Star Trek Actors Seen Around Vancouver, Still No Official Word From Paramount


Several cast members of Star Trek Beyond are now in Vancouver, enjoying the city and preparing for principal photography to begin.

Earlier today, Zoe Saldana tweeted a photo of herself in a makeup trailer:

Saldana’s tweet is the latest in a series of social media posts and media reports that show members of the Star Trek Beyond cast reporting to Vancouver to begin production of their third Star Trek film. While there has been no official announcement from Paramount Pictures or Bad Robot, sources seem to indicate that principal photography will commence this Thursday, June 25.

Pace beginning to pick up
After a long stretch with little apparent activity, the arrival of the cast in Vancouver is a welcome sight to many fans, who have been anxiously awaiting word about the film. Things got rolling last week, when Karl Urban was seen arriving:

There have also been reports of the cast milling about town and enjoying themselves. Vancouver blog Vancity Buzz spotted Zoe Saldana with her husband Marco Perego, who were on their way to see Jurassic World on Father’s Day.

Image: Ken R / Vancity Buzz

The site also reports that Simon Pegg was seen at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival on Friday night. Perhaps the biggest sign that something is imminent comes from Zachary Quinto, who posted a photo on Instagram sporting a very familiar look:

someone is preparing to emerge.

A photo posted by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

More to come?
Any official news about the film has been hard to come by, possibly owing to a very rushed pre-production schedule which saw the first draft of the script only get completed recently.  Due to the compressed schedule, it’s entirely possible we won’t see much in the way of news until the film is already in principal photography.  As always, we’ll bring you any information as we get it. Star Trek Beyond is scheduled for release July 8, 2016.  

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Vancouver is a fun town.

Zach just tweeted a picture of his freshly buzzed brows.

Punch it.

I’d be fine with a movie about Bones. Everyone else can go.

…yeah, don’t worry… we’ll just make it up as we go… like jj/boborci did =P

Its about time they get going on this. I hope they can still meet the deadline to get it out in time.

But as Harry wrote, Vancouver is beautiful, I was amazed at how clean it was when my wife and I were driven from the airport to the cruise terminal for our Alaska cruise on Disney. It was gorgeous in town and nice people. Bars were good too.

Why is there loads of Independence Day Resurgence Info and Trek Beyond next to nothing? They both come out in 2016 and Trek will be 50! Something seems wrong????

Trek is like a child from a broken home with 2 crappy parents!

That it is, Harry. Great people, great sights, and great food. Wouldn’t mind living there.

@7 Walt. I honestly think any interest for this film has dwindled exponentially, myself included. There are lots of factors at work with “fan civil war”, the long period of time between sequels, and others. All news items previous to this have shown how poorly the production is being handled. The fact that there is no official word from Paramount is even more proof that no one cares.

Good to see the cast having some fun in Vancouver before starting 4 months filming.

12. Ahmed – June 23, 2015


Apparently Pegg, Cho & Yelchin were spotted last week at a Jurassic World screening!

Wonder if Pine has snuck in under the radar?

#10 Trip. “The fact that there is no official word from Paramount is even more proof that no one cares.”

Hardly the case, but believe what you want to believe if it makes you feel good!

This is exciting!!

We’ll hear more when Paramount is ready. They have a big network of marketing and PR companies supporting them so we’ll see and read announcements when they decide the time is right. The big question is whether Bad Robot will let any details out this time and how involved is JJ really going to be. Is he an active producer or in name only?

Latino Review is reporting a rumour that DC might shock people by including two Green Lanterns and one of them might be Chris Pine. That would be interesting.

@ 13. photon70,

“Wonder if Pine has snuck in under the radar?”

I think Pine is still in New Mexico filming “Comancheria”.

@ 15. Kevin,

“We’ll hear more when Paramount is ready. They have a big network of marketing and PR companies supporting them so we’ll see and read announcements when they decide the time is right.”

We all know that Paramount has the best PR firm in the world! /S

Hallelujah! Man… Post-production for this movie is going to be a nightmare!!!

17. Ahmed – June 23, 2015

Busy man.

I guess they can film scenes where he is not needed in the first week or two.

When that last script being deemed too Star Treky. I have no faith in this being anything other than another Apple esque lightshow with red matter and no ‘trek’

The two previous movies were clunkers, the people involved have had their shot and have proved they couldn’t deliver. Now it’s a matter of: well, there were 3 movies planned so this third movie just has to be made… “this looks like a matter a very rushed pre-production schedule” says it all.

Personally I cannot wait until this movie comes out and we can forget about this dismal chapter of Trek, and go back to a more positive: what’s next for Star Trek?

Any Shatner sightings?

Haha Star Trek is totally an only child from a broken home where the two parents just don’t get along, Mr CBS and Mrs Paramount. While Star Trek’s uncle Bad Robot is doing all it can to help but with its new kid Star Wars, it’s hands are full.

#22. You’ve summed it up perfectly.

about time. its like people have forgotten there is a star trek film in 2016 with all the superhero films coming out this year.

