BREAKING: Next Star Trek Film Set for July 8, 2016


Paramount has a Christmas present for the fans with the announcement of a release date for the next Star Trek feature film, which is now set for July 8th, 2016.

Star Trek is back – July 8, 2016

According to Variety, Paramount has fixed the release date for the next Star Trek film to Friday July 8th, 2016. This follows yesterday’s big news that Fast & Furious 6 director Justin Lin has signed on to direct the film.

While Paramount has not sent out an official press release, a studio spokesperson has confirmed the date with TrekMovie.

The release date gives Bad Robot and Paramount a bit more than 18 months to make the film. It appears that even with the change of directors from Roberto Orci (who is still on as a producer) Paramount was determined to get the film out in the summer of the 50th anniversary year of the Trek franchise.

The next Trek will break the new tradition of the last two films which both came out in mid May (2009 and 2013), but then again the original plan for Into Darkness was to release it in the first week of July 2012. Currently the weekend of July 8th, 2016 is open, so Trek may have no major competition for the weekend. Disney’s new live-action Tarzan film opens a week before, while the next Bourne movie and Ice Age 5 open the following weekend.

Let the countdown begin

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Star Trek lives!

Awesome news and 18 months to go.

Break a leg to the team in front and behind the cameras!

Make it a 50th to remember.

Who’s writing the script? Team Orci or a brain-dead action formula studio hack?

I am glad they are adamant about getting it out for the 50th. I wonder what else will be in store for the 50th.

A post I wrote on IGN’s announcement of Lin.

At this point my interest is dipping fast. No one wants to do Star Trek, JJ thought it should be more like Star Wars, Paramount CEO wants it to be more like Guardians of the Galaxy. When will those suit monkey realize Star Trek does not have to be like anything except itself. JJ’s Star Wars looks like the JJ style but its still Star Wars, it does not look like it is trying to emulate anything. Guardians of the Galaxy was its own thing. I am hoping that CBS will put out a decent Star Trek TV series and that the CBS executives know that Star Trek has to be its own thing. Regardless I will still give Justin Lin the benefit of the doubt but I have a feeling Lin is going to be to Star Trek 13 what Stuard Baird was to Nemesis, another person who just does not get it. His work on True Detectives does give me a glimmer of hope, its just so difficult to keep the faith. At first I thought how fucked, Star Trek split between two corporations, great, just great. But with Paramounts failure in delivering a Star Trek that does not emulate anything say itself, I am glad there is another half of Star Trek (CBS) that might be able to rekindle its essence.

@3. Michael Stivic.

I too am wondering if the Orci, Payne, McKay script was scrapped or if that was just rumour. Its nice to have a set date but with all we think we know, it seems like a bit of a mess.

i’m looking forward to seeing how this pans out with the new direction and writing.

Now we can chant “please don’t suck” for the next 18 months. :P

We’ll know if Shatner is announced to be in the movie. If he is, then the script is being used. If not, it’s gone.


Happy 50th

YAY! I can’t wait to see what Bob and team wrote for us!


sounds good! looking forward to it!

The reports of Trek’s death have been greatly exaggerated….

Good luck cast and crew!

Good luck

@11. Phil,
“Good luck cast and crew!”

Good luck indeed. Lin is set to direct the next Bourne film which is scheduled for release two weeks after Star Trek on July 15th 2016. Should be interesting to see how well he juggles two major film franchises over the next 18 months.

Big announcement, great news, this means that tomorrow paramount will confirm new tranfers for all the original movies on blu ray plus all the directors cuts and the day after cbs will confirm DS9 on blu ray. Things are looking up!!!’

Take us out!

Hey Tony Pascale,

Can we get a countdown timer now to the release date?


BTW: I wonder if it will stay in theaters long enough to hit Sept 6th for the real 50th.

What script is this movie to be made from?

Two sources who have leaked accurate information in the past have said that Orci’s script was rejected by Paramount and this was part of the reason that he didn’t get the director job.

So, who’s writing the script for this movie?


