Trekkies Ready their Costumes for Phoenix Comicon


Phoenix Comicon (PhxCC) is just around the corner, and Trekkies are deep into preparing their costumes for the big event. TrekMovie’s costuming expert Michael Nguyen talked with cosplayers from all over the Grand Canyon State to find out how they get Trekked out for the con. Whether they’re making costumes, commissioning them, or buying parts for them, one thing is clear: Trekkies from all over Arizona are busy gearing up for one of the biggest conventions in the Southwest.

To me, costuming is one of the most interesting aspects of a convention. Every cosplayer has a different story, background, and inspiration for their creations. So where did everything start for our Arizona Trekkies; how did it all begin?

Be Inspired
Jennifer V. works for a brokerage firm and was inspired by other fans. She recently started going to conventions and said, “being surrounded by cosplayers gets your creativity flowing and pulls you out of that shy shell we all tend to have.” She started with a few Trekkie t-shirts and a TOS shirt dress and has now accumulated three of her favorite costumes including Star Trek DS9 and Star Trek Online.

image (4)
Jennifer V. sporting one of her many uniforms

Be Thrifty
Some cosplayers find one of a kind clothing items while shopping that inspire them to cosplay their favorite characters. Bree, an administrator in state government, has always been a huge Captain Janeway fan. One day she came across a vest in a thrift shop that resembled the vest Janeway wore in the episode “Resolutions.” She immediately bought it and it inspired her to recreate Janeway’s entire costume. She may be one of the first to bring this unique cosplay to a convention and it all started with a thrift store! You can also create a costume from clothes you may already own. Bree fashioned a stunning Star Trek 2009 dress uniform out of a grey business suit! Don’t feel compelled to have to buy something new, you may have something around the house that will make a great costume.

Janeway’s vest from “Resolutions”. Brought to you by thrift shops!

image (2)
Bree Boehlke in her Star Trek 2009 dress uniform — fashioned from an old business suit! (photo by Melissa Contreras)

Be Detailed
Heather Grant was motivated by her love of Romulans since she first saw them in TOS in the 1970s. She started researching the costumes re-watching the few episodes they appeared in TOS frame by frame. She purchased five different types of fabric and created her own patterned fabric to meticulously replicate the triangle designs on Romulan costumes.

image (1)
Mark Restucci hard at work at the sewing machine (photo by Amy Restucci)

Finding inspiration, searching thrift stores and printing your own fabric can sound like pretty daunting obstacles to costuming but our Trekkies are resourceful and encouraging. Mark Restucci, from Mesa, AZ, said a basic understanding of how to sew helps and he suggests fans, “step outside the box…anything is possible once you set your mind to it.”

Mark Restucci showing off his hand-made cosplay (photo by Amy Restucci)

Some fans are apprehensive to get into costuming, wondering how their creations might be received or how accurate they need to be. Heather encourages people to be creative, take liberties, and give into their imagination, “As Wesley Crusher mentioned in the episode ‘Parallels,’ there are thousands of parallel universes all existing at the same time. You can choose to be from any one of them – they’re all valid…” So be creative, have fun, be inspired, and get ready to see some awesome Trekkie costumes at Phoenix Comicon!


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