We Are Assembled Here Today To Pay Final Respects To Our Honored Dead: Celebrating Leonard Nimoy


When Captain Picard reveals his unfortunate duty of informing Spock that his father, Sarek, has died, Data posits that Spock – as a Vulcan – would surely see death as the logical conclusion of his father’s illness. Picard explains that death is never that easy, not even for a Vulcan.

And for those of us who loved one Vulcan in particular, it’s not easy at all.

The Internet was fast to react to news of Leonard Nimoy’s death on Friday, with news outlets from CNN to Buzzfeed quickly posting tributes to the beloved actor. And one point on reddit, five of the top stories were about Nimoy.



One notable tribute came from President Barack Obama:


#RipLeonardNimoy was trending Friday, with many, many fans and colleagues tweeting out their love for the actor/director. If we were to compile every single heartfelt goodbye, this article would go on a very long time, but we wanted to share at least the following:




Many people outside the franchise were quick to voice their love as well:

Matchless legacy

Nimoy is the fourth cast member of The Original Series to pass, after the loss of DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, and Majel Barrett Roddenberry.
His impact on the franchise cannot be overstated. He was there from the very beginning, took over creative leadership of the film series, guest-starred on TNG, and passed the torch to the Abrams-verse. His autobiographies, I Am Not Spock and later I Am Spock, show his complex relationship with the character and illustrate, finally, that he was just a big a fan as any of us – to the point that he and John de Lancie wrote and performed their own fan-fic together.
Amidst all of that, his greatest legacy was to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans at conventions.
TrekMovie was in attendance at one of his final convention appearances, the Salt Lake City comic con last fall, where he chatted with fans via Skype. Poignantly, one fan asks him if he will come in person to the next con in 2015:

While people online have commemorated him in many ways, perhaps the most fitting is to rewatch the death of Spock, arguably his most powerful scene:

Or his final line in Undiscovered Country:

But the one that captures how I’m feeling now is the coda to Final Frontier:

Life is but a dream, and ours is richer because he was part of it.

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Leonard Nimoy was an amazing human being. What a legacy! RIP.

A truly sad day for Star Trek fans and entertainment fans in general. Leonard Nimoy WAS Spock and will be missed by all. My wife isn’t the biggest of Star Trek fans but even she was sad when I told her that Mr. Nimoy had passed away.

It’s sad that not only will Trek fans not be able to see him sport those big, pointy ears of his at William Shatner’s side again but also sad that Mr. Nimoy won’t be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of entertainment’s great treasures.

Live Long and Prosper, Mr. Spock!

Thank You Nimoy, you will be miss by all.

Tonight, we are not Trekkies nor Trekkers. We are not Prime nor New Timeline fans. We are not gushers nor haters. We are Leonard Nimoy’s grandchildren.

I feel like I lost an old friend today. Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy. I will miss you.

Thank you Mr. Nimoy for making Star Trek the piece of life that has been to many.
RIP from a fun in Greece.

Leonard Nimoy will live forever in our memories. Live long and prosper.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Nimoy. You will be missed. We have been and always will be your fans.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.

The soul of Star Trek.

Leonard Nimoy RIP
Stardate -392230.13 to -308156.16

Spock said
“There are always possibilities”
Lets hope, one day, we’re all reunited on the
Great Genesis Planet in the Sky.

The picture of Spock (Leonard Nimoy) at the top of this thread is magnificent.

It’s a painting, right?

That really is a gorgeous painting of Spock. Artist credit?

Although he was 83 and ill I didn’t see that coming.
I thought (and hoped) he would reach 90+

And it surprisingly made me geniunely sad although I have never met the man.
He was still an important part of my life over the years and like many said he seemed to me like a great man head to toe.

It’s the first time I am moved by the death of a celebrity.

You got me all choked up with this article, Whitley.

Nicely done.


I’ve absolutely been crying all day. The world has lost a great talent and a great man. None of our lives will ever be the same again.

And we have been the better for knowing his work, and all the things he brought to us through his life.

Thank you, Mr. Nimoy. You will be missed….

I hope that his family is in some small way comforted by the outpouring of love and respect from his fans. The world will miss his talent, his smile, and oh! that voice…. Do not weep because he is dead – smile because he has lived. Hope you are now exploring strange new worlds, Mr Nimoy.

