Quinto and Conan Remember Leonard Nimoy: Trek Star Made Co-Co “Freak Out”


In the latest of what will no doubt be a very long series of memorials for Leonard Nimoy, Spock heir apparent Zachary Quinto and Conan O’Brien discussed the late actor and director on the latter’s show last night.

Quinto dropped by Conan last night to promote NBC’s The Slap, but of course the pair reminisced with memories of a mutual friend and the original Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. Discussing his time with The Simpsons, O’Brien says he worked with countless guest stars – but when he got to see Nimoy in the recording studio the talk show host “freaked out.” Video of the exchange is here:


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I remember watching a video where Whoopi Goldberg talked about working with Leonard Nimoy, and she had the same reaction as Conan O’Brien — she’d worked with lots of famous people, but seeing Leonard Nimoy threw her for a loop.

How weird must that have been for him, that even people who are, themselves, famous reacted to him like gushing fanboys and fangirls?

The dignity and grace with which Mr. Nimoy handled all of our reactions to him continues to amaze me. What a lovely man he was.

You hear nice words all the time about celebrities. No one has earned all the praise he gets in quite the way Leonard Nimoy did.

My encounter with Mr. Nimoy was unexpected and utterly delightful. I was transferring to my new air base overseas, and had a long layover. I went to the bookstore on the concourse, and a fellow in a ball cap started browsing directly behind me. We both stepped back and collided. He apologized profusely, and I recognized his voice.

I was in uniform, so he shared a story with me about his time at Ft. McPherson. Then he saw my Space Command badge, which had only been out a couple of years. When I told him what it was, he got tears in his eyes. (The badge has a central element that strongly resembles the Starfleet insignia.)

This was long before digital cameras, so I didn’t get a picture. Nor did I get his autograph. But years later, I bought something from his Etsy shop, and told his granddaughter the story. She must’ve relayed it to him, because I found a personally autographed photo with my order. It’s a treasure.

That’s a wonderful story, Sunfell; thanks for sharing it with us.

Sunfell – that’s wonderful and awesome at the same time!

I saw him checking into a hotel in Minneapolis 8 years ago and he was wearing a baseball cap with sunglasses. His earth disguise! Later I purchased a ‘photo-op’ with Shatner & Nimoy. Shatner didn’t try to smile but Leonard Nimoy smiled & looked into the camera. He was a class act.

I picked humanism because I`m a very spiritual human being. Infact I know that the people of Earth are NOT the only human beings in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond into other galaxies and universe,however I also believe in exploration too since it`s high time we human beings started exploring beyond this solar system and beyond. However I do NOT approve of all the violent action-packed adventures of the new Star Trek movies. I would very much like to seea more intillecual TNG type collaboration rather than a conflict-Voager type Star Trek. We need to eduate and inform people and not fight one-another eklse we will not survive just fighting each other. “Less Action Pack Advetures, More Intelecual-cerbral education in science,the arts,techknolagy and we also need to become more spiritual too in order to learn to survive in theses very very dark times.

Fabulous story, Sunfell, it speaks that the affection people felt for the man was not misplaced. My respect for Mr. Quinto has gone up a few notches as well, he was very eloquent at the service for his friend, considering that he flew in from Berlin to be there, that also speaks volumes about the man Mr. Nimoy was.

Thanks Sunfell. I’ve never met Mr Nimoy, I’m glad to hear he was a nice person. I envy you.

He sounds like exactly the type of person you want every celebrity to be.

We should have a TV show after Star Trek 13. Here is how nuTrek should proceed.

Star Trek 11
” ” 12
” ” 13

More 23rd century nuTrek:
Star Trek Season 1
” ” 14
” ” Season 2
” ” 15
” ” Season 3
” ” 16
” ” Season 4
” ” 17
” ” Season 5
” ” 18

24th century nuTrek:
” ” ” ” Season 1
” ” 19
” ” ” ” Season 2
” ” 20
” ” ” ” Season 3
” ” 21
” ” ” ” Season 4
” ” 22
” ” ” ” Season 5
” ” 23
” ” 24

I would love to see more Trek on television, and would be extremely enthusiastic about new 23rd Century Trek…

Gosh his death has hit me hard.I’m hoping William Shatner is immortal. I’m pretty sure he is. I don’t want to go through the grief that I just did with Nimoy again. Please Bill!!! Live forever!

Watch “Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto – The Challenge” on YouTube
Leonard Nimoy vs. Zachary Quinto – The Challenge: https://youtu.be/MVoDnGVkWCA
Not a fan of the JJ movies, but Zach is class all the way.

Great, touching interview.

Here’s a nice interview with Leonard where he discusses his stage work during the interim between TOS and TMP, and plenty more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QxprD3Ii2M

Did he mention anything about the film that is about to commence shooting?


The ironic part about Conan freaking out when he realized that Leonard Nimoy would be in the episode he penned is that the episode is now considered one of the most iconic in Simpsons history.

