“Star Trek: To Boldly Go” initiative gives fans a chance to win walk-on role


You could win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond, and we have the details.

Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot, and Omaze, a fundraising platform that is about “creating the chance to live your dream experience by helping our world’s non-profit organizations realize their dreams”, are  launching Star Trek: To Boldly Go, a charity campaign that will allow one very lucky fan to win a walk-on role in Star Trek Beyond, currently in principal photography in Vancouver.

The initiative, which starts today and runs through September 1st, will also give six other fans a chance to get behind the scenes:

…six additional winners will be randomly selected each week to form our Star Trek: To Boldly Go crew. As a member of the honorary crew, you’ll visit the set, meet the cast, and be among the first to witness scenes from the latest voyage of the USS Enterprise.

The rewards program for donating is considerable, ranging from a campaign badge (for $10) all the way to a replica of the Captain’s Chair (for a $100,000 donation).  The donations will be split evenly among nine causes, each one picked by a member of the cast and one by Susan Nimoy, in honor of her husband Leonard:

• Brave Beginnings — an organization dedicated to ensuring that ventilators and life-saving neonatal equipment are always available to newborns in critical need. Nominated by Zoe Saldana.

• Camp Sunshine — a place where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families can regroup, reenergize, and restore hope for the future. Nominated by Anton Yelchin.

• Direct Relief —a leading medical relief organization that is improving the health of people in need worldwide. Nominated by Zachary Quinto.

• Heaven Homes — an organization helping establish children’s homes and centers, while providing secure, safe and loving environments where children can be nurtured to realize their full potential. Nominated by Idris Elba.

• KidsCan — an organization that provides food, clothing and healthcare to disadvantaged youth in New Zealand. Nominated by Karl Urban.

• Koreatown Youth & Community Center — an organization serving the evolving needs of the Korean American population in the greater Los Angeles area as well as the multiethnic Koreatown community. Nominated by John Cho.

• Make-A-Wish — whose remarkable work is making wishes come true every day for children suffering from life­-threatening illnesses. Nominated by Chris Pine.

• Time is Precious — an organization helping to create a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for children, which in return helps assist with their treatment and recovery. Nominated by Simon Pegg.

• St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — an organization that is leading the way in advancing cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Nominated by Susan Nimoy in honor of Leonard Nimoy.

The cast has made a video in support of this initiative, which shows them standing on the new bridge and corridor sets built in Vancouver, and allows new cast member Idris Elba a chance to show off his dance moves:

Click here to learn more about the program and donate.

Idris Elba officially cast

Idris Elba’s appearance in the video makes it pretty clear that he has indeed been cast in Star Trek Beyond.  While there had been scattered, unofficial reports about his casting and sightings of him in Vancouver, this is the first official confirmation we have that he will be joining the cast in their next adventure.

Star Trek Beyond hits the big screen on July 8, 2016.


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There’s some marketing for all of you whiners.

There you go Kirk and the Villain can have a dance off in the third act just like guardians of the Galaxy. In that case Idris will win.

@ rogerachong

Is that suppose to be a racial reference?

If so, you are sad.

I suspect we will get to see improved choreography on this one!!

…”new” bridge?

…looks like they got rid of those STUPID plexiglass “screens” at least =P

Ahh there there already. Be positive and see the bright side. Why so serious and depressing?

Look at the video Idris is dancing and Pine is firmly locked to the chair. I could barely see him move. Pegg does well and seems to be into it and Spock has cool shades. Share a smile, have a laugh like I did and see the lighter side to the comment. GoG was full of laughs too including the final dance-off.

…walk-on extra?

might as well… the bridge is full of extras doing nothing anyway! =P

@6 So has this comments section apparently.

Prodigal Son = always dependably divisive tr0ll =( (can it, please?)

…sad that our non-benefit-giving society requires all these private charities =(

I love how the cast seems to enjoy each other and work well together! Like a real crew!

I wonder if we can tell what changes were made to the bridge set since the last movie….

Whoa the bridge looks different!

…looks like they did eliminate some of the more egregious elements of the bridge design …but still LOTS of shiny white plastic =P

looks like less sources for lens flares…? =P

it’s still nu-trek (barf) =P

The bridge does look slightly different. I think it’s the video screens on the periphery, and maybe the flooring as well (wasn’t it corrugated steel-looking before?).

John Cho’s dance moves were, um, painfully adorable. And yeah, Idris tore it up!

3. Prodigal Son

Have you seen the video? Idris Elba is obviously the most enthusiastic dancer.

Glad to see the Trek crew involved in so many charities.

BUT, if i have a Star Trek bluray with a menu saying about “continuing missions” it wouldn´t hurt if it would be about “support science fiction” instead of the “support the military”.

Give me interviews with Star Trek pocket book writers, with IDW comic book illustrators, with that 3d modeller in “Star Trek Online”, people who create the future. That´s the commitment i want to see.

@ Romper Room

I am giving you a Gold-Star for your performance today, Herbie. Here’s your reward, little guy:


My comment related to the Elba dance thing and race is withdrawn. My mistake. With all the stuff going on in our nation, and including the latest crap with Mr. Trump, many of us a bit over-sensitive to this.

@Prodigal Son

As a brazilian, i was not aware about Donald Trump´s speech, i will look it up to see whatever he said.

“Nominated by Susan Nimoy in honor of Leonard Nimoy.” It’s nice to see that on the list.

Already donated. I have contributed to several Omaze projects. True, I’ve never been selected for the prize, but that’s just a nice bonus.

