‘Fast and Furious 6’ Director Justin Lin To Direct Star Trek 3


Justin Lin, known for helming ‘Fast and Furious 6’ will take over the director’s chair for Star Trek 3, Deadline is reporting. The announcement comes soon after word that Bob Orci, co-writer of JJ-Trek 1 & 2, stepped down from his directorial debut of the third installment of the franchise, which he also penned.

Trek 3 has a new director
After the announcement that Bob Orci would no longer be manning the director’s chair for Star Trek 3, rumors began flying as to who would take his place. Many questions about the switch remain unanswered, but we finally know who will be the next leader of Trek on the silver screen. Justin Lin, who directed ‘Fast and Furious 6’ has reportedly taken over the role. Deadline is reporting that, although several candidates may have been considered, Lin has officially been offered the position:

several top-ranked filmmakers were in contention, but I’m told that Lin was the only one offered the job. He is available because he was going to direct the sequel to The Bourne Legacy spinoff with Jeremy Renner, but that film got postponed when Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass agreed to do another installment of The Bourne Identity, which Universal wants to come first.

Bob Orci will remain on the project as writer and producer. No word yet on whether any changes to the script have been or will be made, although that seems unlikely this late in the game if Paramount is hoping for a 50th Anniversary 2016 release date.

Rumors are abound that Paramount has expressed a desire for Star Trek 3 to be “more like Guardians of the Galaxy”, which is unsurprising given the films huge international success. But, what does that mean for Star Trek 3, and how might Lin deliver on that? If the rumors are true, you might prepare yourself now for more Keenser, more comedy, and lots of action (perhaps Lin can replace rolling, exploding cars with rolling, exploding shuttlecraft?).

So, what do you think? Are you excited about Justin Lin taking over the movie franchise? Let us know in the comments.



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Hmmmm….having my doubts about this…..

Not normally one to jump to conclusions and definitely not given to hyperbole, but to me this sounds like a serious misstep in the wrong direction.

The fifth and sixth Fast and Furious movies were pretty darn entertaining. He has also directed episodes of “Community” which shows he can do other things too.

I think I’m more curious as to if they are sticking with the original script by Orci,McKay and Payne or if its being re written or thrown out entirely. So many unanswered questions.


As is typical with the rest of society, real intellectually interesting cinema and deep emotional acting is being replaced with cliched gags and silly effects. I couldn’t stand guardians, frankly. RIP Star Trek

Smart move – if they’ve committed to the action-movie direction for Trek, I’m hard pressed to think of someone who makes more sense. His F&F movies were well received and proven box office successes, and he’ll bring some name recognition to boot. Could be just the shot in the arm the movie franchise needs.

Star Trek 2 Fast 2 Furious!

Though I will agree with #3 Platitude that the last Fast and Furious was entertaining and enjoyable. Hopefully they stay away from a Guardians format. No more Keenser nonsense.

It’s like Paramount wants to make absolutely sure the Trek fans know they don’t care about them at all anymore.

Yeah, we’re screwed.


I’m hoping this next film will be better than the last one. I am willing to give Lin a chance. This could go either way-delight or disaster. If it’s true that he’s a fan himself, we might be pleasantly surprised.

The more I think about it, I’m more anxious to see Axanar after watching ‘Prelude to Axanar’. It just blew me away, it is excellent.

If I want to see Fast and Furious, or Guardians of the Galaxy, I’ll go see ’em. I’d prefer some real Trek instead of a re-hash of other franchises.

I’m willing to give this guy a chance. Young minds fresh Ideas.

Oh this is horrible.

He reflects the mindset of Paramount. They want a sci-fi action thriller franchise. And they’ll kill Trek, as we know it, to get there.

Triple-face-palm. :(

Hats off to Justin Lin! Congrats and look forward to see what he does with Star Trek 3!

Oh, boo-hoo, haters. Lin is a great choice and he’s going to make an awesome Trek film. The guy has a great eye and he’ll take things in a new and better direction, so to speak.

Well, if you need a director to helm a mindless, hyper-paced, fast edit, action-oriented explosion fest, then I guess this is who you get.

What a f—-ing disaster!

not excited. quite the opposite. this is exactly the direction Trek 3 SHOULDN’T be going in. They’re trying to make it into a meaningless thrill ride, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars. Damn it.

It’s all in the story. However, maybe there is some infighting between CBS and Paramount over Star Trek — there has been talk. So if the all-action route doesn’t work, there could be a fall back position to TV. I do think they will have to shore up the main characters to keep doing action, though.

Wow, I am deeply shocked and I think I have to bring some distance to my love of trek. I thought the last two movies were great and I loved every trek that was made before. But with this choice my excitement went to zero. At leastStuart baird isn’t the worst trek director anymore.
Bob, if you are doing a trek TV show I will get excited for treks 50th again, but for now, I am out. Is there any dumber movie than the fast and furious movies? Is there any reason left to hope for a good trek movie?

Knows sfx, has proven track record of displaying familial interaction in movies…this could be a great decision

The fact that they chose an action movie director doesn’t lend much hope that we’ll get a SF story for grown-ups next time. Probably more of the last two movies: shoot-em-up trash for teen boys.

This is a talented, sought after Hollywood director. Maybe you guys would be happier with a $14 million budget and a tv movie on VOD. This is a coup for trek and theres no way Bob Orci would stay involved if this wasn’t going to make the 50th anniversary awesome. Remember how everyone hated Daniel Craig’s appointment as Bond? Skyfall was the best bond movie. No one thought nimoy would get comedy and he made the most successful TOS era movie full of comedy. Chill out. If you knew what you were talking about you’d be a producer or director of quality movies yourself.