I think that the greatest compliment one can pay an actor is to say that he has been and will always be known for portraying a character whose qualities reflected both the best of his own traits, and the noblest aspirations of humanity. Mr. Leonard Nimoy was the embodiment of such an actor. Through his own personality, he infused Spock with the characteristics we universally admired. Many of us, in our darkest days, found strength in Spock’s example.

Famous though he was, Mr. Nimoy was humble in outlook, and more than an actor; he was also a thoughtful futurist and a philanthropist. Among other efforts, he and his wife contributed their own funds to help renovate and construct a new wing of the Griffith Observatory.

Though Spock often presented a facade of ironic detachment, we knew through his actions that he participated fully and wholeheartedly in the human endeavors of which he was a part. So, too, did Mr. Nimoy quietly and with self-effacement promote good-feeling, beneficence, and a sense of striving among his friends, his fans, and within Star Trek itself.

Mr. Nimoy, like Spock, became as iconic as Star Trek itself, as the philosopher-king among the cast, a lodestar when triviality or tragedy threatened the enterprise. His gravitas gave credibility to his best-known role; so true was this that without his character, Star Trek would simply not have been the same.

And now, Star Trek is not the same as it once was was, now that Mr. Nimoy has left us for the final frontier. The world is poorer without his presence. Yet, in these sad and chaotic times, perhaps we nonetheless should remember that although Leonard has left us, his memories and his Spock will always remain, and that insofar as they do, they are, and always shall be, our friends.

Mr. Nimoy, we remember, and we are thankful.

See you on the other side.

I am an unapologetic fan of Star Trek, but not a non-critical fan. I believe that at least half of Star Trek TV shows and movies are dull, or even unwatchable. But I could never say that about Leonard Nimoy.

I hope Leonard knew how many people he had positively affected over his lifetime. I think he did. I’ve lost Paul Newman already, but Nimoy was easily the first “celebrity” influence in my childhood. I was not quite six years old when Star Trek debuted, but my earliest memory of being influenced by media is of me wanting to play Spock when a group of friends wanted to play Star Trek.

Later on in junior high school a girl would tell me that I reminded her of Spock. I fell in love with her at that moment, not knowing it wasn’t meant as a compliment. I don’t care, I still take it as a compliment.

But honestly, I never really regarded Nimoy that highly until I saw him on TV in a taped performance of his one-man show, Vincent, where he portrayed Vincent and Theo Van Gogh. It was then that I realized he wasn’t just Spock, but a complete, feeling, human being. I have never stopped liking him since.


Leonard’s moved on to his next great human adventure. We mourn not for him, but for the hole left in our lives, the recognition that a kind and humble soul has left this plane, and left us all that more depleted. It’s fascinating how much somebody you never personally knew can affect your life.

May he boldly go where no man has gone before.

Zach Quinto post makes me cry, I still remember the selfie Nimoy posted of him, his wife and Zachary after dinner together. Zach is the one who had the most close relationship with the original actor who played his character and he got so much respect and support from the man.

Here’s are the reactions of other cast members and actors

There is sorrow in my heart. A beautiful star has faded. #LeonardNimoy Your spirit will live long and prosper with us always.
8:37 PM – 27 Feb 2015
— Zoe Saldana

She also posted this pic over twitter https://instagram.com/p/zoFjDMop_E/

Leonard Nimoy was more than Mr. Spock. But Mr. Spock is his gift to us all. Live long and prosper. HANX.
— Tom Hanks

Today, the world lost a great man, and I lost a great friend. We return you now to the stars, Leonard. You taught us to “Live Long And Prosper,” and you indeed did, friend. I shall miss you in so many, many ways.
— George Takei

Feels like we lost the head of the family. Thanks and rest in peace, Leonard.
— John Cho

I have been, and always shall be, your fan.
Thank you.
— Nathan Fillion

Stangest thing. For an Alien without feelings he did envoke them on us. Star Trek Voyager episode blood fever come in mind. Tuvoks speech.
“Ι have lost a friend – no one could ever replace!

We loved Star Wars and we will miss Data so much. Good bye, ol’ android.

Cheryl and Dave from Nebraska.

Rest in Peace Mr. Nimoy…
We will miss you

Thank you for your Work…


What an amazing man!

May his spirit soar in the “Great Beyond” along with Gene, Majel, DeForest, James and all the others we’ve lost who made our lives so much richer with their talent and dedication to their craft.