Herbert, these guys are stepping up and trying to do something positive. To be polite, there are other threads where you can take your non-stop bitching about Trek…lets keep this positive, and maybe we can dispel a little of the negative stick here…

Or better yet, make a donation. If you can pony up ten bucks for a fan film, go ahead and make a difference in some kids life.

Prodigal Son:

…just can your petty petulance please? =(

…stop trying to discredit / derail those you disagree with? =(

…stop trying to fascisticly police this board, you two-time ban-winning sockpuppeteering tr0ll? =(

There – I put my money where my mouth is. Oh, they are also giving away some pretty cool stuff…and it looks like most of the big dollar donations are going fast.

Come on now, ten bucks…not much to ask.

Considering I was entering daily, almost religiously, to JJ’s Super 8 Sweepstakes for a walk-on role in Into Darkness that went nowhere – no winner’s list, no announcements, no acknowledgement by any winners, and no knowledge by JJ or Orci when I asked them about it, I’m a little peeved about the whole incident. Granted I probably had less than one in a million chance, but for everyone supposedly involved, including the company that ran the sweepstakes, to disavow the thing ever existed, it made me think it was rigged or just for publicity and no one actually got a walk-on role. Oh well, here’s ten bucks anyway for a good cause.

With Idris on board my interest in this movie has, for the first time, nudged into the positive.

@Buzz Cagney

Finally feeling some “buzz”, eh? That’s the spirit!

Oh, and that’s a very good video! Some great causes. Best of luck with it guys.

Aw, what a lovely video.

Different bridge. I’m going to take this a sign that things will be better in the third movie.

I love Idris, I’m glad he is on board. But I have to agree with something I read somewhere else: 50 years later and the main cast for Star Trek still have only one women. :(

@ Romper Room

Toddler on, dude….

Plexiglasses, he,he forward thinking mate. To quote Dr McCoy “They do not, its like working in a damn computer center”
I suppose they the bridge could be a tad darker.. Just a thought.

Somebody change the LP, I think the record is broken….

Very nice idea, plus good PR. That’s a win/win.

@12. Paul,
“Whoa the bridge looks different!”

How do you figure? It looks exactly the same, just some of the lighting isn’t on, and the two standing glass panels behind the consoles on either side of the captain’s chair are missing. Nor is the removable center ceiling fixture in place.

It’s the same set, just not lit or dressed for shooting.

22. I am not Herbert

Quit being so mean / nasty toward our beloved ‘Prodigal Son – The Grand Return’.

Where’s Carol Marcus??? : (

“It’s the same set, just not lit or dressed for shooting.”

Well, I can only hope that’s not the case. But you may indeed be right–having seen some behind-the-scenes docs of the previous films, I was always struck by how much better the set looked without all those pinlights turned on. Why a designer would consign people to work for years in an environment continually bathed in white, glaring light from every angle (including the floor, fer Pete’s sake!) is anyone’s guess.

*Sigh* There are just so many things about the JJ-verse that I’m just never gonna like, or even get used to. But it’s nevertheless good to see this cast, which I have always liked, on board the Enterprise again with their enthusiasm seemingly unchecked. (And Elba as well, who can be just awesome in the right role.) Give us a great story that really takes advantage of what Trek and SF can do at their best, which gives us a taste of the challenges, terrors, and wondrous possibilities of confronting the unknown while telling us something about our present-day selves, and I’ll probably be a happy camper in spite of it all.

Love the clip. It is good to see Elba with the cast dancing & having fun :)

@ 1. Prodigal Son aka MJ,

“There’s some marketing for all of you whiners.”

“@ Romper Room Toddler on, dude….”

This is the first thing that comes to your mind after watching this beautiful video??

MJ, once a tr0ll, always a tr0ll!

Nice video and for good causes.

love it. made me smile. will be donating.

@25. Buzz Cagney,

“With Idris on board my interest in this movie has, for the first time, nudged into the positive.”

Same here. Having Elba in the movie is a big plus for me, hopefully the script will be good.

It’s funny how Mr PS calling critics of the JJverse movies “whiners” gets a pass, yet the first guy that is actually a critic of the JJverse, gets shouted down by the rest. “Stay positive man, stay positive”

I say screw that! It’s nice seeing some actual footage from the set, but it’s not anything we haven’t seen before. And it sure as hell isn’t any kind of “official marketing” from the PR department at Paramount.

If the Plexiglas windows are permanently removed, great. That’s a start. Also would like to see more color. It’s too white, and the displays are all blue. Not to mention, they’re too large, and flow into each other (something you might expect from a TNG-era ship).

@ 38. Ahmed – July 14, 2015

MJ, once a tr0ll, always a tr0ll!

MJ meltdown in 3…2…1…

I had hoped the bridge would look noticeably different.

It’ll be funny if the movie changes the Enterprise mission statement to eliminate the split infinitive, as has been reported, because the contest obviously didn’t.

@ 43. Alex Prewitt – July 14, 2015 @Ahmed

Agreed. It’s quite amazing considering that with WoK, Meyer had a tiny budget and managed to make the bridge look quite different compared to TMP, yet here we have a new director and set designer and the reality that they had to rebuild the set from scratch, and yet it was made it look exactly the same.

Funny as in awkward.

@ 44. Cygnus-X1 – July 14, 2015

You mean the “to go boldly” thing? Yeah, I noticed that too.

Some very weird restrictions!

Official Rules:

To enter, you must be a resident of Argentina, Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, USA, or the UK.

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Sweden on the list, but no Norway, Finland or Denmark?