@ 18. Harry Ballz – December 22, 2014

“Well, if you need a director to helm a mindless, hyper-paced, fast edit, action-oriented explosion fest, then I guess this is who you get.

What a f—-ing disaster!”

Well said, Harry.

Lin may or may not get the job done . . . there are too many other variables at this point to know for sure.

But I will say that what Trek needs is a Kathleen Kennedy-type at the *top* of the food chain–someone genuinely invested in Trek’s long term vision, someone not constantly distracted by other projects, and someone who can serve as a firm hand and guiding presence (kind of like Harve Bennett back in the day) regardless of who goes through the constant revolving door of writers and directors.

Short of this, I don’t know that the other personnel stuff matters as much.

Star Trek III: The Search for Paul Walker

This is an…..interesting choice. I will keep an open mind about it. If he can get Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel to play a Klingon baddie, then I’m all for it!

They could have chosen Michael bay or uwe boll as well…

Ruh roh

So….Bob, about that script….

hell yes, the last two fast and furious movies were awesome. glad he’s in the directors chair.

Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth commence. Yet I don’t think this is necessarily bad news. The studio moved quickly to sign a new director and landed an A-lister who happened to have a hole in his schedule. That shows commitment to a 2016 release (even if it’s probably going to be Christmas 2016 at this point).

If you check out Lin’s imdb listing, you’ll see that he’s done more than the F&F flicks. He co-wrote and directed a well-regarded indie neo-noir thriller, Better Luck Tomorrow. As was pointed out above, he’s directed episodes of Community. And he recently directed episodes for the next season of True Detective. He’s not a one-trick pony. Give the guy a shot.

Y’know, I keep defending Nu-Trek. Even with all of it’s warts, I’m still a believer in “Some new mediocre Trek is better than NO TREK.” But, I’m starting to have my doubts now. I’m sure Lin is a really talented guy, but I have to agree with some folks on here that this may be a bad move for the franchise. Paramount’s “…more like ‘Guardians'” line is bothering me and now this confirms that they’re going for broke on making a Star Trek tent-pole number.

I’m still holding out hope for Orci to produce a new series. But, it seems like it’s more and more unlikely.

Ah…..the Scorpion connection…

Good luck, Mr. Lin. And avoid the message boards.

Here we go! Here come the hate comments! No one is every satisfied. No Trekkie is every satisfied. If it’s not in THEIR vision, Star Trek is dead. I am so sick of hate comments about JJ and anyone who takes the reigns.

Come on people, I loved the new movies. I just don’t understand all this hate, Star Trek will never be like the 60’s again, and I am glad.

Ugh, I am getting sick of the hatred everwhere I GO.

This is great news! I loved “Better Luck Tomorrow.”

@ 32. Lurker – December 22, 2014

“Ah…..the Scorpion connection…”

What do you mean ?

Why would Guardians-style fun (which is also Season 2-3 TOS-style fun) have to involve Keenser? I know, I know: there was that rumour — but I can’t imagine anyone actually thinking “we’ll make Keenser our Groot!/our Rocky” It would be like trying to turn Janice Rand into R2D2 in TMP.

Cool. This will be interesting to see. The FF movies are well-made, fun and make loads of money (and they’ve gotten better since the first — well, except for maybe Tokyo Drift). I don’t think putt

I think Lin will do a fine job. It’s Paramount saying “Make this like Guardians of the Galaxy” that has me worried.

24, Clearly you
a: have never seen FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or the first two-thirds of LICENCE TO KILL;
b: have no taste whatsoever, but probably love and own every flick that makes a billion dollars.

I never heard the Nimoy/no-comedy thing either, and I was reading the SF mags AND the trades back then, so that sounds like a retcon to support your position.

And the last line of your post indicates it isn’t just flawed thinking about films that is your problem but that you have no idea about the way things work in the real world either.

I have an open mind. Remember that Lin also has a gig to helm the two lead off episodes of True Detective Season 2. As a dreary, philosophical show, it will be very interesting to see what he does there. He won’t make it into an action show thats for sure…

So I think Trek 3 will of fine….visually. The trek 3 script I am more concerned about.

…ing Lin in the director’s chair (if they do) is an automatic nose-thumbing to fans. Fast 6 was actually a decent movie.

Ahmed – or somebody – correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t Bob O an exec producer for the tv show Scorpion? Justin Lin is also.

“They want a sci-fi action thriller franchise. And they’ll kill Trek, as we know it, to get there…”

Actually, forget the sci-fi. They want a $$$ action franchise that is incidentally set in space. At least in the low budget, low expectations ($) era of Trek filmamking (1982-2002), the powers-that-be understood Trek well enough to know it would never be the cash cow they’re now trying to make it.

Oh dear. The sinking feeling I got from reading that Paramount are looking for a GAG type future for trek, and a F&F director said it all to me really. What the third film needs is some intelligence, and a story with some depth, but that needs someone with enough guts and clout to stand up to the industry bean counters I’m afraid. I will of course go and see it, but I suspect the future ( and this probably applies to any good movie) lies in the independents and the net….very much looking forward to Axanar.

But Phil honestly, I have never criticized someone in advance. Can you tell me why these are good news? I mean ff is really just dumb isn’t it?

Hey, I just looked up this guy’s bio on IMDB . The only MOVIES he’s done ARE the Fast & Furious garbage!!!


It was going to be an actioner no matter what. Was really hoping Orci would turn in a script with some brain chow included. Now I’ll have to wait and see.

Welcome aboard, Admiral Lin. Hoping for a fun voyage.

boborci, do you want to comment??

At least we have some movement again, and hopefully we can have something in our pocket in time for the 50th anniversary, while keeping Trek alive for more!