Parks and Trek: My Parks and Rec/Voyager Mash-up That Never Was


While there may not be as many Trekkers who love the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation as say Game of Thrones,  I imagine there are still some. I had this brilliant idea for a crossover with Parks and Rec, which will air its farewell episode tomorrow, which I can probably now share.

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Parks and Trek: My Parks and Rec/Voyager Mash-up That Never Was 
The story starts with our hero Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her boyfriend Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) flipping channels. They arrive on an episode of Star Trek and begin chatting about it. Ben, who has always been a big nerd, reveals his long time fandom. Leslie says she watched it, but not as much as Ben. She particularly liked Voyager because she wanted to support a female captain.

This is not too much of a stretch for a conversation, since Leslie is at least a little bit of a Trek fan, because she drops an LLAP at one point out of the blue:



Through the course of the conversation, they discuss how Kirk is from Iowa and Janeway is from Indiana, where Parks and Rec takes place. Ben casually mentions how Riverside, Iowa, anointed itself as the future birthplace of Captain Kirk, which gives Leslie the idea that she could do the same for Pawnee as the future birthplace of Janeway. Then hijinks ensue, with the episode culminating in a cameo from Kate Mulgrew playing herself.

(Yes, technically Janeway was born in Bloomington and Parks and Rec takes place in the fictional town of Pawnee, but they could have said she spent most of her youth in Pawnee or something.)

Unfortunately, I read that Parks and Rec’s show runner (Greg Daniels) was very public about not accepting script submissions so the idea never went anywhere. But still. Maybe JJ Abrams will give us a dark, gritty reboot of Parks and Recreation down the line…

Trek-nections between the two shows
Given that Trek hasn’t been on TV for 10 years, Parks and Rec doesn’t have anywhere the connections with the franchise that Seinfeld did, but it does have a couple.

Adam Scott appeared in “Star Trek: First Contact” as the Defiant’s helmsman during the battle with the Borg. I guess Dax had something more important to do that day?

Jim O’Heir, who played sad sack Jerry Gergich, appeared in Voyager’s “Critical Care” in the renowned role of “husband.”

Discussion topic: 
Would there be parks or other recreational facilities in a world with holodecks?


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liked Parks and Rec initially… got old quicker than The Office… =P

so… probly would not be a fan =P

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Well, now there is something more ridiculous than the Planet of the Apes crossover.

Strange mash-up :/

No one sucked the life out of a cup of coffee any faster then listening to Janeway describe one. Is there anything that a healthy dose of technobabble can’t ruin?

Leonard nimoy rushed to the hospital for sever chest pains

please pray for him every one

That was last Thursday. No updates at this point, but the man has sent out a couple of tweets in the last forty eight hours. One could presume it’s COPD related, apparently he’s been in and out of UCLA a few times in the last several months.

No way CBS would have allowed this to happen.

We seem to be taking this piece a bit literally.

I saw the breaking news about Mr. Nimoy earlier today. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

That cartoon looks like Admiral Nechayev.