NEWS BITS: Kingsman’s Sofia Boutella Coming to Trek 3, Chief O’Brien’s Old Boss on Daredevil


On Friday Deadline reported a new Star Trek 3 casting announcement: the addition of actress Sofia Boutella, fresh off a performance in the surprise hit Kingsman: The Secret Service.

(A Memory Alpha article on Boutella went up almost immediately if anyone would like to flesh it out!)

Ever since the news broke that Simon Pegg would be assuming creative direction of the film to make it “more like Guardians of the Galaxy” (whatever that means), details have been finally trickling out, including that it may also co-star Idris Elba.

While Boutella could be playing an entirely new character, now is the time for wild speculation:

  • Yeoman Rand
  • The witch from Catspaw
  • Spock’s ex-girlfriend from “This Side of Paradise”
  • Spock’s ex-fiancee from “Amok Time”
  • That woman who steals “Spock’s Brain” (man, that guy could not catch a break)
  • Emony Dax (who we know had an affair with Bones in the Prime Universe)
  • Elaan of Troyius
  • Blind TOS Doctor Pulaski
  • Sexy TOS Doctor Pulaski
  • That green-haired woman Kirk punches in “Gamesters of Triskelion”:

•That pregnant lady Bones slaps (who I think was also Catwoman):

  • Another Orion female, like the one from Whom Gods Destroy, which would be great if they then made Elba Garth of Izar (which is who they should have made Benedict Cumberbatch)
  • Rule 63 Trelane
  • Rule 63 Kodos
  • Rule 63 Abraham Lincoln
  • A sexy motion capture Horta

She probably won’t be a Klingon, since Pegg says they won’t be in the movie. Oh wait – then the bad guys will probably be Romulans again. Maybe she’ll be the Romulan Commander from “The Enterprise Incident” (which is fine by me because it’s my favorite TOS episode). Hopefully someone will finally retcon her a name. That actually makes more sense than anything else I said before (except for sexy mo-cap Horta).

The projected release date for the film is July 8, 2016, just a few months before the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

In other vaguely Trek news

Also on Friday, Netflix dropped Daredevil, the first of its original series based on Marvel Comics properties. The series co-stars Bob Gunton, who Trek fans will recognize as Chief O’Brien’s former captain, Benjamin Maxwell. Given how prolific Marvel Studios is these days, we’ll probably eventually do a story about all the connections there, like we did for Seinfeld a few months back – so consider this your teaser!

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Red Alert! Thrusters on full !


I don’t care who she plays.. .she’s pretty hot.

Her main claim to fame is that she has some martial arts training.

Couple that with the new director being known for the Fast&Furious movies, and I smell a real STINKER shaping up.

All action, no story.

Hollywood gets it wrong every single time!


Kingsman: The Secret Service – Meet Sofia Boutella

Nike Women “Keep Up” Sofia Boutella

Ahmed, thank you for those videos….i mean….THANK YOU !!!

#4 agreed, I’ve given up with anything deep and meaningful from this timeline, I am so hoping it’s the last movie and they return to the prime and put it back on TV, and yeah finish it, so No one will go back there, from someone who like the comics

4, I can understand your sceptisism, lets hope everything works out..

Yea, because in the prime timeline, the never, ever casted beautiful woman who weren’t academy award winning actresses.

Can you imagine Gene Roddenberry doing this? Or Have Bennett?

This is completely going downhill. The next movie is going to stink.

….seriously, if you didn’t see her performance in Kingsman, you really don’t know what you are talking about. It was a breakout performance. She’s going to be outstanding and her star is going to rise big time.


The moment she starts kicking someone in the head is the moment I feel vindicated for hating current Hollywood movies (crap).

I imagine she’ll play the sidekick to the main villain ala Clifton Collins’ role in Star Trek 2009. She’ll be a Klingon.

Harry Ballz: Good-bye, and good luck in your endeavors. NuTrek is not for you, so we’ll meet again when the next iteration of ‘Trek comes…

Oh, and in real life? If a man is put in a position where he has to physically fight a woman (and it’s justified), he’d punch her in the face so hard, by the time she regained consciousness, her clothes would be out of fashion.