LLAP Leonard Nimoy.

So much eloquence expressed by so many, I could never match. Just noting that it’s truly the end of an era, yet his inspiration and legacy will live on. To all out there coming to terms with his passing: Peace and Long Life.

Please tell to Simon Pegg to include some type of a tribute to Leonard in the new film.

I imagine a scene in New Vulcan (I do not know what the reason), Spock and Kirk are in the high council building. At one end of the hall there is a French door to the veranda with views to the city. So, they can see clearly Spock Prime (in CGI) in the distance. Spock Prime looks at them, he does the Vulcan Salute and continues his walk. They reciprocate with a similar gesture. Kirk says: “Well, Mr. Spock, let’s continue with our journey”. Spock: “Yes, Captain.” Kirk: “Enterprise, two to beam up”

Please, Mr.

A great article. RIP. G’pa Leonard, you will be missed

This is the first time in my life that an actors demise touches me in such a personal level. Farewell mr Nimoy, you will be missed

I think the world is starting to realize that Leonard played a bigger role in peoples lives of previous, current and generations to come than anticipated.

Perhaps the biggest part is yet to come.

I will miss your presence on this planet Leonard.

— Someone from the other side.

@#19 Pegg is a Trekkie. I’m sure he’ll do something.

As a young girl I fell in love with Leonard Nimoy before i ever knew about Mr. Spock. I watched “in Search of…” like a fangirl. I loved his look, his intelligence, and his humor. Listening to his voice was like diving into a hot bath. When “Star trek” hit our area in sydication I was already hooked. I remember some of the “b” stations running “Star Trek” marathons that I begged my parents let me stay up and watch. I hung in there, awake for the full run, everytime. Once again captivated by this man who did seem so alien and so very human. Since it didn’t seem bery cool for a 13 year old girl to be a Trekkie, I loved in silence. Six years later I was lucky enough to go to a small convention where Leonard Nimoy spoke of his other pursuits and read us poetry, once again I fell in love with this man I would never meet. I guess my favorite thing about him outside of his look, voice, and gentle character, was the way he continually reinvented himself. I loved that he kept it real, and stayed relevant to himself? He was so Spock-like, so wonderful. May Mr. Nimoy;’s family be comforted in this terrible time of loss. May they feel our love, and know we share their grief. Rest in God’s peace Leonard Nimoy.

They should dedicate the film to Leonard Nimoy, but I think their “tribute” at the end of the film should include Deforest Kelley and James Doohan too.

Dang. :(

Losing your childhood heroes is hard. The little kid in you thinks they will live forever. But, sadly, that is never the case.

Mr. Nimoy, you will be deeply missed.

Now listen to me Paramount guys, Badrobot guys or whoever.

Pay REAL respects to Star Trek in 2016. You were to, now you’re OBLIGED.

Sure you want to make money with your movies.

We just want to be proud and honor the memory of those who made us DREAM.

Do you job Paramount/Bad Robot. And do it well.

Thank you. Thank you, Leonard Nimoy.
May your journey become even more profound.

I think the best thing one can say about an artist is that he or she is an inspiration. That was certainly true of Mr. Nimoy.
We’ve all heard stories about children and young adults who were inspired to become scientists, astronauts or engineers because they watched Star Trek. But on a deeper level, one can be inspired to find the inner strength to deal with adversity by watching these stories which were really little morality plays.
As a half-human Vulcan, Spock was exposed to lots of bullying, both at home as a child and on a more insidious level in Starfleet as an adult. Dr. McCoy, the Southerner, often spouted anti-Vulcan epithets that made my skin crawl. But I think Spock’s example of quiet dignity under duress was more inspiring to young Black, Asian and mixed race kids than a thousand Rosa Parks stories. I can see this quality in our president who bears more than a physical resemblance to a Vulcan.
Today the response to bullying is often to try to pass laws or institute regulations to protect children, but back in the day when I was a kid, we were told to just ignore it, walk away, and never let the bullies see you cry. Easier said than done, but how wonderful it was to have a hero who SHOWS you how it’s done. And with the utmost cool at that.
Mr. Nimoy as well was often subjected to derisive comments from rude and ignorant TV talk show hosts who couldn’t resist making snide comments about his ears, when they should have been asking about his directing, writing or photography. And like his famous alter ego he was polite, articulate and patient.
He has faced all of the bad breaks that can befall an actor and has handled them with grace:
Before Star Trek he worked fifteen years in the acting business and he never got more than 2 weeks work at a time and yet he maintained his passion for his craft.
Vicious contract negotiations and threats of dismissal on the show. Get good lawyers.
Sudden white-hot fame. How did he keep his head screwed on straight? Only he knew.
Being type cast and not being wanted for any shows or movies; so he went on the road in theater.
Getting older; so he went behind the camera and developed other interests.
Having one’s image stolen by corporations. Get more lawyers.
Being linked to one character so closely that people forget about all the other work; so he embraced the character. How Vulcan!
And so on.
Mr. Nimoy was an inspiration on Star Trek as well as off. And if you think that life is not going as well as it should, you might consider reading “I Am Not Spock” and viewing his “Secret Selves” video.
Both changed my life for the better.

