan Frakes The Man To Make Star Trek 3 So? #BringInRiker Campaign Hopes So


In the wake of the news that Roberto Orci would not, as had previously been announced, be directing the 13th Star Trek movie, rumors are flying across the Internets about why he left and who might replace him. One dedicated group of fans believes that with this particular captain out of his chair, we should promote the first officer to take his place.

Twitter Campaign to #BringInRiker
Under the hashtag #BringInRiker, dozens of Trek fans started tweeting yesterday to recruit Jonathan Frakes to take over. While many of the tweets are aimed @jonathansfrakes, the “father, husband, director, and reformed actor” has not responded (at least not yet). His most recent tweet is a Nativity scene of him and his beloved Imzadi as Joseph and Mary:

Few people understand Trek as well as Frakes does. He is the only actor to have appeared as the same character in all four of the modern Trek series (if you count Thomas Riker). He has 16 directorial credits to his name, including of course First Contact, which – at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes – is the second-best reviewed film in the franchise.

More than any other member of the Trek family, Frakes seemed to be the protégé of Gene Roddenberry (with whom he shared a birthday) and talks with more personal fondness about The Great Bird of the Galaxy than anyone else. In an editorial last year, one Trek Movie writer suggested that the best person to resurrect the franchise on TV would be Frakes himself.

Orci, who had previously been screenwriter and producer to the 11th and 12th Trek films, was announced to take the director’s chair left vacant when JJ Abrams was beamed over to the Star Wars franchise. Edgar Wright’s name has also circulated as one who might replace Orci, given his long collaboration with Simon “Scotty” Pegg, his nerd street cred, and his loss of the Ant Man film project.



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Get Bob back….

I loved both First Contact and Insurrection (though wish Michael Piller’s original script had been used). I think Jonathan Frakes is good for Star Trek. The problem is nobody at Paramount or CBS know Star Trek anymore.

Fingers crossed they won’t change the script or release date. All of this is very concerning news. They were about to enter production… had locations scouted and everything. Would be amazing if JJ could return, now that Star Wars is done shooting…

In a word, no. In two words, hell no.

I’d be fine with him taking over… I love me some Frakes (First Contact is still one of the best ST movies, and he directed some great episodes of TNG and DS9).

Not knowing exactly what happened between Bob and Paramount is troubling. Hopefully it’s not, as some have suggested, a turn away from the space exploration theme that Bob said he was going for.

Losing a director this late in the game is never a sign that a production is going swimmingly. I just hope it turns out, and that whoever they bring in shares the vision that Trek should be about boldly going where no one has gone before.

Yeah I’d be pretty happy with Frakes returning to direct.

First Contact and Insurrection are ace Trek films! So yeah, Jonathan Frakes is qualified for the Directors chair!


Make it so !

Go Jonathan! #BringInRiker

@4 Phil: Why not? Name ONE reason why Frakes shouldn’t direct a ‘Trek film, especially since Bob Orci and Bad Robot are going to be hands-on during the production?

As long as the story is good, I’ve no problem at all with Frakes directing the next Trek movie.

Bring on the Shat.

It’s not going to be Frakes.
Nice try though.

So much YES. #BringInRiker

Let Jar Jar Abrams beat the Star Wars horse to death with Mickey Mouse and let an EXPERIENCED director take the wheel and let Orci watch from the sidelines and take notes.

I will give him big props for First Contact, but after that, it all went downhill… So please, just say no.

If it’s a good script, he could pull it off, easily! I would be a lot more excited if he had some say in the movie..I’m not a fan of the JJverse..It’s alright..But they really need to go back to the Prime universe..I have no problems with Ocri, but would feel better if someone with more directing experience pitched in..
But..It most likely wont happen..I doubt they would ask him to direct..

If wishes were horses..

If we are changing directors, why not bring in Nicholas Meyer?

I’m in favor of it. The franchise needs to be pulled back in from excess. Too much action, not enough good storytelling. A director who can balance out a meatier script would be great! No more retreads of old Trek either. New stories, new adventures, but a director who knows Trek…I’d be all for that!

not likely to happen though, he is a busy man and Im sure dean devlin is working him hard

How could this not be a good idea? The man knows what Star Trek is all about. Plus, no lens flares.

No, I think Frakes would be a terrible mistake. Out of his “Next Gen” comfort zone, his work is mediocre at best. The last feature of any note he directed was the hideous “Thunderbirds”. Here are my recommendations:

Joss Whedon (God, basically, can do no wrong)
Doug Liman (Great action director, understands pace)
Brad Bird (Action, humor, scale)
James Gunn (Humor, action, pace)
Joseph Kosinski (Epic, eye for detail)


@20. Love your choices. Altgough I doubt Whedon would want another Franchise job. Joseph Kosinski would be awsome

Frakes did an excellent job with FIRST CONTACT. My Favorite Next Gen Film!!! He would be a good choice. Unfortunately, Nicholas Meyer probably would not be asked to polish the script for this TREK.