Good to see that Quinto’s hair looks like his own this time around…

Too bad that Karl Urban can’t play Kirk. I know he is good as Bones and would be great if given any lines with quality and depth, but he has a vigor and magnetism which Pine just does not have in huge abundance. This quality seems to me to be essential for Kirk. This picture above has natural charisma like Shatner.

# 21. ATOZ the LIbrarian – June 24, 2015

” Any Shatner sightings?” — ATOZ the LIbrarian

Shatner’s currently touring the continental US in some sort of motorcycle contraption, while Pine’s riding horses. I suppose the two could hookup and head to Canada. Stranger things have happened.

…Interestingly enough, Shatner was just in Vancouver a few weeks ago around the same time the director was hopping up there, playing Mark Twain in a western TV series produced there. Hmmm.

“Riding a high-tech, three-wheeled Rivet motorcycle, Shatner is reliving a cross-country hitchhiking trip he took on Route 66 when he was 19 years old. He does not have a set itinerary and plans to spend about a week on the trip, according to media reports.

The 84-year-old actor intends to make a film about his journey.” —
“Capt. Kirk ‘warps’ around Twin Cities”,, June 23 2015 Noon, David Proeber

What soundstages are they using in Vancouver? Did they move all the sets from LA to Vancouver, or did they start from scratch? I’m just curious as to why it takes actor sightings to signify a start to filming, wouldn’t there be a lot of movement just from set-building from a few months of pre-production?

I also wonder where and what locations they could use for alien planet sets.


Here we goooooooooo…..!!!!

@ raffie

Never heard of you? Are you by chance a fan of the classic TV show, Romper Room?

#30 Disinvited

Hot damn, Shatner is one hot 84 year old! If he gets lost, he might end up in the corn field across the road.

It is so STUPID that here he is, The Captain who started all, nearly the last man aboard the TOS Enterprise (which is fitting, “the captain, last man on board” – Matt Decker), and those fools at Paramount or BR or whatever idiot(s) there may be–will not find a plausible way for him to appear in the new film..

This is so ridiculous that–maybe it cannot be. So maybe he was talking to Lin while in Vancouver (per Jonboc). Hope springs eternal.

@5 (I am not Herbert): Or like Jon Favreau did for IRON MAN.

@IDIC – Agreed 100%. If Mr Shatner passes before ever being used in a quality, meaningful way in Star Trek again, Paramount should be ashamed of themselves. Despicable conduct towards the heart & soul of the franchise.

I wonder if they see Shat as someone that just doesnt sit quietly begging to be called upon. He’s a master self-marketer who would be a huge asset to any production. Look at Trek 3, the ONLY time anyone really talked about it was when Shatner was rumoured as cast and that PR cost Paramount nothing.

When Bad Robot runs out their deal, if someone else is brought in, and if I were that person, the first thing I’d do is hold a flashy presser with Shatner to announcer his casting. Script? Not yet. Story? No. Vision? Working on it. Shatner? Signed, sealed, delivered. It’s the one and only no-brainer in Star Trek.

Why can CBS buy the rights back do the movie, or they could continue the Original film series and the rebooted one separately, and they could travel between the timelines and have a corossover?

@ 35. dswynne – June 24, 2015

“@5 (I am not Herbert): Or like Jon Favreau did for IRON MAN.”

Or like David Fincher did for Alien 3 :)

Sometime things work out, other times it goes south.

34 IDIC Lives

Totally agree. Not including Shatner in the 50th Anniversary movie is to pardon the pun BEYOND stupid.

# 31. Mad Mann – June 24, 2015

“… did they start from scratch?” — Mad Mann


…Urban would make a GREAT captain! =D

CP is good at coming off like a conceited jerk =P

“about time. its like people have forgotten there is a star trek film in 2016 with all the superhero films coming out this year.”

I haven’t forgotten. I even know the title: STAR TREK: AXANAR.

…CBS will (wisely) never license Kirk(prime)(TM) to (crappy) nu-trek =P

(get over it?)

AXANAR KICKS nu-trek’s wimpy A$$!!! =D

I know that it’s fun to debate but maybe Shatner is in the movie, who knows. They might just CGI a younger Kirk and have him record his lines for the movie .

I can’t believe that this cast is coming back, again for another Trek!

Not that its a bad thing, but this nuTrek is now officially a Trilogy!

Take that Star Wars’ers

and about the villain? Not a word about it.
Idris Elba?
It is even more of a mystery than before.

@26 – What was wrong with Quinto’s hair last time around? It was his,nothing wrong with that,lol.

So where’s all the ” this movie is gonna be cancelled” and “it’ll never get made” comments? Yeah,I’ve been readin’ some bull on a different site,lol.

Looking forward to a new movie and I still enjoy the last two. I know,I’m one of four or something. Don’t care,I enjoy it.


..yeah, no …it’s anything BUT official, so far (unless u know something new?)

i think (HOPE) that it could still get cancelled / shelved… =P