Leonard Nimoy hospitalized with chest pains


Earlier today, website TMZ reported that Leonard Nimoy, cultural icon and a pillar of the Star Trek franchise, had been taken to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles last Thursday after complaining of severe chest pains.  According to TMZ, Nimoy has been “in and out of hospitals multiple times” recently.

Nimoy announced a year ago that he was suffering from the lung disease COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) which is often caused from smoking cigarettes.  It is unclear if the chest pains are related to that.

It is also unclear if Leonard is still hospitalized or been sent home.  People Magazine reached out to his press representative, who told them, “We don’t have any comment at this time.”  The Los Angeles Times contacted UCLA Medical Center, but the hospital could not “confirm, deny or acknowledge” that Nimoy is at the hospital.

Regardless of his current location, Leonard is still talking to his fans via Twitter.  He has not addressed his condition, but has taken to posting some of his poetry the last few days:

He has also received get well wishes from an old friend of his:

This story is still in flux and we hope to have more information soon. The staff of TrekMovie and fans all over the world would like to wish Mr. Nimoy a speedy recovery.

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Live long and prosper, Mr. Nimoy. Us illogical human beings still need your grace, wit and wisdom here on planet Earth!

Leonard Nimoy turns 84 next month. Let’s hope he makes it to that and well beyond.

He has filled 84 years with remarkable generosity, creativity, wit, and caring. It is with tremendous selfishness that I wish our Vulcan friend more time.

I wish for good and fast recovery, Leonard!

The living embodiment of Star Trek.

Hoping for the best.

LLAP, friend. Get well soonest.

Leonard Nimoy, continue to live long and prosper. You are a great actor and a gentleman who has always managed to stay above the fray. I wish you the long life of a Vulcan.

When I think of you, my mind always turns to your portrayal of Mr. Spock but I don’t think that’s because you’ve been typecast, I think it’s because so much of who you are shines through in that image.

Many people care for you and it’s not just because of your portrayal of a beloved character, it’s because of what they’ve seen of YOUR character in the roles that you’ve played and the work that you’ve done, and in the way that you’ve carried your self.

Please God watch over Leonard Nimoy. We still need him here.

If anyone can pull through, it’s Leonard Nimoy. Hope for a speedy recovery. We need him for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary next year.

I hope the Mr. Nimoy gets well, soon!

We need Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner back as (Prime) Spock and (Prime) Kirk more than ever. Unfortunately they won’t be around forever and this may be the last chance to bring them together one last time for an epic adventure.

Godspeed on your recovery, Mr. Nimoy. And thank you for the gift your poetry – not to mention the treasure trove of all your work!

Get well soon Leonard!!!

There are many to choose from, of course, but this scene from STVI stands out in my memory as one of my favorite Nimoy scenes. Playing a largely emotionless character is obviously limiting, but Nimoy manages to show just enough emotion in the form of exhaustion at the end of this scene to make it powerful without going over the top and breaking character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1NgX-w54RY

I get chills every time I watch that scene.

Longue vie et prospérité Monsieur Nimoy.
Get well soon !

Best wishes to a very classy man and co-inventor of an iconic character.

LLAP Mr Nimoy. Much love and prayers sent for a speedy recovery. I’m 41 and have been watching Star Trek since the 70s, and Spock was/is always my favourite character. You’re part of the family as far as I’m concerned and I really hope you feel better again as soon as. X

Lebe lang und in Frieden!
Get well

All the best dear friend, idol and of course the classic Spock character…

You are inspiration to us all. May you recover soon.

A humble Star Trek Fan😄

Wishing a speedy recovery to one of the only role models in entertainment. A true artist and kind person. My uncle is the same age, same illness, got it the same way and is a great fan. The best.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are somehow a part of my heart and soul. I feel this is true with so many of us. What extraordinary human beings; we love them in a different way than we love our families and animal friends, but it is indeed love. And it has something to do with our potential as a human species. Whatever it is, if only they were immortal! Healing energies to you, Leonard.