Universal has put Lin’s Bourne spinoff on hold because it seems that Greengrass and Damon have come back to the franchise. Therefore, Lin’s schedule opened up and he could take Trek for Paramount.

He’s going to be editing right up to release day on this schedule. Holy crap, he’s taking a chance here. Luckily he does have the indie/tv background. He can work on the fly.

The more I read about Lin, the more I think that they got him because of his ensemble touch. Those car movies have great car stunts but that’s second unit and FX stuff. The real direction is in getting the members of that huge ensemble to connect in story, advance their own stories, and leave an impression in not much screen time.

That’s something I’d love to see in Trek going forward. Sulu and Chekhov had so little time in STID that you’d think Shatner was back, counting lines and ripping up their pages.

13. Curious Cadet > Bourne film is not in schedule at the moment.

As long as Shatner & Nimoy are in any way shape or form, I’m there opening night or for the Saturday matinee…beam me up !!!


Who would your dream team be?

Mine would have Alan Moore on it, because Moore is great at looking at established licensed characters, seeing certain archetypes in them, playing with them, and creating excellent character drama. I also think that he, like most of us, is getting pretty sick of “darkness” in our pop entertainment and he specifically created the Tom Strong series to celebrate positivity, cooperation, fun, and SCIENCE.

Yep, Alan Moore, please ask him for something.

11. Phil – December 23, 2014

The reports of Trek’s death have been greatly exaggerated….

Hey, remember the originally published release date for ST09?

It was May 2008.

Yeah, it was pushed back a whole year. And then STID was also pushed back a whole year.

But, wait…doesn’t Bad Robot’s contract with Paramount expire in at the end of 2015? So, if BR Trek 3 doesn’t come out by 2016, then there’s no longer any contract for a movie, unless Paramount decides to extend it again.

But, will they, given recent events and revelations?



And a release date of July 2016 would give Bad Robot a year and a half to make this movie. A movie for which they appear to be lacking a script. But, when was the last time that a movie like this was made in less than 2 years, anyway?

Could it be that Paramount is just going through the typical business motions of reserving a release date that might not be filled?

Given past events and recent rumors, it’s a definite possibility.

A firm release date and a hot director? It’s a Christmas miracle!

#19. 18 months is a long time…

– Guardians of the Galaxy started filming about 13 months before it was released.
– Star Wars Episode 7 started filming 19 months before its release date.

It’s totally doable as long as things are in motion. The problem with STID was that everyone was so preoccupied with other stuff that they let Trek languish for longer than they should have.

18. That’s a fishing expedition you’re on there…. good luck with that. About the only relevancy your ‘sources’ have is that you happen to share the same disdain for all things BR….

Nowhere has it been reported or revealed that Paramount’s relationship with Bad Robot has gone sour. Both parties have a vested interest in producing Star Trek so there’s no reason that they’ll continue to produce Star Trek together.

Great to see the wheels moving. Still unsure about the director chosen but we shall see!! Hopefully the mystery box won’t play as much a part in seeing this film take shape!

Just in time for my birthday. Nice of them to remember me.

Guess I’ll wish ’em good luck and God speed!

Fabulous to hear things are going ahead. A pretty darn terrific director and now a definite release date are great Christmas news as far as I’m concerned!

@3: “Team Orci OR a brain-dead action formula studio hack?”

OR? LOL Just kidding…

Nope. I’m glad we’ve got a release date and a new director so soon after that “situation” a couple of days ago. The 50th anniversary without a Star Trek movie would have been a colossal waste.

However I was hoping for a release date closer to the actual anniversary in September. Early August would have worked, especially since the summer of 16 is going to be crowded anyway!

Anyway…good news ideed!

Now I keep my fingers crossed for some announcements by CBS in February 2015 regarding the future of Trek on TV or the web… there might still be some sort of reunion projects up the pipe… Captain Worf, Enterprise or something completely different… PLUS: What about a biopic on Roddenberry and the birth of Star Trek???

This monstrosity will come out 12 days after my 30th birthday. Surely not a belated birthday present from Paramount/Bad Robot.

