Will #WeWantWorf Have Us All Saying “QAPLA!” To A New Trek Series?


Michael Dorn wants to put Worf in the center seat, and he’s asking fans for their help.

Worf in command?

So there’s this episode of DS9 called “Change of Heart” where Worf and Jadzia are on a secret mission together. Yadda yadda yadda Worf disobeys his orders to put Jadzia’s life ahead of the mission. When he gets back, Captain Sisko tells him :

As your captain, it is my duty to inform you that you made the wrong choice. I don’t think Starfleet will file any formal charges — even a secret court-martial would run the risk of revealing too much about their intelligence operations. But this will go in to your service record… and to be completely honest, you probably won’t be offered a command on your own after this.

But actor Michael Dorn is looking to prove the Emissary wrong.

Dorn is once again actively courting CBS to get a “Captain Worf” show made. Operating under the hashtag #WeWantWorf, the grassroots campaign has been running for more than a month after Dorn made a push a few years ago. He’s hoping they’ll have their own change of heart.

Dorn has aged extremely well – he looks and sounds like if he put the fangs and skull ridges back on he could be slicing up holodeck monsters with the best of them. Also Brian Bonsall is old enough now he could legitimately play an adult Alexander.

We’ll see if this is more successful than the recent #BringInRiker campaign, the grassroots effort to get Jonathan Frakes to direct Star Trek 3. One hallmark of #WeWantWorf is sending baskets of mini-muffins to CBS executives to get our favorite Klingon back on the air. They have forgotten the Klingon proverb that if you really care, send gagh.

Worf has appeared on more episodes of Star Trek than any other character: he was in 176 episodes of TNG plus 74 episodes of DS9 – and Dorn even played his own vavnI’ in The Undiscovered Country. NOW whether that means the character is super popular and deserves even more love or that the market is oversaturated with Worf remains to be seen. (I am still strongly in favor of a time-travelling procedural with hologram Moriarty, Barclay, and sexy Hoshi Sato.)

Because he had so much screen time, Worf is easily the most dynamic character in all of Trek history. Sure, he started off as a glorified extra who acted like he was, basically, a werewolf that Wil Wheaton described as “one dimensional and so incredibly stupid.” But he went on to have more storylines than anyone else: discommendation, recommendation, fatherhood, spiritual awakening, sheriff of holographic city of Deadwood, strategic operations officer, marriage, widower, not a Merry Man, etc, etc.

Thank goodness Dorn didn’t throw in the towel after season 1. What kind of numbskull would throw away a recurring role with a major franchise after just one season?


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We’ve found our new George Takei.

I would be in favor of him being part of the launch of a new series (done less treacly than the McCoy scene in Farpoint)

But I don’t see CBS going back to the Berman era with a lead.

Shame, too – cause Worf could have been so badass-

Like, a hunt down and kill Dukat after Jadzia’s murder sort of badass. (Still don’t know why there wasn’t a DS9 Ep addressing this more fully.)

Anyhow- Good luck Michael Dorn, on whatever this effort brings.

As much as I want a new Star Trek TV series, this ain’t it!

Oh, come on. This has NEVER been something anyone has really taken seriously other than the self-deluded.

I like Dorn but don’t see the need for a Worf TV series. He was in 11 seasons [TNG/DS9] after all.

But I won’t mind seeing him & others in a Star Trek TV movie for the 50th anniversary.

This would not be a “true” TV series revolving around Star Trek, IMO. It would be a TV series based on the Klingons! And that has possibilities! Show Worf in his younger years, growing up to be the goodwill ambassador to Star Fleet. Each episode could show (in flashbacks) how adult Worf deals with a situation as a Starfleet officer using his Klingon knowledge of battle tactics, as well as the diplomacy he’s learned while in Starfleet especially under Capt. Picard.

Yeah, I’m not hearing how a Captain Worf show would be different enough from what we’ve already seen of Worf over 11 seasons to make it compelling.

And, didn’t something happen to Alexander in DS9 that would preclude him from returning as a Star Fleet officer. My memory is fuzzy, but I distinctly remember Alexander being the laughing stock on a Klingon ship that Worf was commanding. I can’t remember how his character arc ends, whether he dies or survives, but I remember that he was a miserable wretch serving in Star Fleet.

@5. Cygnus-X1,

“My memory is fuzzy, but I distinctly remember Alexander being the laughing stock on a Klingon ship that Worf was commanding. I can’t remember how his character arc ends, whether he dies or survives, but I remember that he was a miserable wretch serving in Star Fleet.’

Same here, I didn’t recall what happened to him but I checked ‘Memory Alpha’ & this is what it said about Alexander.


