Wrap-Up of Phoenix Comicon 2015: The Best PhxCC Ever


The weekend is over, which means we have to go back out into the “real” world. But, before the post-con blues set in too heavily, take a look at the highlights from what we’re officially naming as the best Phoenix Comicon ever.

From humble beginnings
Phoenix Comicon was not always the 80,000 attendee spectacle that it is today. The first Phoenix Comicon was actually held in the nearby city of Ahwatukee in June of 2002, when a few hundred guests paid a $3 entrance fee for the one day, six hour event. TrekMovie first attended in 2009 by which time the Grand Canyon State’s largest con had moved to (another) suburb Mesa, AZ and entertained an estimated 7,000 guests over the course of three full days. 2010 marked the first time the PhxCC would be held in its current venue (actually in its namesake city this time!) in the downtown Phoenix Convention Center. From there, attendance ballooned to over 70,000 in 2014 and around 80,000 this year.


The best PhxCC to date
It’s been an exciting journey watching PhxCC grow over the past few years. While the guys in charge, relatively new to the “big” convention scene, still make mistakes (don’t we all?) they are extremely good at listening to their fans. And, it shows. This year was definitely the best organized the event has ever been. With tons of great fan-led panels, entertaining celebrity guests (plus photo ops and autographs for collectors), a HUGE exhibit floor, and lots of FREE stuff to do including live music, free photo booths, and parties, there was never a dull moment. Below are just a few of our favorite things from PhxCC 2015.

Some of our favorite panels
There was some pretty great programming in store for con-goers in Phoenix this year. The most unexpectedly entertaining panel had to be Spoof N’ Cinema: Star Trek The Animated Series put on by a troupe from National Comedy Theater. The comedians simply played an episode of Star Trek TAS, on mute, and supplied their own voices, music, and even sound effects. The result was more hilarious than I can describe in this post. Suffice to say that if this panel happens again next year, I’d highly recommend you attend.

The most information packed panel had to be the Movies of 2016-2018 panel hosted by Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed. Gareth told us all about movies to come in the next three years: Toy Story 4, Sherlock Holmes 3, Avatar 2, Deadpool, Lego Batman, Pacific Rim 2, a live action Captain Underpants, and way too many super hero movies to name. Boos filled the room when Gareth brought up the recent comments by Simon Pegg that Paramount ditched the original script of Star Trek Beyond for being “too Star Trek-y”.

Our favorite day was probably Friday, which featured a ton of Star Trek panels and events, including the premier screening of Star Trek Continues Episode 4 “The White Iris”, which you can now watch for free online.

After the screening, the cast and crew of Star Trek Continues hosted a panel and an autograph session.


The best of the science track this year (which was great, by the way!) has to be the Inside NASA panel on Saturday, which featured NASA scientists studying all kinds of projects including Mars, asteroids, and more. The best part? The person to ask the best question was awarded a 3D printed scale figure of Bennu, a small dark near-Earth asteroid which will be visited by NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx in October 2018.

Left: Artists conception of asteroid Bennu (photo credit NASA). Right: 3D print of Bennu

Some of our favorite vendors
There was so much to see, do, and buy at this year’s PhxCC. I think I spent more this year than any con I’ve been to in the past, and I love every single one of my purchases. Some of our favorite vendors include The Subtle Geek selling hand-made subtly styled geek accessories, Ukiyo-e Heroes selling woodblock and giclée prints of pop culture icons in the style of ancient Japanese art (I challenged the artist to try his hand doing Star Trek versions!), SuperHeroStuff selling clothing and accessories, Chick-Lit Designs selling stuff for us geeks who love to read (including a Star Trek Kindle case), and Tribble Toys selling (you guessed it) tribbles and tribble accessories!

So much Trek merch!

Star Trek wristlet from The Subtle Geek

“Pocketing a Wager” giclée print from Ukiyo-e Heroes

Lots of gear for your favorite superhero


Chick-Lit Designs Star Trek ebook reader cover

Get yer tribbles here! From Tribble Toys

Outside of the panels and exhibit hall, there were tons of events and attractions to keep us entertained, including a replica of the Original Series transporter room available for free photo ops courtesy of local fan club United Federation Phoenix, an outdoor stage where local bands (often in cosplay) entertained the thousands of guests enjoying some local flavor via the several food trucks lined up on 3rd street (our official recommendation? Two Fat Guys Grilled Cheese. YUM).