“Is there a chance the track could bend?”

“Not on your life my Hindu friend!”

The perfect way to end the JJ trek trilogy would be for Quinto’s Spock to emerge into the Prime Universe.

The Space Command emblem is indeed very Star Trekian! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Force_Space_Command

# 18. Olley Olley Olley – March 20, 2015

” The perfect way to end the JJ trek trilogy would be for Quinto’s Spock to emerge into the Prime Universe.” — Olley Olley Olley

I don’t believe you’re thinking of it transdimensionally? AltSpock would emerge into a universe and time where instead of only 1 of his parents being dead both of them would be. How could that be “perfect” for him?

It’s not a JJ trilogy, it’s a misborn alt universe trilogy. JJ started it but pretty much abandoned it, and as far as I’m concerned (looking at his track record) I think that’s a good thing.

The problem I have had with these new movies from the start is that they’re not really the same characters. Had they done a straight reboot I think that would have been better, showing the early years or something. But setting the new Trek movies in an entirely new universe kind of takes me out of it. These are not the characters I grew up watching and learned to love.

What relevance does anything that happens in NuTrek have to the characters from the original series? With the exception of Spock–who went from passing the torch to gratuitous cameos–none.

As a friend of mine said after seeing Trek 2009 in the theater: “It doesn’t feel like Star Trek.”

Star Trek should go forward–Where no one has gone before–not try to keep rehashing what’s already been done.

Actually, Zachary Quinto is not the “Spock heir apparent”, he’s the heir. He’s played the role in two major motion pictures – the role is his at the moment.

What remains to be seen is for how long he will wear that mantle, and what place he will hold in the estimation of Trek fans down through the years.

In that sense, Leonard Nimoy left enormous shoes to fill – far, far bigger than just the one on-screen character which Mr. Quinto has inherited.

I like Quinto and so I wonder why his Spock does not make more impact – at least on me – I guess many people like/love his Spock.

Zach seems much deeper, more intelligent, than his Spock, which I suppose is due to writing and the director’s shaping him to what they want.

Yes IDIC I think it’s the scripting, direction, and Summer Tentpole issue.

Neither movie allowed for considered discussions (as in TOS) among the senior crew in the conference room, where Spock’s logical evaluations were valued by Kirk and often challenged by McCoy. NuTrek has condensed these into 30-60 second “bytes” in walk-with-me moments or a couple of lines of dialogue on the bridge between enormous and overly long action set-pieces. Kudos to the actors for squeezing as much character into those moments as they possibly could. I’d much rather see five or ten minutes more of characters interacting to figure out and work to solve a problem, and have relationship scenes:

McCoy having a drink with Kirk to talk doc/bartender/sage to a troubled captain, Spock and Uhura talking about the danger facing the Enterprise and figuring out part of the solution, in another scene, CMarcus, Chekov, Spock and Scotty working together in Engineering racing to engineer the doohickey to deploy to reach a resolution (while Kirk, Sulu and Uhura are working fast on the Bridge, technically and/or diplomatically delaying disaster) …

… than race into a kidney-kickin’ head-squishin’ face-punchin’ scene followed by other assorted violence …. Or gods forbid, yet another big crash scene or threat ro San Francisco.

Tension is so very important to scenes, along with meaningful character actions– moreso to me than a rush pell-mell to a Big Huge Action Sequence in which character is lost to Violence, Violence, Violence.

OK, this is censorship. Where is my post in which I reply to the one above? You people here are not fair. You are selecting the comments that you like. It’s been days since I posted that comment… it can’t be waiting for the approval that long. You’re simply partial hypocrites who practice censorship of free speech. Shame on you.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..”


#24 Marja
To quote Commodore Mendez in “Menagerie,” “Well, that’s true,
of course!”

#24 Marja

Just to add a bit more to my response (am in a bit of a hurry), I would be more charitable toward nuTrek if they had indeed done what you say here with character-enhancement/interaction scenes which “verify” or legitimatize their nu version of Trek.

As it is, they forced it down our communal throat: This is just how Kirk is now, this is just how Spock is now, never a conference with others, never a moment to show us the inner working of one of the friendships aboard, and many other examples.

If they were to change beloved Trek so much, they at least should have given a foundation for their change, given information, scenes, showed us rationales.

Instead, the violence and endless relentlessness was to make us accept this as Star Trek, but with no logic involved, no “stripes earned” by the JJ bunch – only force was used.

To me, this is my basic objection.

Positioning NuTrek as a Summer Blockbuster was the worst mistake they made with Trek. Had releases been scheduled for late summer /early fall /winter holidays, they’d not have needed so much action to “sell” it to younger people used to the constant action of videogames, and keep the attention-deficit social media addicts’ eyes on the big screen instead of on the small screens of their smartphones.

But the summer releases made P’mount a buttload of money. Y’know, that’s what’s PARAMOUNT for them.

