BREAKING: Star Trek XIII to be titled ‘Star Trek Beyond’

It appears that ‘Star Trek Beyond‘ may be the title of the upcoming Star Trek film, lucky number 13 in the franchise. As far as the storyline is concerned, the title suggests that the new film will venture farther out into the galaxy than we have seen in the previous two Abrams films, as co-writer Simon Pegg has been hinting at for some time now.

Star Trek Beyond has it on good authority that Star Trek Beyond is being used for the title of the new Trek film. What we do know is that the name has been registered with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a step that typically signifies a title has been settled on for an upcoming movie. It is possible, given Bad Robot’s history of secrecy and pretense, that this is merely a decoy name registered to stir up conjecture amongst the media and fans. But, the official title will need to be registered with the MPAA before the film’s release, and given the timeline, it seems likely that such a decision would be made now.

Does this mean our heroes will venture “beyond” where they have before? We may, as suggested by the film’s co-writer Simon Pegg, get to see a more exploration-focused, less Earth-centric storyline. Pegg said in a recent interview to Den of Geek:

So for me it’s now about the spirit of adventure and exploration and also, in modern terms, just how would that be for people, to be away for that amount of time and that kind of stuff.

Pegg has been expressing similar sentiments about the film’s storyline all around the web. Suggesting that he was writing a script to bring Star Trek “back to its roots”, he had this to say to The Guardian:

“And it’s a story about frontierism and adventure and optimism and fun, and that’s where we want to take it, you know. Where no man has gone before – where no one has gone before, sensibly corrected for a slighter more enlightened generation. But yeah, that’s the mood at the moment.”

This will certainly be good news to most fans who have expressed their eagerness to get back to the Final Frontier. So, tell us: what do you think about the new title? Feel free to start speculating to your heart’s content in the comments below!

To infinity, and… well, you know the rest!


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Well…at least it’s news. “Beyond Antares” came to mind when I saw it….

After the last two movies never ventured beyond Trek’s own backyard, I’m all for it. Bring it on! On the downside: 7/8/16. By that time, I will already own ‘The Force Awakens’ on Bluray. It’s stil so far away (no pun intended).

Not a bad title. Now PLEASE just give us a great story as the 50th anniversary deserves!

Good to see the film isn’t stuck in Limbo. Do we know when filming will start? I’m still curious what Bob Orci’s involvement is ending up being.

Works for me! And ‘Beyond’ does convey being out there (unlike Batman Beyond’).

“Beyond the darkness, beyond the human evolution is Khan.”

Oh yeah… scratch that.

#4 I thought he was out? Not directing, scripting, anything? After they dumped him as the director and his script, I’m sure he won’ t be producing this? Better question: Does Abrams still produce or is he out as well?

Well, I’m all for exploration, boldly going you know where and meeting you know whoms.

Coupled with the new that Idris Elba appears to be onboard as a completely new character, it is encouraging news.

Hopefully, there be a good mix of exploration, sci-fi, action and character moments.

Beyond the rim of the star light!

Beyond the nexus. ;)

Pegg also said today in an interview with MTV on Elba’s character:

“It will be [an original character], yes. This is the five-year mission now, we’re out there. We don’t always have to keep bumping into the same people… So we’re gonna try and reflect that in the movie.”

Now consider this on top of Pegg’s comment here that I reported on about a month ago:

““[This one is] more about spirit. It’s very easy these days, in the kind of post-modern era, to get bogged down in self referentiality or thinking, “Oh, let’s put Harry Mudd in.”

This brings to mind the following exchange that Disinvited and I had several weeks ago, where I was pretty insistent that my reading of Pegg’s previous comment above pointed to an outcome where Elba’s character would not be playing an TOS re-tread, but would in fact be playing a new character. Looks like I nailed this one.

84. Disinvited – March 30, 2015
#73. Prodigal Son – March 30, 2015

” I am not buying Daystrom. It’s pretty clear that Pegg took a lesson from STID” – Prodigal Son

The only thing that’s clear is that he’s barely got a couple of line entries in an outline. How you can leap to saying he’s taking lessons from STID when he’s not even sure how he and Jung are going to divide the yet to be started work, is beyond me.

