Wil Wheaton Beams Into Mission Log


Our friends at Mission Log are doing a wonderful job chronicling the development of the Star Trek philosophy, providing a detailed of each episode sequentially week after week. This week, however, they’ve added a “supplemental” with an exclusive almost two-hour interview with Wil Wheaton. The candid discussion focuses more on the young actor’s experience on the show in the 80s rather than some of the Wesley-bashing that came afterward, nerd-friendly ruminations about levelling up as a human, and Wheaton’s reactions to watching episodes nowadays.

Mission Log Supplemental 22 – The One with Wil Wheaton
Listen right here, and remember that you can always tune into the latest episode of the Mission Log in our sidebar (to your right!).



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Okay, everybody behave. Nobody yell, “shut up, Wesley!”

I wanted him to talk longer!

I thought he and Abe Vigoda died?

Mission Log is fantastic and this interview is a real stand-out… along with the two with David Gerrold. I wish Wil continued success. Fans will remember him far more fondly than some of the idiots he had to deal with.

4. CmdrR – May 19, 2015


Chock full o’ goodies this one. And the David Gerrold ones, too.

Great interview with Wheaton and also with Nemecek.

It’s gotta be great to be Wil learning during this interview that Patrick Stewart wrote a letter specifically requesting to have more scenes with him. How much better does it get than that?

Heavy story about Rick Berman.

Though, I’d have two comments for Wil.

Firstly, as you mentioned, you might well have become a True Hollywood Story if you’d stayed on TNG. But, secondly, you might have become an even more extreme True Hollywood Story if you’d gone off to do Valmont and transitioned into a successful film career in your teens.

I appreciated listening to this. Good stuff.

Wil is a great guy in real life as well as a great actor on TNG. I am also a big fan of his Tabletop gaming youtube channel as well. Thanks for the great interview!