Screen-used Star Trek Props To Go Up For Auction, Including $60,000 TOS Phaser


Trekkies, hide your pocketbooks if you don’t want to be tempted by Propworx’s Star Trek auction, which boasts an impressive haul of original screen-used props from throughout the Star Trek Franchise: from props, to artwork, to costumes, to scripts. The most unique (read: priciest) item up for bid is one of only two screen-used fiberglass TOS phaser props known to exist. The prop, which was featured in the hands of a security officer in the episode “Assignment: Earth”, is expected to fetch upwards of $60,000.


TOS Phaser Expected To Sell for $60,000+
The headline item up for grabs at the upcoming Propworx auction is a 47-year-old original series phaser prop featured in a close-up view during the episode “Assignment: Earth”, which aired March 29th, 1968. Only two such phasers are known to exist. This one was positively identified thanks to a unique scratch mark and blemish due to excess paint in addition to matching up the orientation of the phaser’s nozzle ring to what was seen on screen. Propworx, the company providing all of the props for auction, says that the phaser was probably used in many other 2nd and 3rd season TOS episodes, saying that they found:

“a match of the uniquely patterned silver foil material on top of its hand phaser to the foil on the Greg Jein TOS Hero Phaser pistol, and the identification of a tiny mold flaw / accent line defect in its rear body fin appearance which is a perfect match to a mold flaw observed on a different phaser seen in a close-up screen capture from the Original Series episode “Spock’s Brain”.”

The company went as far as getting high-resolution photography of the velcro used to attach the phaser to its user’s uniform, which revealed, “some gold, blue and red TOS velour Starfleet tunic fabric traces still trapped in the Velcro – exciting remnants from production on the Desilu soundstage 49 years ago!”. A piece of history to be sure.

The phaser is already taking bids, with a starting bid of $40,000.



Tons of Other Great Props
While everyone has their eye on that phaser, we’re going to be placing our bids on some just as iconic pieces of Trek history. What I am most excited about? How about the ORIGINAL Wil Wheaton Wesley sweater! This particular one was used by Wil’s stunt double. Yes, it’s the infamous rainbow sweater, up for grabs to the highest bidder. Or how about a set of three (count ’em, three) Guinan hats for the more affordable $200-300.

Everyone’s favorite rainbow sweater: $2,000-3,000

Lot of 3 Guinan hats: $200-300

More than just costumes and props, some fantastic screen-used models are also up for grabs, including a Deep Space Nine Klingon Battle Cruiser and Jem Hadar fighter.

Klingon Battle Cruiser from DS9: $1000-1500

Jem Hadar fighter from DS9: $1000-2000

More Props and Production Materials
Props from TOS, TNG, DS9 will also go under the gavel, including PADDs, phasers, tricorders, dabo chips, and even some gold pressed latinum to bet with.

TNG Mark VII Medical Tricorder: $6,000-8,000

DS9 LCARS panel with (possibly working?) LED lights and wiring: $200-300

Gold pressed latinum from DS9, 2.2″ long: $200-300

Avery Brooks director’s chair from Deep Space Nine: $400-600

So much more…
Seriously folks, there are so many more cool items. You should really check out the auction catalog to see all the cool stuff that is going to be sold. You can already place initial bids on all of the items, with live bidding beginning February 21st at 12PM PST. You can start emptying your bank account by registering for the auction at Bid long and prosper!


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$60,000 for an original phaser?

More than ironic that one can be “stunned” just by hearing that price tag!

These are great. It’s too bad I left my spare $60,000 in the cookie jar in the cottage. I’m tempted to hop in one of my spare Maseratis and get it before I forget. Or maybe I’ll just send one of my footman to get it.



Thanks Kayla pretty cool.

$1,500 for the Klingon Battle Cruiser.
+ Half of everything I own to the wife who will then divorce me.
= I’m thinking! I’m thinking!!

CmdrR, I think we would have a bidding war for that Klingon cruiser… and if I’d win, you wouldn’t need to pay half of everything, so your wife wouldn’t divorce you… sorry :-O

Point of order: though the description mentions a match in the foil on the Phaser 1 unit to the Jein Hero prop, this is in fact a mid-grade prop, and not one of the holy trinity (or quartet, if you believe the rumors that Wah Chang produced FOUR hero units).

Let’s get Harry that Wesley sweater. Harry, you know you want it…

Wow. A post with some facts on the phaser prop gets deleted out of hand. Guess someone has a vested interest in the auction. Blacklisting this site on my corp firewall tomorrow.

To quote The Who, “I want it, I want it, I want it”. Really, I want the servo from Assignment: Earth but saw what they’ve done to it, or what’s become of it at the Vegas Star Trek experience. I’ve got pictures if anyone wants to see.

I’ll stick with my “Playmates” replica Phaser.


What can I say, Silvereyes?


I realize the spinoffs are all but forgotten, but that stuff is going cheap.

Although I can afford ALL of this stuff, I would not know what to do with it…except the Guinan hats…I would definitely wear them with the Wesley Crusher sweater….as for the models, I would just break ’em anyway while playing with them. I break all my toys because I am reckless and irresponsible. That’s what happens when you leave an inheritance to a complete and total moron. I’m stupid….