It may be the current trend to showcase women in fighting roles, but it is PURE FANTASY.

Gender aside, you put a 120 pound person up against a 180 pound person, the 120 pound person will lose pretty much every time.

Shatner confirmed he has had no contact since Orci was “fired” so the cameo looks like its never going to happen now.


Harry – worked in bars for a looooooong time. Let me tell you the idea a big person beats a little person is a myth. Plenty of smaller people can kick larger ass.

She is suitsbly gorgeous.

And if Pegg says no Klingons in 3 you know what that means. Klingons are in 3.

I said it in the other article but she makes me think about a vulcan or romulan!
T’pring would be a bit lame even if they have a subplot with Spock dealing with Pon Farr because I already saw it in the comics (where he said they aren’t bonded anymore and tbh she looks like a priestess, that seem to fit with the expanded universe in the tos comics)
Maybe she’s a new alien species (yeah, dream on..)

Saavik is unlikely IMO because she would be a little girl, assuming her future parents survived in this reality.

They say ‘lead’ and I can only assume a villain because, seriously, there are already 7 freaking leads +Carol (if she’s still here). I hope that in the haste to add new characters they don’t forget about our lovely crew.

@ Harry Ballz

Yea, we never saw strange and “suspect martial arts” kicks by any characters in TOS.

Whoops! :-)

Oh, and Rhondy Rousey could kick the crap out of you and me….and she would knock us out before we ever had a chance to make that fist-power-male-physics-advantage that you are talking about.

There are a lot of women out there how could kick both of our assess. You are naive.

“UFC color commentator Joe Rogan started the conversation following Rousey’s latest victory, when he said he believes she could not only compete, but beat half of the roster of male bantamweights in the world. There’s a lot of guys her size she could beat. I mean a lot,” Rogan said. “If you took the roster of the UFC’s [male] bantamweights, 135 pounds, and you paired them up against Ronda Rousey, she might be able to beat 50 percent of them. That’s not a joke.”

Simon Pegg has been doing solid and entertaining work for the past 15 years. He is the right person for this job he is not hollywood and his take will be fresh and worth the wait.

14. Paul

I’m not the biggest Shatner’s fan but I wish they’d leave him alone now.

No matter what they tell you, she is playing Khan.

How in the hell is Paramount going to pull off a TREK 3 release date of July 2016???? The script is still be written! UGH.

my other comment vanished because I wrote a$$umed
come on now fix the filters…

14 Paul

They really should get him in this movie. If not they should at least let him know given that he was initially contacted by Bob and JJ

#4: You are an incredibly negative person.

Glad to finally be hearing some news about casting. Interesting that the Shatner article makes it appear that he would be open to A scene. I’m sure if it would be only one scene it would have to be integral to the story. The one Bob had written was reported to be important.

Khannie, Khan’s Khan-like daughter.

She could be the new youngest-captain-ever, in command of a KhanStitution-class starship that goes rogue (or rouge for the dyslexic among us, that seems to be the most misspelled word in the universe besides Khan/kahn) and must be hunted down.

While I remain open-minded about Trek 3, thr Fast and Furious/GotG martial arts stuff has me twisting my jaw into that look of increasing pessimism.

Having just read the “Return to Tomorrow” book about all the problems surrounding ST:TMP (knowing most of what it offered, but not in nearly the amazing detail), it’s nearly impossible not to see the shadows of similarity – no script, hard release date, creative issues, studio apathy, you name it. Seems that’s always been Trek’s DNA. And 35 years later, it’s still the same. Amazing.

Saavik sounds like a reasonable option for her, but she might also play a Klingon female… Emony Dax would be awesome but no one will get that apart from some die-hard Niners.

Edith or Joachim (Joaquim) is my guess..

Is it at all possible that a Stsr Trek film could have both a solid story and some amazing action sequences and still be considered a great movie? Do they have to be mutually exclusive?

Robert Wise made musicals. Nick Meyer had barely directed anything prior to Khan. Justin Lin shouldn’t be so easily pigeonholed as a guy who can only do action. Let’s see what he brings to the table.