A world without Spock scarcely bears thinking about. LLAP Leonard.

Some day some forms of COPD will be a thing of the past. Remember that scene in “Star Trek IV” where Dr. McCoy passes a woman in the hall of the hospital who has terminal kidney disease? He gives her a simple oral medication and she’s cured! What seems like magic today is science tomorrow.
Well, medical researchers are working on something like that for COPD. It seems that some people with progressive COPD actually have a mild form of cystic fibrosis. There are now new biologic drugs that have been used on some forms of CF with remarkable results. The drug makers want to expand the market to include some forms of COPD which have genetic similarities to CF.
Interestingly, Mr. Nimoy had a nephew who passed away at an early age from full-blown CF. I wonder if he too has a milder form of the disease? As there are over 1500 mutations which are associated with CF, it is possible that he was unlucky enough to inherit one really bad gene (the same as his nephew) in effect the carrier state, and one not so bad gene, giving him a mild but relentlessly progressive form of the disease?
It has never made sense to me that smoking was the ONLY cause of his disease, as he quit more than 30 years ago, and was in good health when he quit.
The other medical development on the horizon is the use of 3D printing to construct cloned organs from our own tissues. Onto a printed 3D reticulin framework, stem cells would be seeded producing any organ needed. And if you find this unbelievable, it’s already been done: beating hearts, inflatable lungs, crude kidneys. Imagine if Mr. Nimoy could simply get a new set of lungs in a few days. As they would be constructed of his own tissues, he could not reject them and would need no immunosuppressive drugs.
We really do live in a world where some of the science and medicine seen on Star Trek is just within our reach. Perhaps if we are really lucky, someday we may benefit from such research. For now, let’s all hope for a speedy recovery and maybe the development of new drugs and treatments in short order which may help our favorite extra-terrestrial.

Mr Nimoy,

Recall that pain is a thing of the mind. You will be well again. If the stars align, you will be in the next movie. You will always be an artist, creative and young through your movies and TV episodes. You have created a Star Trek whose future will always have possibilities. Live long and prosper.


A story, to share, that few have probably heard, from Nimoy’s army days:


”Ken [Berry]’s biggest supporter in those days [the 1950s] was Sgt. Leonard Nimoy, the future Mr. Spock, who had already dabbled in acting and knew the ropes in Hollywood.

“I [Ken Berry] was going to be on the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’ because Ed put the winners of the AATC [All-Army Talent Competition, which Berry won.] on the air every year. And Lennie said, ‘You really ought to get in touch with the heads of the talent departments at major studios, and see if you get any response.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know how to do that.’ So Lennie said, ‘Well then I’ll do it for you,’ and he got two bites — one from Fox, and one from Universal. I can’t remember why, but we settled on Universal, and I went out there after I got out of the Army. I did a screen test that turned out very well I thought, and I don’t usually think that about my work.”” — By Jim Longworth; Feb. 4, 2015 08:27; ‘Ken Berry: WOW!’; YES! WEEKLY

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the yiddish way to honor our revered actor and director would be to say: Leonard Nimoy, what a mensch!

Not much, but the LA TIMES fills in a little more of the blanks:


Thank you, Brian. Please keep us posted.

His tweets are a good sign. Severe chest pains but no heart attack or bypass surgery seems to indicate he may be a candidate for a stent. Or, more probable, the pains are side effects of his pulmonary disease. Whatever the cause, I hope he finds relief and is on the road to a speedy recovery.

so sad to read this :( I hope he feels better
such a graceful man

Through his own twitter posts you can tell he is a man who has lived and loved and is prepared to say goodbye if it is time. What a brave and bold human being. Much respect to him. Here is hoping for a full recovery. Almost 84 years to grace this earth and even in his moment of need he is concerned about sharing his poetry and expressing love.
Much Respect to Mr. Nimoy

If his time has come, all my hopes for a dignified transition. It seems that if one can look back at a long, prosperous life, then it is a life well lived.


I wish you get better soon, Mr. Nimoy!

I hope he’s okay.