I never met Leonard Nimoy but I feel like I lost a friend, RIP and my salute to the best First Officer the UFP ever had. You’ll never be forgotten.

I never had the good fortune of meeting Leonard Nimoy in person, but nevertheless I feel his death a personal loss.
The best way for all the fans and admirers he has in this world to honor his life, his achievements, his exceptional character and wisdom is by taking him as an example, by spreading love, acceptance and peace wherever you go, by respecting life in all its colors, by giving your best for yourself and others: in short it is by making for a better world.
I will always be thankful for the positive impact his work had on me and others and although he no longer walks the same earth as us, Leonard Nimoy will live on in our memories for many decades and centuries to come.
My sincerest condolences to Mr. Nimoy’s family and friends.

Thank you Leonard Nimoy. For a non feeling Vulcan. You were the heart and soul of Star Trek. You have inspired millions of people from all walks of life. You may be gone from us. But we will always. Remember!!!!

Thank you Leonard Nimoy. For a non feeling Vulcan. You were the heart and soul of Star Trek. You have inspired millions of people from all walks of life. You may be gone from us. But we will always. Remember!!!!

It can be Shatner and Nimoy (in CGI) in post-credits scene.

Just a glimpse into my psyche. When I was growing up I didn’t fit in. I was never popular, athletic, academic, etc. I was a lonely child, talked to myself. That in many aspects is still true today. I was emotionally withdrawn in many aspects, but lashed out as class clown. The one thing that gave me strength didn’t come from friendship, family. It was a little scifi tv show called Star Trek. Specifically the character Mr Spock(portrayed by Leonard Nimoy). Its through this portrayal of a logical, emotionless alien…I found the secret to dealing with my pain of adolescence. I could close my eyes and become the stoic Vulcan and shut out the intolerance, the judgmental peers, the jocks, honor students, etc. I could put up my shields to the bullies who wanted to beat me up, the students that wanted to tease me in gym class. The class mates that felt I wasn’t worth the time or space to get to know or make friends with. Yes a fictional character helped me through a terrible child/teen/adult life by showing me if I close out my emotions I could prevent the cruelty and retain my sanity, and not dip so far into despair that I overdosed on drugs and alcohol or simply took my life with cries of feeling alone.
So yes the passing of an actor Leonard Nimoy, who kept me sane, and from ending my life, I will morn deeply the passing of.

Mr. Nimoy lived long and prospered and we are all better for it.


The cartoon of Spock asking God to come aboard heaven had ne bawling like a baby.

I never met him, but I was so close once to interviewing him for a local newspaper, we just never were able to get in touch with each other.

One of the biggest regrets of my life.


Rather than watch his death scene, I wanted to go back to his very first scene in the first episode of Star Trek when we all looked at the character on TV and said ‘WTF’? In a TV show that was totally unique he was the most unique of all the characters. It’s difficult to recall a time when Spock was not a cultural icon, but there are those of us who can recall a world when he was unknown. Now, of course, he will never be forgotten. He lived long and he (along with all of us) prospered.

Nature abhors a vacuum.


Of all the actors in Star Trek, I doubt the show would have become the huge franchise that it is without Leonard Nimoy. As Spock’s people would say, “I grieve with thee.”

Rest in beautiful peace Mr Leonard Nimoy.

‘I grieve for thee’

Mr.Nimoy R.I.P I will never for get the first time I met you I wanted to see you again in Richmond,VA this coming month you will be missed by me for sure live long and prosper