Orci’s ouster was the right move. The gaping plot holes, poorly executed twists, misrepresentations of too well-known and loved characters, that’s all on his shoulders as the writer. If you need further proof, take a look at the comics on which he serves as a creative consultant and you’ll see even more if the same.

I’m hopeful that the repeated GOTG mentions refer not only to the well-executed and thoughtful action sequences, but more importantly the team/family themes. The new story must present a situation that can only be resolved with the crew working together, trusting one another. The relationships in the previous films lacked depth and believability. A little bit of genuine fun and adventure wouldn’t hurt either.

Here’s to hoping they get it right this time.

Amazing. We have no idea what the movie will be. No details on the story. Just 2 people who may be in the movie with no indication who they will be playing. And yet some people have already decided it is a bad movie. Wow. I didn’t know you were able to see into the future.

How about this… wait until we know something about the movie… perhaps wait to see the movie… before judging it as being a “stinker.”

I remember her from Kingsman. She could easily beat up a man. Especially a 300 pound trekkie. Or even a 400 pound trekkie. I predict Idris Elba’s evil henchwoman.

Not looking for thought provoking mind-blowing science fiction, Star Trek was never about that. Just give Kirk, Spock and McCoy, a fun, exciting and imaginative adventure set in the deep unknown. Lace it with a bit of sex appeal, sprinkle in some familiar character traits and they’ll have another worldwide blockbuster on their hands. No worries! ( although it sucks the studio, inconceivably, can’t seem to grasp the concept of getting Shatner -Kirk into the 50th anniversary movie of Shatner-Kirk)

Perhaps– maybe someone thought of this before? – but perhaps the script was already in the cooker by Pegg and company before the old crew was fired.

Wouldn’t that make corporate sense?

36. Adolescent Nightmare – April 11, 2015

“I remember her from Kingsman. She could easily beat up a man. Especially a 300 pound trekkie. Or even a 400 pound trekkie.”

Haha. Made my day. ;)

With regards to While Boutella, my speculation is on the rumour of three additional women, starship captain, UPF president, or Bone’s ex. My guess is either Bone’s ex or the starship captain. Id like to see her as a captain.

What she does with her body… a female Gorn fighting with Kirk… would be crazy, btw.

Admittedly, I haven’t seen “Kingsman”, but the clips that Ahmed linked seem to show athletic ability, not *acting* ability. Fights are cool. But all I can think of is:

@ 40. Commodore Adams,

“With regards to While Boutella, my speculation is on the rumour of three additional women, starship captain, UPF president, or Bone’s ex.”

Given her martial arts skills, she is most likely playing a starship captain.

On a different matter, do we know if Alice Eve is still part of the crew or not?

“She probably won’t be a Klingon, since Pegg says they won’t be in the movie.”

So now we’re taking Pegg at his word?

After flat out denying Khan was in STID, I’d say this is not out of the realm of possibility.

@29. CmdrR,
“Khannie, Khan’s Khan-like daughter.”

They wouldn’t dare …

…or would they?

What if the reason Orci was tossed out was because Paramount wanted to bring Khan back, but he rejected that idea. What if Cumberbatch turned them down, and this was Pegg’s brilliant idea on how to do it?


Noone specilated Ilia from ST:TMP. Picture her with a shaved head and spot on!

@ 45. Curious Cadet,

‘@29. CmdrR,
“Khannie, Khan’s Khan-like daughter.”

They wouldn’t dare …

…or would they?”

Star Trek 3: Revenge of the Khannie!


Star Trek 3: Khannie Destroyer of Worlds


“Not looking for thought provoking mind-blowing science fiction, Star Trek was never about that. Just give Kirk, Spock and McCoy, a fun, exciting and imaginative adventure set in the deep unknown.”

Yeah, they can do all of those. It can be thought-provoking science fiction and fun and imaginative. It’s quite a trick to pull off, but it can be done. It HAS been done. See Wrath of Khan and Voyage Home… if mid ’80s San Francisco counts as the deep unknown. ;-)

Saavik? No way–she’d be a child at this point.

Joachim?? LOL!!