Star Trek Beyond Begins Production With Outdoor Shoot *UPDATED*


After months of rumor and speculation, Star Trek Beyond finally begins principal photography today in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cover photo via @lelizab

With the cast arriving in town over the past week, it became clear that production on the new film was about to commence. And while there has been other evidence that indicated that filming would start today, a tweet posted yesterday indicates that production will start with a location shoot:

As noted here, “Washington” is the working title the production is using.  Working titles have been used by the two previous Star Trek films as well, and are generally used to keep as much of a film’s details under wraps as possible.

Squamish is an area outside of Vancouver that features boulders that are very popular with hikers and rock-climbing enthusiasts.  Have a look here for more about the community and here for information about bouldering.


Star Trek Beyond, a film directed by Justin Lin from a script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, will hit the big screen July 8, 2016.

UPDATE: Skydance Production chiefs David Ellison and Dana Goldberg spoke to Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta, and revealed that the film will also be shooting in Dubai.  We’ll have more from their interview soon.

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If Kirk is climbing a rock in this movie, I hope he gets Sybok’d

Can I just read the Orci, McKay, Payne script instead?

…yawn …huh? what?

wake me up when nu-trek is over… =P

thanks =)

First! This is so cool! I’ve been bouldering in that very area, and it’s got a serene yet “far away from earthly civilization” feel. Good shooting location choice!

Lots more detail from Trekcore’s post as well, looks like a neat location:

recreating the spock/kirk/mccoy campground scene?

STAR TREK V reboot!!! Rocket boots!!! Row row row you your boat!!!!

The El Capitan scene from Star Trek 5 does come to mind, doesn’t it?

The JJ-verse may play fast and loose with canon at times, but I’m personally very excited for this movie and loved both the previous entries. I’m glad a respectful fan such as Pegg is at the writing helm, too.

Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain.
Why is he climbing a mountain?
To hug the mountain.
to envelop… that mountain.
He wants to make love to the mountain.

(google it 4 lolz x 1000)

This area is incredibly beautiful. It would make a great alien planet.

In fact, I think it would be great if it was done in a way that made the audience think they were camping on Earth and then when they beamed back up to the ship, you find out it is some unexplored planet

Cool! And lets dispense with the idle chatter that they are remaking Trek V…

And so it begins!

#STBeyondTheFinalFrontier :)

need any extras?

I’m so excited! I am really optimistic about this one! Huzzah!

While I’m hoping for the best for this film and the 50th I’m not able to muster any significant degree of enthusiasm for it all. So sad because this is the very first time in decades I’ve not been truly excited about new Trek in production. The very first time.

That said, I’m very much open to being pleased, if not thrilled and amazed, with STB next year.

Hey um Trekmovie, what about the whole tree cutting and boulder painting controversy?

Pegg Trek!

Great, it’s going to look like any of about 100 Stargate SG-1 episodes…

@10. Phil,
“Cool! And lets dispense with the idle chatter that they are remaking Trek V…”

But this is proof that Shatner will be in the film. ;-)

@15. Thorny,
“it’s going to look like any of about 100 Stargate SG-1 episodes”

Nah, I’m pretty sure SG-1 didn’t have any spray painted boulders.

This is gonna rock. Get it? “ROCK”?

# 17. Curious Cadet – June 25, 2015

” Nah, I’m pretty sure SG-1 didn’t have any spray painted boulders.” — Curious Cadet

Indeed, but likely an endless supply of spray-painted foam faux boulders.

@ 15. Thorny,

“Great, it’s going to look like any of about 100 Stargate SG-1 episodes…”

Finally a Star Trek & StarGate crossover that fans have been waiting for!

It’s time for captain Kirk to meet the legendary Jack O’Neill. It’s “O’Neill” with two L’s in case you were wondering :)

Are there pictures of those spray painted boulders somewhere? What colour are they?

@7. Surak1701

And it does not hurt that Justin Lin grew up with Star Trek, watching it with his family, probably seen all the episodes many times = emotional ties.

You people forget that we are already in space during the 5 year mission and not on earth.

# 23. enterprise1965 – June 25, 2015

” You people forget that we are already in space during the 5 year mission and not on earth.” — enterprise1965

So what exactly is it that you are suggesting here? Space Trees?

Great for a chase scene. Say by aliens covered in white mud.

Perhaps an away mission or some shore leave on a distant exotic planet.

Oh what a cute little animal.

Let me just pet it.

Another red shirt gone.


Those boulders look pretty jagged and steep.

The thought of climbing them is making me feel squamish.

@ Cygnus-X1

My comment regarding the cutting-down tree controversy and the painted boulders was removed. Interesting.

The movie will be a holodeck program with Shatner as Mountie!

I’m just happy to hear the words “filming has begun”!

Oh great The Pastor is not on this chat yet.

It’s a Holodeck program Walt Kozlowski, got this right.

Somebody get a drone with a camera out to those boulders and get us a sneak peek!

I suppose they’re writing the script as they film? Shades of ST:TMP.
May I remind everyone that Pegg turned in his first draft three weeks ago:

That’s not Kirk climbing. That’s a redshirt. Da plot thickens…:)

32. Eric L. – June 25, 2015

Dunno…Maybe he wants you to back it up with a source. See if you can find one.

@ 39. Cygnus-X1,

“32. Eric L. – June 25, 2015

Dunno…Maybe he wants you to back it up with a source. See if you can find one.”

Here is one from CBC


Film company’s alleged cutting of trees on Stawamus Chief under investigation: Residents say film company has shut down popular hiking spot for two weeks

B.C. Parks staff are investigating reports that a film production company cut down two trees on the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park near Squamish, confirmed the Ministry of Environment on Wednesday.

Tree cutting was one complaint of many made by residents, when they discovered the company would be filming in the park, home to the popular Chief hiking trail, for two weeks.

A notice on the Parks B.C. website said filming will take place between June 15 and July 6 in the Kacodemon Boulder and Black Dyke Boulder area at the Chief.

Brian Vincent claims the company cut down two trees in the park and spray painted boulders…

Vincent says B.C. Parks told him the company has a permit and isn’t breaking any rules. But, he says, companies shouldn’t be allowed to alter the environment.

A new Star Trek flick? Get outta town…

In ST09 Kirk met Spock Prime in a cave on Delta Vega, and in STB he is about to meet Kirk Prime in a cave on Veridian III! :-)

The cycle is complete.

So, if some of us don’t go to see the new movie because they filmed part of it in a park, you could say we “can’t see the picture for the trees”.

(runs and hides)

Loved the last two but is this one just a little TOO under the radar?

Maybe it’s just me, most tent poles are forgotten two weeks after their release in the summer, it probably doesn’t matter much”

So are we in reboot mode again? We got Trek II in the last one and now we climb a rock and do we sit around a campfire singing ‘Row Row Row your boat’ – let me think is it Trek VI this was in last time?!!!!! Hope not as it will definitely kill the franchise.

At least part of the movie will rock! :-)

I’m tired of mediocrity when it comes to the rebooted Star Trek films.

There must be better talent in the world than this??

I mean, C’MON!!!!!

i am so glad they have finely got a rock on

just hope they have not left it to rocking late to meet the date

as for star trek 5 lets hope its as good the other rocking films in the jj verse as not been

let hope we get to see the rock monster that trek 5 was unable to do

please let this be the last rocking star trek film set in this rocking alt-universe

43. Harry Ballz – June 25, 2015

That’s pretty bold, Harry.

But what Lin is doing with spray paint in the park is boulder.


Rock on, Cygnus-X1