I’m for Joss….

I think Frakes has been out of it too long. He has done great things, but I just don’t know if they give him 150+ million and day “have fun”.

I don’t think its going to happen, but First Contact is one of my favorite films. With the right script he could do well. But again, I don’t think it will happen.

@20 Joseph Kosinski is a cool choice. Oblivion and Tron Legacy were both visually stunning.

How about we get Kevin Smith to come in and Direct the next Star Trek Movie. It would be awesome and we could even have a Jay and Silent Bob Cameo in the movie. SHNOOGANS.

Frakes doesn’t know how to edit a movie to have the pace of current fare.


First officer of Star trek, Best director of TNG movies, right up there with Nicholas Meyer and nimoy!

Simon Jessey – What about Nicholas Meyer?

Frakes is the best choice there is. Hackbhrams and his lackie Orci have ruined Trek, let’s get it back to being actual STAR TREK

I like Frakesey but I doubt he has the chops to do the job anymore – Trek films are bigger than they were in the 90’s – which was why I was surprised Bob got the gig in the first place with NO experience of directing before.

When JJ was announced I didnt think he was a bad choice and I can see someone of Alan Taylor’s ilk being given the job. There are probably a few “unfamiliar” names who have cut their teeth on tv stuff like BSG or Game of Thrones who could do a good job directing.

Many have stated their worries about replacing a director so close to starting but that isnt the issue – its the script really. If its not in good shape or is binned altogether then we do have a problematic project.

Fingers crossed this moves forwards in a positive way.

#4 and #21 said it best.

Jonathan Frakes would be the perfect choice. I have always felt that there should be a new Star Trek TV series with Will Ryker as captain of the starship.

The problem is that everyone is concentrating on the director…..but the director is irrelevant if the script is poor. What about the writer? If Orci is off writing duties then fine, but if he isn’t then any director brought in may still face the challenge of having to polish a turd.

that is sadly and hysterically pathetic… first off that will never happen but just for haha’s if you want a tv movie type of film then yes great idea… bring on the director of such other classics as clockstoppers and thunderbirds and insurrection… omg… some trek fans are so clueless and insulated it’s mind boggling

this comes from a fan of TOS to TNG and DS9 and beyond

I love Jonathan Frakes and I think he did great work on FC and decent with INS although INS was weak in so many other ways. I am bummed that Orci is out because I think he had a lot to prove and would have put his heart and soul into the thing. I think if we were to return to the past that Nick Meyer would be awesome however a lot has changed in HW since his Treks.

I think a guy like Doug Liman would be a great choice and I thought Edge of Tomorrow was really well directed even though the movie did poorly I think that had more to do with Cruise and the poor marketing direction they took with it.

I’m so glad Robert Orci is not directing the new Trek movie. That last one should have been titled Star Trek II: The Wrath of Krap. Let’s hope that whoever gets picked to helm the new movie is prepared to make something that actually feels like good old classic TOS Star Trek.

I’d Love to see Frakes direct Trek 3 — it would be good to have someone who both understands directing *AND* understand Star Trek… Despite the overall selection of some of his moves, he has more than proven to be an awesome director, plain and simple….

I do not think it’s a good idea. Personally I think to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek would have to return to the original what is the true legend and not current because they endure in time.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why does everyone think he’s (Frakes) such a great director?? He directed ONE good Trek film!!


Alex Proyas would be fantastic…

29. Lol! I think Levar or Frakes could bring back the TOS feel unless Nic Meyer wants the helm back.

Well for a movies success a lot of thing have to come together , the story , production, direction, acting, effects, music, promotion..etc etc.. We cant know most of the other factors but we can know what we like in a director and what we dont like…The comment make on polishing a turd however that is never and easy task no matter who is at the helm , so I agree with that.

Frakes is one of the best Trek movie directors, along with Nimoy and Meyer. They can’t go wrong getting any of those three to direct.

33. True although Meyer did seem to be a big voice for WOK and directors do seem to have huge input…perhaps they are like the US President who doesn’t make the laws( in theory) but has allot to say with how the country is run.

Frakes directing, Orci writing, Abrams producing and Shatner appearing – what a way to bring all these worlds together and a gift to the fans for Trek’s 50th.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

How ’bout James Gunn?


Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Jonathan Frakes, but can anyone honestly say he is the best possible choice to direct this film?

For starters he hasn’t directed a major motion picture in a decade. He is also responsible for what in my humble opinion is the worst ST film of them all “Insurection”

I also think it’s a fair question to ask if he even has the know how/technical knowledge to make a modern day blockbuster. Leonard Nimoy is on record as saying he wouldn’t have the know how to make a modern day ST film.

So I ask why Frakes? Surely there are far better choices.