Could Idris Elba “Cancel the Apocalypse” of Star Trek 3?


Most famous to science fiction fans as the hero who declared “We are canceling the apocalypse!” in Pacific Rim, British actor Idris Elba could be the cause of the next apocalypse in the Star Trek universe, according to an article by Variety.

No word on who he might be playing. The article reads:

Details of Elba’s role are being kept under wraps. Early rumors suggest that Klingons would be the main villains in this movie, as they have not had a full presence in previous installments, but sources would not confirm if that was the case. Paramount and Skydance had no comment.

Elba has been a critical darling since debuting on HBO’s The Wire as Stringer Bell, but also scored points with fans as the BBC’s Luther. While he usually plays heroes (or anti-heroes in Bell’s case), he ably played antagonist Charles Miner to Michael Scott on The Office.

He’s a popular British TV actor who has always been on the cusp of a successful movie career, but hasn’t quite been able to make it happen – so sort of a reverse Benedict Cumberbatch, a British actor who keeps getting movie roles thrown at him despite never really making studios money.

So this role could be a turning point for Elba.

Wild speculation
A commanding, military-type, Elba would make a great heavy to pit against the Enterprise crew. If he were to play a Klingon, he could be one of TOS’s holy trinity – Kang, Koloth, or Kor – or one of the original movie Klingons. (He would make a fearsome Kruge.)

Other notable Trek villains he could bring to life include Garth of Izar, Kodos the Executioner, or an effects-heavy character like the Gorn. If they want to match Dr. Richard Daystrom, creator of “The Ultimate Computer,” with another black actor then Elba would be a perfect fit. It seems highly unlikely that someone as striking as Elba would be cast in a Cyrano Jones/Harry Mudd-type role.

As a British heart-throb, Elba’s name is frequently tossed around as a potential replacement for Daniel Craig as James Bond. He recently got an endorsement for the role from former 007 Pierce Brosnan. Scoring a franchise of that magnitude might put him out of Star Trek’s budget, so if they want him they need to move fast.


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Great, another big bad villain battle story. Orci had said they earned the right to do some deep space exploration and they fire him over it. Paramount has no clue about Star Trek.

Well. I think he is a great actor. Having him play one of the tos Klingons would be a good thing. Let’s hope for the best

You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.

No, not Kor. You have major big shoes to fill if you’re going to play Kor. John Colicos was a great villain and very theatrical. If they cast a Kor, he’s got to have a good theater background. I don’t think Elba is it. Daystrom, maybe, but he was more a sympathetic guy then a TOS villain.

On the other hand, the production isn’t likely to spend big $ on an A-list actor. They didn’t for Into Darkness.

As a Klingon he could work but needs to change his accent a little his fake US accent is very weak.

5. Paul –
“As a Klingon he could work but needs to change his accent a little his fake US accent is very weak.”

Perhaps. But I imagine his authentic Klingon accent will be impeccable!

Paul, why not a Klingon with an accent? David Warner had an accent. Sure, he wasn’t a villain, but a British-sounding Klingon would be just fine.

I’m with @1.Mike Stivic Remember when they use to be explorers?

STID didnt need to spend big money on an A-list actor for their villain – they had Peter Weller. They just didnt use him.

Man, just once, I’d love one of these killer casting rumors to come true for Trek. Here’s hoping it doesn’t wind up on the near-miss pile….

Most TOS and TOS-movie Klingons had some sort of “British” accent, in a Shakespearean fashion… So that wouldn’t be a new thing.

Nothing against this specifc story, but I’m not a huge fan of the “whic TOS character could he/she be?” every time a possible casting choice is mentioned.

I get that some folks love it. I sure don’t.

And yes, I do indeed gripe when folks gripe that a legitimate news story or review here is absolutey unwelcome because it’s not movie news — that’s not what I’m doing here. I’m not griping about the existence of this story. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be here.

To be fair, I guess it’s not unique to Trek. Comic book properties deal with this all the time.

I think I just had enough of the “which TOS protaganist is this?” speculation last time. It hit its peak when nobody seemed to realize that Karl Urban was kidding about Gary Mitchell.

I want Russell Crowe in a Star Trek movie. A mentor to Kirk or and adversary. Either, or.

Kirk’s gotta grow up and be the Kirk we knew, not remain BroKirk.