By 2375, Alexander had been made weapons officer of the Ya’Vang and, according to Ezri Dax, was beginning to lose his clumsiness. (DS9: “Penumbra”)


This is more in line with something the masses whisk embrace but the problem is he harkens back to an era no one wants to return to

Now I’ve said a future era show isn’t the answer but If they went that route I could accept worf as a cast member to bridge the gap. He’s a good character. I’d also be perfectly fine with him as a cameo in 3 if they restored the timeline and we got some sort of Spock Prime era send off.

@5 Cygnus-X1

“but I remember that he was a miserable wretch serving in Star Fleet”

Maybe I’m misremebering too, but I don’t recall Alexander ever being “in Star Fleet”.

Oh please Michael Dorn open a restaurant instead.
Maybe voice over work for a car commercial.

Can we please not call Denise Crosby and Gates McFadden “numbskulls,” even in jest? They’re good actors who were poorly-served onscreen and poorly-treated behind the scenes, so they got out. They’ve gone on to have successful careers both inside and outside Trek. Let’s show them some respect.

Maybe they could fit him into Michael Gummelt’s version of the Trekverse. Make a good crossover character if his series is set in the future and there’s no specific need to tie Worf to the Enterprise-D. Just spitballing……..

Lot’s of comments for a one word response:


YES! Worf is probably the most developed character of canon and there is so much of his potential still left untouched. Of course I’d loved a mini-series focusing on Captain Worf.

Any Trek series should move forward. Give homage to the past, but they should start with a clean slate. Plus, I think they’ll have to give royalties to the Roddenberry estate and the writer(s) who created the Worf character won’t they?

If they say, move the series foward a few centuries and just keep the Star Trek name, then I think only the Roddeberry estate and his first ex-wife gets $.

Instead of exploring the galaxy, lets have a ship that explores the next closest one. Or move, to a time travelling starship that was explored in Voyager. A time travelling Trek would enable a fresh locale almost every week, not necessarily just ship bound but I suspect those will be necessary to save money.

Start fresh, folks.

Should point out then the Dominion War Happened and so many Starfleet Captains were lost…most likey Starfleet woul be willing to look past what Worf did for Jadazia in the light that they need Experienced officers…

That being said, this is unlikely to happen….

I’d be willing to give it a chance. Heck, at this point, I’d be willing to give most anything a chance! The drought of Star Trek from TV has been going on for too long!

Unlikely to happen..but cmon..we would all watch it..

@11 YES! Worf is probably the most developed character of canon


Worf was never anything more than a caricature that existed primarily to show how tough the alien enemy was when it kicked his ass.

The most developed characters in the franchise history are probably Spock and T’Pol.

Ugh. Please no.

Michael Dorn must be paid a fortune from all the residuals of TNG. Why would he want to bother with slapping on the shell-head make-up again?

I good for 12 episodes, then they can do something else.

I’ll take any new Trek show at this point. Besides, who doesn’t want more Worf?

Ain’t gonna happen. Going the way of the “Sulu” series..nowhere.


Based on the responses already, I’d say the answer to your question is, “more people than you might expect”.

“Come on Trek fans, work harder and get me a steady job already!”

#21: Since the majority of the responses are negative… no.

Nope. I like Worf, but his story has been told. No more need for him.

But at least he`s not slamming his co-stars. *Cough* George Takei * Cough*

The only actors I wouldn`t mind seeing reprising their old roles again are William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. In guest appearances.

Other than that, time for some young blood for any new series.

haters gotta hate. LOL

Once again we Trekkers have nothing of any real substance to discuss. Where is the film news already? One year to go.

How about putting Wesley in the center seat?

Maybe better not.

This is starting to get a little too Sunset Boulevard. He also says in that video that this will be set after DS9 but before Nemesis. I guess he could pass as 15 years younger, but could most of the costars that he says will reappear.

Also this:

“He is the Klingon empire, he doesn’t wear the uniform that we always see the Klingons wear, he wears a hybrid of starfleet, his own kind of taste and the Klingons — you know, first of all, you know, because I wanted to show that he’s moved on too. He wants to have an individuality, he doesn’t want to be… That’s the one great thing about going through his whole history, he was with starfleet, then with Klingons, then back in starfleet… So he was like wait don’t try to label me as either on e… ”

“In the the Klingon empire, there are human beings, Starfleet officers immersed in the Klingon culture now, you see them walking around.”

“He is basically a soldier… a guy that goes on missions, he loves that, that’s the one thing about his life that he loves is to go in these dangerous, life-threatening missions and at the same time, he is trying to find his way in his own self — who am I?. And, at the same time trying to keep the Klingon empire from imploding.”