A little more respect for the thoughtful Trek of old — even just ten more minutes, broken up and spread here and there throughout — would have better honored the “legacy.” And I think more traditional fans might have been happiER with it even if they wouldn’t have been 100% happy.

Excessive violence in films NEVER makes me happy, but I do remember Kirk as a “man of action.” However he was also more thoughtful. I think NuKirk is getting there. We’ll see.

#21. Li’l Shat – March 20, 2015

“It doesn’t feel like Star Trek.” — Li’l Shat’s friend

That’s what the experience was like for me. At best maybe it was AN ADVENTURE OF SPOCK, which might make a good tangentially related spin-off product but not what I was looking for in something proclaiming itself to be in two words:STAR TREK.

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner

Is this site still active?



(sorry for the multiples: it’s the old phasing in & out of our universe phenomenon again)


Asleep at the wheel again Trek Movie. After just losing Nimoy, I would hope someone there would go out of their way to post a happy birthday to Shatner. Unbelievable.

32 John, since their was no new B-day wishes thread, some of us posted them on the chat page. I posted here to remind others too:






36 I agree and that’s why I posted all these links here.


37 since there…..

One day belated but I did post this message on other sites:

Happy, serene, joyful birthday, William Shatner!

You created and sustain (and do to this day), a character named James T. Kirk which has meant more to me in my life than you possibly can imagine.

I watched your production of “Mind Meld” recently and was impressed with the open-ness, intelligence, and honesty which you and Leonard displayed and shared with us – and I was so moved by the love between you – a wonderful, inspiring friendship!

Thank you for everything!

36 I agree, so some of us posted b-day wishes in the chat section & links:



@Marja @IDIC – I was thinking about this last week actually. Imagine if these creative geniuses were in charge of the WoK script. Can you even imagine them taking the time to have that Spock/Kirk exchange about his birthday? Or Bones/Kirk just chillin in his apartment? Bad Robot would cut the scene down to six seconds and have the apartment explode.

Only Star Trek gets this rap of “we have to have more action or the “main stream” fans wont come. And yet how many examples of dramatic films, even sci-fi, do big business?

The only “slow it down” character moment I can think of from the BR films were Kirk/Pike in the bar, Spock/Spock at the end. And Kirk/Pike felt forced because it relied on a chance encounter that changed the universe rather than any sort of sense of destiny or choice on Kirk’s part. Spock/Spock was good because it hinted at the importance of the Kirk/Spock relationship though the writers used it as a replacement for actually showing us the relationship. Deeds, not words. Show us, dont tell us.

#10. Both CBS and Paramount could get into a joint venture in which Prime Universe Direct-To-Video films could be produced.

#10. We could see a DVD collection called Star Trek Alternate Reality Motion Picture Collection. Star Trek 11, ” ” 12 and ” ” 13 will form the collection alongside a special features DVD called Star Trek The Admiral’s Summit (which could be hosted by either Robert Beltran or Robert Duncan McNeill).

The last thing anyone should want is direct-to-video Trek. Might as well watch low budget fan fiction then.

Limited series seems to be the trend now with the networks & cables. Perhaps CBS will consider a Star Trek limited series for the 50th anniversary.

46 Ahmed, I do hope so. Personally my wish is that they continue with the NuTrek timeline and have the Enterprise crew explore, find scientific and startling phenomena, and do it all in a more THOUGHTFUL way, with more ingenious solutions rather than violent ones.

Sure, have some action sequences in which Kirk, Sulu, and Hendorff (bring back Cuocake!) Explore and resolve Dangerous Situations … with a female along for Security team, Science or Diplomatic/Interpretive (Uhura) reasons. Or Spock for Big Science/computer issues.

Or have Scotty, to help some planet with an engineering problem. Or McCoy and Chapel, who we haven’t seen yet (I’m lobbying for Christina Hendricks in the role), answering a medical crisis. Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura or Chekov in command. There are so many possibilities. Rescues that go wrong … we can look at hundreds of Trek eps for examples (NOT plots, let’s not endlessly rehash those unlrss thete a really really different twists).

If they can’t get the Nu Enterprise crew back, have a different ship and crew with lots more diversity, and guest appearances by Pine, Qinto, Saldana, Pegg, Cho, Yelchin, and Alice Eve, from (and shown on) the Nu Enterprise, Ben Cross as Sarek. … and appearances by our remaining TOS crew recast as Admirals, heads of state, etc.

My dream. YMMV.

Pardon my errors. Dadblasted tiny cellphone keyboards!

“Bring back Cupcake!” … “(let’s not endlessly rehash those unless there are. ..”

So glad those two got along so well.

#48. Marja – March 23, 2015

PHEW[wipes brow sweat]! For a second there, I thought you had a scoop on Kayley Cuoco-Sweetings’ marriage dissolving or her being cast in the next Trek.