Here’s my pitch: Elba is Daystrom. The M-5 malfunctions, other ships are damaged, then the Enterprise jumps beyond warp limits, going where no man has gone before. They find a planet with one small pocket of atmosphere, and who’s in it? Trelane, played by Ricky Gervais.

Combining TOS episodes is far better than ripping off TOS movies.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Star Trek were science fiction again!

I adopted a “Let’s see the final product” stance on Trek 3 a long time ago. It’s over a year away and already everyone is flustered over rumors.

Maybe he’ll be playing an admiral or captain who was one of Admiral Marcus’s trusted accomplices.

Or better yet, a captain whom Kirk has admired …

Maybe a twist on Garth or Daystrom …

But I’m not attached to the idea of the movie replaying a TOS character.

Just please don’t hide that magnificent, expressive face behind a ton of Klingon makeup, quoting Shakespeare to death.

He has a lovely voice, as does Cumberbatch, very expressive and wonderfully deep.


Does anyone else suspect that Abrams will be back to direct #3? Even if we all have to wait til he’s done with whatever other projects he cares to amuse himself with in the meantime? Lessee, Star Wars is in post now, right?

Dates are being pushed back again. Grrr! They were aupposed to start filming this month weren’t they?

Star Trek III: Explosive Diarrhea Vs. Projectile Vomit!

Admiral Cartwright?

I tend to think it would be an original character given Pegg’s comments. BUT…Im totally fine with using original series characters when it makes sense. For example, if you’re going to have a strong militant Klingon, why make him original when you can make him someone we’ve seen? The “new” fans wont know the difference anyway so it doesnt matter. But it serves the continuity and builds the universe up a bit.

I like the idea of casting Elba in the movie & think it would be better if if he plays a new character rather than someone that we are familiar with.

Either way, this is a great choice.

Villain? (yawn)

Klingons? (yawn)

A Klingon villain? (double yawn)

I think we’re stuck with having a ‘villain.’ At least they froze Khan instead of having him blow up in the big ship (another overused trope for JJ’s universe). Edris is a good actor. I only hope Pegg remembers to include character moments… and humanize this character. Soooo many 2-dimentional characters in Into Darkness. We can do better.

# 21. Harry Ballz – March 25, 2015

” A Klingon villain? (double yawn)” — Harry Ballz

Worse than that, a Klingon villain opens the door to THE TROUBLE WITH SUPER TRIBBLES: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Fuzzy Balls.

15 Deanna, those were some of the very best episodes of TOS weren’t they!

Finally Klingons, please make this happen.

Are they maybe worried about another TMP? Too “highbrow”? Or are they just doing all the action because it appeals to Asian audiences?

I really hope they would use Elba better than they did Cumby.

A two timing villain played by him would be great

He could play Uhura’s father too (Or her older brother, I read in her bios from the app she has a brother and a sister) her father worked for starfleet as well

Idris Elba would be a wonderful choice. Not only does he play one of the more nuanced Thor characters but he has the acting chops and the physical look to be a great Klingon nemesis. Someone as impulsive, physical, brilliant and sexy as Kirk has to be the kind foe, the kind of anti-Kirk to give a Klingon enemy three dimensions. Plus there’s nothing better than a villain you love to hate who is terrifying and sexy. The internal conflict it arouses in the audience is intoxicating is it not. That being said I think he’d make a great Starfleet Captain or Admiral also (think Commander Starfleet, Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock)

You can cast the best actor on the planet (look at Cumberbatch), but if the story stinks, like STID, it isn’t going to work!


in this day in age we are never going to get a Star Trek movie like the original Star Trek or the next generation I love those TV series but we just have to come to the fact that is not going to happen no matter how many people complain. I personally think he is an excellent actor and be amazing Klingon they are stating that after the success of guardians of the galaxy they want Star Trek 3 to be more like that now I know guardians of the galaxy is nothing like the Star Trek that we grew up in with and love but for me I’m just happy that they going to make a third Star Trek movie even if it’s not what we like I still like it bc its going to be a form of star track and we get to see Captain Kirk and Spock in the enterprise even if it’s not what we grew up with the best thing about movies and movie franchises that they are always going to make new ones and trends will change and maybe someday we will get back to with their regional TV series was like. for me personally this is a great time for movies because I also love Star Wars Lord of the Rings and like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am 30 years old and grew up watching Star Trek The Next Generation in the original Star Wars trilogy to me these movies are somewhat of a mix between the two and I like them.

