The Jig Is Up, The News Is Out On New Star Trek: Renegades Trailer


The first full trailer for Star Trek Renegades dropped today. Brought to you by the same team that did Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, the feature appears to be one of the most impressive pieces of fan-fic ever.


The 2 1/2 minute video features stunning special effects and appearances by a host of Trek alum and new faces. The cast boasts an impressive cross-section of Trek actors, including Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, and Robert Picardo, plus Gary Graham (Soval), Richard Herd (Adm. Paris), Manu Intiraymi (Icheb). Russ also directs.

The current release date for Renegades is uncertain. According to a January statement on the official website:

But… we know the question on all of your minds – when will I receive my download or DVD/Blu-Ray of Renegades? As much as we’d like to give you a definitive date at this point, that will all depend on CBS. Their response to our film will ultimately determine our final release dates. We are keeping our fingers crossed for good news, and we’ll pass on any developments as soon as we hear them.

My favorite part is when Chekov says “adwances.”

And we wish the best of luck to them. Last month, Renegades dropped a music video (which looks like it was filmed on the set where they did the Gorn fight in Arena).


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That looks pretty bad, like most fan films. Some good effects, but wooden acting, unconvincing makeup and awful dialog.

Plus, the presence of Manu Intiraymi is not a good thing–he’s an awful actor, and was one of the worst aspects of Voyager.

This looks pretty amazing. Probably the best fan film I have seen… definitely worthy of broadcast TV. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product! Nice job to the entire team behind this.

Unfortunately, this looks pretty lame and doesn’t say “Star Trek” to me.

Not a fan of the ‘grim dark’ trope in my ST, but I will check this one out.

Production values look good and it’s good to see so many Trek vets involved.

I will definitely watch this, but a bit of constructive criticism: The trailer could do a better job of saying what the movie is about. From what I gather, there’s a bad guy who wants to destroy the Federation, but the Federation can’t get involved in defending itself because of the Prime Directive (?)

A clearer indication of the movie’s main theme would make for a more compelling trailer without necessarily spoiling anything.

Bits and pieces look interesting, but there’s a disconnect between the Trek aspects (and present alumni) and whatever else this is supposed to be about. I just watched it twice, and… well, let’s just hope it’s a poorly edited trailer. The full thing may be more coherent… but that fix the cliche dialogue and weird, unpleasant to look at Starfleet uniforms. Or what I assume are uniforms, at least.

Some damned fine actors in there, though…and they clearly put a lot of work into this. I hope my first impression is wrong. :P

“Won’t fix”, rather. (It’s 2015 guys, can’t we edit these comments? :P)

This actually looks GREAT! Even Icheb looks amazing to me. Yeah, it has still got that B-movie feeling to it somehow, but it’s big improvement over Of Gods and Men visually. For a low-budget crowd-funded endeavour, it looks amazing! There are lots of movies like that out there – most of them not Star Trek-based – and none of them can compete with this one as far as we can tell from the trailer.

I’m definitely looking forward to this!

But yeah… still hoping for official A-lister stuff from CBS soon… It’s not our job to do THEIR work!

Llooking forward to it.

I wanted to like this so much… and I’ve no doubt that this is is the best fan-film out there at the moment and of course, it’s wonderful to see the prime Universe, albeit with a slightly odd Star Trek: Online looking ships, however, just because it is the best fan-film out there doesn’t make it excellent, or even just good. I imagine it’s far cheaper for film-makers to shoot dark and moody claustrophobic exchanges between cliche characters, than it is to produce strange and exciting new worlds and life forms… but where is the sense of fun, inspiration and adventure in this trailer? Like others have said, the acting seems wooden, the make-up unconvincing but worse of all, there is no awe-inspiring feeling that we all felt the first time we saw the opening credits of TNG or DS9 or Voyager for the first time? I appreciate this trailer has been edited to look more action-oriented, but instead of dazzling us with things we couldn’t imagine by ourselves, it shows us things we have seen dozens of times before (and filmed better) and instead of giving us an alternative to the loud yet vacant JJ-disasterverse, it comes across as a bad imitation (without the humour, or budget). I didn’t need an ‘USS Archer’… or 140 year old Chekov. What I needed was to see beautiful, magnificent things that inspire me, new worlds and life-forms that would keep me up tonight in bed wondering what the storyline might be. And don’t get me started about those baggy, ridiculously ill-fitting star trek uniforms. I thank Tim Russ for his efforts and would rather have this pilot exist than not, but it saddens me an opportunity was lost to show CBS something they weren’t expecting. There’s nothing game-changing to see here, and I believe with talented writers and conceptual artists, there could have been. Missed opportunity.

This is a tremendous trailer and easily better than the vast majority of professional production out there from the looks of things. Extremely promising — and I hope the actual movie lives up to this wonderful preview.