“It’s very funny, there’s two scenes where they’re always trying to heap some type of award and stuff like that and he’s always disappears. they always say’ “And now, Worf!” — gone. (Interviewer Dan Deevy laughs hysterically). You know I think I wrote three times he does that, and you know, ‘the Klingon Empire has survived because of one person, Mister W…..” …gone again, he’s gone, and it’s his way of saying that’s not what this is about. And people don’t like it — but they accept it.”

Okay, I’m actually mildly intrigued.

@ 24. Red Dead Ryan,

“The only actors I wouldn`t mind seeing reprising their old roles again are William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. In guest appearances.”

Yep, also I would be happy to see any of the original five captains in a 6 hours miniseries in 2016.

@ 26. AJ,

“Once again we Trekkers have nothing of any real substance to discuss. Where is the film news already? One year to go.”

Perhaps Trekmovie staff are working on a story as we speak, but till then check my previous comment.


298. Ahmed – June 21, 2015

Most of the cast is in Vancouver now & Quinto is getting ready to let his inner Spock out :)


TREK 3 News Roundup: Cast Heads to Vancouver; Extras Casting Call; Possible Set Sighting and More



There is a picture of a “set” from our friend Dennis in that article but no confirmation if it is a Star Trek or another movie set.

If we’re going back to the TnG era of the Prime Universe…it’s really time for a Captain Riker series.

Wait! Wait! Not that Riker!

Set 30 years after Nemesis. Captain Riker of the Enterprise. Son of Will and Troi.

Whatever the crew’s core mission – the end result of this series should erase the JJVerse completely.

Sad news guys:

‘Titanic’ Composer James Horner Missing and Feared Dead in Plane Crash, Says Attorney


Dear Trek Movie:

Your site is just about totally inaccessible because a “pop up” ad for pick-up trucks keeps jumping in front of the story. Every time you x-out of that ad, it re-pops in less than one second. You have to move & click EXTREMEMLY quickly to access the actual story. Can this be fixed>

Love Mr Dorn
Love Mr Worf
Not loving the idea of a series though with this premise and I dont see it working very well. Worf is a great ensemble character, but not as a Star Fleet captain carrying the show in my opinion. I appreciate his enthusiasm though :)

Maybe it’s the prune juice talking, but… Wouldn’t it be cool to see Trek done in a sweeping manner with multiple major story arcs?! We could hang with Worf n the Gang for part of the time, another ship, some new aliens trying to figure out humans, a colony, and of course a blond chick who flies dragons. Why not?!!!! But we need a series that is done right. I don’t even want 24 eps per year if 4 or 5 are going to suck.Let’s do this, but let’s do it right.

Terrible news tonight…

James Horner (Star Trek II and III composer) died in a plane crash.

mini-series on netflix? yes please

Perhaps he should try New Voyages.

Dorn that is.

Sorry, Thorny.

James Horner. respect. Peace.

Awesome musician.

This article isn’t saying anything we didn’t already know for the last 2 years.

er, yea, no thanks.

RIP the brilliant, wonderfully talented James Horner. He made The Wrath of Khan the movie that it is.
Too young.

In other news… Trek 3 is supposed to come out one year from now and they haven’t started pre-production yet. Pretty sure that date will get pushed back.

Love your passion Mr. Dorn, but I think if a new series ever comes out it will be a completely new concept.

No, not really interested in a Worf series. On again, off again warrior diplomat just isn’t going to cut it.

Not sure tatted up, punk rocker Brian Bonsall is all that interested in returning to TV. It’s enough that he’s managed to keep from getting arrested lately.

If it came on, I’d watch it at least once to see if it was any good. I can’t swear I’d hang with it. The notion of having Worf back on my TV isn’t exactly lighting my world on fire.

Is the only reason this is coming up again because of the news about Star Trek Uncharted? Is Dorn’s thinking that CBS/Paramount would be better off considering a “proven” (i.e. the fans already know and love Worf) concept?

First, let me say that Benedict Cumberbatch is the most gifted actor working today.

For that reason, I watched Star Trek Into Darkness again (after ignoring it for the past year).

I had to turn it off half way through because the movie itself is so gawdawfull

Never mind being bad Star Trek, this movie is just plain BAD!

And I mean bad with a capital “B”.

Orci and the rest should be hung out to dry for daring to put this piece of crap on the screen!

Shame on you Bob Orci. Go back to writing for TV, where even that is beyond you.

(let’s see if he come out with his usual arrogant comment)