@9 Have you read the red line that is above you typing your comment? It is normal for comments to disappear for approval and reappear. Happens all the time…

That screen-used Deep Space Nine Klingon Battle Cruiser looks awful lot like my 1992 Star Trek VI Klingon Cruiser plastic kit from AMT/Ertl. Like really, they’re identical. Except mine is more precisely fit together. :P

Did they always use plastic kits for miniatures when making DS9? I always thought they mostly just reused and repainted old movie models…

@14 – I had that same kit. Saw Star Trek VI in the cinema (I was 8) and fell in love with Kronos One, so had to have it. It unfortunately got smashed up in a house move a couple of years later. Would love another one.

Think it’s pretty regular for them to use actual plastic kits for far-in-the-background kind of shots. The Wolf 359 scene was basically filled with bastardised models of existing ships, retrofitted with highlighter pens for warp nacelles, etc. A good person to follow on Facebook is Doug Drexler, who shares a lot of really interesting behind-the-scenes stuff and often would have the chat with fans, and is a really cool, down-to-earth and approachable guy.

pretty cool stuff! (drool…) =P

Philip mans right.

Star Treks use many AMT model to fill background in Dominion War battle scene.

Mongo like space ships!

Phaser look broken. No dial on top. Mongo not see right? Maybe get discount on broken prop. Mongo have Art Asyluminmums phaser. find at Goodwill for $5. Mongo can play with. Look better than prop no can even touch. And play with. And mention $5?

As much as Iove “Star Trek”, I can’t see spending $60,000 for the phaser. Now, 60 grand for a Dodge Challenger Hellcat or a Chevy Camaro Z-28, that’s another story.
The Klingon Battle Cruiser looks like my 1980 model of the Klingon Ship from “TMP”. No doubt that kit was reissued as the 1992 “Star Trek VI” kit that Paul spoke of above.

Actually, the Avery Brook’s director’s chair does look pretty buyable for the listed price and it might fetch even more at auction.

There are plenty of people in this country who would willingly drop $400-$600 for a weekend dinner at a fine restaurant with friends, who would be well able to buy it.

I wish Paramount would just sell the entire franchise to a studio that actually understands and cares to make intelligent thought provoking and yes, exciting Star Treks….not the mindless cartoon escapades that is being
excreted out by insulting mindless hacks.

Just sayin.

Imagine what they could get for the black uniform t-shirts worn by Nimoy or Shatner. Or Nichelle Nichols’ tights. Or for those into leather, anyone’s cool black uniform boots. Or the uniform trousers worn by Shat with the wear mark below the fly.

Jaysis … another opportunity for Trek fan Jo or Joe Doakes to go broke. Where is all this money going? To charity I hope!

A thought just occurred to me: If they can fetch these kinds of prices for a phaser — not even one of the “hero” phasers — imagine what the TOS filming model of the Enterprise at the Air & Space Museum would bring at auction. Possibly enough finance an entire new Star Trek TV series!

set phaser to wtf
oh that jumper i so hated that jumper,to be honest i hated all his jumpers,my theory is he got picked on not because he was smart no because his mum dress him in them jumpers

It kills me that they auction this stuff off. Lucasfilm kept everything, preserving their legacy. Disney has done the same over the years. The shooting models for all four series are now in the hands of private collectors. Not to sound like Indiana Jones or anything, but this stuff belongs on display somewhere in a museum or something,

We’ve all known for years that Paramount has never truly understood what they are in possession of.

@26, I could’t agree more. And who is “they” that are auctioning this anyway? It seems that much of DS9 stuff is coming from the visual effects director. So, he just… ahem.. appropriated all the props from Paramount? This is shady.

What amazes me about re-visiting the whole ST Phaser design itself. I mean, the entire design is radical for the time when you look at how the grip is positioned.

Kudos to the prop designers – I wish they could get a cut of the auction …


Save your pennies, Paul Allen will undoubtedly outbid everyone and put all this stuff in his Seattle museum and slowly make the money back, smart guy.

@28. Disinvited,
“STAR TREK MegaBloks license announcement”

You really had to read to find that one. I’ve been wondering after Hasbro & Lego announcements of upcoming Star Wars products, whether Trek would have any presence.

You can bet the CBS license is for Prime Universe products. Toy Fair 2016 will be the one that will introduce NuTrek products if any at all. Who knows … now that McCoy revived that tribble, the next movie may have Scotty’s warp-brewery overrun with the critters.


I’ve seen the Enterprise D on display at the Sci Fi museum in Seattle so some of this stuff does go on display. I’ve also seen a TOS communicator, phaser, and tricorder there along with Kirk and Spock’s tunics and the captain’s chair from TOS. And a bunch of other awesome stuff. Catch a ride to Seattle.

So I don’t guess anyone got me this,….or the Gary Seven servo?

Not that it matters, but when is this auction ending by the way?

I have the new phaser remote control from Think Geek. It’s amazing and was considerably cheaper than the actual prop featured in this article!

What Jonboc said. Awesome replica and much, much, much cheaper!

Amazing, how much can hobby cost.. but such a phaser I would like to have. Time to search for some cheaper replacement.

# 36. Ralph – February 25, 2015

” Amazing, how much can hobby cost.. but such a phaser I would like to have. Time to search for some cheaper replacement.” — Ralph

It’ll probably set you back as much but you might find investing in a 3D printer and concealable 3D scanner much more gratifying.