@28. Paramount’s deal with Bad Robot extends through 2015, and the contract seems to get extended in two year increments. I’d assume that if all parties are favorable it could be extended again, renegotiated or ended. It’s not that uncommon. Given the events of the last 48 hours it’s pretty obvious the move is a go, so it’s now just a question of what the end product will look lie. I’ve not seen any of the FF movies, but several sources report that Mr. Lin is good at getting ensemble casts to mesh, so hopefully that bodes well for the movie.

STAR TREK: Too Fast To Be Serious- Pine Kirk & company must travel to the past to secure cherry antique muscle cars to save the Earh from Keensers relatives. ;-)

@24. At this point, you seem to be the only person clinging to the notion that there is no script for this movie, though it’s still being reported that Payne and McKay are still on the job. As scripts are revised (horrors!), I’m not to sure how this translates into ‘there is no script’ in some cavity in your mind….

I don’t think getting the movie out is a problem.

Think about this–movies are just big budgeted TV shows, especially when the movie is based ON a TV show.

TV shows get out 22 hours in a year.

They can make 2 hours in 19 months.

The question is what will we get.

I just don’t want Star Trek: In Name Only.

Fast and Furious and Guardians are fun films, but not Star Trek. You want successful franchises to guide you? Try Doctor Who, or if you need a movie, Back to the Future. We have brains and we are willing to use them.

Like the screen name says, bring back Kirk Prime. Please.

Doctor Who is a grotty, politically correct TV show made by the appalling BBC, an organisation the British public is forced to fund under threat of heavy fines and jail. It has little to do with the 1963-89 show. You’re sadly misguided if you think nu-Who is a good example of making a faithful franchise from an show.

From an old show… wretched iOS autocorrect!

22. Kenji –

Alan Moore would be a dream come true but the odds of that happening are slim to none. He’s not at all a fan of “Hollywood”. And if for some reason he were to consent to writing a Star Trek screenplay it would not doubt by too complex and original for the studio to accept as ‘blockbuster’ potential. What he would write would possibly be more that the execs could wrap their tunnel-visioned minds around. IMHO.

I’m re-reading Moore’s Miracleman right now. It is every bit as interesting, engaging, shocking and thrilling to me as it was when I first read it way back in the eighties. Such good stuff!

But yeah we can dream.

I’d like to see what Ronald Moore and/or Manny Coto and/or Bryan Fuller would do with a Trek film, or better yet a series, these days.

They have enough time to make this high quality but it needs the following to continue the Star Trek big screen human adventure otherwise the box office will not be enough to risk another pricey sequel with the same cast who will all get large payrises as they are only contracted for 3 movies.

1: A worthy original TOS story which would make Gene proud.

2: More 2001/STMP sci-fi ideals with less action but it can still have that as well just so long as it suits the story & not the other way around like STID.

3: Shatner+Nimoy is a must with at least 15-20 mins combined screentime just make the movie a little over 2 hours to accomodate. Adding these 2 titans of TOS Trek will globally raise a lot of awarness & make a big difference to boxoffice as it will surely be the last ever time to catch those 2 onscreen in a Star Trek movie so they need a story which will let them have an onscreen renunion & allow them to leave together to explore the final frontier with upbeat positive character endings..

4: High production values with ILM + Skywalker Sound & everyone else top notch behind the scenes with no expense spared.

This is a major gamble for Paramount if the movie does not work or fails to bring a large box office increase the TOS movies are over for now so Paramount need to make it an epic, exciting, worthy TOS story which will bring in new fans & regenerate the existing fanbase.

33. Phil – December 23, 2014

@28. Paramount’s deal with Bad Robot extends through 2015, and the contract seems to get extended in two year increments. I’d assume that if all parties are favorable it

Phil, you always seem to be at least one step behind. You gotta catch up if you wanna make it through the danger zone, buddy!

The rumor is that all parties might not be favorable to it. It’s been widely reported by now that Paramount is not happy with its investment in STID. Even you cannot be so obtuse as you not acknowledge this information.