It goes without saying how much I hope he recovers and continues to live long, healthy and happy.

But this is a stark reminder to the idiots at Paramount and Bad Robot how fleeting life is and how small their window to truly honour Star Trek is. One day we will wake up and learn that our opportunity to see these wonderful actors portray their iconic roles one last time has truly passed for good.

Get them in Trek 3. Honour their lifetime committment to their craft and this franchise.

Get well Leonard


Hang in there, Mr. Nimoy!

Hoping for a speedy recovery. Also hoping our new creative team includes both Bill and Leonard in the film in some way. Total travesty if they are both willing and able and this goes by the boards for the 50th anniversary.

Get well soon, Mr. Nimoy. You are loved by so many and I cannot thank you enough for the impact you have had on my life.
Robert S.

@33. Jesus, man, never waste an opportunity to turn a heartfelt outpouring of sympathy into another ‘I hate BR rant’…get a clue.

We love you, Mr. Nimoy, and we hope you make a full and speedy recovery. You have to get well enough to see September 8, 2016; we know you’re looking forward to that!

I could write a multiple-page essay on how much Spock meant to me when I was a troubled adolescent, and how much he still means to me today, even though I’m a middle-aged woman now. I know you’ve heard that kind of thing so much already, though, so I’ll spare you. :-)

33. TUP

Actually, this is a stark reminder that it would be ludicrous to build a major film around two elderly actors whose health is a question mark at best. I’d bet that Mr. Nimoy will be uninsurable after this event. Trek 3 needs to be a great film on it’s own merits, not driven by nostalgia.

@Anthony – yu’re post is a stark reminder that some people can’t see the forest for the trees and if someone else’s opinion doesnt fit their narative they will simply make up nonsense and then argue against the nonsense they made up.

If you dont see any possible way for Trek 3 to “be a great film on it’s own merits” AND pay homage to the 50th Anniversary of the franchise AND include the two defining actors of that franchise, then I am glad you arent a writer. But you probably could be for Bad Robot because they can’t seem to see past their own nonsense either.

Name ONE hollywood franchise that, on the eve of it’s 50th Anniversary has both of it’s original stars alive, working and mostly healthy and publicly proclaimed to be interested and available to take part?

Only an absolute IDIOT would say “thank Bill, thanks leonard, but the film needs to stand on its own, whatever that means, maybe we’ll call you when you’re 95 for the 60th anniversary. Try not to die.”

Thank God Disney respects and understand the important roles the original Star Wars actors meant to that franchise. I mean really, who wants to see those old guys in Star Wars? EVERYONE.

Get well soon.

LLAP Mr. Nimoy.

40. TUP – February 24, 2015

Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with everything you said there. Spot on. Paramount just has no clue how to handle this anniversary. It’s pretty obvious to me.

Best wishes to Mr. Nimoy, a gentleman and class act. My father-in-law recently passed due to complications from COPD. A very unpleasant way to go out. I’m glad his spirits appear to be uplifting.

Mr. Nimoy,

Sending good thoughts and energy your way good sir.

Get well soon!


40. TUP

EVERYONE? Everyone except me. Shoehorning in old actors in the next Star Wars film is as poor an idea as putting Shatner – Nimoy into Trek 3. Princess Leia at 60? No thanks! Which reminds me that the last Indiana Jones film was a complete dud with the elderly Harrison Ford and his young sidekick. Let’s remember these great actors in their roles when they were young and vital!

@44. Not just you. But this isn’t the tread to debate it, and shame on TUP for arguing it here. I’m all in favor of allowing Mr. Nimoy some dignity at the close of his career, and also wish to remember him at his best – not being berated into doing something past his physical ability just to satisfy selfish individual whims…..

With all due respect for freedom of speech, can we keep this thread respectful to the subject matter at hand without any petty squabbing? Not very respectful under the circumstances. Thank you…

@46. agreed…

Get well soon Leonard! =) LL&P! =)

kids: don’t smoke tobacco and don’t drink alcohol! they’ll kill you! =(