Photo May 30, 12 29 49 PM

And, if you had the urge to jam inside the exhibit hall, why not grab a pair of these light-up acrylic drum sticks and entertain the masses?

Some of our favorite cosplay

Photo May 29, 12 54 11 PM

Photo May 29, 11 31 08 AM

Photo May 30, 1 31 34 PM

Photo May 29, 12 54 44 PM

Photo May 29, 1 44 24 PM

Photo May 29, 3 58 38 PM

Photo May 29, 11 38 05 AM

You’ve gotta appreciate the non-Trek stuff, too!

Photo May 30, 12 59 32 PM

Photo May 29, 12 34 27 PM

Photo May 29, 3 47 56 PM

Photo May 30, 12 36 39 PM

Photo May 30, 11 41 52 AM

Photo May 30, 1 47 25 PM

Photo May 29, 1 05 36 PM

Photo May 29, 2 19 41 PM (1)



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Great photos. Thanks!

Good times were had by all!!! Thank you, Phoenix comic Con for a great weekend.

Chris, not only are you the spitting image of your beloved Dad but in manners too. Can’t wait to see you in the completed Engine room.

Kayla, only had a chance to skim through your report so far, but very nicely done. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Congrats on being in the “White Iris” and winning Todd the Zombie in Phoenix. ;^)

Very cute to see the ‘other White Iris’/Miramanee’s daughter played adorably by little Sarai D. (top notch ST TOS reviewer), signing posters with rest of the cast too. (Don’t let it go to her head mom and dad. ;^) Congrats to all the STC cast and crew too.


Looks like a lot of fun was had.

When do we less fortunate souls who couldn’t make it there get to see the sneak peak of the STC ep.5 teaser?

4. Cygnus-X1

I saw it for the first time at the premiere and it blew me away!! I think it may be our best episode to date. I’m not sure when or if the trailer will be released, but I’m hoping it is!

3.B Kramer. Thanks!!

Welcome Chris. Teaser sounds great. Hope we can see it one day soon.


Just watched the episode. This is the first fan production where I’ve actually gotten genuinely “lost” in the world of Star Trek, and forgotten I wasn’t watching an original episode of TOS. Well Done!

Really enjoyed White Iris. Totally believed the characters and it felt like the real thing! Would like to see more of Chris Doohan in the next episode, though.

Great article, Kayla. Next stop Vegas!!

“Boos filled the room when Gareth brought up the recent comments by Simon Pegg that Paramount ditched the original script of Star Trek Beyond for being “too Star Trek-y”.”

Perhaps the same fickle convention fans who voted Orci’s last Trek movie the worst Trek movie ever?

Some people leave their brains at home when they go to these conventions me thinks. ;-)

#10. Prodigal Son – June 2, 2015

“Some people leave their brains at home when they go to these conventions me thinks. ;-)” — Prodigal Son

FWIW I’ve been to City Hall and similar meetings elsewhere including conventions — it takes more than a few to fill a room with boos or cheers.

Yep. Exactly.

“Some people leave their brains at home when they go to these conventions me thinks. ;-)” — Prodigal Son

Sounds like to me they had their brains exactly where they should be.

Just watched “The White Iris” and enjoyed it immensely. I was absolutely blown away; this is the first fan episode I have seen which I felt was as good as a good episode of TOS. It was not reliant on fancy modern effects, but on good script writing and acting. It also offered the first filmed Dr. Who/Star Trek crossover, in the form of Colin Baker (though not as The Dr.!). The episode was also able to go where TOS could not at the time, namely in the form of Kirk’s inter-racial love affair with Kia (a bit overdue, but we got there) and, of course, a permanent ship’s counselor. It was great, too, to hear Marina Sirtis’s holo-deck voice. I believe this is also the first time we have seen the holo-deck on an OS Enterprise since the animated series. Was that Barbara Eden’s Jeannie bottle on Kirk’s shelf?

Keep it up Star trek Continues; with people like you, Star Trek will live on for many years to come.

I’m hoping that Trekmovie will devote a separate thread to “The White Iris,” so I’ll reserve my comments about it for now.