All I ask for is a tall ship and a great story to steer her by.

horrible title.

Trek, Bath, & Beyond

Like it! Captures the mood precisely of what i hope this movie will be.

Oh I am excited that it will actually be an original story!

@ Loon44

Agreed. As I mentioned a month ago, he’s taken some major lessons from STID in defining the story and vibe for this movie,

Better get on the ball… only 15 months till the release date. Hate to see a rushed film just to make the anniversary date. Best of luck to the production crew! Gonna be hard to compete against the Marvel/Star Wars franchises. I think the long wait in between movies killed the momentum they once had.

It’s fine if the movie doesn’t suck.

Beyond the Galactic Barrier.

@ ATOZ the Librarian

“Gonna be hard to compete against the Marvel/Star Wars franchises.”

That is incorrect. The Marvel releases in 2016 are in early May and November, and the Star Wars release will be in December.

Therefore, there will be absolutely no competition for Star Trek:Beyond against either the Marvel or Star Wars franchises.

So long as they dont go looking for God again, I dont really mind. But I have a feeling it will end up being Star Trek Beyond Belief.

Not a bad title. At last they are leaving Earth for good!

@8. photon70,

Thanks for the link.

From that interview:

“This is the five year mission, we’re out there. We don’t need to keep bumping into the same five people. It’s a massive universe!”

LOL, I like Pegg more & more.

@Kayla Iacovino,

Thanks for the update, keep up the good work :)

Good title. Hopefully a great movie!

18. ATOZ is kind of a fitting screen name for most of us here as we tend to dwell in the past.

# 6. Alex – April 21, 2015

” Does Abrams still produce or is he out as well?” — Alex

As Pegg said he took the gig because “You don’t say no to JJ.”, I think that answers your question.

# 10. Prodigal Son – April 21, 2015

” Now consider this on top of Pegg’s comment here that I reported on about a month ago:” — Prodigal Son

Now consider this on top of Pegg’s comment here that “I” reported on about that same month ago:

“Idris… I heard there’s a rumor he’s been spoken to about stuff, so he may be in the film, but he won’t be a Klingon. [Laughs] Or maybe he will!” — Simon Pegg

And I also note he said “it will be” in your quote as in it still isn’t written yet. And again, How you can leap to saying he’s taking lessons from STID when he’s not even sure how he and Jung are going to divide the yet to be started work, is beyond me.

Also, note: Admiral Marcus was an original character played by a name actor in STiD and STID still turned out to be STID.

You need more evidence to prove what you may yet still find the evidence to prove.

Also, you have inspired me: I predict contrary to any lesson learned from STID that you read into ” We don’t always have to keep bumping into the same people…” the character Keenser will appear yet again in STAR TREK 13.

Nice to see some new news…

#4: I believe they are starting filming in June.

On a totally unrelated subject… isn’t it way past time to change the poll question “What do you want more of in Star Trek 3?”

@ Disinvited

So the poster child for filling in the blanks with conjecture on missing protostars and straining the credible of astrophysics to fit screenplay errors now wants more evidence from me to back up my most logical conjecture?

That’s absolutely hilarious! :-))

Seriously? Star Trek Beyond? I’m embarrassed to say it. Pretentious, incomplete, awkward. No good. Why are they doing this? Remember when Star Trek had the coolest titles going?? “The Best of Both Worlds” “The Undiscovered Country” “Dagger of the Mind” “City on the Edge of Forever” “Wolf in the Fold” good gracious!

.. help! Is this the level of writing the 50th anniversary is going to have?

Makes sense on 2 counts. 1.Star Trek as a verb (action)and Beyond an adverb(type of action).Like STID No Colon 2. Beyond , as in” Where now on has gone before”.

Interesting… There is an anniversary fan edit of Star Trek V that has been in the works for about a year now, titled “Star Trek: Beyond the Barrier”….