Axanar thus far has set the standard, but this trailer comes very close and the feature may be just as good.

Fan films have become real contenders as standard-bearers for the cinematic/audiovisual Star Trek universe, and only the multimillions spent by Viacom/Paramount give JJ Abrams’ movies the edge thus far.

It’s an edge that is evidently disappearing by the day.

“vast majority of professional productions”

As corrected.

Looks great the me!

I look forward to the film. I’m not up to speed on the CBS connection though. They have to approve it?

These fan films are an embarrassment to Star Trek. The only good ones I’ve ever seen that are actually done right are Axanar and Star Trek Aurora.

It says this continues the prime timeline. It doesn’t even look like Star Trek. What point in time does this even take place?

Yawn…predictably terrible looking screaming of fanzoid mentality, writing, acting and other assorted dreadfulness.
Nice to see Walter…didn’t know he had fallen so far into the dumps to be in this.

@1 and @2

Once a dumb jerk, always a dumb jerk

#15: A “dumb jerk?” Seriously? How old are you… seven years old? Grow up, kid. Finish elementary school. You’re embarrassing yourself.

#15: Plus, if you don’t like reading opinions that don’t match yours, why the hell are you even here? This is a discussion board. It’s for discussion. Again, grow up.

@Ralph Daay

I agree completely. This production might have terrific effects, but it is severely lacking in almost every other facet. The actors stink, the make-up looks cheap, and most importantly, it doesn’t feel like “Star Trek” at all.

There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell this gets the greenlight from CBS.

#15 Silvereyes

I guess the truth hurts, eh?

@17. Red Dead Ryan,

“The actors stink, the make-up looks cheap, and most importantly, it doesn’t feel like “Star Trek” at all.”

You are aware that this is just a trailer, not the whole movie, right?

While I’m not impressed with the trailer that much, I’d rather wait to see the full movie before making any rash judgements or claim that “The actors stink”!

The trailer got me excited. The effects are good and I feel the quality of the real ST actors, but the writing, background sound, supporting actors, environmental effects, lighting, etc are holding them back.

I know nothing in movies but I feel I could polish this movie up with very basic common sense things e.g.
– extreme scream which has no echo, sounds like your neighbor.
– Admiral Paris needs to have his tilted eye brows waxed to hold them down.
– Tim Russ has part of a mustache that is unshaven. I mean come on man.. you are Tuvok for crying out loud, don’t you know how to shave before you hit the set?
– The writing is horrible. I don’t understand a thing about what the story is about. It’s jumping here and there and everwhere.
– I would not use things like “Yeah! Let’s give-em hell!” That’s fan talk. A movie is more subtle.
– the big rubbery, flopping around Halloween mask has no place in a movie. Light makeup is better. Focus on expression, emotion, writing.

Anyway I still liked the trailer. Itcheb, Tuvok, Chekov, Adm. Paris, and what looks like a clone of Majel Barrett, and a few other actors I recognize but can’t remember the names, all great stuff.

Is that Majel’s daughter?

And the captain in the red shirt looks like a couch potato
– Make the guy sit upright.
– Add some shoulder padding to give some square-ishness.
– Give the shirt some style, add some crinkles.

Another trick (I think) is to render the trailers and movie itself in traditional 24fps (frames per second)

Adding imperfection (like 24FPS, and beaten down audio) often gives a sense of realism.
When the sound is too clear, like someone is standing beside you, and when the shots are too close up and clear, it feels like a home movie.

Looks like a sy fy channel original movie. So wrong on so many levels…I want to give it a fair shake, but it won’t be easy!

Another thing…
Like when the woman says to Tuvok:
“Tell me….” her voice runs out of gas. 2

If I was the director I would make her redo the scene.

Something like “If you value your life… you WILL TELL ME!!!!!” (finishes in a crecendo — not some anticlimatic tire flattening “tell me…” cough cough…
And in a moment like that you throw in some flashes, beads of sweats, intense facial expressions, breathing.. something.

The special effects by the way are pretty spectacular, they are Hollywood grade. The 2 torpedoes hitting the sovereign style ship got the excitement going.

1. BatlethInTheGroin – April 7, 2015

There is always a place in any universe for the person or persons can pick up a phone and film whatever interpretation of a franchise or idea they choose and express what they want to say and how they want to say it with all the freedoms that all people alive have.

To be critical of fan made work really does expose a lack of understanding or appreciation of how driven a person has to be to bring an idea to the screen. And like Ed Wood they will be remembered fondly and its their love for what they made that will always be remembered weather it be “Glen or Glenda” or “Renagades”.

No one can ever take away all the joy and happiness that your created when you made your film and you will have that happiness for the rest of your life while “BatlethInTheGroin” is going to be spending the rest of his life explaining to people how he stabbed himself in his own genitals with a plastic fan made batleth I wonder if he looked like that fat light saber guy from a few years ago when he did it.