Whether the rumors of CBS doing new Prime Universe Trek series next year are true or not, we shall learn, possibly at the end of January. And if it’s true, then it should come as no surprise that Paramount doesn’t want to fund another Alt Universe Trek movie to be released after Prime Trek is back on TV. Especially given the fiasco that has become of their relationship with Bad Robot—JJ “throwing up his hands” and walking over to Star Wars after losing his merchandising rights battle, Orci being replaced as director this late in the game.

They were supposed to start filming in Feb, and they’ve only just hired a director and don’t appear to have a script. Do you really believe it’s a 100% certainty that this movie will be churned out a year and a half from now? That would be highly unusual in the best of circumstances, and, as I have just summarized, these are not the best of circumstances.

Gotta try and keep up, buddy!

Good to see the warmly received screenplay is the one they’re going with. Obviously, they’re starting soon. Congrats to JJ and Bob for keeping everything on track, and thanks to Matt and Kayla for not publishing the crap that was sneaking around. I know clickbait can be tempting.

18 months seems very doable seeing that the creative team has been in place for some time for this project (executive producers, producers, etc) and the core players are already cast.

I am sure they already have work / time blocked off at whatever SFX firms will handle effects and being the third installment of a film series at Bad Robot the entire production team is much better prepared than if it were a totally new project being conceptulaized.

Having said all that I am worried a bit about the script. If they work on the existing script that may be fine but if they scrap it to completely start over then you have lost another few months that are critical to successfullyk make that release date. If that happened I would not be surprised to see the release date moved to December 2016 to buy them extra time yet still be able to claim it was released during ST’s 50th anniversary.

41. D.J. Ammons – December 23, 2014

18 months seems very doable seeing that the creative team has been in place for some time for this project (executive producers, producers, etc) and the core players are already cast.

They’ve only just talked with the new director for the first time about any this! And he’s the main guy making the movie!

What was the last tent-pole action movie that was churned out, start to finish, in 18 months?

Assuming they have a script, which they won’t comment on!

This is good news.

We have a director…. check

We have a release date…. check

Do we have a story?

JJ is in post production on Star Wars so he’ll have some time for Star Trek. His company is making the film so he has business motivations to get it right and not repeat the mistakes of STID.

The rumors about the script are concerning but let’s hope they get it right this time and deliver a movie that we enjoy and global audiences will see.

#36 – Good grief. The latest Dr Who is still being made by the “appalling BBC” and many Dr Who fans do not see these latest series as being unfaithful at all. This “appalling” state funded BBC has also made and is still making many other dramas etc that are the best ever to grace the small screen. Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is another BBC show as were the older versions. The latest Sherlock is very watchable and a well made programme, as is Call the Midwife and so many other shows, past and present.

The BBC1 and 2 are not studios to knock. Far from it. I think that Hollywood owe a lot to this state funded broadcaster for its fine work over the last 50-60 years. The Brits have much to be proud of and one is the Dr Who series.

Well, I was hoping for May (2016), and I was hoping for Bob, or Wyatt, as director, but I guess I should just be thankful they are back on track now, seemingly still on schedule. Will have to wait before making further judgements. Please don’t mess with the script… I had, and still have full faith in Bob’s team of writers.

Unless Kayla or another article writer here gets information that the Orci/Payne/McKay is not being filmed, I say it is a go!


I don’t know. He is definitely tired of being ripped off, lied to, and cheated by certain publishers and film people, and he says so. That doesn’t mean that he is hard to work with necessarily. He is good to his collaborators and he seems to have a sense of humour about himself. He might not get asked because of his reputation but that’s a bad reason not to ask. The way he took the Charlton characters and made them The Watchmen, how he revived the ABC lineup in his own Tom Strong series, makes me think that he would have a really interesting, smart, engaging take on our beloved TOS gang. As far as being too wacky goes, I am sure he understands that there is a budget. If you ask any writer, limitations are a good thing. If you say, we have these five standing sets, we can built three alien environments and we can do two weeks in either Tunisia or Iceland, well, that’s good for writers.