Could be worse. It could have been “Star Trek Miri.”

opps No One!

Thanks Kayla. Looking forward to seeing you in STC’s “The White Iris” also when it comes out down the line.


Kayla, great scoop. If this was your doing, congrats on breaking this!

Star Trek Beyond as a title is nothing special, but its not bad either.

I have no idea what expect from this movie. Are we going to be traveling ridiculous distances due to all this transwarp stuff? Granted I’m getting bogged down in the technical here, we know FTL speeds of Star Trek compared to Star Ways, the difference between warp drive/speed, transwarp, quantum slipstream, vs hyperspace and BSG “Jump”. Star Trek although FTL, only explored a small percentage of the galaxy, unlike Star Wars which hyperspace allowed them to go to one side of the galaxy to the other in a much smaller amount of time. Lets do something like local clusters in the galaxy OR just go all the way out and make the movie about the team in another galaxy. To go from Earth to Vulcan in 7 minutes is just fucked up. I love TNG “Where no man has gone before” to travel so far that thought becomes reality, was a fantastic adventure.

Pegg has alleviated a few of my concerns.

That deep space exploration (the unknown, the spirit of adventure and exploration) is a part of the movie.

That it gets back at least part way (fingers crossed) to what Stat Trek “IS” and not what these new movies are. By that I mean OPTIMISM (not just beating the bad guy and saving the day.) The new movies have not represented a utopia on Earth.

One concern which cannot be eased until the movie is released, is that it does the 50th anniversary justice. FIFTY FUCKING YEARS! THEY HAVE TO GET THIS MOVIE RIGHT!

The 2009 movie was well done, but imagine we got Into Darkness for the 50th Anniversary, what a let down, what a feeling of hopelessness for Star Trek I would have had.

C’mon Pegg! C’mon Lin! C’mon BEYOND!!!!!!

I like this title. A better fit with the tone of TOS.

Beyond? Oh no …….;^)

“BEYOND the darkness, BEYOND the human evolution……. is Khan, a genetically superior tyrant, exiled to a barren planet, banished by a starship commander he is destined to destroy, left for dead, he has survived.

At the end of the universe, lies the beginning of vengeance”.


“Beyond” the jj-verse hopefully to the galactic RE-SET barrier which wipes away the Lindelof/Orci bullshit, lensflares, and maybe even to the Guardians to restore the TOS as it should be with VELOUR !

(Or atleast I hope to God, I am joking).

Glad to see that they dropped the Roman numeral for this one,since Roman numeral titled sequels are just so overly clichéd.

Star Trek Beyond Hope…

Beyond Reason…

Beyond Sense…

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!

That’s it!
The next Star Trek film is a court room drama!

Perry Mason in Space!!!!

Empress Kayla rules!

Can Shatner be in it now?

Nice to see that Pegg appears to be saying they do intend to have a tribute to Leonard Nimoy in the movie.

# 28. Prodigal Son – April 21, 2015

” So the poster child for filling in the blanks with conjecture on missing protostars and straining the credible of astrophysics to fit screenplay errors now wants more evidence from me to back up my most logical conjecture?

That’s absolutely hilarious! :-))” – Prodigal Son

Coming from the poster child for filling in the blanks before a script is written or committed to a certain course. And you keep forgetting this is not a solo project. He and another person have to agree — not to mention Pegg’s already admitted there’s 2 other people involved in the process.

Absolutely hilariouser!!! :-)))

I, at least, have the good sense to wait until they start talking about what they’ve actually written to get a sense of where they end up.

I have a personal philosophy: You can’t possibly know where you are going if you don’t know where you are when you start.

I’ve absolutely seen this title coming! Star Trek Beyond has been on my personal guess list for three years now, ever since they announced Star Trek Into Darkness… The Fourth one, if there is one, could be called Star Trek Forever… No Star Trek & Robin though :-)

This might hint at a cross-over between Star Trek and Space: Above and Beyond (

I’d watch it.