Just what we’d expect from filmTREK. Another outstanding, but relatively B-list movie star to play the lead villian in a major motion picture. Not the kind of casting which big-budget movies like the Marvel & Sony films – casting movie-stars who are almost guaranteed to deliver worldwide audiences.

It’d be great if the Studio finally took a RISK and cast movie-stars in their movies.

God forbid they create a new antagonist and not rehash yet again a character from fifty years ago.

Uh, Garth of Izar is white… (No, I’m *not* being racist, these are supposed to be the exact same people as seen in the original timeline; unless they said Garth had an even more talented plastic surgeon than Khan, making him black would make no sense…)

Star trek needs to have an antagonist or a villain. Every major TOS movie had em.

# 31. Ctrl-Opt-Del – March 25, 2015

” Uh, Garth of Izar is white… ” — Ctrl-Opt-Del

Ah, I think you are forgetting he had the ability to morph into various sizes, shapes, and colors. Who’s to say exactly what his natural state is for certain or that he can’t prefer the visage of Elba’s skin tone over that of another? What I’d like to know is how he did the clothes?

# 32. Elias Javalis – March 25, 2015

” Star trek needs to have an antagonist or a villain. Every major TOS movie had em.” — Elias Javalis

Oh really? Who was the actor cast for this purpose in STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE or STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME?

Elba is much better known to this sci-fi fan for other things than Pacific Rim, which I watched about half of one time at my friend’s house. His role in The Island for instance, or in Guardians of the Galaxy, or basically anything else he has ever done.

Could he be Benjamin Sisko?

post 35. Who cares

He played captain Janek in Prometheus.

@35 Who cares

I don’t think Elba was in Guardians of the Galaxy. But I did see all of Pacific Rim. He was great! I need to catch his other works. I saw the Island a long time ago and can’t really remember his role very well ( he wasn’t a known name then). I think he would be a great addition to the Trek verse.

I really hope that there will be no Klingons in the movie or play at least no major role.

Garth? Kodos? Um… no, he couldn’t play them for the simple fact that Nero destroying the Kelvin would not have retroactively changed those characters’ skin color BEFORE the Kelvin’s destruction. It’d be Caucasian Khan all over again.

#35: Huh? Idris Elba wasn’t in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Think “Errand of Mercy”. Cast Tom Hanks as Ayelborne (Sean Connery much too old now) and we have a nice 1-2 punch.

Seriously though, I’m with #1 Mike S.

He could do an awesome Klingon villain. I hope its an original character though.

some of those near-misses I’ve never heard about. Definitely never heard of Hanks involved with FIRST CONTACT, though I do recall them talking to Hackman (probably Doherty, can’t imagine he’d’ve put up with the Ruafo makeup) and Robert Downey (latter wasn’t insurable, he was going to be the guy Picard talks into switching sides.)

The real big misses for me are uncast Kruges. They considered Jurgen Prochnow and Nimoy wanted Edward James Olmos, but the studio wanted Terence Stamp (zod.) Somehow they compromised on Lloyd, who seems the worst of all worlds.

I’ve watched all of Elba’s’ LUTHER eps in addition to multiple viewings of THE WIRE and he is really something else, he can bring it, let’s hope he isn’t just cashing a paycheck like it was with him in THOR, a waste of his immense talent.

..I haven’t posted on TM for a long time..but Ill repeat myself and add my voice to some above and millions of other fans when it was rumored Kahn or the villain antagonist was going to be used..why does Trek have to have a “villain”?? this is the same thinking Berman pushed and you see what happened to the Next Gen movies. Yes, The Wrath of Kahn has been considered the best and the poor attempt with Into Darkness proved it isn’t necessary RE The Voyage Home which IMO was true Trek

I hope this casting of Elba pans out, as he’s immensely watchable in everything he does.

The chances that this next Trek adventure might be a foray into a nuKlingon shoot-em-up are still quite high…but at least Elba would class things up somewhat, and be a diversion from the likely ‘Keenser’ antics.

I guess, Chris Pine’s mom knows better on Idris Elba than some ppl here.

……… just kidding… but true.

@1 – Hear, hear. Once again, the Meathead speaks true.