That’s a fan film I really want to see can you upload that for us batleth?

Looks great keep up the good work

@ Paul from Montreal

Glad you are back!

I’ll give them props for having a lot of heart! Good for them!

Those have been following Star Trek Renegades, good for you. To those who have not been following, you should know that this Star Trek is indeed darker and is meant to be. Due to a threat to the Federation, bureaucracy, and the Prime Directive, a “suicide squad” of sorts is hired to do a “Mission: Impossible” type job that the Federation does not know exists. Icheb (not Manu Intiraymi) is “wooden” because he has been “used/developed” by Section 31 as a weapon. BTW, Manu’s role on Voyager was excellent as a lot of real fans will attest – and it’s obvious certain people have not seen his others roles from “One Tree Hill” onward. Fans asked for a trailer and they got several – as much as possible during pre (and post) production. It is a fan film so if you were expecting a 30 million motion picture, you’ve come to the wrong place. If there is any question as to what I’ve said, then simply go to all the cast’s interviews throughout the past year. As a matter of note, the “Icheb” role was going to be darker than as now written/portrayed.

It has to be better than Of Gods and Men!

Judging from the trailer, this looks… convoluted… cramped… But I’m definitely gonna give it a shot anyway.

This production looked terrible about a year ago and was dragging it’s heels quite badly. It’s great to see it’s looking better, but the acting still needs to go a little further. It has the potential to not only be the best fan made feature, but as good as professional one.
Good luck and LLAP!

I thoroughly applaud the effort of all involved but this doesn’t look like Star Trek to me. More like a horror movie with bad acting.
The effects are very well realised but as the Star Wars prequels showed, effects alone cannot carry a movie.

Production values and cleavage look pretty good. Everything else, not so much. Also, that Starfleet ship looks really awkward. :/

I Skipped of Gods and Men, Renegades looks ok for a fan film, still Axanar is the best all around Fan Flick.
Its good to see Koening and Picardo, love these Actors!

I find it interesting, that even those fan films, which lack a huge budget, don´t use the opportunity to concentrate on a good story but instead on action, just like the big budget films. Compared to them, this film does not stand a chance, of course.
But it would have had a chance, if they were just thinking of a good story, with less action…very unfortunate!

Comparing this one to a blockbuster might not be very fair. They had about 0.2 percent (that is 1/500) of a budget of these kind of shows – it is probably less then their catering budget.

Of course, that does not need to result in a poor script or dialogue. But judging that on a trailer?

Does it “feel” Star Trek? I don´t know, to a certain degree. I think the producers said it would be a different kind, darker and not that optimistic. Which seems to be exactly what they have achieved.

The alien mask sure is less then convincing, but I wouldn´t dare to imagine how complicated it must be to achieve something like that.

I´m more concerned how all these actors and cameos will fit into one story – I hope they can achieve that.

Overall, the teaser looks several times better then “Of gods and men”, but I would reserve final judgement when the film opens – at least it has a lot of potential.

@22: Remember “Fire everything”?…..

Interestingly some of the comments are purely anger, as nothing but Shatner&friends should survive. However other are very supportive, on the spirit of ST.
Must I remember that the acting on all ST series was sometimes very clumsy and cheesy, and yet we all love it?
Well, about the trailer and production: they seem to be working just fine. FX are great, and I find some of the acting good or average. The only thing that sometimes apears low bodget is the scenery, that could have been made in CG (and perhaps make things harder for FX team).
I just think we should all be supportive to such hard work and dedication to our beloved franchise.

Why dose tuvok look like a bar tender,
why didn’t they use Starfleet uniforms from canon,
There is a few rusty effects but other than that this looks really good.

So now humans can live past 150 and Chekhov is still kicking?

More ridiculous CG shots of ships lobbing photon cannon balls at each other over vast distances of a hundred meters as if they were WW2 naval battleships and not superheats space vessels?

Yeah, no. Rubbish.

Wow, a bunch of ungrateful whiners in here…

This took lots of work!! It features some of our favorite actors!! It’s Star Trek!! Give it a chance!!

Always some fight or flight bs. I’ll pass thanks.

Still not one word on New Voyage’s MIND SIFTER on this website.


Waiting for Axanar.

First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to film these shows with minimal funding.
Unexpected delays, set construction issues can derail a film in about a day.
So, kudos to them for getting this far.
Second of all, this film IS NOT A PILOT for CBS, it never was and never will be. It’s a fan film, period.

@40. Do you remember that Admiral Leonard McCoy was onboard the USS Enterprise D in Encounter at Farpoint? Chekov was the youngest member of Kirk’s bridge crew, so what exactly is the problem with him still being around?